The Best Tile Mops of 2020

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Remove dust bunnies and stubborn stains with the best mops for tiles.

Do you have tile flooring in your home? Do you want to find a mop that will make it spick and span after a long week? You’re not alone – that’s why we’ve been doing our research.

Tiles are popular flooring for a lot of rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Vacuums may remove a lot of loose dirt, but they don’t make your tiles sparkling clean. They might even damage your flooring permanently.

This is where a mop comes in. It can take care of your tiles, as well as clean the grouting in between too. Without further ado, let’s try and find the best tile mop for you.

Types of Tile Mops

There are several types of mops you can choose for your tile floor. Let’s take a look.

Spray Mops

Electric Spin Mop
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This type of mop has a built-in spray function on the head. You can usually fill it up with a cleaning solution that can then be wiped away with the mop head. Some products require batteries to activate the spray while others use a trigger function.

If you want to tackle stubborn dirt that a dry mop can’t handle, check out one with a spray function. The nozzle is at the front of the mop head and you can activate it when you want to scrub that grime away.

  • May have to buy batteries.

Take Note

Use distilled water to avoid mineral build-up. It’s best to use distilled water for spray mops. This is because water straight from the faucet includes minerals that may block the nozzle.

Steam Mops

LIGHT 'N' EASY Electric Foor Steamer for Hardwood/Tile/Rug/Laminate,Wood Floor Mop Steam with Swivel Head,M Water Tank (7338ANW), 20 Feet Power Cord
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Steam mops release water vapor onto the tiles to clean them. They have a refillable water tank, which heats the water and turns it into steam. This is usually powered by electricity, whether from a power outlet or it’s cordless after charging.

Steam can be automatically released with movement or from a trigger on the handle. Studies show that steam mops can kill bacteria and germs hanging around the floors (1).

So, if you want to make sure that your floors are properly sanitized, steam mop may be a good option for your home. This might be especially suitable for households with small children and pets.

  • Can kill germs, bacteria, and pathogens.
  • No need for chemicals or cleaning solutions.
  • Safe for pets and children.
  • Movement may be restricted due to the power cord.

Dust Mops

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System - Washable Pads Perfect Cleaner for Hardwood, Laminate & Tile - 360 Dry Wet Reusable Dust Mops with Soft Refill Pads & Handle for Wood, Walls, Vinyl, Kitchen
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Just as the name suggests, a dust mop is used to target dust and debris on floor. The mop heads may be disposable or reusable, depending on the material that is used. This will often dictate whether a dust mop can be used only dry or wet as well.

  • Targets dust particles and loose debris on tiles.
  • May help to buff tiles for a shiny surface.
  • Usually a lightweight and easy-to-use option.
  • May not deal with stubborn dirt and grime.

Choosing the Best Mop for Tiles

As you can see from the different types of mops, you’ve got a lot to consider when purchasing one. We’ve picked out some of the best features you may want to think about during your decision.

Microfiber Mop Pads

The inclusion of microfiber mop pads is something that can be great for tiles. The polyamide fibers are smaller than a human hair, which can help to clean tiles as well as crevices in the grouting (2).

Microfiber is also better than cotton at capturing microbes. A study found that a microfiber mop was able to reduce bacteria by 99 percent compared to a cotton-loop mop at 30 percent (3).

Another great thing about microfiber mops is that they’re convenient for using around the home. They’re usually machine washable so they may prove economical compared to cotton disposables.

Lightweight and Mobile Design

The chances are, if you’re looking for a mop, you don’t want to scrub on your hands and knees. You may also just want a mop that is easy and quick to use.

Well, the key is choosing a mop that’s lightweight and easy to move around. A mop that only weighs a couple of pounds might be ideal.

Another feature to look out for is a swivel head. Mops with 360-degree swivel are going to be more mobile and easier to glide into hard-to-reach spots such as under furniture. Maybe even dodge around your sleeping pet.

Adjustable Handle

You’ll probably be the one doing the cleaning in your house. But if you want to set the tile cleaning as a household chore for your kids, you may benefit from an adjustable handle. A telescopic pole lets you set it to the desired height.

Having your mop at the right height may also avoid back pain and prevent aggravating sciatica. The typical range is anywhere between 35 inches and 65 inches, depending on the particular mop.

Wringing Mechanism

While most tiles are designed to handle water, this isn’t always the most efficient way to clean them. You’ll have to wait for ages for them to dry and this can leave streaks. Sometimes it looks like you never washed them.

A way to avoid this is to choose a mop bucket that has a wringing mechanism. This can help to remove excess moisture without having to do it with your hands.

The Best Tile Mops of 2020

We’ve spent several hours researching and examining different tile mops to find the best ones to share with you. We carefully considered customer reviews as well as our personal experiences. Hopefully, our variety of mops is a good starting place for your own search.

1. Light 'n' Easy 7338ANW Electric Steam Mop

Best Tile Mop for Grease and Grime

LIGHT 'N' EASY Electric Foor Steamer for Hardwood/Tile/Rug/Laminate,Wood Floor Mop Steam with Swivel Head,M Water Tank (7338ANW), 20 Feet Power Cord
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This product has a closed mop head design that may be suitable for deep cleaning. With the release of concentrated steam, you can cut through grease and grime that’s accumulated on your tiles.

A great feature of this steam mop is the intelligent steam control. You don’t have to press any buttons or dials to activate the steam ­– the sensor will release water vapor according to the movement. It only takes 20 seconds to heat up and be ready to go.

This steam mop can be used all over your home. It’s safe for tiles, laminate, hardwood, stone and vinyl floors. There’s a cord hook for storage.

The ergonomic bendable handle is a stand-out feature. You don’t have to bend down and maneuver – just bend the handle to the angle you want and hold it comfortably.

The 360-swivel head helps cleaning crowded spaces too. You can steer in all directions and move around effortlessly.

One microfiber mop pad is included. This can be washed so that it can be used more than once. There’s even a one-year warranty on this product.

Why We Love It

Intelligent Automatic Steam Control

This steam mop has a smart sensor which enables and disables steam release according to your movement. This can help prevent prolonged steam contact on your tiles and lower the risk of damage.

It can also help cut back on your water usage. The faster you move the mop, the more steam there is. This may allow faster cleaning so you don’t have to spend all day scrubbing your tiles.

Bending Handle for Underneath Furniture

A bending handle isn’t a common feature on a steam mop and that’s why we love it. It can make cleaning down low stress-free – you don’t have to move or rearrange anything. There’s no awkward bending either.

360-Degree Swivel for Ease of Use

This steam mop can be turned in all directions during cleaning. This can help you capture all of the grime and glide freely around the tiled floors.

Keep In Mind

Can’t Fill It up at the Faucet

The one downside to this steam mop is that you can’t fill it up directly at the faucet. The water tank is located in the base of the mop. This means you’ll have to use the filling cup included, which might be more time-consuming.

Additional Specs

Weight 7 pounds
Water Tank Capacity 9 fluid ounces
Mop Head Material Microfiber
Number of Mop Heads Included One
Swivel 360 degrees

2. Turbo Microfiber Washable Tile Mop

Best Tile Mop for Dust

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System - Washable Pads Perfect Cleaner for Hardwood, Laminate & Tile - 360 Dry Wet Reusable Dust Mops with Soft Refill Pads & Handle for Wood, Walls, Vinyl, Kitchen
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With the inclusion of dual action microfiber pads, this mop can capture the dust on your tiles. They’re 18-inches wide with absorbent wicking and gripping fibers. They’re also reinforced for durability and they can be machine washed up to 100 times.

The Velcro attachments make them simple to adhere and remove quickly. There are four included with this product – two of the microfiber pads and also two deep clean scrub pads for tough grime.

We like that you can extend the handle on this product. It starts at 35 inches and it can stretch up to 60 inches. Just twist the pole and it should adjust the length. It’s also made from durable and lightweight aluminum alloy.

The 360-degree pivoting head might also make cleaning easier. You can scrub and buff in all angles, underneath furniture, and around other obstacles. It’s not stiff or awkward to maneuver. The non-slip grip handle makes it easier too.

Why We Love It

Two Different Pad Styles for Effective Cleaning

We love the inclusion of two different mop pads – microfiber pads for dry cleaning and scrub pads for wet cleaning. The microfiber ones have over 10,000 fiber loops to capture dust, dirt and pet hair.

The scrub pads have an almost-abrasive texture designed for scrubbing tiles clean. It’s also able to absorb water, which may help to remove stubborn messes.

Pivoting Mop Head

Thanks to the 360-degree pivoting mop head, this product is easy to move around in all different angles. This may enable you to reach behind the toilet, underneath the sofa and even around the fridge.

Flat Rectangular Design for Scrubbing Baseboards and Walls

We all know that cleaning dirt and grime from baseboards and walls can be difficult. But this task may be made easier thanks to the flat, rectangular shape of this mop. The head can be maneuvered to tackle grime in other areas than just your floor.

Keep In Mind

Some Customers Weren’t Happy With the Handle

Despite being made from aluminum alloy, some customers weren’t satisfied with the handle. They commented that the locking pin didn’t line up and the handle shifted around during cleaning.

Additional Specs

Maximum Handle Length 60 inches
Pole Material Aluminum alloy
Mop Head Shape Rectangular
Mop Pads Included Two microfiber pads and two scrubber pads
How to Attach Mop Heads Velcro

3. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket

Back to Basics Tile Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System
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Are you a mom that still loves the traditional mop and bucket? You may be interested in this mop from O-Cedar. It’s your trusty, classic design but with some modern conveniences to make cleaning your tiles a little easier.

It has a spin function for removing excess water from your mop so it’s not too wet for cleaning. Just use the spin foot pedal. This makes it hands-free.

Spin mops tend to splash while they’re wringing. So, the splash guard on the bucket may also help to keep you dry in the process. It keeps the water where it should be – in the bucket.

We love the large noodle-type microfiber mop on this one. This may be used dry for buffing and shining tiles. Of course, you can also use it damp for more of a deep clean since it’s absorbent. The triangular design might be good for hard-to-reach places too.

With the pivoting head and 360-degree swivel, you can reach under and around furniture that’s in your way. You can also change the height of the handle since it’s telescopic. It has three choices – 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches.

The microfiber mop head is machine washable so it can be used several times, making it economical. For hygiene, it’s recommended to replace the mop head every three months.

Why We Love It

Foot Pedal for Hands-Free Wringing

The foot pedal on the bucket can get your mop 10 times drier than you can with manual wringing. This may help to protect your tiles and saves you the hassle of doing it yourself. It might make cleaning faster and you don’t have to handle a dirty mop.

Simply step onto the pedal to activate the spin. The longer you hold the pedal, the drier your mop will be.

Splash Guard to Keep You Dry

We like the inclusion of the splash guard on the bucket to keep your dry. The raised sides may help to prevent splashes of dirty water while the mop is spinning.

Triangular Design for Hard-To-Reach Places

This mop head is triangular, which may be better to maneuver than an ordinary rectangular one. Combined with the noodle design, it may be able to trap dirt stuck in corners and edges around your home.

Keep In Mind

Only One Mop Head Included

A lot of the products on our list are generous when it comes to extras included. Unfortunately, this one only provides one mop head. This may mean you’ve got to buy them sooner rather than later.

Additional Specs

Maximum Pole Length 48 inches
Mop Head Material Microfiber
Swivel 360 degrees
Weight 5.38 pounds
Color Black and red

4. Homitt Electric Cordless Spin Mop

Best Tile Mop for Spinning Power

Electric Spin Mop
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Don’t enjoy cleaning? No problem with this energy-saving spin mop. It has a unique spinning system, with dual rotating mop heads for effortless scrubbing. They spin up to 120 rotations per minute ­– that’s powerful cleaning and polishing with minimal effort.

What’s great is that this mop is also cordless. You’re not space restricted with a power cord while you’re cleaning your home. You just have to charge the mop for around 3.5 to 4 hours and this can give you 40 to 50 minutes of cleaning time.

When the mop is low on power, you’ll know. The indicator light will flash red for 30 seconds. When it’s fully charged, this indicator should be green.

The spray function is ideal for deep cleaning. A measuring cup is included and it’s recommended to only use water, moderate detergents, and essential oils. This means no concentrated detergents or boiling water.

A lithium-ion battery is required to use the handle with the key for spraying and spin function. But the good thing is that before you start, the mop is in locked status. This is designed to help prolong battery life, just press the start button to get going.

There are two soft microfiber pads included with this spin mop for everyday cleaning. For tougher grime and stains, there are also two scrubby pads. They’re both machine washable.

There’s an extendable rod and at its shortest, it’s 40.1 inches in length. This can be extended up to 46.5 inches.

Why We Love It

Rotating Mop Heads for Efficient Cleaning

Rotating mop heads means you don’t have to put in any effort scrubbing your tiles. But it’s also good for polishing and buffing. ­You can add shine to your tiles you may not achieve manually.

Since the mop heads are microfiber, they’re non-abrasive and shouldn’t scratch or damage your tiles.

Spray Function for Tough Grime

Sometimes dry cleaning isn’t enough to remove tough grime and stubborn stains. But this is where the spray function comes in.

The nozzle is located on the front of the mop head. Then you can mop as normal with the ability to scrub. You just need to press the button located on the handle to release the cleaning solution.

Cordless and Lightweight for Convenience

We love that you can charge this mop to enjoy cordless cleaning. This allows you freedom of movement, especially in larger rooms.

It’s lightweight at only 2.84 pounds. This may make it easier to carry up and down the stairs.

Keep In Mind

Mop Handle Doesn’t Allow Flexible Cleaning

One complaint we saw from previous customers was that the mop handle only moves at a 90-degree angle. This means that cleaning some small spaces and under furniture can be awkward.

Additional Specs

Weight 2.84 pounds
Rotations per minute 120
Maximum Handle Length 46.5 inches
Voltage 100 to 240V
Cleaning Time on Full Charge 40 to 50 minutes

5. Shark S1000A Sanitizing Steam Mop

Best Tile Mop for Removing Bacteria

Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner for Cleaning and Sanitizing with XL Removable Water Tank and 18-Foot Power Cord (S1000A),White
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With this mop, you can use the natural power of steam to sanitize your grout and tiles. The water vapor may help to kill bacteria and germs lurking in your home. There’s no need to use any chemicals or cleaning solutions ­– just use water.

With the quick start-up, you won’t have to wait long to get started. Simply plug it into a power outlet and wait around 30 seconds. The 18-foot cord gives you enough space to work with as you’re cleaning.

It’s easy-peasy to store this steam mop. It has a slim design and isn’t bulky, meaning it can sit in the laundry room. It can also stand upright on its own and there is a cord hook.

Filling up this product with water is trouble-free. It has a large 12.6 fluid ounce removable water tank that you can hold under the faucet comfortably. With the large capacity, you can clean a lot of your home before refilling.

Two microfiber mop pads are included. They’re machine washable, so you can save money on disposable ones. This might reduce waste and help the environment at the same time.

Why We Love It

Remove Bacteria and Pathogens With Steam

All mops can clean the dirt from your floor. But the good thing about steam mops is that they can also remove bacteria that you can’t see. This steam mop may help to kill pathogens and make your home safer for children and pets.

We love that the steam is activated by your movement. It’s “idiot proof,” and there’s no need to press any buttons. When you stop cleaning, the steam will also stop.

Quick Start for Fast Cleaning

Nobody wants to wait around for the steam to start up. But the good thing about this mop is that it’s ready in 30 seconds. You can practically begin cleaning straight away.

Removable Water Tank for Easy Fill-Up

Don’t worry about struggling with this mop at the faucet. It’s simple to refill, thanks to the removable water tank. Just unclip it from the main mop and you can add water.

Thankfully, the tank is large enough, so you shouldn’t have to do this often during cleaning.

Keep In Mind

Can’t Control Steam Intensity

One thing that may make this steam mop better is a control function. There’s no option for customizing the amount of steam that’s delivered. A dial or digital function may be ideal for allowing adaptability.

Additional Specs

Weight 4.6 pounds
Handle Length 46 inches
Mop Head Dimensions 11 inches by 7.4 inches
Mop Head Material Microfiber
Number of Mop Heads Included Two

Tile Mop Comparison Chart

Product Award Weight Mop Head Material Swivel Handle Length
Light ‘n’ Easy Best For Grease & Grime 7 lbs Microfiber 360 deg 60″
Turbo Microfiber Best For Dust Microfiber
O-Cedar EasyWring Back To Basics 5.38 lbs Microfiber 360 deg 48″
Homitt Electric Best For Spinning Power 2.84 lbs 46.5″
Shark Sanitizing Best For Removing Bacteria 4.6 lbs Microfiber 46″
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Let’s Mop It Up

Mops can help to bring out the natural color and pattern of your tiles. You can choose from spray, steam and dust mops depending on your cleaning task.

Everyday cleaning can be tackled with the dust mop, while deep cleaning is better with a spray mop. For sanitation and child-friendly flooring, consider the steam mop.

Other good features to look out for when you’re shopping for a tile mop include microfiber mop pads. This is a durable, reusable and absorbent material. You’ll also want to pay attention to the mobility and weight of the mop, as well as any wringing mechanism.

Do you have a favorite tile mop and is it one of our choices? We’d love to know — leave us a comment or two below and we’ll check them out!

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