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44 Bedroom Organization Ideas: Quick Tips & Hacks

These bedroom organization ideas will help you enjoy being in your bedroom again.

Is your bedroom a cluttered mess and needs to be organized? It’s hard to sleep in a cluttered bedroom, and it’s challenging to get dressed since you can’t find any clean clothing that you want to wear.

Changing your cluttered bedroom into a space of relaxation and comfort can seem like a daunting task, but is pretty simple to achieve.

Today we’re going to fix your problem with these simple ideas to organize your bedroom.

Key Takeaways

  • Organize clothes with behind-the-mirror racks, clothing racks, and labeled baskets in your closet.
  • Keep shoes tidy using plastic shoe organizers, shoe shelves, or wall shoe storage systems.
  • Store handbags using pegboards, door hooks, or shelves specifically for your bags.
  • Organize jewelry with a pegboard, drawer organizers, or a jewelry box on your dresser.


Bedrooms aren’t just where you sleep at night. It is also your clothing storage area and where you get dressed. So it’s important to keep your clothing organized so that you don’t sleep in a messy bedroom and can find the clothing you want to wear in the morning.

Behind-the-Mirror Clothes Rack

Product Image of the BEAUTME Coat Rack,Modern Metal Coat Rack Freestanding 5 in 1 Entryway Coat Racks with Shoe Storage Industrial Hallway Organizer with Hooks for Living Bedroom & Office Easy Assembly

Use this ingenious mirror and rack combination to store clothing in a small bedroom. The clothing rack is nestled behind the full-length mirror and out of sight. It includes a hanging rod, hooks, and shelves, everything you need to keep a small wardrobe organized.

Store Clothing Behind Bed

Use your clothing as a headboard. Pull your bed out from the wall, install a curtain rod, and hang your clothing behind the bed. You’ll be able to see what clothes you have available every morning and easily make decisions about what to wear.

Shelf and Rod Near Ceiling

A shelf and rod unit is a great idea for clothing. You can have a shelf with a rod underneath or several shelves going up the wall. The rod will hold clothing that needs to be hung.

The shelves are perfect for holding knits, sweaters, and exercise clothing. Plus the shelves show clothing that’s stacked, so you won’t need to worry about your favorite shirt hiding at the bottom of the drawer.

Add Shelves and a Dresser to Your Closet

Add a small dresser or set of drawers to your closet. This way you’ll free up some floor space which is helpful in a small bedroom, and use the empty space at the bottom of your cupboard effectively.

Labeled Baskets

Add labeled baskets to your closet to hold different types of clothing. The baskets will keep your closet organized and the label will ensure that you know what’s inside each one. This works well for seasonal clothing as you can pack last season’s clothing away for a bit and still find it easily.

Clothing Rack

Product Image of the GREENSTELL Clothes Rack, Z Base Garment Rack, Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack on Wheels with Brakes, Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Sturdy Metal Rolling Clothing Coat Rack Holder 1 Pack (59x24x63 inch)

Clothing racks aren’t just for department stores, try using one in your bedroom. The rack can be pushed into a corner when you don’t need it. Then when you’re dressing or putting away your clothing, you can pull the clothing rack into the middle of the floor.


Shoes are a challenge. Some people only keep a handful of shoes, and others keep a pair of shoes for every outfit.

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 pairs of shoes or 50, either way, having your shoes organized helps with the clutter.

Plastic Shoe Organizer

Use a plastic shoe organizer to keep your shoes neatly organized in the closet. Each pair of shoes fits neatly in the organizer, and it stacks in the closet so you can arrange it to fit your needs. This is easy to maintain and you won’t end up looking for one of the shoes in a pile in your cupboard.

Shoe Shelf

Have you considered adding a shoe shelf to your closet? The setup is similar to a small bookshelf, but it holds shoes instead. You can keep several pairs of shoes on it, allowing you to see the shoes you own and pick out the pair you’d like to wear each day.

Wall Shoe Storage

Install a series of shelves going up one wall and turn the shelves into a wall shoe storage system. The shoes can be artistic decor for your bedroom if you love looking at your shoes. If not, hang a curtain in front of the shelves and the shoes will be out of sight until you need to choose a pair of shoes to wear.

Corner Shelves for Shoes

Add a series of corner shelves up one corner to store your shoes. It will make great use of the corner space that’s neglected in bedrooms and you’ll be able to see all your shoes when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

Towel Rod to Hang Shoes

Another hack is to use a towel rod as it’s the perfect size to work as a shoe holder for high heels. You can install several rods on the walls of your bedroom or in your closet. Then hang the shoes on the rods so you can easily see and store them.

Shoe Organizer

Product Image of the Gorilla Grip Premium Over The Door Shoe Organizer, 24 Durable Pockets, Hooks, Large Breathable Mesh Pocket Stores Shoes, Home Storage Organizers Hang on Closet Doors, Organize Sneakers Slippers, Gray

It may be obvious, but have you considered hanging a shoe organizer over the back of your bedroom door or your closet door? The shoe organizer can hold several pairs of shoes. You’ll be able to store your shoes where they won’t get buried and still see your shoes when you need them.


Handbags can be challenging to organize. You need the handbags available but you also need to be able to put them away easily. Here are a couple of fun ideas to store your handbags.

Pegboard for Hand Bags

Hang a pegboard over your dresser and store your handbags there. Put hooks into the pegboard. The pegboard allows you to decorate your bedroom using your handbags.

Wine Rack for Clutches

A wine rack is a perfect size to hold clutch bags, so install one in your closet. Plus it keeps the bags neat and easily accessible.

Door Hooks

Add hooks to your bedroom or closet doors, so you can hang your handbags on them. The hooks are also an easy place to hang your bag on when coming home at the end of the day.

Shoe Organizer

Hang a shoe organizer in your bedroom specifically for your clutches and small handbags. If you pick up a clear or mesh shoe organizer, you’ll be able to see your clutches in the pockets and quickly grab the one you need at a moment’s notice.

Display Bags on Wall

If you love handbags, why not show off your collection to anyone who walks into your bedroom. To do this, install hooks to hang your bags on the wall. With a bit of thought, you’ll have an artistic display.

File Organizer for Clutches

A file organizer on a shelf is an easy way to store your clutches. You’ll be able to see your clutches and not be wondering where your favorite clutch is when you’re heading out.


Another option is to add shelves just for your handbags. At the end of the day, you can toss your handbag on a shelf and then pick out a new handbag in the morning.


Do you have a safe place to store your jewelry and accessories that’s also easy to access when you need a specific piece? Then these ideas will help you find the perfect location to keep your jewelry safe, organized and easy to access.


Hang a pegboard on your wall to store your jewelry. You’ll be able to arrange the pegboard with various small containers, hooks, and rods. The rods can hold bracelets and hoop earrings.

Hooks are perfect for hanging necklaces and chains. You can keep rings, studs, and other small jewelry pieces in small containers. The best part is that you can customize your pegboard to meet your needs.

Store Jewelry in Drawers

Have you considered storing your jewelry in a dresser drawer? The top drawer is A good place to keep your jewelry. You can use drawer organizers to keep the items organized in a manner that makes the most sense to you.

Jewelry Box

Find yourself a traditional jewelry box to keep on your dresser. A jewelry box will be able to hold all your jewelry neatly while looking beautiful on the top of your dresser. They usually include slots for rings and hooks for necklaces.

A jewelry box may be the best for your jewelry storage needs.

Use a Bulletin Board

Another easy hack for small spaces is to hang a bulletin board in your bedroom. Add small pins and hooks onto it to hold all of your jewelry.

Jewelry Holder in Picture Frame

Use a picture frame to make yourself a jewelry holder. Start by taking a picture frame and inserting a thin layer of cork into the frame instead of a picture. Then you can add small pins into the frame to hold your jewelry.


If you read books in your bedroom, then you’ll need a good place to store them. There are many interesting bookshelf ideas.

Corner Shelves

Install corner shelves in your bedroom. Let’s face it, corners are a neglected area of the bedroom. It’s space that’s begging to be used, so use the space to store your books.

Build yourself a series of corner shelves to hold all your books.

Hidden Bookcase

Product Image of the Prepac Stylish Full/Queen Headboard with 3 Compartments, Deep Bookcase Style Headboard for Full/Queen Size Beds 11' D x 65.75' W x 43' H, Cherry, CSH-6643

Have you thought about hiding books in your headboard? Some beds come with a bookshelf built into the headboard. Your books will be at your fingertips when you’re reading in bed and you can easily return them when you’re done reading for the night.

Crate Bookcase

Paint wood crates to match your bedroom and then put them together to build a bookcase. You can put them together neatly in a tall tower. Another idea is to hang the crates whimsically on the wall so the crates look like they’re precariously balanced on each other.

Bookshelves Over Bedroom Door

Install a shelf over your bedroom or closet door. You can store your books up there and keep them out of the way when you’re not reading. You may want to keep a ladder in the corner so you can reach your books.


Certain items need to be stored near beds such as phones, pens, books, and clocks. However, there’s not always room for a full nightstand next to your bed. If that’s the case, then you’ll love these unique organization ideas for bedside items.

Rolling Trolley

Product Image of the TOOLF 3 Tier Rolling Cart, Metal Utility Cart No Screw, Easy Assemble Utility Serving Cart, Sturdy Storage Trolley with Handles, Locking Wheels, for Classroom Office Home Bedroom Bathroom, Pink

Use a rolling trolley instead of a nightstand beside your bed. You’ll be able to easily move the trolly when you need to and it can store everything you need.

Bedside Multiple Pocket Holder

Product Image of the Zafit 6 Pockets Bedside Storage Organizer, Table cabinet Storage Organizer Bedside Organizer Caddy for Remotes Phone Glasses (6 Pockets-Grey)

Hang a bedside multiple pocket holder from your bed with a series of pockets that will hold anything you’d like near your bed. Since the pocket holder hangs off your bed, it’s perfect for small bedrooms.

Small Shelf Next to Bed

Install a small shelf next to your bed to use instead of a nightstand. The shelf won’t take as much room as a nightstand either, so it’s a great solution when your bedroom is too small for a nightstand.

Ladder Shelf

Product Image of the Pipishell Ladder Shelf Bookcase, 4 Tier Bookshelf, Freestanding Plant Flower Stand, Multipurpose Organizer Rack for Home/Office/Living Room/Balcony/Bedroom/Kitchen, Red Brown

Put a ladder shelf next to your bed. The ladder can hold small items such as books, clocks, and a glass of water. You can also keep extra blankets there to use on cold nights.

It can also be handy if you have a shelf high above your closet or bedroom door. The ladder can be emptied and used to reach any items on those high shelves.


Your dresser needs to be kept organized as a cluttered dresser top makes the entire room look messy. Also, there’s nothing more frustrating than opening a dresser drawer to be confronted with a pile of tangled items. These ideas will help you organize your dresser for good.

Drawer Dividers

Product Image of the DIOMMELL 4 Pack Adjustable Dresser Drawer Dividers Organizers, Plastic Expandable Drawer Organization Separators for Kitchen, Bedroom, Closet, Bathroom and Office Drawers

Drawer dividers will keep your drawers organized, especially if you’re keeping small and large items in the same drawer. You can toss your socks in one divider and know they won’t get buried behind your jeans.

Organization Baskets

Product Image of the Simple Houseware Foldable Cloth Storage Box Closet Dresser Drawer Divider Organizer Basket Bins for Underwear Bras, Gray (Set of 6)

Organization baskets are another way to keep your drawers organized. Pick up different baskets for the small items you want to store. The baskets make putting items away easy so you’ll keep up with your organizational system.

Roll Clothing

Roll clothing in your drawers. The problem with folding and stacking clothing is that while you can easily see the items on top, the items on the bottom get lost. If you roll your clothing, you’ll be able to see everything in your drawer and clothing won’t be lost in the bottom of the drawer.

Store Jewelry, Makeup, Nail Polish, Handbags on Top

Store your jewelry, makeup, nail polish, and handbags on top of your dresser. You can create an artistic display on top so it’s enjoyable to look at. Plus it’s easy to put your items away at the end of the day.


There are many hidden storage areas in your bedroom. Here are a few storage solutions to make the most of these hidden areas.

Wicker Baskets Under Bed

Use wicker baskets under your bed for extra storage. You can keep sweaters, jeans, extra blankets, or books in these baskets. Make sure to measure the space between your floor and the bottom of your bed so you don’t accidentally pick up too large of a basket for your space.

Box Seat Storage

Product Image of the Christopher Knight Home Juliana Fabric Storage Ottoman, Beige

Add box seat storage to your bedroom. The box seat gives you a sturdy place to sit down and relax. Plus it opens up so you can store blankets or clothing inside the box seat.

Large Wicker Basket

Product Image of the Goodpick 2pack Large Woven Laundry Baskets Wicker Storage Basket for Shoes Jute Basket Boho Toy Basket Yoga Mat Storage Round Storage Bin Black & Jute

Place a large wicker basket in the corner of your bedroom. It can hold extra blankets and pillows so you can easily grab an extra layer if you’re cold at night. The large wicker basket can also serve as a dirty laundry hamper.

Storage Above the Door

Add a shelf above your door to add extra storage space in your bedroom. Place storage boxes there or simply use the shelf to store extra shoes. If needed, keep a ladder in the room so you have easy access to the shelves when you’d like to access the items stored above the door.

Elevate Your Bed

Product Image of the MEETWARM 3 Inch Bed Risers Heavy Duty Furniture Risers for Couch Sofa Bed Desk Table (Wood Grain), Set of 4

Elevate your bed to add more storage space underneath the bed using bed risers. Most risers will give you about 3-5 inches. You’ll be able to slide taller baskets and containers underneath your bed allowing you to add extra blankets, sweaters, and jeans to the containers.


Jewelry Cabinet Behind a Mirror

Build yourself a jewelry cabinet behind a wall mirror. The mirror is on the door of the cabinet, so all you need to do is open the door to see your jewelry hanging in the cabinet. It’s a simple solution for storing jewelry in a small space (1).

Bookshelf Into a Storage Bench

Turn a bookshelf into a storage bench with this fun DIY project. The storage bench can be placed at the end of your bed as an easy place to store blankets, pillows, sheets, or sweaters. You can also sit and read on your storage bench. It’s a handy bench to have in your house (2).

Underbed Shoe Storage

Make yourself a shoe storage drawer that will pull in and out easily from under your bed. The drawer is divided into several different slots so that you can keep pairs of shoes together. It looks amazing and is a fun DIY project for a weekend (3).

Shelf Storage Bed

Have you considered making yourself a bed that sits on a series of shelves? It’s an amazing way to add some extra storage space you need and open up much needed floor space in a small room. If you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, you may not even need a dresser for your clothing (4).

Murphy Desk

Build yourself a murphy desk in your bedroom. A murphy desk is a desk that folds up onto the wall when you’re not using it so you have the floor space available for relaxing, pacing, or dressing. When you’re ready to study, pull down the desk and start working (5).

Tips For Organizing Your Room

  • Use the space under your bed for extra storage.
  • Add an over-the-door organizer to organize shoes, handbags, or shirts.
  • Install an extra lower rod in your closet. Hang shirts on the upper rod, and skirts and slacks on the lower rod.
  • Have a hamper in the corner or in the closet for dirty clothing.
  • Use a rack to hold your blankets.
  • Keep baskets in the corner to store extra pillows and blankets.
  • Ensure that you have a trash can in easy reach so you’re able to easily throw away the garbage.
  • Use a coat rack for extra hanging space in a corner of your room.
  • Create a display of jewelry in your bedroom using a pegboard.
  • Add shelves above your bedroom and closet doors for extra storage.

Expert Tips To Keep Your Room Organized

  • Declutter your bedroom. It’s hard to organize a room that’s overflowing with clothing.
  • Organize your room by zones. Have a zone for your clothing, an area to study, and an area to sleep in your bedroom.
  • Think vertically. Use your walls for extra storage by adding hooks, shelves, or a pegboard.
  • Place your desk next to your bed to act as a nightstand at night.
  • Build shelves into your headboard and footboard of your bed for extra storage.

FAQs About Organizing The Bedroom

Why Does My Room Get Messy So Fast?

Bedrooms get messy so quickly because you’re busy and have very little time to clean. Keeping the bedroom clean takes time.

Another reason is that many people have too much stuff and don’t have a spot for each item they own. If there’s no specific place to put the item, it gets tossed onto the floor or on a random shelf making the room messy.

Which Room Should I Declutter First?

Start decluttering the room that receives the most traffic first. This is usually the kitchen or the family room.

Where Should I Put My Bed In A Small Room?

The bed should be placed in the center of the most visible wall. This will give your room symmetry as you place shelves, dressers, desks, and nightstands in your bedroom.

What Is The Fastest Way To Clean Your Room?

The fastest way to clean your room is to first grab your supplies so they’re ready when you need them. Then put all the dirty laundry into the hamper and pack away the clean clothing. Next, toss any trash in the bin.

Make your bed and pick everything up from your floor. Then tidy your desk and dressers. Finally, you will be ready to dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop your bedroom.

How Can I Organize My Room Without Spending Money?

The best way to organize your room without spending money is to identify dead spaces, ensure that storage has more than one use, remove anything you don’t need or use, and make better use of prime spots in the room.

How Do I Make My Room Feel Cozy?

The best way to make your room feel cozy is to make use of lighting, use throws and rugs, and have lots of soft furnishings and cushions.

What Colors Make a Small Room Look Bigger?

Choosing colors to make a room look bigger is simple. Always choose neutral shades and tones like whites, creams, and light blues. Also, try and choose shinier finishes to reflect the light.

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