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Make dirt disappear and floors gleam with the help of a mop bucket.

How do you clean your bathroom? Do you have a trusty old mop bucket? While there are many flashy cleaning accessories out there, you might not want to be so hasty to ditch the classic mop and bucket.

This traditional way of cleaning works. Hi-tech robotic floor cleaners or expensive detergents have their place — but keeping it “old-school” has its merits.

If you’ve got any kind of hard floor surface in need of some TLC, a mop bucket could prove an invaluable addition to your household armory.

Not sure what’s suitable for your needs? This guide will explain the features to look out for in the best mop buckets.

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Why Should You Buy a Mop Bucket?

You may be asking yourself, is a mop bucket really necessary? While you could use your kitchen sink, walking to and from every two minutes is going to get old pretty quickly. Plus, if you have a large space to cover you may find it’s not a practical solution.

With a mop bucket, you can keep your water or cleaning solution right beside you. This should mean your task is finished faster and is a lot less hassle.

Often, there’s a suggested ratio of water to detergent. This could be tricky to gauge if you’re using the sink or a regular pail. With the help of a mop bucket, you can measure out the precise quantity for effective cleaning.

Keeping to accurate volumes also reduces the chance of too many suds and dull surfaces or excess water — which could turn into a potential slip hazard.

How to Choose a Mop Bucket

We’ve come up with some features and factors you may wish to think about when purchasing a mop bucket.

1. Water Capacity

Ultimately, floor space will play a role in the size of your mop bucket. For small cleaning jobs around the house, we’d suggest around 3.5 gallons should be sufficient.

If you’re cleaning larger areas, you may want to look at up to 6.5 gallons. This should allow you to have plenty of clean water so you can mop with minimal effort.

2. Caster Wheels

One gallon of water weighs 8.33 pounds, if you do the math, carrying around a fully-loaded mop bucket may resemble a strenuous workout. This is even more significant if you choose one with a larger capacity (1).

Wheels offer you the flexibility to move the mop bucket around easily in all directions without the need for frequent lifting (2).

3. Molded Spouts

Pouring out dirty water is a lot easier when the bucket has a molded spout. This helps you direct the flow of water into the drain, rather than it splashing all over the place.

4. Mop Wringer

The purpose of a wringer is to remove excess water from your mop. One advantage of this feature is it can help make sure the floor doesn’t become too wet — a major cause of accidents (3).

Another benefit is to prevent you from having to squeeze out the mop with your hands. You can find various designs, some you simply press down and twist. Others incorporate a foot pedal for super convenience.

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5. Bucket Handle

While most mop buckets are equipped with a handle for carrying, the type of material used is something to consider. Plastic is most commonly used, although some may not be sturdy enough to support a full bucket of water.

If you are intending to put your mop bucket through heavy-duty use, metal or wire handles might be more suitable.

The Best Mop Buckets of 2020

We’ve cross-checked our mentioned features against 20 of the most rated on the market and come up with five of the best mop buckets for you to compare.

1. O-Cedar Easy Wring Bucket

Zero Effort Mop Bucket

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System
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If you are looking for lots of features to make your mopping fuss-free, this could be a suitable option. We love its compact size, which means it’s both super easy to store at home as well as move around while cleaning — handy for those unexpected spillages.

What makes it stand out is the built-in wringer. All you have to do is pop in the mop and press down on the foot pedal. This activates the spin and removes any excess liquid — without any elbow grease on your part.

There’s even a wringer guard to prevent any water splashes onto you or the floor.

In addition, this product also includes a mop. This is made from microfiber material and it’s triangular in shape — great for cleaning corners and awkward spaces. The mop head is also machine washable for convenience.

  • Built-in wringer to control moisture.
  • Wringer guard prevents any backsplash.
  • Includes a microfiber mop.
  • The plastic foot pedal may lack durability.

2. OXO Good Grips Measuring Bucket

Simple but Oh-So Practical

OXO Good Grips Angled Measuring Mop Bucket, 4 Gallons
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If you’re looking for a no-frills yet functional mop bucket for around your home, this could fit the bill.

Inside the 4 gallon bucket, it details measurements in both gallons and liters on an angle so they’re easy to read. It’s a simple but useful way to figure out where to fill to without having to worry over additional measuring cups or trial and error.

What we like about this bucket is that it’s got a comfortable handle. It’s soft and easy to grip, making sure your hand doesn’t slip when you’re carrying it around. Even when it’s full, you shouldn’t feel it digging into your palm.

If you’re forever wrestling with your mop, you might appreciate the holder on the handle. It’s designed to keep your mop in a vertical position, which means you can free up your hands if the need arises. It will also keep it in place when stowing it away — so you can find your cleaning accessories instantly when they’re needed.

  • Comfortable handle for carrying around.
  • Stores up to 4 gallons of solution.
  • Visible notches for measuring liquids.
  • Users have noted durability issues.

3. Quickie 5-Gallon Wheel Bucket

Best Mop Bucket on Wheels

Quickie EZ-Glide Multi-Purpose 5-Gallon Bucket on Wheels
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This bucket is fantastic for mopping-up around your home. It’s a basic design yet its generous width should support all shapes and sizes of mops and sponges. There’s also a handle to help guide the bucket around, as well as an underside lift grip to help when pouring out.

It holds five gallons, which should be ample capacity for those who have larger floor spaces to maintain. It also features four wheels that swivel around in all directions for easier maneuverability. Being made of rubber they should be kinder to your floors too.

In addition, there are measuring markers on the inside of the bucket. They’re a breeze to see in their graduating level design and staggered every half gallon for a more precise fill.

  • Graduated half gallon measurements.
  • Four durable wheels for moving around.
  • Wide design to fit all mops and sponges.
  • The plastic handle might not support a full bucket.

4. Rubbermaid Roughneck Bucket

Best for Durability

Rubbermaid 1793555 Roughneck, 14 qt, Blue
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We’ve all had those disaster moments when buckets fail at a crucial point — usually as you are dumping the dirty water. The household brand, Rubbermaid offer this option to hopefully avoid these domestic mishaps.

It holds 3.5 gallons which is a decent size for chores around the home and it’s robust enough for use outside — car washing, window cleaning. The twin spouts make it easy to pour out water from either end without spillages too.

Another great feature is the metal handle. This sturdy material should allow you to carry a bucket fully-loaded, which means fewer trips to refill.

We also think the rectangular shape is a handy idea for stowing away. Unlike rounded mop buckets, this should fit snug into a corner or on a shelf without taking up too much space.

  • Embossed measurements on the side.
  • Wire handle for durability.
  • Dual spouts for emptying contents.
  • The handle may not feel comfortable for some.

5. Carlisle Side Wringer Mop Bucket

Heavy-Duty User

Carlisle 3690804 Commercial Mop Bucket with Side Press Wringer, 26 Quart Capacity, Yellow
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If you are looking for a bucket that can withstand high-level use, this may be the one for you. Made from corrosion-resistant polyethylene, it’s sturdy and hard-wearing. It can also take up to 6.5 gallons for those bumper tasks.

It features four non-marking swivel caster wheels, which means negotiating around the furniture should be a smoother affair. The fact you don’t have to carry by hand is also a plus.

This one is great if you’ve got active kids. It has a caution sign on the side so everyone knows the floor has recently been cleaned. You can even choose from five vibrant colors.

This bucket has a fantastic side press wringer. By pulling the lever, you can remove excess water in an instant. It can last up to 50,000 cycles.

  • Four wheels for moving around effortlessly.
  • Large capacity holding 6.5 gallons.
  • Choice of bright colors.
  • Bulky design for storage.

Let’s Mop It up

The importance of a mop bucket may be underestimated by many. Yet this essential piece of equipment could help you clean the floors in your home faster and easier.

Whether it is wheels to help you maneuver a larger bucket or a wringer to save your wrists — think about the features which will make a difference to you.

Which mop would be on your bucket list? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments.

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