Best Robot Vacuums for Carpet of 2021

Remove dust bunnies, dirt, and debris from your carpets with one of these robot vacuums.

If you’ve got carpets in your home, you may be wondering if robot vacuums work well? Without the manual pushing, do they clean as effectively as uprights? The answer to this question is yes.

They might be a new trend in the cleaning world, but they’re a fantastic addition to your housework armory. Vacuuming your carpets twice a week is usually recommended. In heavy traffic areas, you may even need to vacuum more frequently.

Having one of the best robot vacuums for carpet can make your life a lot easier. We’ve reviewed five of the best models currently on the market and broken down some of the things you should consider when buying.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Fully Upgraded, Boundary Strip Supported, 360° Smart Sensor Protection, Strong Max Suction, Super Quiet, Self-Charge Robotic Vacuum, Cleans Pet Fur, Hard Floor to Carpet
Longest Runtime
Coredy Robot Vacuum
  • 1400 pascals suction power
  • Low noise cleaning mode
  • Tangle-free technology
Product Image of the Amarey A800 Robot Vacuum - Super Suction Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Long Lasting, Timer Function, Self-Charging, Multiple Cleaning Modes, Amarey Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Carpet
Best for Suction
Amarey 1400 PA Robot
  • Strong suction power
  • Four cleaning modes
  • Anti-collision & anti-drop system
Product Image of the eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets
Largest Dustbin Capacity
eufy BoostIQ Quiet RoboVac
  • 0.6 liter dust bin
  • BoostIQ technology
  • Triple-filter system
Product Image of the iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging
Best for Deep Cleaning
iRobot Roomba 690 Vacuum
  • Patented dirt-detect sensors
  • Customizable cleaning with app
  • Dual mode virtual wall barrier
Product Image of the Shark Robotic Vacuum, 0.45 Quarts, Smoke
Best for Under Furniture
Shark Ion R75 Vacuum
  • Low-profile design
  • Voice control
  • Detangling technology

Why Buy Robot Vacuums for Carpet?

Are you not yet completely sold on purchasing a robot vacuum? They offer a lot of advantages you might be unaware of. We’ll run through some of the top benefits of owning one of these cool devices.

Control Dust Mites and Fleas

Robot vacuums may help to prevent the adverse side effects of allergen exposure. Do you know that rugs can be a breeding ground for dust mites? A study found that regular vacuuming of carpet can reduce dust mites in the home (1).

Vacuum cleaners are also effective at controlling fleas, especially at the egg stage. If your home has these pesky bugs, you should aim to suck them up at least every other day. This can prevent the eggs from hatching (2).

No Effort Required

Vacuuming the carpet is probably the last thing you want to do after a long day. But the good thing about a robot vacuum is that it’s an autonomous device. So, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Once you’ve programmed your machine – including choosing the cleaning mode and schedule – you just leave it to do its job.

Now, instead of busying yourself with housework, you can go out and have fun with the kids. This time-consuming chore is done before you get back.

Compact and Easy to Store

If you currently have an upright vacuum in your home, you already know how bulky they can be. Their size and weight make them difficult to fit in small spaces when not in use.

Robot vacuums, on the other hand, are super easy to store. They’re compact at around 13 inches in diameter. You can leave them on a shelf, under a bed or in the cupboard.

This might be precisely what you need if you live in a small apartment or don’t have much closet space.

Plus, they only weigh around 5 to 8 pounds. Compared to traditional models, they’re easy to lift, transport around different rooms and carry up and downstairs.

Vacuum Under Furniture

A lot of carpeting is hidden underneath your furniture. But before you exert yourself shifting sofas, chairs, and tables out of the way, consider a robot vacuum. Since it’s a small and compact device, it can easily slide underneath these hard-to-move items.

It can then capture dust bunnies you didn’t even know were hiding there.

The small size makes it more efficient at cleaning in a hassle-free way. No more getting down on your hands and knees to reach these hard-to-access spots.

Promotes Regular Cleaning

Many carpet manufacturers and organizations recommend vacuuming twice a week or more (3). But let’s be honest, most of us don’t have the time or energy to do it this often.

If you don’t vacuum regularly, however, allergens, dust, and dirt can build up on your carpet. A robotic unit can prevent this from happening since it encourages more frequent cleaning.

You can schedule their use with apps or remote controls. You are then, much less likely to fall behind on the household chores.

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a robot vacuum. Here you’ll find some of their best features that will help make cleaning your carpets easier. Think about which of these are most important to you as you decide which model to buy.

Automatic Charging

Do you plan on going out and leaving the robot vacuum to do its thing? If the answer is yes, you might want to look for one that features automatic charging. These devices return to the dock when low on battery, then resume working once they’re fully recharged.

Wi-Fi Enabled

If your robot vacuum is Wi-Fi enabled, it may be able to connect to your smartphone, Alexa or Google Assistant. These are great options for those of us who love to integrate technology into our daily lives.

With a smartphone app, you’ll be able to customize your experience from outside the home. Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant will let you operate the vacuum via voice commands. In any of these cases, you can plan schedules, choose the cleaning mode, and receive reports.


To effectively clean all of your carpets, you may want to look for a unit with a long runtime.

The battery life of robot vacuums can vary from 40 to 120 minutes. Do you have large areas of carpeting to clean? Choose a model that will last long enough to get the job done.

Anti-Collision and Anti-Drop System

When you leave your robot vacuum unattended, you want to make sure it doesn’t have an accident. You don’t want it to run into objects and get stuck or fall down the stairs while vacuuming the carpet.

Many models include an anti-collision and anti-drop system. These robot vacuums have sensors that detect obstacles like walls or furniture, and sudden drops such as a staircase. This provides great peace of mind and helps protect your investment.

Climbing Wheels

Climbing wheels make it easier for the device to move from hard floors to carpet. It can keep vacuuming even at a slight angle as it rolls onto the pile. If your home has tile or wood flooring in addition to rugs, it’s an excellent feature.

Detangling Technology

A brush roll is a great way to clean carpet, and a lot of robot vacuums have one. But as it rotates, debris can become tangled and get stuck over time.

For this reason, some devices have detangling technology, which can prevent these blockages from happening. Otherwise, your robotic vacuum might lose suction or stop picking up dirt, and no one wants this to happen.

Dual or Triple Filter System

We’ve already mentioned that dust mites and other allergens are notorious for sticking to carpeting. If this is a concern, you may want a device with a built-in filter. A dual or triple filtering system, particularly, is going to remove contaminants from the air effectively.

For those who are sensitive, consider a robot vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. This will help alleviate allergic respiratory symptoms by removing 70 percent of minute particles in the air (4).

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The Best Robot Vacuums for Carpet of 2021

With all of these available features, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve researched dozens of products, read hundreds of reviews online and scoped product specs to make it easier for you. Here are the five robot vacuums we recommend for keeping your carpets clean.

Take a look at the pros and cons of each one, and make a choice that best suits your needs.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Longest Runtime Carpet Robot Vacuum

Do you have a lot of carpet space to clean? You may want to check out this Coredy robot vacuum. It has the longest runtime of the products on our list, cleaning non-stop for up to 120 minutes.

The 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery not only lasts longer, but helps provide good suction at 1400 pascals. We also like that the unit returns to the charging dock when the battery is low.

Sometimes, carpet can do with a little more agitation, and this one is up to the task.

It can clean short and medium pile carpet and also has two large climbing wheels for transitioning onto hard floors.

There are 27-inch dual edged sweeping brushes for capturing dirt and debris. You can choose from four cleaning modes to suit your needs. These include auto, edge, spot, and low-noise vacuuming.

This unit has a slim design at only 2.7 inches in height, helping it clean those hard-to-reach spots. It has a diameter of 12.6 inches and features anti-scratch tempered glass on the top.

There are two controls on the vacuum – the power and home button. A remote control is included, along with two AAA batteries. This gives you command of your robot vacuum from afar.

You’ll also receive four side brushes, one extra high-efficiency filter, one main brush, a charging dock and an adapter. Plus, there’s a one-year warranty for any mishaps that might come your way.

One of our favorite features for this model is its tangle-free technology. The brush roll can unravel any carpet fibers or materials that become stuck.

You can use also boundary strips to keep your robot vacuum in one area. This prevents it from entering rooms you don’t want to be cleaned, forcing the device to turn in another direction instead.

It has anti-collision and anti-drop intelligent technology. Everything from sensors and a pressure-sensitive soft bumper to keep your robot vacuum safe.

Why We Love It

1400 Pascals Suction Power

This robot vacuum has good suction power for cleaning carpet. With 1400 Pascals, it should be able to get down deep into the pile.

Low Noise Cleaning Mode

With a low noise-cleaning mode, you don’t have to worry if you have sleeping children or pets. You might even be able to watch the television without being disturbed.

Tangle-Free Technology

The brush roll can prevent tangling, saving you the headache of manually unwrapping it when something gets stuck.

Keep In Mind

Doesn’t Last Long

Some customers have complained that this robot vacuum doesn’t last very long. It’s perhaps not as durable as some others on our list.

Additional Specs

Suction Power 1400 pascals
Battery Lithium-ion
Runtime 120 minutes
Dustbin Capacity 0.3 liters
Charging Time Five hours

Amarey A800 Robot Vacuum

Carpet Robot Vacuum with Best Suction

Don’t be fooled by this small and compact robot vacuum – it has powerful suction. With 1400 Pascals, it can pick up all the dirt and debris from your carpets.

You’ll find it has a main brush plus two side brushes, and it’s powered by a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery.

This model can easily transition between different floor types with its two wheels. These make it easy to move from wood or tile flooring to carpet.

You can choose from multiple cleaning modes to suit your needs, whether it’s a quick or deep clean. It has auto, edge cleaning, maximum vacuum, and spot cleaning options.

The included remote control lets you choose from lots of different settings. These include not only the cleaning mode but also time setup, cleaning schedule, and start alternatives.

For simplicity, there are only two buttons on the vacuum. One is a home switch to return it to the charging dock, and the other is the on and off control.

When you’re done, it’s easy to empty the dustbin straight into the trash. It can hold 0.5 liters, which is more significant than some models out there. You’ll also be glad to know that this robot vacuum is quiet at under 58 decibels.

It has a thin design, with a height of 2.7 inches and a diameter of 12.7 inches. So, it can fit underneath sofas, tables, and other low furniture. This is also a compact size for easy storage.

You can enjoy up to 100 minutes of cleaning with this robot vacuum. It should be able to cover around 125 square meters in that time. When it starts to run out of battery, it’ll automatically return to the dock, so you don’t need to worry.

A full charge will take around five to six hours to complete. After this time, you’ll be able to set it out around your home again.

This robot vacuum has 360-degree technology, with an anti-collision and anti-drop system. You can let it roam freely without worrying about it getting damaged or bumping into things. It’ll turn around if it senses an obstacle or a ledge.

We also like how this model has a triple filter system, including a washable pre-filter, sponge, and high-efficiency filter. It can help to clean the air in your home and keep allergies at bay.

Why We Love It

Strong Suction Power

No product on our list has a higher suction power. At 1400 Pascals, it can glide around your home and capture the dirt and debris that have made their way inside.

Four Cleaning Modes

The robot vacuum may do the work but you choose the specific cleaning mode you want. There are four different options here, including auto, edge, maximum vacuum, and spot cleaning.

Anti-Collision and Anti-Drop System

This robot vacuum has sensors to avoid collisions and drops. When it comes toward the edge of stairs or near tables, it’ll turn around and move in a different direction.

Keep In Mind

Not Suitable for Long Pile Carpet

If you’re buying this robot vacuum only for carpet, you should note that it may not work well on long pile. However, it’s certainly suitable if you’ve got short or medium pile carpeting in your home.

Additional Specs

Suction Power 1400 pascals
Battery Lithium-ion
Runtime 100 minutes
Dustbin Capacity 0.5 liters
Charging Time 300-360 minutes

Eufy BoostIQ Quiet RoboVac

Largest Dustbin Capacity Carpet Robot Vacuum

This award-winning robot vacuum has the largest dustbin on our list. It can hold up to 0.6 liters of dirt and debris before it needs emptying. So, you’ll need to empty it less frequently, and the vacuum still does its job efficiently.

The lithium-ion battery delivers 1300 pascals of suction power, cleaning hard floors and medium-pile carpet. You can select from multiple cleaning modes using the remote control. Two AAA batteries are included.

We love the BoostIQ technology, which increases the suction power within 1.5 seconds when it moves onto the rug. This leads to a better cleaning experience on short and medium pile carpeting.

The unit has a thin design at 2.85 inches in height, which helps it to glide under your furniture with ease. Its two wheels are designed for climbing up to 0.64 inches. Best of all, the robot vacuum can move smoothly from hard floors to carpets.

We love that the runtime is up to 60 minutes on carpet and up to 100 minutes on hard floors. Plus, a full recharge only takes about five hours.

The infrared-sensors are just what it needs to avoid bumping into objects around your home. It also has the technology to prevent it from dropping down the stairs.

The triple-filter system in this vacuum is ideal for family homes. It has a dual-layer filter in addition to one high-performance filter.

What’s more, this robot vacuum comes with a charging base and an extra set of high-performance filters. There are four side brushes, and five cable ties included as well. It also comes with a 12-month warranty, if you encounter any problems.

Why We Love It

0.6 Liter Dustbin

This model has a 0.6-liter dustbin – more significant than any other robot vacuum we’ve reviewed so far. It will effortlessly clean around your home when you’re out, without losing suction.

BoostIQ Technology for Carpets

The BoostIQ technology encourages an increase in power when transitioning from hard flooring to carpet. Within 1.5 seconds there can be more suction for pulling dirt from the pile.

Triple-Filter System

This robot vacuum has a dual-layer and high-performance filter to clean the air in your home. It can capture allergens and other pathogens that could be damaging to your family’s health.

Keep In Mind

Trouble Finding the Charging Base

Some customers have reported that the robot vacuum occasionally has trouble finding the charging base.

Additional Specs

Suction Power 1300 pascals
Battery Lithium-ion
Runtime 100 minutes
Dustbin Capacity 0.6 liters
Charging Time Five hours

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

Best for Deep Cleaning Carpet Robot Vacuum

When it’s time for a deep clean, you can trust the job to this iRobot Roomba vacuum. We like the patented Dirt Detect sensors, which can target areas that are soiled and have ground-in dirt. It may even help you bring back the natural color of your carpet.

The three-stage cleaning system uses dual multi-surface brushes. They can capture anything from dirt particles to debris. The edge-sweeping brush is also designed to clean at a 27-degree angle.

Another nice feature of this unit is the auto-adjusting cleaning head. It’s able to change the height for a smooth transition between different types of surfaces.

There are intelligent sensors on the robotic vacuum for guidance around objects. The cliff sensors watch out for sudden drops. You can also set a virtual wall barrier to control where you want the vacuum to go.

With the Roomba, don’t have to worry about recharging your vacuum – it’ll automatically return to base when it’s running low. The runtime is up to 90 minutes, and a full charge takes around three hours to complete.

You’ll know when it needs charging since there’s a battery indicator on the vacuum. The device has a height of 3.6 inches with a 13-inch diameter and weighs around 7.8 pounds.

One of the features we love about this model is that it’s Wi-Fi enabled. You’ll be able to see the connection via the indicator on the top of the device. You can also control and schedule cleaning by voice using either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

There’s also an app you can download directly onto your smartphone. It shows you cool data about your robot vacuum and usage schedule. You can also view cleaning map reports to track its work path.

Why We Love It

Patented Dirt-Detect Sensors

With Dirt Detect sensors, your robot vacuum can go straight towards soiled spots on your carpet. It can target these areas to get them clean again.

Customizable Cleaning With App

Using the smartphone app, you can control cleaning even when you’re out of the house. You can set the time you want your robot vacuum to clean, plus monitor its progress around the home.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier

The virtual wall barrier stops the robot vacuum from entering places you don’t want it to go. Once it reaches the virtual wall barrier, it’ll turn around.

Keep In Mind

No High-Efficiency Filter

We were a little disappointed that this robotic vacuum doesn’t have a high-efficiency filter. They’re found on other products on our list and are recommended if you have allergies.

Additional Specs

Suction Power 1000 pascals
Battery Lithium-ion
Runtime 90 minutes
Dustbin Capacity 0.3 liters
Charging Time Three hours
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Shark Ion R75 Robot Vacuum

Best Under Furniture Carpet Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum is the thinnest design on our list, making it an excellent choice for sliding underneath furniture.

At only 2.6 inches tall, it should easily be able to sneak under sofas, tables, and beds. It has a diameter of 12.6 inches and weighs just 5.51 pounds.

This device is powered by a lithium-ion battery, providing 1000 pascals of suction power. It boasts about 60 minutes of runtime. The unit takes approximately three hours to charge fully. When low on battery, it automatically returns to the charging dock.

It has two vacuuming modes you can choose from – clean and spot cleaning. We like that it has a brush roll for scrubbing, with dual-spinning side brushes for cleaning corners and edges.

In particular, the helix-pattern high-tensile bristles are most suitable for cleaning carpet. Another favorite feature is the detangling technology. The brush roll can unwrap anything that gets stuck. This might include carpet fibers, long hair, or string.

You’ll find three buttons on the vacuum – clean, spot, and dock. If you have Wi-Fi and an Alexa device, you can connect to this Shark robot vacuum for voice control. This is even more convenient than using a remote control.

If you prefer, you can also use the downloadable smartphone app to stop and start cleaning, schedule or dock your robot vacuum on demand.

Thanks to Shark’s Botboundary strips, you can create no-go zones around your house. Place them anywhere – such as in a hallway or child’s room – so that the vacuum turns around. It also has smart sensor navigation to dodge obstacles while cleaning.

Once you’re finished vacuuming, you can quickly empty the dustbin. Just detach it from the side, and you don’t have to touch the dirt. It can hold around 0.3 liters of dust and debris.

The noise level is around 62 decibels. With this robot vacuum model, you receive a one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Why We Love It

Low-Profile Design

This one is thin and compact to glide around your home without any problems. If underneath your furniture is looking dusty, this vacuum with its slim profile easily coasts in to capture the dirt.

Voice Control Feature

Since the robot vacuum is Wi-Fi enabled, you can use voice control to tell it what you want. This one is compatible with Alexa.

Detangling Technology

Don’t you hate it when your brush roll gets stuck? You won’t have to worry about that with this model since it has detangling technology. No need to pull out hair or string manually ­– it’s done for you.

Keep In Mind

Short Runtime

This robot vacuum only lasts for around 60 minutes. If you’re doing a deep clean, this might not be enough time to get the job done.

Additional Specs

Suction Power 1000 pascals
Battery Lithium-ion
Runtime 60 minutes
Dustbin Capacity 0.3 liters
Charging Time Three hours

Carpet Robot Vacuum Comparison Chart

Product Award Power Battery Runtime Dustbin Capacity Charging Time
Coredy Robot Longest Runtime 1.4 kPa Lithium-ion 120 min 0.3 L 5 hours
Amarey Robot Best for Suction 1.4 kPa Lithium-ion 100 min 0.5 L 5-6 hours
Eufy BoostIQ Largest Dustbin Capacity 1.3 kPa Lithium-ion 100 min 0.6 L 5 hours
iRobot Roomba 690 Best for Deep Cleaning 1 kPa Lithium-ion 90 min 0.3 L 3 hours
Shark Ion R75 Best for Under Furniture 1 kPa Lithium-ion 60 min 0.3 L 3 hours

Time to Vacuum

A robot vacuum may be just what you need to clean your carpet. They are effective at reducing dust mites and can help to control fleas. They require minimal effort and cut down on your manual cleaning time.

A robotic vacuum can glide underneath the furniture to capture dust bunnies. It’s also easy to store after you’re done. We think that a dual or triple filter system is essential for suppressing allergies. Detangling technology can also be beneficial.

Don’t forget to watch out for models with automatic charging and wifi enabled for control. You may also like one that has an anti-collision and anti-drop system for safety, plus climbing wheels for carpet.

Did you find the best robot vacuum for your carpet? Let us know in the comments or feel free to ask any questions about this autonomous device!

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