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48 Organization Hacks & Tips: Organize Like a Pro

Genius organization hacks that will help you get organized once and for all.

It’s hard to enjoy living in your house when it’s messy. You can’t have anyone over, can’t find the tools you need, and everyone trips over junk on the floor.

Here are some easy organization hacks to help you organize your stuff and turn your messy house into an organized home.

Key Takeaways

  • Organize your bedroom by hanging jewelry on rakes, using shower curtain rings for tank tops, and repurposing old bookshelves for under-bed storage.
  • Keep your kitchen tidy with T-molding for coffee pods, DIY canned food organizers, and using magazine file holders for canned goods.
  • Improve your home office organization with pegboards for supplies, repurposed tin cans for pencil holders, and cardboard drawer dividers.
  • Declutter your garage and basement with gutter shelves for paints and tools, upright pallets for garden equipment storage, and zip-ties to secure bins.

Bedroom Organization Hacks

There are several creative tricks you can use in your bedroom to keep things organized. Some of these organizing tips involve using tools, shower curtain rings, and bookshelves in unique ways to solve your storage needs.

Display Jewelry In A Rake

Use tools in your bedroom as a display piece. In this case, hang the head of one or two rakes in your bedroom. The rakes create an upcycled rustic display for you to hang your jewelry on.

It’s a cheap and easy way to keep your jewelry organized.

Use Shower Curtain Rings to Hang Tank Tops

Add shower curtain rings to a coat hanger.. Then use the shower curtain rings to hang your tank tops in your closet. The rings will keep your tank tops organized and won’t take up much space in your closet.

You’ll easily be able to find one to wear.

Turn an Old Bookshelf Into An Under Bed Storage Trundle

Don’t get rid of that ugly old bookshelf, instead use it as an under-the-bed storage unit. It’s an easy DIY project that will add plenty of storage space to your room. Add some paint, wheels, and a couple of handles and you’ll soon have a storage trundle (1).

Use a Shoe Organizer to Organize Small Articles Of Clothing

Shoe organizers are useful for more than just storing your shoes. You can organize small articles of clothing like socks, t-shirts, and gloves in them as well. Just hang the shoe organizer on the door of your closet to get started.

Kitchen Organization Hacks

Kitchens can be difficult to organize and keep organized because between cooking and cleaning, there’s so much going on in the kitchen. Plus you’re looking for the best way to save some time in the kitchen so you can enjoy more time relaxing with your family.

T-molding To Organize Coffee Pods

Create a coffee pod organizer using T-molding. T-molding is used to join floors of the same height in construction. It’s also a great space-saving solution for coffee pods cluttering up your drawers (2).

DIY Canned Food Organizer

Are you struggling to keep your canned food organized so that you use the oldest cans first and the newer cans later? Then make this DIY canned food organizer. It’s the best way to ensure that you’re always using the oldest cans first (3).

No-Slip Kitchen Towels

If you’re tired of your kitchen towels slipping off the handle of your oven, then you need to make some no-slip kitchen towels. Just add a bit of velcro to your towels and they’ll never slip off again. It’s a simple solution to an age-old problem.

Pegboard For An Easy Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Nothing gets cluttered faster than a kitchen drawer when you’re tossing cookie cutters, measuring spoons, and other utensils in the drawer. So use a pegboard and some dowels at the bottom of your kitchen drawer to create an easy kitchen drawer organizer.

Muffin Tin To Hold All Your Condiments

Muffin tins are useful for more than just making muffins. The next time you have a gathering at your house, use a muffin tin to hold all the condiments. The condiments will be easy to serve and will stay organized where people can find them.

Empty Six-pack Holder To Hold The Condiments In Your Refrigerator Door

Another great idea for condiments is to use an empty six-pack holder to hold the condiments. This will keep the condiments from getting lost at the back of your refrigerator or falling down when the door shuts. Your kids will always be able to find the ketchup without needing to ask for help.

Use Magazine File Holders For Storing Canned Goods

If you’re tired of canned goods cluttering your cabinets and getting mixed together, then you need the magazine file holder solution. It’s the perfect size to store the canned goods neatly on your shelf so you can easily find the can you need.

Create a Magnetic Command Center on the Side of the Fridge

Use the side of your fridge to create a command center for your family. Use magnets to hang a calendar and add a letter holder to hold papers. This will give you a place for papers, letters, and forms.

Plus, everyone will be able to stay in the loop and know what’s scheduled for the week.

Hang Interior Cork Board Cupboards

Hang a cork board on the inside of your cupboards. The cork board has a couple of uses for your family. You can use it to store recipes your family uses regularly.

Plus the cork board can also hold measuring spoons and measuring cups so you don’t have to dig through your drawers to find the one you need.

Hang Trash Bags on a Roll

Are you tired of trash bags cluttering up your kitchen or getting lost in a drawer? Then try hanging your trash bags on a roll under the sink. You can easily grab trash bags when you take out the trash, while being neatly stored out of the way.

Turn Office Organizers into a Pan Rack

Did you know that the old file organizer you used on your desk is the perfect size to use as a pan rack? So if you have an old office organizer you no longer need, repurpose it and turn it into a pan rack to keep your kitchen organized.

Create a Medicine Organizer

Medicine bottles can clutter up your cabinets making it hard to find the medicines you need to take. So hang racks on the back of your cabinets to create a simple medicine organizer. You’ll be able to easily find the medicine you need when it’s time to take your next pill.

Craft a Mason Jar Organizer

Spend an afternoon crafting yourself a mason jar organizer. All you’ll need are a few quart-size mason jars and a wood tray to store them in. Paint the jars to match the decor of your kitchen, tie a string around the top, and put them in the wooden tray.

Now you have a great place to keep your kitchen utensils.

Have a Simple DIY Chore Chart

Create a simple magnetic chore chart for your family. Your kids will have a simple way to keep track of the chores they need to do and the chores they’ve finished. Plus, you’ll be able to see at a glance what still needs to be finished (4).

Lazy Susan For Your Countertop

Pick up a lazy susan for your countertop. You’ll be able to keep containers, utensils, salt and pepper shakers, oil and vinegar, and dish towels ready to use. It’s a fun way to keep your kitchen supplies organized.

Home Office Organization Hacks

Your home office also needs to be organized. It doesn’t matter if your home office only consists of a desk wedged in a corner of your house or if it’s an entire room. Here’s awesome products and ideas that will help you organize your home office to work more efficiently for you.

Put up a Pegboard For Office Supplies

Hang a pegboard over your office desk. It’s the perfect place to put a clock, baskets, clipboards, etc. for easy storage. You’ll be able to see and grab your home office supplies easily.

Plus, everything will be out of the way giving you an empty desk to work on.

Repurpose Tin Cans Into Pencil Holders

Use old tin cans and turn them into pencil and pen holders to put on your desk. You can paint them or cover them with fabric to personalize the cans for your home’s decor. It’s one of the coolest ways to decorate your home office that’s not only useful but environmentally sound.

Use a Computer Shelf

A computer shelf, or stand, will give you more storage space underneath the shelf to keep small items or papers tucked away. In addition, it will allow you to sit up straight in front of your desk, improving your posture. This will help you to breathe more easily, stay alert, and stay focused.

Empty Toilet Tube To Organize Paper Rolls

Are you having trouble with paper rolls like shipping and wrapping paper unrolling? Then try using empty toilet paper tubes to keep your paper rolls neat and organized. Just slice the toilet paper tube lengthwise down the tube and slip it over your paper rolls.

The paper rolls will stay tightly wrapped so you can neatly store them in a corner or closet.

Hang up Clip Boards

Have clipboards on the wall above your desk. The clipboards can hold papers that you’re working with. They can also keep mail, letters, calendars, and children’s artwork neatly organized so you can instantly see the item you need.

If you use decorative and cute clipboards, they won’t just be useful but will also add fun decor to your home office.

Use Cardboard to Make Drawer Dividers

Using drawer dividers is a great way to keep your drawers organized. The dividers will give you areas in your drawers for cords, pencils, and paper clips so they don’t become a large cluttered mess. Now, you can purchase drawer dividers, but an easy and cost saving solution is to use cardboard instead.

Grab some old cardboard boxes, start cutting, and make yourself some easy DIY drawer dividers.

Garage And Basement Organization Hacks

Garages and basements become cluttered quickly, as people store seasonal items they need to keep for holidays, summer, or winter skiing. So here are some great ideas to help keep your garage and basement organized.

Make Tool Organizers with Gutters

Did you know that you can use gutters to organize your paints and tools? The gutters make great shelves that are the perfect width to store paints and tools. You can attach them to your wall to make a series of shelves for storage.

Use a Pallet to Store Lawn and Garden Equipment

Place a pallet upright against the wall of your basement or garage. It’s the perfect place to keep your long-handled lawn and garden tools organized and out of the way. Just slide the tools into the pallet, and you’ll no longer have to worry about tripping over your lawn and garden equipment.

Add a Key-Holed Ruler to Your Bench

Ever needed a ruler only to end up searching your house and still not find one? There’s an easy solution. Attach a key-holed ruler to your workbench and your problem is solved.

The ruler will be stored in an easy-to-find place and will be available the minute you need to measure something.

Use Zip-ties To Secure Bins

Nothing is worse than having a storage or moving bin open unexpectedly. There’s an easy solution. Use zip-ties to secure the bins. The bins won’t open unexpectedly and you don’t worry about the items in it falling out and possibly breaking.

Drying Rack In Your Basement Laundry Room

Add a drying rack in your basement laundry room. This will give you a handy spot to toss wet garments that shouldn’t be dried in your dryer. Plus a drying rack also saves you time and money since you won’t be hanging clothing on a clothesline outside or running the dryer.

Store and Label Fasteners with Foam

Use foam to store and label your fasteners. The foam will keep the screws and nails organized. Plus you can use a permanent ink marker to write the size of the fastener or where it’s used. It’s a great way to keep them organized.

Living Room Organization Hacks

Don’t forget to organize your living room while you’re organizing your house, as you spend quite a bit of time relaxing in your living room. So here are some fun organizing tips to quickly organize your living room.

Picture Frame Message Board

Make a picture frame message board to keep in your living room. You can use the message board to leave fun notes for your family members or reminders of what to purchase at the store. You can even remind kids to do their chores before they sit down to watch tv. The options are endless (5).

Hollow a Book for Remote Control Storage

Are you tired of remote controls cluttering up your living room? Then try using a hollowed out faux book to store your remote controls. The book will look very academic sitting on your coffee table, and you’ll be able to easily access your remotes.

Bathroom And Restroom Organization Hacks

Stop living with towels, toothpaste, and soap cluttering up your bathroom. With a bit of thought and some home organization, you can make your bathroom a spa where you love to hang out and relax.

Convert a Wine Rack Into a Towel Holder

Wine racks are the perfect size to hold towels in your bathroom. If you install a vertical wine rack on the wall of your bathroom, then you’ll always be able to grab a clean towel when you leave the shower.

PVC Razor Organizer

Make yourself a simple PVC razor organizer to keep your razer supplies organized. The PVC razor organizer is perfect for keeping everyone’s razors organized and ready to use at a moment’s notice (6).

Bathroom Drawer Insert from the Kitchen

Use a kitchen drawer insert in your bathroom. It will help keep hair bands, hairbrushes, makeup, and combs organized in the drawer. No longer will you spend time in the morning looking for your blush or eyeliner.

Hang Spray Cleaners on a Tension Shower Rod

Add a tension shower rod underneath your bathroom sink to hang your bathroom spray cleaners neatly so they’re out of the way. Plus, you’ll be able to easily grab your bathroom cleaners when you’re ready to clean your bathroom.

Hang up Plastic Bins for Toys in the Tub

Stop living with bathroom toys cluttering up your bathroom. Hang up some plastic bins along the tub. You can attach the bins to the wall or hang them on a rod.

Then you’ll have a handy place to store the toys where your kids can reach them. Plus the toys will be easy to put away.

Storage Organization Hacks

Every home has items that need to be stored neatly such as seasonal clothing or holiday decorations. Here are some great organization hacks that will help you keep your stuff neatly stored.

Cardboard Box Bag Dispenser

Keep your plastic bags organized with this handy cardboard box bag dispenser. You’ll be able to quickly and easily grab the plastic bag you need. Yet your plastic bags won’t be cluttering up your house.

Make Lego Keychains

Use Legos to keep your keys organized. Drill a hole in a lego so you can slip it on a keyring, and add keys to the ring as well. Then attach a lego baseplate to the wall.

The smaller lego on your keychain can be connected with the baseplate and give you an easy place to store your keys.

Use Magnets to Store Small Metal Items

Install magnetic strips around your house, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. The magnetic strips will give you an easy way to store small metal items without losing them in a drawer.

Use an Rx Bottle for Earplug Storage

Use old prescription bottles to store your earplugs. The bottles will keep the earplugs neat and easy to find, plus they’re easy to store on a shelf.

Pool Noodle Inside a Drawer

Are your drawer organizers sliding around because there’s too much room in the drawer? Then use a pool noodle to stop the slide. Cut the noodle to the length you need and insert it behind the drawer organizer.

Your drawer organizer will stop sliding around and will stay right where you need it.

Wine Box Shoe Storage

Use an old wine box to put your shoes in storage. Each divider is the perfect size for one shoe. You’ll be able to store shoes neatly without worrying about them sliding around or getting lost in the garage.

Organize Small Cords In Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper rolls are the perfect size to keep your small cords organized. Simply wrap the cord before sliding it into the toilet paper roll. You’ll never need to worry about tangled cords again.

Color-Code Padlocks and Keys

Attach colored plastic pieces to your padlocks and matching covers for the keys. This way you’ll always know which key belongs to which padlock without having to test each and every key.

Attach Labeled Bread Clips to Cords

Write down what appliance each cord goes to on a bread clip. Then attach the bread clip to the cord. You’ll never need to test the cords or follow them to discover which cord belongs to which appliance.

Use Command Hooks in Cabinets

Command hooks can be placed in your cabinets. This gives you a handy place to hang keys, measuring cups, and measuring spoons. Plus, if you hang the command hooks at the right distance, you can attach rolls of aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

Organizing FAQs

Should I Clean or Declutter First?

You should declutter before you begin cleaning. Excess clutter in a room makes it harder to clean. If you declutter before you begin, you’ll have less mess to clean up.

Should I Organize or Clean First?

Always organize before you clean. This way everything is put into its proper spot and will no longer clutter up tables, desks, and other surfaces making the cleaning process much harder.

Why Does Clutter Cause Anxiety?

Clutter causes anxiety because an ordered house means an ordered mind. If everywhere is covered with a mess, you are always anxious about cleaning it up. It also makes it harder for you to find things when you want them.

What Should You Not Do When Decluttering?

When decluttering, you should not bite off more than you can chew, think that once it’s done, it’s done, and undertake the task when you are feeling low.

How Can I Motivate Myself to Organize My House?

The best way to motivate yourself to organize your house is to make a plan, set a deadline, and enlist friends to help. They can give you the support to see the task through.

What is the 20/20 Rule For Decluttering?

The 20/20 rule for decluttering states that if you can replace something in less than 20 minutes for under $20, then it is fine for decluttering.

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