Best Vacuums for Pet Hair of 2021

Is your furry friend shedding everywhere? These are the best vacuums for sucking up pet hair.

Are you looking for the most efficient and effortless method to remove pet hair? Are vacuums for pet hair different from regular ones?

Furry friends bring a lot of love to a home, but also shed plenty of hair along the way. Sticking to your clothes, furniture or even inside your car, the situation can rapidly feel out of control.

With an abundance of choices available, how do you know which are the best vacuums for pet hair? We’ve outlined the key elements that make a vacuum good for handling pet hair, and found the 7 best models currently available.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with Pet Power Brush and Crevice Tool, White/Silver
Best for Large Surfaces
Shark Navigator Vacuum
  • Large capacity
  • HEPA filter
  • Convertible
Product Image of the Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2)
Great Choice To Save Energy
Miele Electro+ Vacuum
  • Five speeds available
  • Easy to move
  • Four attachments
Product Image of the Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue
Best for Digital Assistance
Dyson V11 Torque
  • Smart head
  • Automatic and manual modes
  • Easy to store
Product Image of the EUREKA PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet Turbo, Black
Best Height Adjustable
Eureka PowerSpeed Pet
  • Extra large dust cup
  • Wide and strong suction
  • Convenient design
Product Image of the iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging
Great High-Tech Option
iRobot Roomba Vacuum
  • Remotely controlled
  • High-tech gear
  • Highly independent device
Product Image of the BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, 1785A, Green
Best for All Floors
Bissell CrossWave Cleaner
  • Easy to clean
  • Picks up dirt, liquids, and smells
  • Two-tank system
Product Image of the Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood and Tile Floors, with Microfiber Mop Pads, 1543A,Purple
Best Sanitizing Vacuum
Bissell Pet Steam Vacuum
  • Quick water warm-up
  • Kills germs and fleas
  • Disposable pads

Why a Vacuum for Pet Hair?

Are vacuums for pet hair any different from regular vacuums? Are they worth the investment?

If you have a pet, you might already own a regular vacuum. To start, it might do the trick and remove some of the hair. But you’ll soon realize that those pet hairs are stubborn and require a stronger suction power than regular dirt.

Pet hair also tends to access the tiniest and most remote places of your home and car. So, vacuums designed to remove the hair should come with the necessary equipment to access those hard-to-reach spaces.

Vacuums for pet hair might come at a higher price, but they don’t simply remove hair. They’re made to make the process smoother, easier, and faster.

The best vacuums for pet hair can offer multi-purpose functionality. They may also remove mud stains or even sanitize the floor.

There’s one more thing you can do to prevent excessive pet hair in your surroundings. If you’re looking into acquiring a dog, you might want to be proactive. Some breeds shed more than others.

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Types of Vacuums for Pet Hair

To remove pet hair, many types of vacuums are available. Selecting the right type comes down to personal preferences and needs.

Product Image of the Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with Pet Power Brush and Crevice Tool, White/Silver

Upright vacuums might be the most popular device among pet owners. Featuring long power cords and ample dust bins, they’re designed to clean large surfaces.

Versatile, most come with a floor brush which can either be turned on or off. This makes them suitable for both carpets and hard floors.

The stronger the power, the more suction it delivers. This means less hair left behind. Keep in mind that many upright vacuums can convert into canister vacuums, making them easier to carry.


  • No bending needed.
  • Cleans large surfaces.
  • Often provides strong power.
  • Long power cord.


  • Heavier than other types.
  • Standard models aren’t portable.
Product Image of the Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2)

Also called “cylinder” vacuums, the floor head and the engine are connected by a flexible hose.

The main unit comes with wheels, making it easy to move around the house.

Most models include several attachments, to clean upholstery and smaller spaces.


  • Lightweight.
  • Versatile.
  • Portable.
  • Good maneuverability.


  • Might be too small for larger homes.
  • Less power than upright vacuums.
Product Image of the Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue

These vacuums might be one of the lightest devices. They’re often budget-friendly, yet the best ones can reach the price point of an upright vacuum.

Portable, they’re similar to upright vacuums. They, however, feature a lighter design and a smaller dust bin.

They’re ideal for smaller spaces such as upholstery, furniture, and cars. Some stick vacuum models are even cordless so you don’t have to move from plug to plug. They may have the ability to also convert into a handheld vacuum.


  • Lightweight.
  • Some are convertible.
  • Cleans floors and upholstery.


  • Smaller dust bin.
Product Image of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

Handheld vacuums are the most compact and lightweight devices available. The basic models of this vacuum are budget-friendly but often offer low suction power. Other models come at a much higher price, but won’t let any of your pet hair escape.

These devices are great to clean small spaces, cars, upholstery, and even under furniture. Handheld, they’re the most portable option to remove pet hair.


  • Small footprint.
  • Easy to store.
  • Cordless.
  • Often come with attachments.


  • Can’t clean large surfaces.
Product Image of the iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

Are you a multitasker? Looking to save some time? Then a robotic vacuum might be the right device for you.

These vacuums include a wide range of features. The best ones can be programmed to accomplish a pre-set task. Program it while at work, and come home to a hair-free space.

Cordless, they charge on a docking station, which they come back to when their task is over. Sensors allow them to avoid objects or staircases.


  • Cleans all floors.
  • No elbow grease required.
  • Programmable.
  • Time-saving.


  • Small dust bin.
Product Image of the BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, 1785A, Green

If you’re like us, you like devices with multiple uses. This type of combo vacuum might make your day. They don’t only catch pet hair, but also clean up liquids and dry debris.

These devices can be used on all surfaces. They often use a liquid cleaning solution, leaving a fresh smell behind. These vacuums are convenient as they address different types of cleaning within one device.


  • Vacuums and cleans.
  • Leaves a fresh odor.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to move.


  • Lower suction power.

Steam Vacuums

Product Image of the Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood and Tile Floors, with Microfiber Mop Pads, 1543A,Purple

A steam vacuum is another type of multi-purpose device. The vacuum functionality will trap pet hair, while the steam sanitizes your floor. They can be used on hardwood floors, but this vacuum can also be used on laminate floors or even carpets.

The steam doesn’t only remove dirty spots your pet may have left behind. It also has the unique ability to kill potential fleas and bacteria without using any chemicals.


  • Two devices in one.
  • Saves storage space.
  • Kills germs and fleas.


  • The water can take some time to warm up.
  • Only cleans floors.

Choosing the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Heading to your department store without understanding what to look for will be overwhelming. To avoid a frustrating experience, here are the key elements to consider.

Your Space

Your vacuum’s usage will determine what type and features you’ll need. What and where will you be cleaning?


We now know that some vacuums are better at cleaning large surfaces than others. If you’re looking to remove pet hair from a large flooring, you might want to consider an upright vacuum. They have larger bins, stronger power, and a wider floor head.

If you live in an apartment or small condo, choosing a more compact option might be wise. A stick vacuum, for example, would be preferable as it’s easier to store.

In addition, if you need to remove pet hair from furniture, you’ll need to carefully select the attachments and extra features. We’ll talk more about the needed attachments further down.

Finally, consider what type of floor you have. If you’re mainly cleaning a hardwood floor, you’ll need to ensure the vacuum doesn’t scratch it.


Removing pet hair from inside your car requires a different set of features. You’ll likely need a handheld or canister vacuum. Crevice tools and brushes will also be necessary here.


Power is another key component to consider while selecting your vacuum. The more power there is, the more efficient your vacuum will be.

This feature is crucial when it comes to carpet cleaning. If you’re mainly cleaning hard floors, a low power device may still bring the needed efficiency.

So, to remove pet hair properly, we recommend a minimum power of 10 to 12 amps.

Powerful devices, however, consume more electricity and might increase your bill at the end of the month.

Power Cord Length

If you opt for a powered vacuum, we recommend a minimum length of 25 to 30 feet.

Plugging and unplugging your device will lengthen your cleaning time and rapidly become frustrating.


For most of us, cleaning isn’t the most enjoyable activity. A noisy vacuum can make this task even more annoying, for you, but also for the rest of the family. Potentially for the neighbors as well.

Selecting a device emitting a maximum of 65 decibels is recommended. The most powerful devices are often the noisiest ones, so it’s important to find the right balance.

Useful Attachments

Accessories can either come with the vacuum or be purchased separately. Either way, they add functionality, versatility, and maneuverability.

Upholstery Tool

This tool has a similar design to a floor head — narrow, with a soft brush. It’s ideal for capturing your pet’s hair in your car, on your couch, or on other material. Some of them also come with strips or rubber heads which increase their efficiency.

Crevice Tool

A crevice tool is a long, narrow accessory made of plastic. This tool is mostly used to clean hard-to-reach places, such as corners, baseboards, and under furniture. They also make great spider catchers.

This might be one of the main tools you’ll need to clean inside your car.

Extension Wand

This attachment is exclusively used in canister and stick vacuums. Attach the wand to extend your reach. The crevice tool can be attached at the end of the extension wand.

Mattress Tool

If your pet spends a great deal of time on your couch or bed, a mattress tool might be necessary. The tool itself is often quite wide to cover larger portions of your mattress at once.

However, the end of the attachment is narrow, to catch pet hair inside the curbs or lines. A few models also come with their own engine. Most, though, feature a textured end to capture unwanted pet hair.


A dusting brush is composed of soft bristles. They can be used on delicate surfaces or objects that are difficult to clean, such as a keyboard.

A motorized brush roll offers extra power and is often used on carpets. Its main purpose is to shake up and detach the pet hair for better cleaning.

We recommend having a close look at the brush bristles. Ensure that they’re stiff as soft bristles will only push the hair around.

Also, be sure that the engine will have enough power to not only capture the hair but also to send them off to the vacuum bin. Hair will get stuck in the brush if the power is too weak.

A hard floor brush is mostly found on canister and upright devices. The short and condensed bristles will catch hair and tiny dust particles.

A power brush or power nozzle is for cleaning stairs and upholstery. The best ones come with their own motors while others use the air generated by the vacuum to spin the brush.

HEPA Filter

A HEPA filter is a feature to consider for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies (1).

The filters are made of small holes, able to trap tiny dust particles and other allergens. Some models come with washable filters, which can then be reused.

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Which is Better: Bag or Bagless Vacuum?

Bags are less messy to use, of course. They’re convenient and should be in your garbage in a one-step process. They are, however, an additional expense to account for.

Bagless vacuum devices gather the dirt in a dedicated dust bin. This bin has to be cleaned but doesn’t require any additional costs.

Hose Length

Canister types and the newest upright vacuum models come with a flexible hose to reach higher places. If you plan on reaching higher up the walls or above tall furniture, it might be something to consider.


If you’re looking to combine cleaning and a workout session, your vacuum weight might not be important. But, looking for a smooth and easy process, with as little effort as possible? Your device’s weight will play a large role.

Some upright vacuums can weigh over 20 pounds. So, take this into consideration if you’re planning to clean a staircase or carry it around the house.

Additionally, if you have limited mobility or a back injury, you might want to consider a robot vacuum. Your robot assistant will do all the work for you.


A vacuum to remove pet hair is often a significant investment. Yet, it can be difficult to determine the quality and durability of a device. Every brand claims to be selling the best device, and it’s easy to get caught up in marketing claims.

The first indication to consider might be customer reviews. We also recommend selecting vacuums from trusted brands.

The most common brands are Dyson, Miele, Hoover, Shark, and Bissell. These often back up their products with generous warranties, if any issue arises.

The Best Vacuums For Pet Hair of 2021

To gather the best devices to remove pet hair, we’ve compared all the vacuums available. We also spent hours analyzing reviews and comparing specifications and features. Here are our top seven picks.

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Best Pet Hair Vacuum for Large Surfaces

This popular upright device seems to have a lot to offer. The wide floor head is ideal to cover large flooring.

The swivel steering feature makes the vacuum easy to use. It permits circular motions and avoids lifting the device to change direction. The easy-to-grab handle also provides good maneuverability.

This device might be ideal for those living in large houses. Relatively lightweight at 14 pounds, it can easily be moved around the house. Plus, the 30-foot power cord will allow you to cover a lot of ground without having to unplug the device.

It’s made of durable ABS and polypropylene plastic (2).

Why We Love It

4.4 Quarts Dust Bin Capacity

As we discussed, this device has been designed to clean large floor sections. Featuring a dust bin capacity of 4.4 quarts, many users seem to be able to clean their floors in one go.

To increase the machine’s lifespan, it’s however recommended to empty the dust bin when it reaches 2.2 quarts.

HEPA Filter

Reviewers with allergies or asthma will like this feature. In addition to a HEPA filter, this device also comes with the “complete seal technology.” So, it can catch allergens and fine dust particles inside the vacuum.

It traps 99.99 percent of these allergens, keeping them away from the air you breathe.

Four Included Tools

This vacuum comes with the needed tools to allow multiple uses. The main floor head can be used to clean larger floors. To remove hair from your couch, cushions, and other upholstery, though, use the small brush attachment.

This device also includes a crevice tool and an extension wand. Combine both attachments to reach higher and narrow spaces, in your home or inside your car.

Some reviewers have also attached the “dust away” tool to the extension wand to clean delicate fabric.


Versatile, this device easily converts from an upright to a canister vacuum. The upright position makes it a breeze to clean hardwood floors as well as carpets.

In a click, the upright vacuum transforms into a canister type. The canister itself only weighs 8 pounds. Users seem to love using this setup to remove pet hair from stairs and car interior.

Keep In Mind

Doesn’t Have Wheels

Most canister vacuums come with wheels for easy transportation. They make it easy on your back and help avoid too much lifting of the device.

Once transformed into a canister type, the device isn’t supported by wheels. This means that you’ll have to carry and lift the vacuum as you move around.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type(s) Upright and canister
Number of Included Attachments Four
HEPA Filter Yes
Weight 14 pounds
Power 10 amps

2. Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum

Best Energy-Saver Pet Hair Vacuum

Looking to save on energy and lower your electricity bill? This vacuum includes five different speed levels, plus a noise reduction mode. Each enables you to manually use more or less power depending on the surface and type of dirt you’re tackling.

The stainless-steel handle is light and easy to maneuver. It’s also telescopic and therefore adjustable to your desired length.

Featuring a 3.7-quart dust bin, you should be able to cover some ground as it gets filled. The convenient indicator will inform you when the bag is full and needs to be replaced.

The HEPA filter comes with 16 bags and four pre-motor protection filters. You shouldn’t have to purchase replacements for a while.

Thankfully, this reputable brand boasts an average lifespan of 20 years. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about the durability of your device.

Why We Love It

Five Speeds Available

From strong to lighter suction power, you can choose between the five available speed levels. This allows you to manually adjust the device to the surface you’re cleaning.

Vacuums can consume a fair amount of electricity. So, users mostly use “speed five” to clean carpets and “speed one” on hardwood floors. A quiet mode can even be used to reduce noise.

Easy to Move

The small wheels are ideal for strolling the device around. As you clean, your vacuum will gently follow your path.

Reviewers particularly appreciate the easy-to-grab handle. It makes it easy to lift if you need to clean stairs or move it to a different location.

The 21-foot power cord might be a little shorter than other models but still provides a generous length.

Four Attachments

Hardwood floors are delicate areas. They can easily get damaged using an inappropriate tool.

While still using the main floor head, you can turn on the hard floor mode to activate the revolving brush. For more delicate parquet, a separate nozzle can be attached. Users appreciate the genuine bristles which keep their floors in pristine condition.

The dusting brush can be used to detach dirt from cushions or couches. It’s made with natural bristles and shouldn’t damage the fabric.

The small rectangular upholstery attachment can be used to clean car seats or less delicate fabric. For baseboards, corners and narrow gaps, users often attach the crevice tool.

Keep In Mind

Durability May Not Meet Price Point

Whether from shutting down for no reason to a broken button soon after purchasing, a few users have complained about the durability.

Given the machine is at a higher price point, it may be worth investigating further before committing.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type(s) Canister
Number of Included Attachments Four
HEPA Filter Yes
Weight 9.39 pounds
Power 1200 watts

3. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum

Best Pet Hair Vacuum for Digital Assistance

This compact and portable vacuum doesn’t compromise on power. If you get annoyed with power cords getting in your way, this vacuum might be worth considering.

Featuring a powerful motor spinning at 125,000 rpm, it represents about twice the power of other cord-free devices. The mini-motorized head produces extra suction, ideal for removing stubborn pet hair.

Still, the stiff nylon bristles are safe and efficient to use on all surfaces. Even better, the device comes with an advanced fully-sealed filtration system. It captures 99.97 percent of dust particles and allergens, catching particles as small as 0.3 microns.

This Dyson vacuum is also easy to manoeuver. The slim design should reach under the lowest furniture. It comes with five versatile attachments and a strong battery allowing 60 minutes of running time.

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Why We Love It

Smart Head

The vacuum head has an LCD screen for displaying important information. It shows the run-time countdown, so you’ll know ahead of time before the battery runs out.

It also displays any maintenance alerts. That way, you’ll know when it’s time to replace the filter or when your vacuum encounters an issue or blockage. It even tells you how to clear potential blockages, which reviewers are grateful for.

Automatic and Manual Modes

Users appreciate having the option to choose between automated and manual modes. This vacuum comes with a “Dynamic Load Sensor.” When using this automatic set-up, the sensor detects the surface and changes the mode accordingly.

Do you prefer to manually control the device? Change to the “Eco” or “Boost” modes to adapt the suction power.

Easy to Store

Is there anything more annoying than a vacuum constantly falling or tipping over when stored away?

The convenient docking system can be attached to the wall. It doesn’t only store your device, but also all the included attachments. Users love the space they’re gaining.

Transforms Into a Handheld Device

In a click, this stick vacuum transforms into a handheld device. Customers welcome the versatility of this vacuum. They can catch pet hair between car seats or remove them from the car door pocket.

This vacuum is lightweight, weighing 6.7 pounds, and can be effortlessly carried around the house. Using it handheld takes its portability to the next level.

Keep In Mind

Not Suited for Large Homes

This vacuum provides about 60 minutes of running time in regular mode. When used on carpets, or set in the “boost” mode, users record a much shorter running time.

This device is ideal for small spaces, such as condos or apartments. It might, however, be too small for larger homes.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type(s) Stick and handheld
Number of Included Attachments Five
HEPA Filter Yes
Weight 6.7 pounds
Power 30.5 volts

4. Eureka PowerSpeed Pet Turbo Vacuum

Best Height Adjustable Pet Hair Vacuum

If you have various different floor types throughout your home, then consider this vacuum. It was made to be multi-surface compatible. How? It comes with five height adjustable settings. So you can raise the brush roller inside to suit hard floors or deep carpets and anything in between.

So no matter where the mess is in your house, this can handle it. If your pets have free roaming in your home, then you’ll be more than familiar with the way their hair just spreads around every room. This vacuum can handle it, no problem.

Pet owners: you’ll also love the different attachments that come with this vacuum. It comes with a pet turbo tool that sucks up pet hair on every surface, including upholstery.

In addition, it comes with a crevice tool for those tight corners, a dusting brush, and a secondary upholstery tool. Everything can be easily stored on the vacuum, making it easy to access each attachment at any time!

Why We Love It

Extra Large Dust Cup

With over six-liter capacity, this extra-large dust cup can hold a lot of dirt between emptying. And, when you do need to empty it, the bagless container is easy to empty into the trash without the big dust cloud that comes with other vacuums.

Wide and Strong Suction

With a 12.6-inch wide cleaning path, you can clean your floors quicker than before. As a result, it collects more dust per pass across your floors. It also ensures super strong suction, so you’ll be wowed by how clean your floors are in no time.

Convenient Design

Customers love how well-designed this vacuum is. While it’s not super compact or lightweight, it’s great in many other ways. Firstly, it has onboard storage for all the handy tools so that you won’t lose them.

Secondly, it is super easy to assemble. It comes in two parts that are easy to put together, so you don’t have to struggle with a challenging construction experience.

Keep In Mind

Sometimes Suction Is Too Strong

Who would have thought this could be a problem? But it is. Some customers found that the suction was too much to vacuum over their rugs smoothly. Others found that the vacuum sucked up the cord, which caused damage.

10 Pounds Heavy

This is one heavy vacuum. It weighs 10 pounds and is quite difficult to move and maneuver compared to other options on the market. Some people even experienced arm and back pain while using this. If you struggle with heavy power tools, you may want something lighter.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type(s) Upright and bagless
Number of Included Attachments Four
HEPA Filter No
Weight 10 pounds
Power 960 watts

5. iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Best High-Tech Pet Hair Vacuum Option

Have you ever dreamt of having a little assistant clean for you? Coming home to vacuumed floors? Your dreams might well come to reality.

Whether you’re home or off out for the day, this robot vacuum will wander around your house. It’ll pick up your pet hair and other dirt along the way.

Featuring a quality lithium-ion battery, it will pick up dirt on your floors for 90 minutes. It will even detect and pass over thresholds and low obstacles. Once the task is over, your robot will return to its base to charge until its next use.

Compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, your robot might become an extension to the family. Its sleek and classy design should fit most homes’ decors.

It even delivers cleaning reports after the task is over. Plus, with the robot, comes one extra filter and a flat cleaning tool.

Why We Love It

Can Be Remotely Controlled

You don’t even need to be home to use your robot. The Roomba application can be downloaded on both iOS and Android phones.

From your smartphone, schedule when and which room to clean. If you tend to forget about Roomba, set a weekly cleaning schedule while you’re at work. This is more time you can spend with your family or doing the things you love.

High-Tech Gear

The robot uses the latest technology to ensure your floors get all the care they deserve.

The “Dirt Detect” technology will automatically detect the areas of your home that need the most work. It will then work harder on these high-traffic areas.

It also comes with a “Smart Mapping” mode. This allows you to create virtual walls around the house. Users often use these walls to avoid stairs and any areas they judge unfit for the robot.

Highly Independent Device

Whether you’re at home or away, your robot will proceed with its required tasks. It will make up to 60 decisions per second to ensure your floors are cleaned throughout.

It will sweep corners and edges. At just 3.7-inches tall, it will even clean under your furniture or around any clutter. Users appreciate the fact that they don’t need to intervene during the cleaning.

Cleans All Surfaces

Customers love that Roomba is designed to clean all types of floors, hard grounds, and carpet.

The robot uses a three-stage cleaning system. This allows the device to loosen, lift and suction debris. It will detect larger dirt particles as well as small particles and dust.

The head auto-adjusts to the surface it needs to clean. This enables it to keep the brush as close to the surface as possible.

Keep In Mind

Uneven Coverage

A few customers have reported uneven coverage. The robot will cover certain areas a few times, while it “forgets” about other surfaces.

Small Bin

While it might be ideal for smaller condos and apartments, it might be too small for larger homes. Having to empty the bin in the middle of a cleaning task might seem counter-intuitive.

For larger homes, some users have purchased two devices, setting them up to clean separate areas of their home. This, however, doubles the initial investment.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type(s) Robot
Number of Included Attachments None
HEPA Filter No
Weight 7.8 pounds
Power Not indicated
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6. Bissell CrossWave Wet-Dry Vacuum

Best Pet Hair Vacuum for All Floors

Are you looking for a vacuum able to accomplish different tasks at once? A vacuum to remove your pet hair but also other messes?

This device will go beyond catching your pet hair. Acting like a vacuum mop combo, it cleans all types of dirt. From dog pee to the juice or food your kid has just dropped.

Multi-surface in use, this wet-dry vacuum cleans all flooring. From carpets, sealed and pressed wood floors, to laminate floors, linoleum, and also rubber floor mats. The swivel head makes the vacuum a breeze to steer and maneuver on all grounds.

25 feet of power cord should give you enough length to clean large areas of your home at a time. With two devices in one, it should also save you on storage space.

Why We Love It

Easy to Clean

Even vacuums need to be washed. Reviewers report that this is a smooth and easy process.

The device comes with a storage tray. For a quick cleanup, place the vacuum in the tray, and pour some water on the brush window.

Run the machine a few seconds to clean the window, brush, and the air path. In case the brush needs more serious cleaning, the window can be removed. Take the brush roll out and rinse it under cold water.

Picks Up Dirt, Liquids, and Smells

While vacuuming pet hair, why not use this opportunity to also remove paw prints, mud, and other dirt?

This device uses a nylon brush with microfibers. It features a power of 4.4 amps and a spinning speed of 3,000 rpm. The included liquid pet formula helps remove odors and users love the fresh scent it leaves behind.

Two-Tank System

Unlike regular mop buckets, this vacuum separates the clean water from the dirty water.

Place the cleaning liquid in the top tank. The dirty water will be poured into a separate and transparent lower tank. This second tank conveniently detaches to be emptied when needed.

Smart-Touch Controls

This device is also simple to use. The handle features a smart-touch control system. By the touch of a button, switch from the carpet to the hard floor cleaning mode.

A simple click will also dispense the right amount of cleaning liquid. This gives users more control when they’re cleaning delicate surfaces.

Keep In Mind

Cleans Floors Only

This device is primarily designed to clean large surface areas. The 28-ounce clean water tank should be able to clean up to 700 square feet at a time.

It, however, doesn’t transform into a canister or handheld type of vacuum. Users regret that it doesn’t come with smaller attachments. If you’re looking for a vacuum to also use on upholstery or inside your car, this device might not fit your needs.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type(s) Wet/dry vacuum
Number of Included Attachments None
HEPA Filter No
Weight 11 pounds
Power 4.4 amps

7. Bissell Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum

Best Sanitizing Pet Hair Vacuum

Pets can potentially carry germs and fleas, which becomes a larger issue. If you’re looking for a device to both vacuum and sanitize your flooring, this option is worth considering.

This versatile vacuum from Bissell uses steam to kill these undesirables. Although this device uses high heat, it can safely be used on ceramic, marble, granite, linoleum and sealed hardwood surfaces.

Choose between three different modes: vacuum only, steam only, or both functionalities at once.

The steam doesn’t leave moisture behind, so it should keep your floors and dust bin dry. Your pet hair can then be easily pushed out to the garbage.

Featuring a water tank capacity of 12.8 ounces, you’ll be able to vacuum and steam large surfaces at once. The 11-inch cleaning path and the 25-foot power cord will make this task even easier.

Why We Love It

30 Seconds Water Warm-Up

This warming process is necessary before its initial use, but also if you need to replace the water while cleaning. Some steam cleaners can take more than 10 minutes to warm up the water.

This steam vacuum shows an impressive 30 seconds heating time. Consumers are thrilled and can start steam vacuuming in no time.

Kills Germs, Bacteria, and Fleas

Steam is a natural and chemical-free solution killing 99.9 percent of bacteria. It’s efficient on flat floors, but also in the most densely carpeted flooring. It kills not only germs but also potential flea larvae.

From the handle, choose between high, low, or no steam. Users enjoy the control they have over the steam flow.

The steam leaves little-to-no moisture on your floor and carpets. This prevents mold and mildew from developing. This vacuum doesn’t only trap your pet hair, but it also contributes to the overall hygiene of any home.

Disposable Pads

This device comes with two microfiber pads for mopping: one scrubby and one soft.

Also included are four Swiffer Steamboost pads.

You should be ready to go upon delivery, without having to run out and purchase extras too soon.

Keep In Mind

Difficult to Maneuver

Users report that the device isn’t easy to use and maneuver. It doesn’t come with a swivel head, making its general use more challenging.

It also doesn’t transform into a canister or handheld vacuum, making it more cumbersome to lift.

Additional Specs

Vacuum Type(s) Steam
Number of Included Attachments None
HEPA Filter No
Weight 9.74 pounds
Power 400 watts vacuum, 1100 watts steam

Pet Hair Vacuum Comparison Chart

Product Award Type(s) Attachments HEPA Filter Weight Power
Shark Navigator Best for Large Surfaces Upright & canister 4 Yes 14 lbs 1200 W
Miele Electro+ Great To Save Energy Canister 4 Yes 9.39 lbs 1200 W
Dyson V11 Best For Digital Assistance Stick & handheld 5 Yes 6.7 lbs 500 W
Eureka PowerSpeed Pet Turbo Best Height Adjustable Upright and bagless 4 No 10 lbs 960 W
iRobot Roomba Great High-Tech Option Robot None No 7.8 lbs
Bissell CrossWave Best For All Floors Wet/dry vacuum None No 11 lbs 560 W
Bissell Pet Steam Best Sanitizing Vacuum Steam None No 9.74 lbs 400 W vacuum, 1100 W steam

Pet Hair Be Gone

When it comes to vacuums for pet hair, each device will fit an intended use. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate your needs and priorities before investing in a vacuum.

Are you fighting a flea infestation? Then a steam vacuum might be your go to.

Looking for a device to clean both your home and your car? Then a stick/handheld combination device would be preferable. The best vacuums for pet hair are the ones that meet your short, and long term needs.

Do you own a vacuum to remove your pet hair? Which one is your favorite from this list? Please leave us a comment in the section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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