Best Vacuums for Long Hair of 2021

Long hair is glorious — just not on your floors.

Do you have long hair, and struggle to remove fallen strands from your floors? Does your vacuum’s brush tangle easily and cost you more time when you clean? Trust us, we understand the frustration.

Pets aren’t the only ones who shed all over the place. As you go about your life, you will lose a few hairs along the way. You might not notice it at first, but they’ll build up, and it can be tricky to clear your floors of them.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging
Best Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 694
  • No manual operation
  • It can climb
  • Safety feature
Product Image of the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Best Stick
Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal
  • Multi-purpose
  • Quieter
  • Great capacity
Product Image of the BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum Carpet Cleaner, Green Pet
Best Upright
Bissell Cleanview
  • Triple action brush
  • Awesome attachments
  • Good cause
Product Image of the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum, Purple
Best Handheld
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser
  • User-friendly
  • Tabletop storage
  • Great attachments
Product Image of the Ovente Heavy Duty Electric Bagless Canister Cleaner 3L Dust Cup, Portable Corded Suction Vacuum Machine with Cleaning Tools Compact Easy to Clean & Storage, Black ST2620B
Best Canister
Ovente Bagless Canister
  • Pet/sofa accessory
  • Varied brushes
  • Extra reach

How to Choose a Vacuum for Long Hair

There are a few traits you want to make sure the model you settle on has. Pay attention to the following features when buying a vacuum for long hair.

Brush Roll

Most vacuum cleaners come with a roll — a small, bristled cylinder that brushes your floor as the machine cleans. They’re effective at removing hair because they pull strands up and off of your floor, but they have two drawbacks.

For one, they could scratch hard floors or unravel carpet fibers if the bristles are too rigid. Another problem is that long hair easily becomes tangled in the brush.

Before you buy a vacuum, therefore, check what sort of roller it comes with. Then pick a brush strength that suits your surfaces. Even better, try to opt for one that is tangle-free.

Suction Power

After the brush roll type, the second-most important thing you should consider is the vacuum’s suction. For long hair, you’ll want a machine with strong suction. Otherwise it might not have sufficient power to suck hair up.

More suction means less effort on your part too. The stronger it is, the less likely it becomes that you will have to go over spots to clean them properly.

Keep In Mind

Though strong suction is generally better, you’ll have to take your floor type into consideration too. Some surfaces, like delicate or fluffy carpets, can’t withstand forceful suction. So when shopping for a vacuum, try to find one with multi-floor features, or adjustable suction settings.


Next, think about how much hair is typically shed in your home. To put things in perspective, you alone could be shedding anywhere up to 100 strands every day (1).

When dealing with long hair, go for a vacuum with a large dirt capacity. This will save you trouble in maintenance. Plus, it decreases the frequency of blocks and suction loss in your machine.

Remember that you won’t only clean up hair. Your vacuum will pick up dirt, dust and debris too. So the more space it has when collecting all of this, the better.

Filtration Method

It’s extremely unlikely — practically impossible — for humans to develop allergies to their own hair. But this doesn’t mean that a good filter won’t come in handy. Though hair itself is not an allergen, it can carry irritants that could affect our health (2).

Most of us leave our hair exposed to allergens. Hair that we shed could also carry traces of dandruff or residue from the hair care products we use. Technically this won’t make you terribly ill, but fresh air is always preferable.

Therefore, a vacuum with a good filter — HEPA filters being the most popular — won’t just suck up hair strands. It will purify the air in your space too.

Pet Vacuums

If you’re looking for a machine that will do it all, we have a shortcut for you: get a pet vacuum. Think about it, we’re animals too, so a machine made to pick up dander and fur will work on skin flakes and hair.

Pet vacuums often come with specialized features and tools, like the tangle-free brushes and HEPA filters we mentioned. More often than not, these models are multi-surface vacuums that check all the boxes when dealing with long hair.

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Why Buy a Vacuum for Long Hair?

You don’t want to waste your money on a vacuum that’s not built with hair-cleaning capacity. They may be excellent at sucking up dirt, debris and liquid in some models, but they’re often ineffective against even the thinnest strand.

So if you select a vacuum that won’t fumble over hair, you’ll spare yourself more energy and frustration than you can imagine. Maintenance will be easier, cleaning will take less time and you won’t risk damaging your machine.

Long hair could easily get stuck in, and block, a vacuum brush that’s not built to process it. They could also lodge in your filters, which will decrease the vacuum’s efficiency overall.

Wouldn’t you rather buy a vacuum that comes with everything you need? Why buy a standard machine that you have to add on to? You’ll save money instead by investing in the full package.

Types of Vacuums for Long Hair

Your vacuum’s build could make a difference in how effective it is at picking up long hair. This largely depends on your home’s layout, how much you (and your family) shed and the surfaces you need to clean.

Canister Vacuums

Product Image of the Ovente Heavy Duty Electric Bagless Canister Cleaner 3L Dust Cup, Portable Corded Suction Vacuum Machine with Cleaning Tools Compact Easy to Clean & Storage, Black ST2620B

Canisters are some of the best vacuums for long hair because of their capacity and versatility. They may not be the most advanced vacuum cleaners, but you can use them all around your home. Suction won’t be a problem, and you’ll probably get handy attachments with it too.

You can use canisters to clean all sorts of surfaces, from carpets, to tiles to upholstery. They use a hose and wand so you can reach tricky spots too. What’s more, they’re not difficult to find, and you won’t pay a hefty sum for one.

Another advantage is that they’re traditional vacuums, so they tend to have large capacities for cleaning floors.


  • Versatile.
  • Usually include handy attachments.
  • Multi-surface vacuums.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Large capacity.


  • Assembly/dismantling required.
  • Inconvenient storage.
  • Could strain your back.

Stick Vacuums

Product Image of the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you want something more modern than a canister, we suggest a stick vacuum. They exceed canisters in versatility because they’re lightweight and often convert into powerful handhelds. You won’t sacrifice too much suction, and they’re the prime of multi-surface machines.

However, it’s likely that a stick’s capacity won’t be as high as other traditional models. This is because stick vacuums are slender, so as to not take up so much room. On the other hand, their compact and cordless nature is another bonus — sticks are easy to mount, store or stow.

They’re also the handiest if you need to clean hair from all sorts of places, like furniture or fabrics.


  • Multi-purpose.
  • Often handheld convertible.
  • Cordless options are available.
  • Easy storage.


  • Cost more.
  • Smaller capacity.
  • Not as durable.

Upright Vacuums

Product Image of the BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum Carpet Cleaner, Green Pet

Upright vacuums will do the trick if you don’t need multi-surface functions. They’re often considered the strongest machines you can use for your floors, be it carpets or hard floors.

They have high suction and large capacities, but fall short when it comes to cleaning vertically. On the plus side, though, these are the most efficient vacuums you can find.

So, we recommend an upright if you have carpets in your home, and won’t have the burden of carrying these upstairs.


  • Powerful suction.
  • High capacity.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Best for floors.


  • Larger and heavier.
  • Not versatile.
  • Portability is a problem.

Robot Vacuums

Product Image of the iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

Robot vacuums can save you a remarkable amount of effort, but you will sacrifice some versatility and control. The idea is that no manual energy is needed, as robots are automated and do all the work for you.

You can schedule them to turn on and get to work without command, and they charge themselves. More advanced models can adjust to your floors or even sense and track problem areas on your floors.

Robot vacuums are a great alternative to upright vacuums. They’re especially helpful if you have a hair problem but don’t want the heavy lifting. One drawback, however, is that they only work on flat surfaces.


  • Automated functions.
  • Battery operated.
  • Quieter than larger vacuums.
  • Advanced features.


  • Smaller capacity.
  • Less suction.
  • Flat surfaces only.

Handheld Vacuums

Product Image of the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum, Purple

If your hair problem isn’t on your floors, consider a handheld. These lightweight, portable vacuums are made with convenience in mind. They work best on small areas and are intended for localized dirt, like your make-up table or car.

You’ll save money on one of these, for sure. But they won’t fulfill the duties of a traditional machine. For one, they’re compact, so their capacity and suction are significantly smaller.


  • Portable.
  • Most convenient.
  • Cordless options.
  • Easiest storage.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Smaller capacity.
  • Lower suction.
  • Not intended for large areas.

The Best Vacuums For Long Hair of 2021

These are our five favorite vacuums for long hair. Our recommendations are based on efficiency, features, and customer feedback.

1. iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

Best Robot Vacuum for Long Hair

Why do your own cleaning when you could get a robot to do it for you? If you don’t want to struggle with your shed hair, this little known — but excellent — model should be your first choice.

It’s a multi-floor vacuum that works well on both hard floors, vinyl, wood, and carpets. This low profile model fits under furniture with no hassle. You can easily control it with a remote or schedule it to clean automatically.

A self-charging feature saves time, while patented Dirt Detect technology allows it to recognize high-traffic areas and clean those areas more thoroughly. It comes with two multi-surface brushes.

Why We Love It

No Manual Operation

This model has all the features that a robot vacuum should have. You can schedule it to start and clean automatically, or set it with a remote and leave it to run without assistance. It requires absolutely no effort from you.

Can Climb

This vacuum won’t scale your walls, but this little machine can find its way over tracks or other small steps and ledges. Switching between carpets, rugs and hard floors is no problem for this vacuum, thanks to this feature.

Safety Feature

You wouldn’t want your robot to fall and break, so it’s great that this one has anti-drop technology. This is extra-useful if you live in a multi-story home. You won’t have to babysit your vacuum, which saves you even more time.

Keep In Mind

More Maintenance

If you rely on this robot vacuum for getting rid of hair, prepare to spend more time cleaning it out. Since it’s compact, its capacity for dirt is much lower than the other models we recommend. Also, remember that it’s a robot vacuum and will give you less power than bigger machines as well.

It’s Unpredictable

Some users say that this robot vacuum isn’t as organized as others. Buyers mention that it has no clear cleaning path and is easily confused. It still gets the job done, and customers are satisfied regardless.

Additional Specs

Brush type Edge-sweeping, dual brush
Special features Anti-drop technology, voice-activated, scheduling, climbing ability
Capacity 0.6 liters
Multi-Purpose? Yes
Accessories 2 edge-sweeping brushes, app control, voice control, adapter, charging dock, remote control, 2 batteries

2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

Best Stick Vacuum for Long Hair

Dyson is a leader in vacuum technology and customers are pleased with this model. It’s designed for pet homes, so it will tackle your long hair with ease. Cyclone technology generates more power for greater effect in cleaning.

This vacuum has some nifty features like acoustic engineering for less noise and a fade-free motor for consistent suction. It’s a cordless model, and the battery will last you for an hour after a full charge.

The handheld utility makes it an all-rounder, and it’s easy to use, adjust and store. Included are a mini motorized brush, mini soft dusting brush, crevice tool and combination tool.

Why We Love It


This is a powerful machine that you can use almost anywhere in your home. It’s good for both carpets and hard floors, and it converts into a handheld. It comes with a great selection of tools too, for cleaning tricky spots, fabrics and stubborn hairs.

It’s Quieter

It’s not often that domestic vacuums have sound suppression, but this one does. Its acoustic engineering is an excellent and appreciated feature that keeps noise levels down. It’s only natural since this model is intended for use around pets.

Great Capacity

With 40 percent more space than previous models, this one can hold 0.76 liters of dirt. A bonus is that it comes with a simple ejector, so emptying the bin is effortless and cleaner.

Keep In Mind

Inconvenient Batteries

You’ll have to take extra care when using and charging this vacuum because its batteries are sealed in. So, if you ever need to repair or replace them, you’ll have to buy a whole new machine.

Some buyers also say that the charge didn’t hold for a full hour. There’s no way to tell if this is Dyson’s fault or neglect by the users.

Not Ergonomic

Though this model is lightweight and portable, some users say it’s slightly uncomfortable to hold. The power button could strain your fingers, and operating the vacuum takes some getting used to.

Additional Specs

Brush type Stiff nylon
Special features Whole-system filtration, acoustic engineering, Direct Drive head, three suction modes, handheld convertible
Capacity 0.7 liters
Multi-Purpose? Yes
Accessories Mini motorized brush, mini soft dusting brush, crevice tool, combination tool

3. Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252 Upright Vacuum

Best Upright Vacuum for Long Hair

This upright stands out to us because it has multi-surface utility. It includes a crevice tool, turbo brush and dusting brush, so it’s suitable for furniture, upholstery and tight spots.

It’s powered by patented Triple Action technology that makes cleaning more efficient, faster and easier. The brush roll lifts, loosens and clears even stubborn dirt all at once. For hair, this is a great feature; you won’t have to struggle with do-overs.

Another feature we love is the multi-level, multi-cyclonic filtration. It boosts the vacuum’s suction, so you’ll pick up more dirt and hair. Also included is a reusable, washable filter.

Why We Love It

Less Effort

A Triple Action brush roll makes a powerful difference in the way you clean. A lot of energy and effort will be spared thanks to this feature. It’s excellent for hair removal and saves you time too.

Awesome Attachments

Apart from the accessories we mentioned, you get a good range of add-ons. There’s an extension wand and a 6-foot hose thrown in for extra reach. Uprights don’t typically include tools like this, so Bissell earns extra points in our books.

Good Cause

Bissell donates as much as 10 dollars per purchase to an animal charity of its choice. So, you’ll add some much needed good to the world if you choose this one. Plus, since it’s a pet vacuum, your hairs aren’t any match for it.

Keep In Mind

Learning Curve

Customers say that compared to other upright vacuums, it’s tricky to get the hang of this one. Most criticism is aimed at inconvenient assembly and frustrating control placement. Regardless, users are happy with this vacuum’s efficiency.

It’s Rigid

Remember that this is an upright model. So, although it includes excellent attachments for versatility, it lacks maneuverability and portability. Some users might think it’s a bit heavy.

Additional Specs

Brush type Soft/triple action
Special features Multi-level and multi-cyclonic filtration, washable filter, scatter-free technology
Capacity 1 liter
Multi-Purpose? Yes
Accessories Turbo brush, dusting brush, crevice tool

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

Best Handheld Vacuum for Long Hair

If you need a vacuum for small, quick hair cleaning tasks, you won’t go wrong with this one. It works well on long hair, dust, dirt, debris, and of course, pet hair. You can use it on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces too.

We love its tabletop adapter because it makes storage and charging so easy. Its attachments are standard, but they’re a wonderful addition. You’ll get an upholstery tool, crevice tool, and motorized brush tool.

We’re impressed by this handheld’s 0.7-liter capacity. Maintenance is simple, and an LED light helps you monitor its battery life.

Why We Love It


Customers are happy with this model’s ease of use. There is no fuss in finding your way around it, and it will be up and running in no time.

We recommend it for hassle-free hair cleaning around your dressing table or furniture. It’s perfect for touch-ups too.

Tabletop Storage

You won’t have to bother with wall mounts, or finding a spot in your cupboards. This compact vacuum takes up little space and is easily set up to dock and charge on your tables, shelves or counters. It’s accessible and convenient.

Great Attachments

Not all handhelds come with accessories. The included attachments for this vacuum are standard, but we appreciate them anyway. They’re a big help when you need precision in cleaning up your hair.

Keep In Mind

Charging Is Tedious

A prominent complaint is that this vacuum, handy as it may be, takes eight hours to fully charge. It’s worth the wait, but we recommend charging it at night when you’re unlikely to need it. It would be so frustrating to need it in a fix, and not have it ready to go.

Small Jobs Only

We suggest buying this model alongside a bigger vacuum. It’s a wonderful choice that does its job well, but it’s not intended for large areas or deep cleaning. So, stick to touch-ups and emergency tidying.

Additional Specs

Brush type Motorized
Special features Tabletop docking station, triple-level filtration, an indicator light
Capacity 0.7 liters
Multi-Purpose? Yes
Accessories Upholstery tool, crevice tool, charging dock

5. Ovente Bagless Canister

Best Canister Vacuum for Long Hair

This canister vacuum is a top choice in multi-purpose cleaning. For starters, it includes a bendable telescopic wand and a 360-degree swivel hose. It’s more maneuverable and gives you more reach than most other canister vacuums.

A HEPA filter and multi-level filtration add to the value and suction power of this product. It’s suitable for pet homes, and thanks to its cool accessories will have no problem tackling long hair.

Included are a crevice nozzle, floor brush, pet/sofa brush, bristle brush and a bendable multi-angle brush. It also features automatic cord rewind and a translucent dust bin for easy maintenance.

Why We Love It

Pet/Sofa Accessory

We like the pet-specific sofa brush that will effortlessly take care of your long hair. Additionally, we think it’s great that this product includes more accessories than your average canister. The added features increase its value for money.

Varied Brushes

The attachments and accessories you get make this vacuum’s multi-purpose ability shine. You have a choice of four different brushes to suit your surfaces and needs. The multi-angle brush is bendable, which is safer for your surfaces and saves you effort too.

You can use this vacuum on all types of floors, upholstery and furniture.

Extra Reach

We like the bendable telescopic wand because it makes such a big difference in what you can access. The 360-degree swiveling hose compliments how versatile and maneuverable this vacuum is. It’s great for cleaning difficult, tight and out-of-the-way areas.

Keep In Mind

It’s Not Ergonomic

Users say that it feels as though this model was designed with short people in mind. There are a few complaints that operating it is slightly uncomfortable, or at the very least takes some getting used to. Customers are still satisfied with its efficiency, but warn that it could strain your back.

More Maintenance

Though the HEPA filter is a great addition, some users note that it’s a hassle to clean. Some buyers say that they have to clean it out before every use. Regardless of these complaints, the vacuum was still praised for its ability.

Additional Specs

Brush type Hard/various
Special features HEPA filter, automatic cord rewind, 360-degree hose swivel, bendable telescopic wand
Capacity 3 liters
Multi-Purpose? Yes
Accessories Floor brush, crevice nozzle, bristle brush, pet/sofa brush, multi-angle brush

Vacuum For Long Hair Comparison Chart

Product Best Brush type Capacity Multi-Purpose?
iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum Edge-sweeping, dual brush 0.6 liters Yes
Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Stick Stiff nylon 0.7 liters Yes
Bissell Cleanview Upright Soft/triple action 1 liter Yes
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Motorized 0.7 liters Yes
Ovente Bagless Canister Canister Hard/various 3 liters Yes


We know the struggle of getting rid of shed hair from your home. Any vacuum will do, so long as it has the necessary attachments or specs. However, our top five picks of the best vacuums for long hair are a good place to start in your search.

Do you have any tips or tricks to make cleaning hair easier? Which of our recommendations if your favorite? We’d love to hear from you, so tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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