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Best Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards of 2022

These wall-mounted ironing boards are major space-savers.

We all love crisp, smooth, wrinkle-free clothes. But we don’t all love more stuff in our house. That’s why our top tip for all you space-savers out there is… get a wall-mounted ironing board.

These awesome ironing accessories help you save space while still getting professional results for your clothes. We’ve got the best wall-mounted ironing board recommendations to share with you.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the New Hide Away Sup400 Oak Built In Recessed Wooden Supreme Series Ironing Board
Best With Raised Panel Door
New Hide Away Ironing Board
  • Aesthetic
  • Made of solid oak
  • Flexible board
Product Image of the Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet with Built-In Ironing Board | White | Cut into Wall to Install
Best Fold-Away Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
Household Essentials
  • Swivels 180 degrees
  • Height adjustable
  • Various cabinet colors and styles
Product Image of the Facilehome Ironing Board Cabinet Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet Foldable with Mirror,White
Best With Built-In Cabinets
Facilehome Ironing Board Cabinet
  • Convenient space saver
  • Includes a mirror
  • Sturdy and durable
Product Image of the Homebasix Closet Pull-Out Retractable Ironing Board Stow Away in The Cabinet Easy to Install (Silver Grey)
Best Slide-Away Ironing Board
Homebasix Pullout Ironing Board
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and slides away
Product Image of the Hideaway Ironing Board Supreme Unfinished Maple with Raised Panel Door
Best for Shirts
Hideaway Ironing Board
  • ncludes shelves
  • Includes built-in hanger
  • The board swivels 180°
Product Image of the Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center with 42 Inch Swiveling Ironing Board, Electrical System, Hot Iron Storage and Raised White Panel Door-AE42RWU
Best With Iron Storage
Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center
  • Has iron storage
  • Height adjustable
  • Swivelling board
Product Image of the Xabitat Wall Mounted Ironing Board | 36.2' X 12.2' Compact Mount Fold Down Ironing Board for Small Spaces | Space Saving with Cotton Fabric Cover | White and Gray
Best Small Ironing Board
Xabitat Compact Ironing Board
  • Compact
  • Easy to use and install
  • One click release
Product Image of the Wall Mounted Ironing Board--by Superior Essentials
Best High Quality Ironing Board
Superior Essentials Ironing Board
  • High-quality materials
  • Super compact & sturdy
  • Swivelling board
Product Image of the Jcnfa-Shelves Wall-Mounted Folding Ironing Board Cabinet Rectangular Mirror Storage Built-in Blue Ironing Board (Color : White, Size : 13.973.7437.40in)
Best With Mirror
Jcnfa-Shelves Folding Ironing Board
  • Aesthetic & durable materials
  • Doubles as a mirror
  • Easy installation
Product Image of the Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board Fold Away Swivel Ironing Board with Heat Resistant Cover Folding House Held Iron Board Space Saving
Best Swivelling Ironing Board
Nisorpa Wall-Mounted Iron Board
  • Swivels 180°
  • Height adjustable
  • Locks into place

Product Reviews

These 10 product reviews wrap up our best wall-mounted ironing boards. We have used our own research and insight, as well as real customer reviews, to compile this list. Hopefully, you find one that suits your ironing habits and your home decor!

1. Hide Away Oak Ironing Board

Best Ironing Board With Double Panel Door

If you’ve got a shabby chic or rustic interior taste, then the Hide Away ironing board is a great choice.

This product has a raised panel door made of oak which is very classy and looks good in most styles of home! In fact, guests won’t ever know this is an ironing board. You can easily blend it into your home’s interior.

This cabinet comes pre-built so all you need to do is install it. Since it comes unfinished, you can add the desired colors to suit the theme in the room.

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your iron, then this is a brilliant solution. The cupboard is deep enough to store most irons. There’s a heat shield too, so you can store your iron while it’s still hot.

The board also swivels which makes for easy and flexible ironing!

Photo of the Hide Away Oak Ironing Board


  • Aesthetic.
  • Made of solid oak.
  • Big enough to safely store irons.
  • Flexible board.


  • May require sanding prior to painting.

Product Specs

Size 47.75 x 16 x 7 inches
Materials Used Oak wood
Installation Level Medium difficulty
Ironing Flexibility Swivels 180°
Board Cover Padded, high heat resistant

2. Household Essentials Stowaway Ironing Board

Best Fold-Away Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

If compactness is key, check out the Household Essentials wall-mounted stowaway ironing cabinet. The ironing board folds up back into a wall-mounted cabinet, giving you a tidy area when you’re not ironing.

It takes up minimal wall space, so that so you can fit this in most areas of your home. It also folds away in seconds. So it’s not a complicated or frustrating task to store this board.

You can also adjust the height by two inches after installation! Of course, it’s a good idea to choose the most suitable height to hang the cabinet. But it’s good to know that after installation, you can adjust it slightly to suit various household members’ heights.
As for the board itself, it actually swivels. This is great for watching TV or changing direction when ironing if you’re having a conversation with someone.

Lastly, the cabinet comes with two shelves so you can store your iron and other items you want nearby.

Photo of the Household Essentials Stowaway Ironing Board


  • Comes in a variety of cabinet colors and styles.
  • Swivels 180°; great for left- and right-handed people.
  • Height adjustable by two inches after installation.
  • Two shelves and a clothing hook inside the cabinet.


  • Very pricey option, not suited to every budget.
  • Not a great construction; it has an amateur finish to it.

Product Specs

Size 7.75 x 15.88 x 47.88 inches
Materials Used MDF
Installation Level Medium
Ironing Flexibility 180° swivel
Board Cover Padded

3. Facilehome Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet

Best Wall-Mounted Ironing Board With Built-In Cabinets

A wall-mounted ironing board with cabinets, like the Facilehome model, is a great space saver. Not only are you getting a compact ironing board, but you’ve also got some extra storage!

There are three handy shelves in this cabinet. This is great for ironing accessories like starch or a spray bottle with water — two tools that make ironing easier. But you can also keep whatever you like in here. Perhaps perfume or cologne. Spray it on before putting on your freshly ironed shirt.

It also has a dressing mirror! So after you’ve ironed and donned your clothes, you can check yourself out in the mirror. This is a super handy, useful, wall-mounted ironing board that is great for putting in the bedroom.

Also, it’s easy to install. You don’t need to assemble the cabinet. It comes pre-built. Just secure it to a solid wall and you’re good to go.

Photo of the Facilehome Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet


  • Convenient space saver.
  • Includes a mirror.
  • Includes two hanging hooks inside for clothes.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Needs to go at a specific height, because it has a standing leg.

Product Specs

Size 37.4 x 6.89 x 13.98 inches
Materials Used MDF wood and glass mirror
Installation Level Easy
Ironing Flexibility Allows for one position
Board Cover N/A

4. Homebasix Home Ironing Board

Best Slide-Away Ironing Board

Go the extra space-saving mile with a slide-away board. You can mount these to walls anywhere in the house, including inside of cupboards and wardrobes!

Just slide your ironing board out when you want to use it. Put it back in place and hide it away from the world when you’re done. This is a very aesthetic solution to ironing.

The Homebasix Pullout ironing board is our top pick in this category. It’s a practical and compact board that you’ll love using. It’s easy to install and glides smoothly on its base.

The fabric cover has an anti-hot feature wrapping the sponge inside making it heat-resistant. Made of stainless steel plate, this ironing board will sure to last for years.

Photo of the Homebasix Home Ironing Board


  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to install.
  • Board makes it ideal for steam irons.
  • Compact and slides away.


  • Single color option.

Product Specs

Size 16.9 x 11.6 x 4 inches
Materials Used Wood and steel
Installation Level Easy
Ironing Flexibility Rotates 180°
Board Cover Thick cover and sponge

5. Hideaway Ironing Board

Best Wall-Mounted Ironing Board for Shirts

Wall-mounted ironing boards are smaller than standard ironing boards. This makes them quite difficult to use for shirts. But then the Hideaway ironing board entered the market. This board is perfect for shirts!

It comes with a fold-away sleeve board. Ironing shirt sleeves has never been more practical. Just pull the fabric over the board and iron it smooth.

Also, this product comes with a built-in clothes hanger so as soon as you’re done ironing your shirt, hang it. This will prevent further wrinkling!

You can also store your iron, starch and spray bottle in this cabinet. Plus, it’s a subtle and aesthetic option when it comes to merging it in with your home decor. The unfinished maple look is very pleasing to the eye.

Photo of the Hideaway Ironing Board


  • Has a sleeve board.
  • Includes shelves.
  • Includes built-in hanger.
  • The board swivels 180°.


  • The cupboard might not be big enough for some irons.
  • Hinges are low quality.

Product Specs

Size 47.75 x 16 x 7 inches
Materials Used Maple wood and plastic
Installation Level Easy
Ironing Flexibility 180° swivel
Board Cover Padded

6. Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center

Best Wall-Mounted Ironing Board With Iron Storage

The Iron-A-Way built-in ironing centre is amazing. It comes with iron storage (which is great for small apartments or containing all your tools to one room) and a plug! So you don’t have to trail your iron’s cord along the ground while ironing.

There are also two shelves — one for your iron, for sure. You can use the other for your starch or spray bottle (or maybe essential oils if your iron allows for it).

The electrical box has a 60-minute motor timer, work light, receptacle and automatic disconnect switch. You can plug your iron straight into the box, which makes this chore a lot easier.

You also get a nice hanging hook for your clothes and a cord wrap. The storage area lets you store the iron while it’s still hot. Honestly, this product makes ironing super convenient.

Photo of the Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center


  • Has iron storage.
  • You can plug your iron into the unit.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Swivelling board.


  • Board can only swivel one way.
  • Very heavy (67.5 pounds).

Product Specs

Size 7.8 x 15 x 52 inches
Materials Used Raised panel and steel
Installation Level Medium difficulty
Ironing Flexibility 90° swivel
Board Cover Padded, industrial strength

7. Xabitat Compact Wall-mounted Ironing Board

Best Small Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

The Xabitat compact wall-mounted ironing board is a great choice for a small option. The size of the board is very compact, coming in at 36.2 by 12.2 inches. This is the amount of space it takes up when against the wall or folded out — slightly smaller than the size of other boards when opened.

This is great for ironing small batches of laundry and daily wear, like t-shirts and jeans. However, if you have large jackets or long shirts and dresses, you might want to go for a bigger size board.

Still, for something compact and easy to install, this is a brilliant choice. Plus, it’s safe and stable! No wobbling. You also get an iron rest included which is very convenient.

We recommend this board for utility rooms, studio apartments, or walk-in wardrobes.

Photo of the Xabitat Compact Wall-mounted Ironing Board


  • Compact.
  • Comes in two colors.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Comes with cotton board cover.
  • One click release.


  • Might require a stronger anchor for stability.

Product Specs

Size 42.25 x 14.63 x 1.75 inches
Materials Used Wood and mild steel
Installation Level Easy
Ironing Flexibility One position only
Board Cover Flat, smooth, two color options for covers

8. Superior Essentials Wall-mounted Ironing Board

Best High Quality Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

The Superior Essentials wall-mounted ironing board is made from high-quality steel, and it’s designed to last a lifetime. It also has a sturdy wood mounting plate to attach the board to the wall.

Just make sure you don’t mount this directly onto drywall. It should be installed on a reinforced wall.

Customers describe this board as a “beast” — it’s very robust and will give you an ideal ironing surface. The board itself is super sturdy, too. Plus, it swivels which is a bonus, as we now know! The cover is also detachable, making it easy to clean.

The board folds in half and then onto the wall, making it a space-saving dream! This is perfect for small rooms and apartments.

One of the only drawbacks is that it’s quite difficult to install. Some of the pieces that the manufacturer provides don’t seem quite right. So you might need to take a trip to your local hardware store once this arrives.

Photo of the Superior Essentials Wall-mounted Ironing Board


  • High-quality materials.
  • Super compact.
  • Sturdy.
  • The board swivels.


  • Difficult to install.
  • You can feel the hinge on the board.

Product Specs

Size 24 x 16 x 7.6 inches
Materials Used Steel and wood mounting
Installation Level Difficult
Ironing Flexibility 180° swivel
Board Cover Lightly padded, washable

9. Jcnfa-Shelves Wall-Mounted Folding Ironing Board

Best Wall-Mounted Ironing Board With Mirror

People won’t believe you when you tell them your ironing board is in this mirror cabinet. The Jcnfa-Shelves wall-mounted ironing board comes in a sleek mirror cabinet. This is a great 2-in-1 product if you’re also in the market for a new mirror!

The ironing board lives inside the mirror cabinet. When you open it, you can gently unfold the board, plug your iron in and get to work!

The design of the cabinet is nice, too. Its white MDF material makes it easy to collaborate with many interior styles. The sleek black inside is very classy when the cupboard is open. The board itself is blue, but you can easily get a new cover if you don’t like this color.

Photo of the Jcnfa-Shelves Wall-Mounted Folding Ironing Board


  • Aesthetic.
  • Doubles as a mirror.
  • Durable materials.
  • Easy installation.


  • No shelves in the cabinet.
  • No information of board materials or specs.

Product Specs

Size 13.97 x 3.74 x 37.4 inches
Materials Used MDF wood
Installation Level Easy
Ironing Flexibility One position only
Board Cover N/A

10. Nisorpa Wall-Mounted Iron Board

Best Swivelling Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Need something that swivels? The Nisporpa wall-mounted iron board is a great choice. Swivel boards are useful, especially if you have kids. You can swivel the board round to watch them playing in various parts of the room!

This board is easy to install. And you can change the height position depending on how tall you are. It folds in half and then up, so you don’t need to worry about it being too low to the ground when folded.

This board swivels 180 degrees, so you can choose which way you do your ironing. It locks left or right, or even in an inclined position. No faffing around with it moving while ironing.

Finally, it comes with a removable and washable cover. So when it gets dirty, just pop it in the wash!

Photo of the Nisorpa Wall-Mounted Iron Board


  • Swivels 180°.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Locks into place.
  • Removable and washable cover.


  • Screws provided are too soft. Impossible to tighten if they loosen.
  • Requires a lot of bracing on the wall.

Product Specs

Size 23.6 x 16.2 x 7.5 inches
Materials Used Plastic coated steel
Installation Level Difficult
Ironing Flexibility 180° and inclines
Board Cover Aluminum coated cotton cover, washable

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Size Materials Used Installation Level Ironing Flexibility
Hide Away Ironing Board Raised Panel Door 47.75 x 16 x 7″ Oak wood Medium Swivels 180°
Household Essentials Fold-Away 7.75 x 15.88 x 47.88″ MDF Medium Swivels 180°
Facilehome Ironing Board Cabinet Built-In Cabinets 37.4 x 6.89 x 13.98″ MDF wood & glass mirror Easy Allows for one position
Homebasix Retractable Slide-Away 16.9 x 11.6 x 4″ Wood; steel Easy Rotates 180°
Hideaway Ironing Board Shirts 47.75 x 16 x 7″ Maple wood & plastic Easy 180° swivel
Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center Iron Storage 7.8 x 15 x 52″ Raised panel & steel Medium 90° swivel
Xabitat Compact Ironing Board Small Board 42.25 x 14.63 x 1.75″ Wood & mild steel Easy One position only
Superior Essentials Ironing Board High-Quality 24 x 16 x 7.6″ Steel & wood mounting Difficult 180° swivel
Jcnfa-Shelves Folding Ironing Board Mirror 13.97 x 3.74 x 37.4″ MDF wood Easy One position only
Nisorpa Wall-Mounted Iron Board Swivel 23.6 x 16.2 x 7.5″ Plastic coated steel Difficult 180° & inclines

Is an Ironing Board Necessary?

Technically, no. There are many alternatives to ironing boards that can be useful if you don’t have an ironing board.

However, if you want the best results, then yes — an ironing board is definitely necessary. It provides you a firm surface to work on, giving you the most smooth and wrinkle-free results.

How Do I Choose an Ironing Board?

Choosing a wall-mounted ironing board isn’t a tricky task with our top tips! We’ll let you know some important details to look out for when shopping.


Size is one of the most important things to look at when buying a new ironing board. It’s possible you’re looking at wall-mounted boards because you’re low on space. So make sure to check out the overall dimensions — and the size of the board itself — to make sure it will fit into your chosen nook or cranny.

Materials Used

If you’re after quality, then look at the materials. wall-mounted ironing boards are made from a variety of materials including wood or steel.

You can decide which to go for based on your personal aesthetic. Or you can choose a material that’s intended to last a long time, such as steel.


Not everyone is a DIY master. If you’re not, look for something easy to install. But if you’re up for a little challenge, then the world of wall-mounted ironing boards is your oyster!

Some are definitely more challenging to install than others. So take this into consideration when shopping.

Ironing Flexibility

Check out if the ironing board itself can move around much. Some swivel at 180-degree angles, which is great for left-handed and right-handed people.

A flexible iron also gives you more freedom to move the ironing board. So whether you’re watching TV, or just talking to someone in the room, you can still iron.

Ironing Board Cover

Is it firm? Is it washable? Is it padded? These are all important things to take into consideration!

You can also buy a replacement, or make your own ironing board cover. However, it’s important to check the quality of the ironing board cover to make sure it isn’t too thin or flimsy. If it is, it’ll be harder to press out creases when ironing.


Before we dive deep into product reviews, let’s first answer some frequently asked questions.

Do You Need an Ironing Board Cover?

Absolutely, yes! If you don’t have an ironing board cover, you’ll find yourself ironing straight onto the metal skeleton. This will make it impossible to press out wrinkles and creases.

A good ironing board cover should be padded and made from quality materials, like cotton.

Ironing boards do come with a cover, but there are better quality ones out there if you want to keep searching. When you feel it’s time to upgrade your ironing, then this is a good purchase to make.

Top Tip

You can even make your own ironing board cover. Recycle some materials around the house or visit your local craft store.

Where Do You Hang an Ironing Board?

Wall-mounted ironing boards are small enough to squeeze into most places. Some top locations might be:

  • Between other furniture, like a wardrobe and a mirror. This saves space, and brings you closer to the wardrobe so you can easily fold or hang clothes right away.
  • Near a TV. This is our favorite recommendation. Nothing like watching an episode of Friends while you do the ironing.
  • Near a plug. It’s so important to keep your board near a plug. You need to get power to that iron!
  • Somewhere with quite a bit of room around you. If you put your wall-mounted ironing board right next to your couch, there’s no place to stand to do your ironing. Make sure you put it in an open area.

How Do You Hang an Ironing Board on the Wall?

Every wall-mounted ironing board comes with different instructions on how to hang. Some are easy, some are more difficult. You’ll need some tools so if you don’t have any, borrow some from a friend or relative for this task!

Unfold and Iron

Add some fun into ironing with a convenient and easy to use a wall-mounted ironing board. These are great options for people wanting to save space, free up some cupboards or just have something a little bit different!

Remember to consider the size of the unit, so that it definitely fits in your home. The materials used are important as some — like steel — are more sturdy than others.

Finally, make sure to consider ease of installation, the board flexibility and the board cover. Soon enough, you’ll be back to ironing and wearing lovely wrinkle-free clothes.

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