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2 Best Shark Irons of 2024

In-depth reviews of Shark irons. Are they right for you?

Shark is one of the most well-known brands of household tools, including irons. However, they no longer produce irons, so it’s really your last chance to buy one.

We’re here to review the final two Shark irons left on the market, so you can decide which is right for you.

To create our best Shark iron reviews, we studied real customer reviews and expert advice. We also studied each iron, all its features, how they work, and its power. Now, you can be sure that when you choose Shark, you’re choosing quality.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Shark Steam Iron
Best Lightweight Shark Iron
Shark Steam Iron
  • Premium stainless steel soleplate
  • Easy to fill
  • Button fit precision tip
Product Image of the Shark Pro Steam Iron
Best Professional Shark Iron
Shark Pro Steam Iron
  • 1800 watt power
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • One-touch heat selection

Review Methodology: At Oh So Spotless, we provide a thorough analysis and hands-on assessment of the best Shark irons, ensuring that our evaluation is based on solid research and real-world experience. We rank each product by comparing their performance, design, and key decision-making factors, such as heat settings, steam output, and user-friendliness. Our team of professionals conducts rigorous tests and measures the results to establish a benchmark for quality and effectiveness. We also gather data from user reviews and first-hand evidence to help you identify which Shark iron stands out from its competitors and best suits your needs. By sharing our expertise and findings, we empower you to make an informed choice when purchasing your next Shark iron.

The Best Shark Irons of 2024

After hours of researching expert advice, real customer reviews, and implementing our own experience, we have the best Shark iron recommendations to share!

Shark Steam Iron Original Red

Best Lightweight Shark Iron

Shark Irons aren’t super lightweight. They all weigh between three and four pounds. But the Shark Steam Iron in red is the lightest of the bunch. It weighs 3.2 pounds, so it should be easier on your wrist, but it also provides good weight for pressing out wrinkles.

Interestingly, customers like the weight of it. It makes it feel heavy-duty, but it’s still comfortable to use.

What We Like

Premium Stainless Steel Soleplate

Stainless steel sole plates are great for heat distribution and handling most garments. Plus, they’re easy to clean. This stainless steel soleplate has lots of steam holes for distributing steam across your clothes.

Easy To Fill the Tank

This Shark iron comes with a handy door. You can open it, easily fill up the spacious water tank, and close it again. This prevents spits and sputters, so you can iron with ease.

Button Fit Precision Tip

This is a great choice if you wear a lot of shirts. The button fit tip allows you to glide and maneuver around buttons effortlessly. Don’t worry about breaking them off with this handy addition!

Safe Auto Shutoff

No matter what position you leave this iron in, it will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time. So if you leave the house without switching this off, you’re in good hands.

What We Don't Like

Steam Function Leaks

Keep in mind that some customers have found this steam iron to leak out water when they use the steam function. They say it’s not a lot but enough to be frustrating, especially when ironing silk. It can leave water stains.

It Makes Loud Noises

If you want peaceful ironing, this isn’t the iron for you. Customers reported that it makes loud popping and gurgling noises which is annoying and feels a bit unsafe.

Product Specs

Temperature Setting Temperature dial and three steam settings
Water Capacity 260ml
Wattage 1500 watts
Size 10.91 x 4.53 x 5.35 inches
Weight 3.2 pounds

Our Ratings

Temperature Control
4 / 5
Steam Output
3.5 / 5
Soleplate Material
4.5 / 5
3.5 / 5
Total Rating
3.75 / 5

User Experience

After using this iron for a while, I've noticed its quick heating and lightweight design make it a convenient choice. However, it does have a slight issue with leaking water when filled, which can be a bit annoying. The cord attachment seems like it could potentially be a weak point in the future, but overall, this iron gets the job done and removes wrinkles effectively. Just be aware of the odd placement of the steam and spray buttons, as they may not be to everyone's preference.

Shark Professional Steam Iron

Best Professional Shark Iron

If you have a small laundry business or are looking for professional results in your own wardrobe, the Shark Professional Steam Iron is our top pick.

This iron has 1800 watts of power to give you crisp and master results. You can dress to impress when you choose this iron!

What We Like

1800 Watt Power

Power is super important when choosing an iron. With 1800 watts, you can be confident you’ll get out every wrinkle and crease in your clothes. Consistent results every time.

Stainless Steel Soleplate

Our favorite kind of soleplate is stainless steel. It has great glide, can handle high heat and is easy to clean. The soleplate also has a large number of steam holes which is excellent for steam distribution.

One-Touch Heat Selection

Every time you plug your iron in, choose the heat you want, depending on your fabrics. The iron will then accurately heat up to your chosen setting.

300ml Large Water Tank

When ironing professionally, the fewer trips to the sink, the better. Time is money, after all. With a 300ml water tank, this lasts a long time between refills.

What We Don't Like

Spits and Sputters

A common customer complaint is that the Shark Professional Steam Iron spits and sputters from the water tank door. This can be frustrating when ironing. Plus, it’s a burning hazard.

Not the Most Durable

Customers noted that this iron didn’t stand the test of time. After a few months, or just over a year, the iron started to leak, the soleplate started to wear down, and a few other issues appeared.

Product Specs

Temperature Setting One touch temperature selector
Water Capacity 300ml
Wattage 1800 watts
Size 12.4 x 4.5 x 6.8 inches
Weight 3.57 pounds

Our Ratings

Temperature Control
4.5 / 5
Steam Output
4 / 5
Soleplate Material
4.5 / 5
2.5 / 5
Total Rating
3.75 / 5

Personal Perspective

When I first started using this product, I was impressed by the excellent quality and durability of the materials. The iron was heavy enough to effectively press out wrinkles, and the steam function worked better than any other iron I have owned. However, after some time, I noticed occasional leaks despite being diligent about proper usage and maintenance. The dial for the steam function was also difficult to turn, which was not user-friendly. On the other hand, the manual pump function was not an issue for me, as the iron's weight and well-designed tip made it easy to iron small corners and edges.

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Temperature Setting Water Capacity Wattage Size Weight
Shark Steam Iron Lightweight Shark Iron Temperature dial & 3-steam settings 260ml 1500 W  10.91 x 4.53 x 5.35″ 3.2 lbs
Shark Pro Steam Iron Professional Shark Iron One-touch temperature selector 300ml 1800 W 12.4 x 4.5 x 6.8″ 3.57 lbs

Are Shark Irons Any Good?

We think so! Shark was developed by Euro-Pro Operating LLC over a century ago (1). Their goal was to create efficient household appliances that fit in with their customers’ lifestyles.

Euro-Pro began in Europe before moving to Canada. Their headquarters are now in Newton, Massachusetts. This family-led business has pioneered the chemical-free cleaning movement. They create powerful products that eliminate the need for toxins.

They have many vacuums, mops, air purifiers, and hair care items. They currently no longer produce irons, so while the existing options are good, the technology may be a little outdated compared to other brands.

Features To Consider Before Buying a Shark Iron

Before buying a Shark iron, consider these details to make sure the iron is suitable for you.

  • Size: Steam irons are pretty bulky, but they come in various sizes. Look at your storage space to make sure you have space for one of these irons.
  • Weight: Some people prefer a lightweight iron, so it’s easier to maneuver. Others prefer heavier irons which press out wrinkles and creases quicker. We’ll share the weight of each iron with you, so you know what to expect.
  • Type: Steam irons, dry irons, and cordless irons are three different types of irons. All the Shark irons are steam irons, so keep that in mind. But of course, empty the water reservoir to use as a dry iron if you prefer.
  • Steam: Just because all the Shark irons are steam irons doesn’t mean they’re all the same. They all have different steam outputs and power. If you want higher steam, look for a higher power and output number.
  • Temperature settings: It’s great to have easy-to-read and user-friendly temperature settings. This also allows you to iron and steam most items, even delicates.
  • Water tank: Water tanks have varying capacities. The larger the tank is, the more steam time you get.
  • Wattage: The higher the wattage, the more powerful the iron. This will give you more heat and steam, which is ideal for pressing out wrinkles.
  • Cord: Cord length is important, especially if you only have one location you can iron in the house. Make sure you can reach your outlet from your iron station. Also, remember that having a cord wrap or storage on the iron can help when storing your Shark product.
  • Warranty: Shark offers a 12-month warranty for their products, which is average for an iron (2).

How Do I Clean My Shark Iron?

Many Shark irons come with a self-cleaning function. To use this, follow these steps:

  1. Switch it off: Turn off your iron and unplug it.
  2. Fill: Fill the tank with water. Turn the steam up to the highest setting. Stand the iron on the heel, rest, and turn it back on. Allow your iron to heat up to the highest temperature.
  3. Unplug: When the indicator light goes off, unplug your iron.
  4. Self-clean: Hold it horizontally over a sink. Press the self-clean button (hold if necessary). Hot water and steam will release from the steam holes. It will deposit minerals and build up during this process.
  5. Stop: Turn off the self-clean function once the water tank is empty or after one minute. Stand the iron back on its heel, rest, and turn it on.
  6. Iron: Iron an old cloth to remove any remaining water and steam.
  7. Cool down: Turn it off, switch it off, allow it to cool, and empty any remaining water.

Please Note

These instructions might change slightly depending on the instructions that come with your Shark iron.

Manually Cleaning

If your Shark iron doesn’t have a self-cleaning or anti-calc system, you can still clean your iron well. Follow these steps:

  1. Fill the tank: Fill the water tank ¼ of the way full with distilled white vinegar.
  2. Iron a cloth: Get a clean white cloth and lay it on your board. Spray, steam, and iron the cloth until the tank is empty.
  3. Refill: Pour distilled water into the reservoir until it’s full.
  4. Iron the cloth again: Spray, steam, and iron the cloth again. Do this until the tank is empty.

The white vinegar will clean out any build-up. The water step is to rinse out any white vinegar from the tank. Easy!


Does Shark Make a Cordless Iron?

Shark do not make a cordless iron. All of their models, including this Shark Pro Steam, come with cables long enough to cope with your laundry demands.

How Long Does a Shark Iron Last?

Shark irons are not designed to last for 10 or 20 years, unlike the iron that your grandparents had. Shark irons only come with a one-year warranty, so you are doing well if the iron lasts longer than that.

Why Did My Shark Iron Stop Working?

Your Shark iron stopped working because it probably needed maintenance and cleaning to keep it in working order. Mineral deposits clog the sole plate and restrict steam, which can lead to the iron malfunctioning.

Why Is My Shark Iron Leaking Water?

Your Shark iron is leaking water because of a mineral build-up inside the iron or on the heat plate. When this happens, it blocks the steam vents and causes leakages. Another cause could also be an overfilled water reservoir.

Why Is My Shark Iron Blinking Red?

Your Shark is blinking red because it is heating the water in the tank. Once it reaches temperature, the light should go out.

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