Doing Laundry

Want to learn how to do laundry properly? Our guides will help you save money and keep your clothes looking great. We’ll show you how to wash clothes, sort laundry, and make your clothes last longer.

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How to Wash Wool Sweaters (Hand & Machine)

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How to Wash Towels (for Hotel Level Fluffiness)

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The Best Clothespins (For Laundry, Decor, Crafts, and More)

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10 Best Clotheslines to Hang Laundry (2023 Reviews)

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The Best Clothes Hangers (Organize Your Closet Today)

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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (Like Marie Kondo)

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Keep It Clean: How to Wash Weighted Blankets

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Should I Use Fabric Softener? (7 Green Alternatives)

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How to Use Laundry Pods: A Complete Guide

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The Best Lint Removers (Say Goodbye to Lint)

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How to Get Blood out of Clothes (Top Tips for Fresh and Dried Blood)

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How to Remove Sweat Smells From Clothes (7 Methods)

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The Best Laundry Sorters (Stay Organized on Wash Day)

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How to Get Grease out of Clothes (Quickly and Effectively)

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Starching Clothes (How to Starch Clothes at Home) 

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How to Wash Stuffed Animals

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How to Hand Wash Clothes (7 Different Fabrics)

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The Best Laundry Bags (of All Time)

Travel Laundry Bags

The Best Travel Laundry Bags (Top Picks Listed)

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How to Wash Cashmere (Hand and Machine Wash)

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How to Wash Silk (Step by Step Guide)

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Get Cleaner Clothes (By Learning How To Strip Laundry in 8 Steps)

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How to Kill Bedbugs On Laundry Day: All You Need to Know

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How To Disinfect Laundry And Why You Need To

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How to Wash White Clothes (With And Without Bleach)

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Why and How to Get Mold out of Clothes

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How to Steam Clothes