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Sara Dennis is a coffee-loving freelance writer, homeschool blogger, and mom of six kids. In her free time, Sara loves reading books and researching more efficient and effective ways to keep a clean house, homeschool her children, and blog better while making a home for her large family.

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Articles by Sara Dennis

Male athlete running with hydration pack

Camelbak Cleaning Instructions for Long-Lasting Performance

Young caucasian woman exhaling the smoke while smoking marijuana from glass pipe

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Dab Rig Like a Pro

Air conditioner on wall of building outdoors

Cleaning Your Window AC Unit for Optimal Performance

Smoking glass pipe with cannabis buds weed

Easy Steps to Thoroughly Clean Pipes at Home

Female hand holding toothbrush in the sink with running water

Simple Steps to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean and Germ-Free

Female hand cleaning dirty electric fan blade with white cloth

Achieve a Spotless Fan with This Comprehensive Guide

Waterpik water flosser on bathroom sink with mirror in the background

Waterpik Cleaning Guide for Better Dental Care

Man on ladder holding bucket repairing chimney on cloudy day

Chimney Maintenance Essentials for Home Safety

Close-up hand holding skateboard on the street

Master the Art of Cleaning Grip Tape for Skateboard

Grinder with cannabis inside of white car

Keep Your Grinder in Top Condition with Regular Cleaning

Hand throws a blue cleaner tablet in the toilet tank with water

Toilet Tank Cleaning Guide for a Hygienic Home

Woman's hand pressing button of nespresso machine with cup of coffee on top of wooden table

Essential Tips for Nespresso Machine Cleaning and Care

Cropped photo of woman's hand taking out massively clogged filter of vacuum cleaner

Effective Techniques for Cleaning Your Dyson Filter

Close-up photo of person's hand cleaning solar panel

DIY Solar Panel Cleaning for Energy Conservation

Bucket full of water with soaked bras

Effective Methods for Cleaning Bras at Home

Multiple paint brushes in wooden cylinder holder

Achieving Perfect Cleanliness for Oil Paint Brushes

Empty dirty waffle maker on wooden table with waffle and fork in the background

Efficient Waffle Maker Cleaning Techniques

Modern bathroom with jetted tub

Maintain Your Jetted Bathtub with Effective Cleaning

Woman's hand in gloves cleaning the stainless steel sink with sponge and detergent

How to Keep Your Stainless Steel Sink Looking New

Woman in pink gloves opening the door of wooden kitchen cabinet

Mastering the Art of Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

Asian man cleaning golf club with cloth at home

Expert Advice for Thorough Golf Club Cleaning

Burnt stainless pot on top of electric gas stove

How to Clean a Burnt Pot with Ease

Hand in yellow gloves holding spray and microfiber cloth cleaning gas stove top

Easy Stove Top Cleaning Guide for a Spotless Kitchen

Man cleaning mirror with rag and spray cleaner

How to Clean Mirrors: A Step-by-Step Guide to Flawless Results

Male hand cleaning aquarium using microfiber towel

How to Clean a Fish Tank for a Healthy Aquatic Environment

Old car battery corrosion

Battery Corrosion Cleaning Made Simple and Safe

Technician wearing gloves checking battery car terminal

Boost Your Battery Power by Cleaning Its Terminals

Smiling woman cleaning yoga mat on the floor using spray and cloth

Essential Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Yoga Mat

Young lady in gloves cleaning oven in the kitchen

Maintain a Pristine Oven with Simple Cleaning Tips

Female hand in orange gloves cleaning stainless steel gas stove with soap and sponge

Clean and Maintain Stainless Steel Appliances for Longevity

Woman using white modern wired optical mouse

How to Clean a Mousepad for Smoother Tracking

Copper cookware on placemat on top of the table with other utensils

Copper Cleaning Techniques for Spotless Results

Pair of crocs on green duffel bag

Easy Steps to Clean Crocs and Keep Them Looking New

Male with beard wearing black baseball cap

Mastering the Art of Hat Cleaning Step by Step

Woman in yellow gloves wiping glass shower door with green cloth and spray

Effective Glass Shower Door Cleaning Techniques

Washing coins in the sink with continuous flowing water

How to Clean Coins Safely and Effectively

Cropped photo of woman in blue gloves wiping down quartz countertop

Mastering Quartz Countertop Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning silicone with toothbrush

Maintaining Your Transparent Phone Case Like New

Cropped photo of man wiping car headlight with neon towel

Proper Headlight Cleaning Methods for Optimal Brightness

Close-up image of bosch washer

Essential Bosch Washer Error Code Knowledge

Hands wearing blue gloves cleaning shower head with orange sponge

Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Shower Head at Home

Samsung brand front load washer

A Comprehensive Guide to Samsung Washer Error Codes

Woman wiping macbook screen with wipes and alcohol spray

How to Clean a MacBook Screen Safely and Effectively

Woman wiping keyboard with wipes

How to Safely Clean a Keyboard for Better Performance

Man spraying sanitizer to airpods

AirPod Maintenance Tips for Long-lasting Use

Guy with eyeglasses looking into front load washing machine

Understanding Miele Washer Error Codes

Wooden hair brush with towel

How to Clean Hair Brushes for Healthy Locks

White laundry basket full of underwear

How to Use a Washing Machine for Cleaning Bras the Right Way

Worker cleaning suede shoes with a soft bristled brush

Suede Shoe Cleaning Hacks for Shoe Lovers

Woman's hand turning on the front load washing machine

Troubleshooting Kenmore Washer Error Codes

Cast iron skillet with blue sponge on the table

Cleaning a Cast Iron Skillet the Right Way

Smiling woman wiping television with a cloth in the living room

How to Clean a TV Screen for a Clear Picture

White lg front load washing machine

Your Ultimate Guide to LG Washing Machine Error Codes

Whirlpool sign on white washing machine

Decode Whirlpool Washer Error Messages

Happy couple holding hands while looking on white top load washer price tag at store

Washer and Dryer Cost Guide: Exploring Prices and Options

Kitchen sink gurgling water

Sink Gurgles When Washer Drains Explained

Open white front load washing machine

Washing Machine Drum Adjustment Tips

Whirlpool dryer in old style laundry room with baskets

Efficient Whirlpool Duet Dryer Troubleshooting Techniques

Close-up photo of hand pressing button of washer

Effective Methods for Resetting Your Samsung Washer

Man holding lid of washer

Comparing Washing Machine Weights - A Detailed Look

Open white front load washing machine

A Comprehensive Look at Washing Machine Types

Grated soap for laundry

High Efficiency Washer Usage of Homemade Detergents

Plumber fixing washing machine

Understanding Washing Machine Leaks

Small laundry room with washing machines

Achieve Balance: Leveling Your Washing Machine

Rubber washer connected to washing machine

Stainless Steel vs Rubber Washer Hoses: Which to Choose

Man repairing washing machine pipe drain

Expert Tips for Maytag Bravos Washer Issues

Repairman fixing a washing machine panel

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Problems and Solutions

Modern front load washing machine in laundry room

Average Lifespan of a Washing Machine

Hand of a woman selecting wash program of a front load washer

High Efficiency Washer Versus Traditional Washer Comparison

Woman using front load washing machine

Washing Machine Vibration Causes and Solutions

Woman choosing washer in supermarket

Unbeatable Locations to Buy Quality Washer and Dryer

Clothes and water in washing machine

Understanding the Water Consumption of Washing Machines

Woman in apron and gloves wiping washer with cloth in laundry room

The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Your Washer at Home

Woman pours liquid detergent into the washing machine tray

Understanding Detergents for High Efficiency Washers

Rocks and crystals in a wooden bowl

Clean Your Rocks Like a Pro: Expert Advice

Basket of laundry, towels on the chairs, and soap in laundry room

Adding Vinegar to Front Load Washers - Proper Usage Tips

Man setting washing machine

A Comprehensive Guide to the Steam Washer Feature

Cropped image of female hand putting in powdered soap into top load washer for laundry

How to Clean Your Top Load Washer Properly

Cropped image of woman wiping lampshade with cloth

Top Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Lamp Shades

Tired woman sitting near washer with basket full of colorful clothes

Washing Machine Repair Tips for No Spin

Person doing a green lawn with artificial grass

Cleaning Artificial Grass: Tips and Techniques

Boxing gloves on top of a wooden bench

Effective Methods for Cleaning Boxing Gloves

Wooden spoon and dish cloth on wooden table

How to Clean Wooden Spoons for Long-Lasting Use

Clean Clipper on a table

Efficient Hair Clipper Cleaning Strategies for Daily Use

Vacuuming above ground pool on sunny backyard

Keeping Your Above Ground Pool Clean and Clear

Woman sitting on knees loading washing machine with dirty clothes

Reasons Behind Smelly Washing Machine and Remedies

Man removing filter cartridges from the pool filter tank

Guide to Cleaning Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Roof shingles with tree debris and small amount of moss

Best Practices for Maintaining Clean Roof Shingles

Hand cleaning and polishing vintage diamond ring and other jewelries

Expert Advice on How to Clean a Diamond Ring

Vintage style bathroom with copper sink

Master the Art of Cleaning Copper Sinks with These Tips

Woman using vacuum cleaner on shag rug at home in the living room

Essential Shag Rug Care and Cleaning Tips

Small light beige hamster resting in cage

How to Clean a Hamster Cage for Optimal Health

White and black virtual reality (VR) headsets (glasses) from behind

Improve Your VR Experience: Lens Cleaning Techniques

Removing popcorn ceiling at home with drywall scraper

Master the Art of Popcorn Ceiling Cleanup

Close-up image of hand replacing thermal paste from CPU

Keep Your CPU Cool by Properly Cleaning Thermal Paste

close-up image of skateboard with man riding on it

Keep Your Skateboard Rolling with Clean Bearings

Baby bottles, nipples, and brush soaked in water with dishwashing soap

Essential Tips for Maintaining Clean and Safe Baby Bottles

Woman wiping computer mouse with wipes

Mastering Mouse Maintenance for Better Performance

Close up image of hand wiping guitar fret

Guitar Cleaning Techniques for Music Enthusiasts

Man holding a pool filter

Pool Filter Cleaning Guide for a Sparkling Swimming Experience

Woman washing chrome faucet in the bathroom

Polishing Chrome Surfaces for a Long-Lasting Shine

Man cleaning and fixing aquarium

Aquarium Sand Cleaning Techniques for Fresh and Saltwater Tanks

Woman washing wooden board in kitchen sink

Wooden Cutting Board Care and Cleaning Guide

Businessman looking at calendar schedule and agenda in an appointment organizer

Effective Tips to Help You Be More Organized Daily

Bun Coffee Maker on countertop with potted plants on the side

Improve Your Bunn Coffee Maker Performance with Cleaning

Opened drawer under bathroom sink with toiletries

Brilliant Organization Hacks to Achieve a Clutter-Free Home

Small mudroom with sliding glass door, bench, and storage boxes

Maximize Your Mudroom Space with These Storage Ideas

Small bedroom with built-in headboard storage

Effective Ways to Organize Your Small Bedroom

Wood shoe stand with different types of shoes

Efficient Shoe Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Tidy

Craft room storage desk with sewing machine and different sewing supplies

Practical Craft Room Organization Tips and Tricks

Woman folding jackets and stacking them on the floor

Discover How to Fold Clothes for Optimal Space Utilization

Babies lying on bed wearing eco-friendly cloth diapers

How to Keep Cloth Diapers Fresh and Clean

Organized home office with rack, pegboard, and plant

Transform Your Workspace with Home Office Organization Tips

Hands searching through colored file folders with personal finance documents

The Ultimate Home Filing System Strategy

Woman wiping headstone with cloth

Revive Old Gravestones with Expert Cleaning Tips

Woman wiping Ninja Coffee Maker with cloth

Master the Art of Cleaning a Ninja Coffee Maker

Hand pouring water into Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Maintaining a Clean Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Cuisinart coffee makers on kitchen countertop

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Care and Cleaning Guide

White cat sitting on couch looking at the vacuum cleaner

Tips for Managing and Reducing Pet Dander in Your House

Tidy bedroom with a knit blanket on beige bed, between chair and tubes wall

Simple Steps to Achieve an Organized and Serene Bedroom

Cleaning the floor carpet with a steam mop

Unlock the Power of Your Shark Steam Mop

Towels, toiletries and soap dispenser on shelves in bathroom

Bathroom Organization Solutions for a Stress-Free Space

Different tools hanging on a peg board in a garage

Transform Your Workspace with Tool Organization Tips

Woman putting baking soda into sink drain

Deep Clean Your Kitchen Sink Using Baking Soda

Woman organizing the baby closet

Easy Ways to Keep Your Baby's Wardrobe Neat and Tidy

Clean garage with cabinets and minimal stuff

Step by Step Guide to a Well-Organized Garage

Woman in green gloves wiping kitchen cabinet using microfiber cloth

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Techniques for a Pristine Home

Woman wearing rubber gloves cleaning frying pan with cloth

Efficient Ceramic Cookware Cleaning Techniques

Woman cleaning suede couch with a vacuum cleaner

How to Clean Suede Couches Without Damaging the Fabric

Hand pouring powder detergent into washing machine

Tips on How to Clean a Weighted Blanket

White electric stove with coil

Step by Step Guide on Cleaning Stove Drip Pans

Woman decluttering and sorting clothes

Transform Your Closet Space by Learning to Declutter

Woman holding wardrobe socks organizer

Revamp Your Dresser with These Organization Ideas

White and brown laundry room with modern front load washer

Maintain Your Front Load Washer with Expert Cleaning Tips

Dryer lint filter full of lint

Maintain Your Washing Machine with Lint Trap Cleaning

Woman cleaning wool rug with vacuum

Guide to Wool Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean french press glass, cloth, and yerba on top of kitchen table

Master the Art of Coffee Maker Maintenance

Woman cleaning kitchen slate countertop with spray and brush

Slate Countertop Care: Tips for a Pristine Surface