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These ironing board covers are not just cute — they’re effective.

For the best ironing results, you will need a quality iron and ironing board. But you’ll also need to invest in a great ironing board cover.

A good ironing board cover can make all the difference between a wrinkled item and a wrinkle-free item. You want to get a smooth and quality surface to do your ironing so that it takes less time, and gives you better results.

There are lots of different options on the market. It can be hard to know what exactly to go for. But with our buying guide and list of best ironing board covers, you’ll find the one for you!

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    What Size Ironing Board Cover Do I Need?

    You need an ironing board cover that fits your ironing board. Not sure what size your board is? You can measure your current ironing board by yourself or check your receipt to see the exact measurement.

    Standard ironing boards are 15 x 54 inches, but they do come in all different sizes. There’s nothing worse than getting a cover that is too big and slips all over the place.

    How Do You Secure an Ironing Board Cover?

    Most ironing board covers will come with something to secure them. This might be clips, bungee cords or pins. However, if you need something extra, you can buy your own clips to add to your cover.

    How to Choose the Best Ironing Board Cover

    When picking your cover, there are some things you should keep in mind. Because there are so many different kinds on the market, it can be hard to find the best one. But knowing the main differences can help you decide.


    Size is the most important thing to consider, as the cover definitely needs to fit your ironing board. Too small and it won’t fit. Too big and it will slip and slide when you’re ironing — that is going to get really annoying.


    A good ironing board cover will have some padding. This results in smoother clothes, since your garments won’t rub along the metal skeleton underneath. It provides a flat soft surface for you to iron on.


    Ironing board covers come in a range of materials. Some are basic, like 100 percent cotton, which is ideal. But others are more advanced, like heat reflective ironing board covers. These give back heat underneath your clothes so it gets ironed on both sides! Have a look at the cover’s material to see if it offers any extra benefits.


    Lastly, check if the company offers a warranty. If it does, you have some peace of mind about it being a quality product. Two years is a good warranty to look for, but some companies offer even longer ones.

    The Best Ironing Board Covers of 2020

    Time to share our favorite ironing board covers with you! These are the top seven on the market — we’re sure you’ll find one that you totally love.

    1. TIVIT Ironing Board Cover

    Best Ironing Board Cover for Sewing

    TIVIT Ironing Board Cover 15 x 48 Standard Chemical Free Eco-Friendly Padded Covers - Unbleached, Untreated Natural Cotton & Wool Pad - 2 Layer, 3 Fastener Straps, Pull Bungee Cord - Made in Italy
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    If you do a lot of sewing, then we recommend you choose a cover made from 100 percent unbleached cotton. Not only is this material practical and easy to iron on, it means there will be no color transfer. Just remember that cotton covers scorch if you hold a hot iron on it for too long.

    But we do think that the TIVIT model is the best ironing board cover for sewing! It’s durable yet soft. Plus, it’s got wool padding which is heat reflective which speeds up your ironing time.

    The layers are sewn together, rather than bound by adhesive. So you don’t need to worry about melting any parts or having bad chemicals release into your home.

    We love this ironing board cover because it stays in place, too. Each cover has three fasteners and a pull bungee that tightens to fit the shape of your board. Ironing is easy with this cover!

    Bonus Feature

    Just because this is recommended for sewing doesn’t mean it’s only for sewing! If you don’t sew, this is still a top ironing board cover choice.
    • All-natural.
    • Perfect for sewing hobbies.
    • Stays in place.
    • Durable and thick.
    • Not machine washable.

    Additional Specs

    PaddingThick natural wool
    Material100% cotton
    SizeFive different sizes
    Design OptionsOne
    WarrantyTwo years

    2. Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

    Best Padded Ironing Board Cover

    Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover Thick Padding, Slashes Your Iron Time, Heat Reflective Fits Standard and Large Boards 15' x 54' Premium Heavy Duty Cover and Pad (Beige)
    Check Price

    Padding is arguably one of the most important aspects of an ironing board cover. A good thick padding helps deliver smooth, wrinkle-free clothes. That’s why our top recommendation for a padded ironing board cover is the Ezy Iron cover!

    It has super thick felt padding at a depth of 4.3 inches. Plus, the padding is heat reflective which cuts you ironing time by a significant amount. If you do a lot of ironing, then definitely check out this cover.

    This cover is designed to fit a wide range of ironing boards, too. It can fit boards between 47 and 54 inches long, and 15 and 18 inches wide. It moulds to the shape of your board and is easily adjustable.

    On the hunt for a cover that can get you the smoothest, crispest and wrinkle-free clothes? Then try out the Ezy Iron padded cover.

    • Super thick padding.
    • Reflective cover.
    • Fits wide range of ironing boards.
    • Three different designs.
    • Could be tighter.
    • Machine washing can ruin it.

    Additional Specs

    PaddingSuper thick
    MaterialHeat reflective cotton
    Size9.3 x 8.9 x 4.3 inches
    Design OptionsThree
    WarrantyTwo years

    3. TIVIT Titanium Coated Ironing Board Cover

    Best Heat Reflective Ironing Board Cover

    TIVIT Ironing Board Cover 15 x 54, Performance Grade Titanium Coated Pro Grip Pad & Covers - Superior Scorch & Stain Resistance, High Heat Reflection, 3 Padded Layers 3 Fastener Straps - Made In Italy
    Check Price

    We love a heat reflecting ironing board cover. They reflect heat back so it’s applied to both sides of your clothing. This speeds up your ironing time and makes the task easier. For this, we recommend another TIVIT product: the titanium coated cover.

    The titanium-coated top layer provides heat reflection and retention, which is super useful. It’s also scorch- and stain-resistant. Plus, it wicks away moisture with its MoistureVap Micro-Hole technology.

    So if you’re using the spritz or steam function on your iron, you don’t need to worry about ruining your cover or wetting down your clothes too much. Overall, this cover provides a really smooth surface to glide your iron across.

    This cover actually consists of three layers. First, the titanium-coated top layer. Then a foam inner-layer. And lastly, felt padding. These layers are attached together with no creases. You’ll definitely get smooth wrinkle-free clothes with this cover.

    • Heat reflective.
    • Heat retentive.
    • Wicks away moisture.
    • Scorch and stain-resistant.
    • Not machine washable.

    Additional Specs

    PaddingThree layer padding
    MaterialTitanium coating
    Size11.8 x 8.7 x 4.3 inches
    Design OptionsOne
    WarrantyTwo years

    4. Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover

    Best Ironing Board Cover for Quilting

    Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover- Resists Scorching and Staining - 15'x54' (Board not Included) (Lattice: White and Grey, 15'x54')
    Check Price

    Quilting is a fun hobby to have, but it can be hard to get the best cover for your ironing board. That is until the Epica silicone coated ironing board cover came along. Customers love this one for quilting because of its smooth base. It makes it super easy to press quilt blocks. What more could you want?

    The silicone coating and thick padding make this a heavy-duty cover. It’s durable and designed to outlast other covers. It has a warranty of two years which gives you a good indication for how long you can rely on this cover!

    We also love that this cover is scorch and stain-resistant. You don’t need to worry about burn marks. That’s because of the silicone, which also reflects heat so you can iron faster.

    Lastly, the adjustable velcro straps help to keep the ironing board cover securely in place. All you need to do is focus on ironing and the cover will do the rest!

    • Scorch and stain-resistant.
    • Secure, non-slip fit.
    • Fits a wide range of standard boards.
    • Reflects heat.
    • The velcro straps are short.

    Additional Specs

    Size15 x 54 inches with adjustable straps
    Design OptionsFour
    WarrantyTwo years

    5. Brabantia Metallised Silver Ironing Board Cover

    Best Ironing Board Cover for Steam Generator Irons

    Brabantia Ironing board cover, metallized top layer without underlay, Size C - Wide, Gray
    Check Price

    If you’ve invested in a steam generator iron, it’s probably because you do a lot of ironing. Plus, you want to speed up your ironing time. The Brabantia ironing board cover can help you with that task!

    This metallised silver ironing board cover is one of the best. It’s made from metalized cotton which reflects heat like there’s no tomorrow! This is ideal for steam generator irons.

    We love that this cover speeds up ironing time and makes it easier to get out all the wrinkles from your clothing. Plus, you can, of course, use this without the steam on your iron. It’s ideal for normal ironing, too.

    It comes with a cool cord fastener, too. This makes it easy and effective to secure the cover to your ironing board. It also has a stretch system to make sure that the cover is always taut — giving you the best results.

    • Heat reflective.
    • Provides quick ironing.
    • Cord fastener and stretch system.
    • Not machine washable.
    • Padding is quite thin.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialMetalized cotton
    Size53 x 17 inches
    Design OptionsOne
    WarrantyTwo years

    6. Gorilla Grip Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover

    Best Decorative Ironing Board Cover

    Gorilla Grip Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover, 15x54, Fits Large and Standard Boards, Pads Resist Scorching and Staining, Elastic Edge Covers, Thick Padding, No Fasteners Needed, Houndstooth
    Check Price

    We’re well aware that ironing board covers can be kind of hideous. They don’t often come in a good range of colors and styles. But if you’re looking for a decorative option, you’re in luck! The Gorilla Grip ironing board cover is an awesome option if you want, well, options.

    This ironing board cover comes in nine different styles. These range from chevron lines to polka dots to florals to just plain colors, too. So, as well as a quality ironing board cover, you get beauty!

    Delving into the finer details of this cover, it’s quite hardwearing. In fact, it comes with a 10 year warranty so you can guarantee this will last a long time!

    Second, the cover is tough, scorch resistant and thickly padded, making the ironing chore a breeze. Lastly, we love this cover because of the silicone coating. It helps to deliver heat evenly and speed up your ironing time.

    • Nine different designs.
    • Silicone cover.
    • Thick, durable padding.
    • Secure velcro straps.
    • Possibility of color transfer from the design.
    • Velcro straps are not reliable.

    Additional Specs

    MaterialSilicone coating
    Size12.6 x 9.5 x 3.6 inches
    Design OptionsNine
    Warranty10 years

    7. Minky Homecare Super Size Cover

    Best Extra Large Ironing Board Cover

    Minky Homecare SmartFit Super Size Ironing Board Cover, 57' x 21', White Multi
    Check Price

    So, you’re the proud owner of an extra large ironing board — but you need a quality cover to go with it. The Minky Homecare super size cover is a great choice!

    This ironing board cover fits all extra large boards from 48” x 15” up to 57”x 21”. You’ll get a really snug fit, too — so don’t worry about the cover slipping around while you iron.

    It also has felt padding to give you smoother ironing. Anything to make this household chore easier, right?

    The cover is made from a poly-cotton blend. Customers claim it to be water repellent and resistant to scorch marks. But because of its material, watch out when using it for sewing as it could potentially transfer color to your projects!

    The padding material also means it’s not machine washable. If you need to clean the cover, wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry naturally.

    • Adjustable wide fit.
    • Water repellant.
    • Easy to put on.
    • Scorch resistant.
    • Padding could be thicker.
    • No drawstrings to tighten the cover.

    Additional Specs

    PaddingThin felt padding
    MaterialPoly-cotton blend
    Size57 x 21 x 1 inches
    Design OptionsOne

    Ironing Board Cover Comparison Chart

    ProductBestPaddingMaterialSizeDesign OptionsWarranty
    TIVIT Ironing Board CoverSewingThick natural wool100% cotton5 sizes12 years
    Ezy Iron Padded CoverPaddedSuper thickHeat reflective cotton9.3 x 8.9 x 4.3″32 years
    TIVIT Titanium Coated CoverHeat ReflectiveThree-layer paddingTitanium coating11.8 x 8.7 x 4.3″12 years
    Epica Silicone Coated CoverQuiltingThickSilicone15 x 54″42 years
    Brabantia Metallised CoverSteam Generator IronsThinMetalized cotton53 x 17″12 years
    Gorilla Grip Reflective CoverDecorativeThickSilicone coating12.6 x 9.5 x 3.6″910 years
    Minky Homecare CoverExtra LargeThin felt paddingPoly-cotton blend57 x 21 x 1″1None
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    You’ve Got Ironing Covered

    Say hello to ironing bliss with any of our best ironing board cover recommendations! If you hate ironing — these covers will help you to hate it a little less.

    Just make sure to check the size to make sure it fits your ironing board. Also, check out the padding. The thicker, the better. Lastly, look at the cover material. Different materials have different benefits which can help with this chore.

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