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Forget the traditional bucket and mop, it’s time for a spray mop.

Is mopping the floors often way down on your to-do list? While it may not be the ideal way to spend your free time, it’s an essential domestic chore.

There are some neat cleaning accessories around which might help speed things up, and a spray mop is one of them. You could say it’s a modern take on the classic mop and bucket.

So, what exactly is a spray mop and what are the benefits of using one? We’re going to tell you all about them and review some of the best spray mops for your home.

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What Is a Spray Mop and How Does It Work?

Unlike your standard mop and bucket, a spray mop is one complete unit with an integrated liquid container attached.

Typically, there is either a button or trigger you press to release the spray directly onto the surface. You then glide the mop over the misted area and remove any dirt.

This spray can be water, cleaning solution or a combination of both. This may depend on the model and your own preferences.

You can finally forget about using a bucket and cloth for scrubbing your floors — using a spray mop is easy, quick and environmentally friendly.

Why Should You Buy a Spray Mop?

They’re proving a popular cleaning accessory around the home for good reason. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

1. Saves Time and Effort

Do you hate getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing your floors? You don’t need to use a bucket or to scrub by hand anymore. A spray mop makes it plain-sailing — release the spray and mop away.

A spray mop is quick and easy to use. The spray dampens the floor, wetting the mop in order to wipe the surfaces. When you’re short on time, it’s convenient for cleaning your home.

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2. Cleans Dust, Dirt and Spillages Efficiently

There’s no mess you can’t tackle with a spray mop. The combination of the spray and mop head should be effective at picking up dust from any surface. The moisture also helps to remove stubborn dirt.

In addition, you’re going to be able to clean up accidents and spillages too. It can mop up any liquid and the spray can remove stickiness left behind on your floor.

3. Lightweight for All Ages

What we like about spray mops is they’re designed to be lightweight and easy for everyone to lift. This means all ages can get in on the action and help you out with cleaning — including the kids!

Compared to vacuums, they tend to be easier to lift. It’s also going to be lighter than lugging around a full bucket with gallons of water.

4. Saves Water

Go Green

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll be happy to know spray mops are kinder to the planet. In comparison to scrubbing your floors with a mop and bucket, they require significantly less water.

As water is used more efficiently, you’re less likely to create streaks on your flooring. It may be safer for your family too. Excess water lying around should be minimal which means a faster drying time — potentially preventing slippages (1).

How to Choose the Best Spray Mop

Here are some questions we think could be handy to ask yourself.

1. Flooring Needs

What type of floors are you planning to use it on? How many different types of flooring do you have in your house? Generally, most households have more than one — for example, carpet in the bedroom, tiles in the bathroom, hardwood in the hallway.

Most spray mops are capable of cleaning multiple floors. However, you might want to double check with the specific model to make sure it’s suitable for all your surfaces before taking the plunge.

2. Footprint

How many rooms will you be cleaning? Do you have a large or small area to cover? The size of the mop head is another valid point to think about.

If you have multiple rooms or substantial spaces to clean, you may want to consider a spray mop with a generous head. This should cover the area faster, albeit the trade-off is that it may be harder to get into those tight and awkward spaces.

For lighter use, the size might not be so much of an issue.

3. Water Tank Capacity

How much water or detergent can the spray mop hold? While they use water more efficiently, it won’t be an endless supply — running out and refilling halfway through could get tedious.

The Best Spray Mops of 2020

We’ve extensively researched countless top-rated products, comparing feedback from real users, plus added our very own experiences. The outcome of our efforts? Here are the five best spray mops we think you should consider.

1. Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

Best for Big Spaces

Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop Premium Bonus dusting Pad
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If you need a spray mop for your bumper-sized task, this one could be ideal. It comes with plenty of features to achieve sparkling clean flooring in your home.

It includes a microfiber cleaning pad, which scrubs your tiles or laminate. It’s a fantastic material that’s soft and electrostatic — locking away dust and dirt.

This is a mop designed to tackle hardwood floors. It even comes with a hardwood floor cleaner detergent for a pristine home. However, it’s still possible to use this mop for other floors without a problem.

The last thing you want is for your spray mop to be uncomfortable to hold. Thankfully, this one has soft cushion grips for your hands and a foam handle. It’s ergonomically designed and may even make cleaning more enjoyable.

  • Features a retractable hook for storage.
  • Gets the big jobs done in less time.
  • Easy to change cartridges.
  • Doesn’t include extra microfiber pads.

Why We Love It

Features a Retractable Hook for Storage

If you’re a mom who likes to be organized, you’ll love the retractable hook on this mop. This makes storage simple and frees up space for more cleaning accessories. The design of this mop is slimline so you could easily hang it up on a wall out of the way.

Get the Big Jobs Done in Less Time

With a 10 percent larger baseplate, you may be able to spend less time cleaning and more time with family. The large mop head can cover more surface area to make scrubbing faster.

This cleaning tool also comes with a substantial cleaning cartridge. It holds 850ml (28 fluid ounces), which might be a good option for cleaning extensive areas or multiple rooms. It’s refillable too so you can top it up with your own cleaning solution.

Easy to Change Cartridges

We love features that keep things simple, and the container cartridge design is so user-friendly. To remove, a press of a button releases. You simply refill it with water or cleaning solution and push it back into place. It has an audible click so that you know it’s secure and ready to use again.

Keep In Mind

Extra Microfiber Pads Not Included

A lot of the products we’ve reviewed include extra cleaning cloths. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t, although the microfiber pad is reusable. Its lifespan should be good for up to 300 washes.

Additional Specs

Weight7.5 pounds
Mop Rotation360-degrees
Wiper Pads Included1
Wiper Pad Dimensions17 x 5 inches

2. Finnhomy Spray Floor Mop

Best Portable Spray Mop

Finnhomy Microfiber Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning 360 Degree Professional Handle Mop for Home Kitchen Hardwood Laminate Wood Ceramic Tiles
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Do you have floors to clean both upstairs and down? This easy-to-carry option could make things a little easier. It’s suitable for use on any flooring, whether you’ve got ceramic, vinyl or even concrete.

It includes everything you need to get started and even has a soft grip for comfortable cleaning. Assembly is easy — connect the two poles, attach the microfiber pad to the mop head and fill the bottle with water.

The spray bottle is made from thick and durable plastic to avoid any leaks. It’s also easy to spot when to refill as it’s transparent — you’ll be able to avoid running out at the wrong moment.

There’s a fan-shaped spray hole designed to squirt the liquid in a fine mist over your flooring. It also includes several reusable microfiber pads. These are awesome for attracting dust and should help to achieve sparkling clean floors again.

  • Easy cleaning with 360-degree rotation.
  • Handgrip for simple spraying.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Customers report the sprayer can be temperamental.

Why We Love It

Easy Cleaning with 360-Degree Rotation

You want the spray mop to be able to glide over your floor with ease. Thankfully, this model has a 360-degree rotation. This means the mop head can be moved in any direction and maneuvered under and around furniture.

Handgrip for Simple Spraying

It’s so easy to activate the spray of water with this mop. The trigger has been incorporated into a convenient handgrip on the handle. All you have to do is gently squeeze and it will release an even spray onto the floor.

Easy to Move Around

While weighing around two pounds, this spray mop is extremely lightweight. Yet as it’s made with alloy, it should cope with day-to-day tasks. The great thing is because it’s so easy to pick up, you’ll be reaching for it every time you have an on-the-spot mop-up situation.

Keep In Mind

Customers Report the Sprayer Can Be temperamental.

One concern we have about this product is users have mentioned the sprayer can jam at times. This seems to happen after a few sprays but might be down to the way it’s used.

Additional Specs

Weight2.33 pounds
Mop Rotation360-degrees
Wiper Pads Included3
ColorSky blue
Wiper Pad Dimensions15 x 4.5 inches

3. Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop

The All-Arounder

Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit, Includes: 1 Power Mop, 5 Pads, Solution, Batteries
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If you’re looking for a quick way to effectively clean your floors and remove dirt, check out this spray mop. It’s lightweight and portable, with the capability to remove stubborn stains from tiles, laminate and all types of sealed flooring.

It includes a 500ml (16.9 fluid-ounces) cleaning solution, which will cover a lot of ground in your home. Five mopping pads are also included — two power pads for tough stains and two softer options for buffing.

The cleaning solution bottle is easy to secure into place. It has a one-click mechanism so you know it’s connected.

  • Includes two different mopping pads.
  • Dual-nozzle sprayer offers faster cleaning.
  • Flexible swivel for hard-to-reach places.
  • Disposable pads included.

Why We Love It

Includes Two Different Mopping Pads

We love that this spray mop includes a starter-pack of five mopping pads. They’ve got lock strips to absorb and capture dirt and spillages. There are two original mopping pads, as well as three extra power pads that may help trap stubborn dirt.

Dual-Nozzle Sprayer Offers Faster Cleaning

The controls for the spray are built into the handle. It’s a fool-proof mechanism — press on the button until you have the desired amount of cleaner.

Its double nozzle design sprays directly and evenly in front of your mop. It’s easy to operate with one hand and you just need to use pressure and four batteries. Of course, having two nozzles means you may be able to clean your floors faster.

Flexible Swivel for Hard-To-Reach Places

Do you want to get rid of the dust and dirt gathering under your furniture? The mop head can pivot, which should allow you to turn it freely any way that you like.

Keep In Mind

Disposable Pads Included

Unfortunately, this mop doesn’t include reusable pads. Disposables may appear a convenient plus for some, yet this may work out expensive over the lifespan of the mop. It also doesn’tbenefit the environment.

Additional Specs

Weight3.68 pounds
Mop Rotation360-degrees
Wiper Pads Included5
Wiper Pad Dimensions11.3 x 5.4 inches

4. Homevative Microfiber Spray Mop

Best for Zero Leaks

Homevative Household Microfiber Spray Mop Kit /w 3 pads, 2 bottles, and Precision Detailer. Floor push mop for Wood, Laminate, Tile and more. No need for buckets or other supplies.
Check Price

Leaks could mean streaks and we all know that’s not the finish we want for our floors. This spray mop is lightweight and easy to use. It’s made with an aluminum frame and it’s perfect for using around the home when you’re short on time. We love that it has a secure mount for the cleaner bottle, which only takes one turn to remove.

The 360-degree swivel head makes sure you don’t miss a spot when you’re cleaning. You can glide around furniture and get to hard-to-reach places. There are also two refillable bottles included as well as three reusable microfiber pads.

You can also enjoy a lifetime guarantee with this product.

  • Reusable microfiber pads are eco-friendly.
  • Zero-leak design.
  • Features an ergonomic spray handle.
  • The water bottles could be bigger.

Why We Love It

Reusable Microfiber Pads are Eco-Friendly

Microfiber is a favored material for cleaning. Not only does it attract dust and dirt, but it’s easy to look after — you can throw them in the washing machine.

As they can be reused, you’re also helping the environment.

Zero-Leak Design

This spray mop has been specifically designed to prevent leaks. It features fortified silicon rings on the stress points, which can prevent water dripping onto your floors.

Features an Ergonomic Spray Handle

It should be easy to mist your floor with this mop. There’s a trigger spray handle and it’s designed to be responsive by using pressure — not batteries. This means you can control how much liquid you want to release.

Keep In Mind

Water Bottles Could be Bigger.

Although two water bottles are included, some users have commented they’re quite small. If you’ve got large floors to clean, this spray mop may struggle to go the full distance on one tank.

Additional Specs

Weight2.9 pounds
Mop Rotation360-degrees
Wiper Pads Included3
Wiper Pad Dimensions16 x 4.75 inches

5. Shark Steam and Spray Professional

The Deep Cleaner

Shark Steam and Spray Professional (SK460)
Check Price

If you find shifting stubborn dirt and grime tough, this steam and spray mop could offer a little extra elbow grease. It can deep clean your vinyl, wood and laminate floors painlessly, removing sticky and greasy messes as you go.

Microfiber is fantastic at cleaning floors and this spray mop includes one as an attachment. This is going to attack the grime and buff the surface.

There’s also a disposable SaniFiber pad included in this kit. This may be a good option for those occasions when your floor is really dirty.

The integrated cleanser spray may be just what you need to help remove tougher marks from surfaces.

  • Includes integrated cleanser spray.
  • It features three cleaning functions.
  • Removable power cord for mobility.
  • Might be too heavy for some.

Why We Love It

Includes Integrated Cleanser Spray

If you discover sticky messes or stubborn dirt on your floor, it’s time to bring out the cleanser feature. Hit the button on the handle, the spray will be released and you can use the mop head to scrub away.

Features Three Cleaning Functions

What makes this spray mop stand out is that it has a trio of various cleaning functions. You can choose from a corded steam mop, a cordless spray mop, and a combined steamer and cleanser.

This gives you the freedom to choose the type of cleaning you want. For example, you can simply wipe up spills with the cordless spray mop or go for a deep clean with the corded steam function.

Removable Power Cord for Mobility

As this mop has a dual purpose, it means when using the steam function it needs to be hooked up to power. When using it as a spray mop, however, you can remove the cables.

This means you can glide around and move from room to room. There are no limitations because of the power cord. Plus, you can still use the spray feature to its full potential.

Keep In Mind

Might Be Too Heavy For Some

While this spray mop has dual capabilities, the additional purpose adds weight to the unit. Coming in at 10.58 pounds, it could prove too hefty to move around with ease.

Additional Specs

Mop Rotation360-degrees
Wiper Pads Included2
Wiper Pad Dimensions12 x 8.7 inches

Detailed Comparison

ProductAwardWeightRotationWiper PadsColorPad Dimensions
Bona HardwoodBest For Big Spaces7.5 lbs360°1Blue17″ x 5″
FinnhomyBest Portable2.33 lbs360°3Sky blue15″ x 4.5″
Swiffer WetJetThe All-Arounder3.68 lbs360°5Purple11.3″ x 5.4″
HomevativeBest for Zero Leaks2.9 lbs360°3Green16″ x 4.75″
Shark SteamThe Deep Cleaner10.58 lbs360°2Lavender12″ x 8.7″
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Lets Clean Up

Put down that bucket and cloth — it’s time to grab your new spray mop instead. This may be a fantastic cleaning tool to have in your arsenal for spring cleaning.

With an integrated spray, you can tackle any stubborn dirt and spillages that may arise in your family abode. They’re also designed to be lightweight, so the kids have zero excuses for avoiding their chores!

Do you have a favorite spray mop? We’d love to know in the comments below. We’re also more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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