Best Carpet Cleaning Shampoos and Solutions of 2021

Breathe fresh life into your carpeted flooring.

Is your carpet smelly and turning darker than its original color? Are you wondering how to freshen it up and which solutions are best?

No matter how clean we try to keep them, our floors get exposed to all kinds of bacteria. From our shoes’ soles to food inadvertently dropped, or even pet mess, they require regular maintenance.

The best carpet cleaning shampoos and solutions should remove the dirt and odors without strenuous effort. But you don’t necessarily need a high-end vacuum device to shampoo your carpet.

Although it might be the simplest method, there are other techniques. Welcome to the world of carpet shampoos and solutions!

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro 4X Deep Cleaning Concentrated Carpet Shampoo, 48 ounces - Silver
Best for a Deep Clean
Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro 2X
  • Protects from future stains
  • Contains 25 percent of recycled plastic
  • Four times more concentrated
Product Image of the Biokleen Bac-Out Natural Stain Remover - 128 Ounce - Enzymatic Odor & Stain Remover, Enzyme Professional Strength, Destroys Stains & Odors Safely, for Pet Stains, Urine, Laundry, Diapers, Wine, Carpets - Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based
Best Eco-Friendly Solution
Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover
  • Doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals
  • Natural fragrance
  • No animal testing
Product Image of the BISSELL Professional Pet Urine Elimator with Oxy and Febreze Carpet Cleaner Shampoo
Best for Pets
Bissell Professional Pet Urine Elimator
  • Scotchguard technology
  • Double concentration
  • Safe for you and your pet
Product Image of the Carbona Oxy-Powered 2-in-1 Carpet Cleaner, 27.5 Ounces - Pack of 2
Best for Hand Wash
Carbona 2-In-1 Carpet Cleaner
  • Included brush
  • No heavy equipment needed
  • Lightweight
Product Image of the Shout Carpet Aerosol Stain and Odor Foaming Spray with OXY Power | Completely Removes Tough Urine Stains & Prevents Pet from Remarking | Safe for Kids & Pets | Fresh Scent
Best for Convenient Application
Shout Carpet Foaming Spray
  • Highly effective
  • Great scent
  • Safe for the household
Product Image of the Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator - Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor & Stain Remover for Dog and Cats Urine - Carpet Cleaner Spray - Enzymatic Cat Pee Destroyer - for Small Animals
Best Spot Remover
Rocco & Roxie Professional
  • Light and compact
  • Eliminates unpleasant smells
  • 100 percent satisfaction warranty
Product Image of the Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo 64 Ounces, Deep-Cleaning Stain And Odor Remover
Most Economical
Nature's Miracle Deep Cleaning
  • Low foaming wetting agents
  • Contains active enzymes
  • Suitable for all vacuum brands

Why Try Carpet Cleaning Solutions?

Some of us are happy to blot with paper and then vacuum afterward. But, there are some serious benefits to using a dedicated carpet cleaning product:

1. Get Rid of Bacteria

Most carpets should be vacuumed at least once or twice a week. Doing this will remove superficial dirt and, potentially, pet hair. Yet, vacuuming alone doesn’t kill bacteria trapped inside the carpet’s fibers.

Bacteria and mold typically result in bad smells (1). This means that even after vacuuming, the foul odor will remain. Shampoos, however, are intended to clean deep inside the fabric, killing most germs on its way.

So if you’re prone to allergies or have children playing around, shampooing should be an option you explore. Keeping your carpets germ-free means healthier breathing for the entire household.

2. Fresh Smell and Look

Killing bacteria and mold nested inside your floors should remove most of the unpleasant odors, even if you own pets. Besides, the majority of shampoo formulas are made to leave a fresh scent behind.

Over time, carpets can become dull and darker than they used to be. By removing deep and stubborn dirt, the original colors are revived, extending your carpet’s lifespan.

How to Choose the Best Carpet Solutions

By applying these factors, you have a greater chance of finding the perfect solution for your needs:

  • Application process: Spot cleaners are designed to wash localized stains, while shampoos are generally meant for larger surfaces.
  • Sensitivity: If you’re prone to allergies or chemical sensitivities, we suggest looking into eco-friendly formulas. They may take longer to work, but they’re made with active enzymes and other natural ingredients.
  • Stubborn situations: For deep cleaning or pet mess, we suggest a more concentrated solution.
  • Brand continuity: If you own a vacuum shampoo cleaner, you might want to use products of the same brand. Some vacuum models will cancel the guarantee when other brands are utilized.

Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions of 2021

We’ve carefully evaluated the best carpet cleaning shampoos and solutions available. After thoroughly comparing features, specifications and customer feedback, we also used our professional discernment. These are our top seven.

Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro 2X

Best Carpet Cleaning Shampoo for a Deep Clean

This Bissell deep clean solution is best used diluted in an upright vacuum cleaner. It contains four times more active ingredients than other solutions, removing the toughest spots and smells. For maximum efficiency, add 2.5 ounces to a gallon of water.

Although this product shouldn’t come in contact with the eyes, it’s been granted the EPA Safer Choice label (2). This guarantees that the solution is safe for your family and the environment. In addition, it doesn’t contain any dyes, phosphate or heavy metals.

Because prevention is key, this product is made with Scotchguard patented technology. This unique feature ensures that future spills remain on the surface, without sticking to the fibers of your carpet (3). This should make your next cleaning sessions faster and more effective.


  • Protects from future stains.
  • Contains 25 percent of recycled plastic.
  • Four times more concentrated.
  • Kids and pets-friendly.


  • Very strong odor.

Additional Specs

Size 48 ounces
Surface Area Large surface
Weight 3.5 pounds
Dilution Required Yes
Unique Feature More concentrated, Scotchguard technology

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover

Best Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solution

If you’re looking to reduce the number of chemicals around your home, this product might be worth considering. This solution uses live, active enzymes and plant-based wetting agents. It doesn’t only cover up smells; the active bacteria consume and eliminate them.

Anyone with allergies and chemical sensitivities will enjoy its natural and fragrance-free citrus smell. No chemicals — such as SLS, chlorine or glycol ether — are used. This makes it safe to use around children and pets. The company further respects animals by ensuring that no animal testing is done.

Finally, this large bottle — 128 ounces — doesn’t require dilution and should last you longer than other products. Just make sure to store it in a neutral temperature environment. You don’t want to freeze or bake organisms living there.


  • Doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals.
  • Natural fragrance.
  • No animal testing.
  • No dilution required.


  • Removes only organic stains.
  • Needs adequate storage conditions.

Additional Specs

Size 128 ounces
Surface Area Large surface
Weight 8.8 pounds
Dilution Required No
Unique Feature Made from living organisms, no animal testing

Bissell Professional Pet Urine Elimator

Best Carpet Cleaning Shampoo for Pets

Are you looking to clean up after your pet? Want a concentrated solution that will remove bad scents and leave your carpet smell like a fresh batch of laundry? This cleaner seems to make it possible.

Pets tend to leave double the amount of dirt, and any mess seems to smell twice as strong. Thankfully, this carpet cleaner has double the concentration of regular products. It reaches deeper inside your carpet to remove most impurities.

Febreze is a popular brand for removing strong odors from the home. It’s part of this cleaner’s formula and should leave the fabric with a divine smell.

Like other Bissell products, it comes with Scotchguard technology. If — or when — your pet poops or urinates again on your carpet, it should be less strenuous to remove.

This biodegradable formula doesn’t use harmful chemicals. So you should feel safe when your pet decides to sniff around to check out the new smell.


  • Scotchguard technology.
  • Febreze-added scent.
  • Double concentration.
  • Safe for you and your pet.


  • Formula doesn’t contain active enzymes.

Additional Specs

Size 48 ounces
Surface Area Large
Weight 3.5 pounds
Dilution Required Yes
Unique Feature Febreze-added scent, more concentrated

Carbona 2-In-1 Carpet Cleaner

Best Carpet Cleaning Shampoo for Hand Wash

The unique feature of this carpet cleaner is that it’s ready for use. There’s no water to add or tank to fill. The only piece of equipment you might need is an unsoiled and dry cloth to pad after application.

The bottle comes with an included brush and foam pad, ideal for covering small areas and spills on the go. Besides cleaning, the brush should also trap any hair on its way. This makes it the perfect tool to brush and sanitize around your dog’s eating or bedding area.

Whether your child has dropped ketchup or you’re looking to scrub your car’s carpets, this model should remove all types of dirt. Users seem astonished with its efficiency, on both new and older stains.

This product is easy to grab and use since it weighs less than 5 pounds. On the downside, though, this is a one-time use product as it cannot be refilled. As it is chemical-based, some reviewers also seem disappointed with the strong and artificial smell.


  • Included brush.
  • No heavy equipment needed.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly efficient.


  • No refill available.
  • Overpowering smell.

Additional Specs

Size 27.5 ounces
Surface Area Small
Weight 4.27 pounds
Dilution Required No
Unique Feature Included brush

Shout Carpet Aerosol Stain and Odor Foaming Spray

Best for Convenient Application Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

If you got no time to do all the nasty carpet cleaning, then this might come in handy for you. The easy application of the aerosol carpet cleaning foam will entice busy moms out there. Just spray the formula on the affected areas, let it sit for just over five minutes and you will start noticing the stain beginning to fade. For even better results, you can scrub the unwanted area post-application of this solution spray, then do the vacuuming. You’d be thrilled to know how this works like magic and eases the burden of cleaning on your part.

Its tough formula washes off all types of stains ranging from food, humans, or pets. This product can handle everything from grease marks on your kitchen floor to the pet urine spots and smells.

Even better, the solution can be used to freshen up upholstery.

Finally, this solution leaves a subtle fresh scent that is not overpowering to the nose.

Keep In Mind

Ensure a 3-feet distance between the spray solution and the application area.


  • Ease of use.
  • Highly effective.
  • Great scent.
  • Safe for the household.


  • May cause allergic reactions for sensitive individuals.

Additional Specs

Size 22 ounces
Surface Area Carpet and upholstery
Weight 1.38 pounds
Dilution Required No
Unique Feature Easy spray application

Rocco & Roxie Professional Eliminator

Best Carpet Spot Remover

Bring this compact and lightweight spot remover on your messy adventures. Simply spray, cover with a cloth, let it sit for an hour, and vacuum to evaluate if another application is needed.

The active enzymes should help bacteria “eat-up” organic matter until nothing of it is left. This product has also obtained the Seal of Approval of the Carpet and Rug Institute. This body evaluates the efficacy, resoling chance, residual moisture chance, potential surface appearance changes and pH level of products (4).

As an added seal of approval, this professional strength, versatile spot cleaner won’t just remove spills from your carpet. It can also be used on tiles, concrete, hardwood, and laminate. Amazingly, you can even add it to your laundry!


  • Light and compact.
  • Eliminates unpleasant smells.
  • Versatile.
  • 100 percent satisfaction warranty.


  • Can leave dark marks on some carpets.

Additional Specs

Size 32 ounces
Surface Area Small
Weight 2.3 pounds
Dilution Required No
Unique Feature Satisfaction guaranteed

Nature's Miracle Advanced Deep Cleaning

Most Economical Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

Are you on the hunt for a budget-friendly cleaner that combines effectiveness and versatility? This formula penetrates deep inside the fabric to remove all stains. It can be added to any vacuum cleaner water tank when washing large areas.

It shouldn’t create an excessive amount of foam. So, if you’re looking to hand wash smaller surfaces, it’ll be easy to rinse.

This product also contains some active enzymes. Along with a deep clean, it should kill most bacteria, leaving a lingering and fresh citrus smell. Don’t forget to keep your bottle away from heat and freezing temperatures, though!

The bottle, however, doesn’t indicate dilution instructions. Without this information, it’s easy to pour too much or too little of the liquid. In response to a review, the manufacturer recommended adding 6 ounces of liquid for each gallon of water.


  • Low foaming wetting agents.
  • Contains active enzymes.
  • Removes odors.
  • Suitable for all vacuum brands.


  • Doesn’t clearly indicate dilution instructions.
  • Requires appropriate storage.

Additional Specs

Size 64 ounces
Surface Area All
Weight 4.4 pounds
Dilution Required Yes
Unique Feature Active enzymes

Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Comparison Chart

Product Best Size Surface Area Weight Dilution Required Unique Feature
Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro 2X For a Deep Clean 48 oz Large surface 3.5 lbs Yes More concentrated, Scotchguard technology
Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover Eco-Friendly Solution 128 oz Large surface 8.8 lbs No Made from living organisms, no animal testing
Bissell Pet Urine Eliminator For Pets 48 oz Large 3.5 lbs Yes Febreze-added scent, more concentrated
Carbona 2-In-1 Carpet Cleaner For Hand Wash 27.5 oz Small 4.27 lbs No Included brush
Shout Carpet Cleaning Foam Convenient Application 22 oz Carpet & upholstery 1.38 lbs No Easy spray application
Rocco & Roxie Professional Spot Remover 32 oz Small 2.3 pounds No Satisfaction guaranteed
Nature’s Miracle Deep Cleaning Economical 64 oz All 4.4 lbs Yes Active enzymes

Common Application Methods

The best carpet cleaning shampoos and solutions can be used in a variety of ways. From effortless techniques to intense workout cleaning sessions, there should be a method suited to you.

Whichever approach you plan to use, here are a few essential guidelines before you start:

  • Remove furniture before cleaning large surfaces.
  • Vacuum the area first.
  • Pre-treat tough stains.
  • Avoid mixing solutions from different brands.

Keep In Mind

Most solutions need to be diluted in water. Always check the bottle for detailed instructions.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

The easiest and probably the most efficient way to wash your flooring is by using a vacuum shampoo carpet cleaner. These devices are generally upright models and include attachments to spot-clean or cover smaller surfaces such as upholstery.

They normally come with a floor head built with rotating brushes, designed to shake and detach dirt. The best devices provide a deep clean, following these steps:

  • Dilute: Pour the solution into the clear water tank.
  • Clean: The liquid gets injected inside the fabric and vacuumed back into the device but inside a separate tank.
  • Rinse: To remove the shampoo, fill-up the clean bladder with water, and repeat the process.
  • Vacuum: Remove water and moisture to finish the process.

2. Hand Wash

If you’re not looking to invest in a heavy-duty vacuum, your hands and knees might be enough. For this method, you’ll only need a brush and dry cloth or towel to dry the area.

Keep in mind that this technique requires serious elbow grease to wash, rinse and dry the area. Some solutions come with an included brush, making the process a bit smoother.

3. Spot Clean

Cleaning an entire surface isn’t always necessary. For localized stains, spot cleaning should be enough.

  • Spot test: Before using the product for the first time, try it under a rug or furniture. If it leaves a mark, do not proceed further.
  • Pre-wash: Try to remove as much of the stain as you can with a cloth. Pad over the stain — never rub.
  • Spray: Apply the spray over the stain.
  • Let it soak: Leave it for 5 minutes. Formulas containing active enzymes may require more time.
  • Rinse: With a clean and wet cloth, remove the solution by padding it.
  • Air dry: Allow the area to dry fully for two hours.
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Get Your Clean On

Selecting the best solution for your carpet will rely primarily on two factors. First, determine whether you’re planning on washing your entire home, a large carpeted area or a small stain.

Then, evaluate if chemical cleaners would be an option in your home, or if you’d prefer naturally-based products. Ultimately, the more often you shampoo your carpet, the least amount of effort it requires.

We hope this comprehensive guide and the reviews of the best carpet cleaning shampoos and solutions have been helpful. Please leave us a comment below with any questions you may have!

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