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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet: Like Marie Kondo

Fold fitted sheets like the experts do.

There is something seriously satisfying about a neat and organized linen cupboard. We love opening up the doors to find everything looking spic and span. But when it comes to folding a fitted sheet? Everybody struggles.

We’ll teach you how to fold a fitted sheet properly so that it remains crease free and looks good in your cupboard.

Key Takeaways

  1. Lay the sheet flat on the floor with the open side facing up.
  2. Fold the sheet in thirds lengthwise.
  3. Fold the sheet in half, giving you a rectangle shape.
  4. Roll it up and slot it in a drawer for a tidy result.

Why Should You Fold Fitted Sheets?

Maybe you’re wondering the importance behind folding a fitted sheet. Well there are a few good reasons we can give you!

  • It keeps them crease-free: We know — it’s tempting to give up when folding a fitted sheet. There have been many times when we’ve just scrunched it up and stuffed it into the closet. But folding it properly helps to keep it crease-free which looks way better on the bed!
  • It’ll make you want to change your bed sheets: Well, it does for us anyway! If we have fresh, clean, wrinkle-free laundry ready, we’re more likely to change our sheets. This keeps everything clean and maintains a good laundry routine.
  • Marie Kondo said so: If you went on a Marie Kondo spree a few years ago, you’re not alone. She has great tips for folding sheets. Plus, it might spark joy!
  • It’ll impress your mother-in-law: There’s nothing better than your relatives coming over and commenting on your tidiness! Keep your fitted sheets folded nicely to impress family and guests.
  • Save storage space: If you fold the sheets correctly, you’ll free up some storage space.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Keep your linen cupboard looking spectacular with these tips on folding a fitted sheet! It’s easier than you think, we promise.

1. Lay the Sheet Flat

Lay your fitted sheet flat onto your floor with the open side facing up.

2. Fold Lengthwise

First, you need to fold the sheet lengthwise, moving in thirds. So start at the long edge closest to you, fold it a third of the way up, then repeat.

You’ll have three folds in your sheet. It will still look quite messy at this stage, don’t worry.

3. Fold in Half

Now, fold the fitted sheet in half, width ways. You will have a rectangle shape.

4. The Final Fold

There are three ways you can do the final fold. Choose the one you like the best.

  • Fold in half: Fold in half again to create a smaller square. This is good for linen closets. If you have the folded part exposed, it looks really classy!
  • Fold in thirds: If you fold it into thirds and store it upright, like in a basket or a deep drawer, you’ve got a super tidy result!
  • Roll it up: This is the easiest fitted sheet fold. Just roll it up which is ideal for storing it in drawers. Plus, it still looks very tidy once stored.

Something To Note

All of these methods will help reduce creases.

Fitted Sheet Tips and Hacks

There is another common way to fold a fitted sheet if you’d like one more option!

  1. Grab two corners lengthwise.
  2. Flip inside out.
  3. Turn the sheet so the elastic faces you.
  4. Put the right hand corner over the left hand corner.
  5. Swap your hands and reach down.
  6. Pick up the two corners on the opposite side.
  7. Straighten the sheet.
  8. Fold the right hand over the left hand corner to create an L shape.
  9. Lay the sheet on a flat surface.
  10. Fold it in thirds towards you, starting with the messy edge.

More tips and hacks include:

  • The corner with the tag always goes on the bottom right side of your mattress. If you struggle with this — like us — you can always buy striped sheets to solve this problem.
  • When making the bed, putting the top corners on first makes it easier. Now you can stretch the other corners out.
  • Store the fitted sheets in a drawer, with the neat side facing up to create the illusion of tidy sheets. This is especially good if you still can’t hack our step by step instructions!
  • Iron or steam the sheets before folding to zap out as many wrinkles as possible.


What is the Difference Between a Flat Sheet and a Fitted Sheet?

The difference between a flat sheet and a fitted sheet is a flat sheet has stitched corners, whereas a fitted sheet has elasticated corners.

Do I Need Both Fitted and Flat Sheets?

Knowing whether you need fitted or flat sheets is a matter of choice. You can have one or the other, or if you fancy, both. By far, the most popular option is fitted sheets because they are easier to fit.

Why Do Hotels Use Flat Sheets Instead of Fitted?

Hotels use flat sheets instead of fitted ones for several reasons. Flat sheets are easier to launder, store, and press. They also last longer because the elasticated sheets often lose elasticity.

How Do You Fold a Fitted Sheet In 30 Seconds?

The best way to fold a fitted sheet in 30 seconds is to lay it on a flat surface with the elasticated corners facing upward. Fold the long side inward, and then fold the short side inwards.

Get Tidy

Now you know how to fold a fitted sheet. You don’t really have any excuse for keeping things tidy around the house. Remember — it’s not just about impressing your guests! It’s about keeping crease-free sheets and making the laundry cycle much easier.

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