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Top Washer and Dryer Manufacturers: Full A-Z List

Let’s get familiar with these popular washer and dryer brands.

The washing machine market size was over 50 billion dollars in 2020 (1). These astonishing figures represent the need for washers and dryers in consumers’ homes. But with so many different brands and appliances available, it can be challenging to know which machine to go for.

We will break down the A to Z list of washer and dryer manufacturers. There are over 25 brands available in the US. Each offering a variety of pros, cons, and fun features.

Key Takeaways

  • Over 25 washer and dryer brands are available in the US, offering different pros, cons, and features.
  • Popular brands include Amana, Bosch, Electrolux, and LG Electronics, each catering to different budgets and preferences.
  • Some brands offer compact and portable options, such as Asko, Beko, Black + Decker, and Magic Chef, which are suitable for small spaces or temporary use.
  • More advanced models may have smart technology, energy efficiency, and additional cleaning features, but they can also be more expensive and complicated to use.

Washer and Dryer Manufacturers

We have 30 washer and dryer brands available in the US to share with you. Some of these have a fantastic reputation, while others haven’t made their mark yet.

1. Amana

For folks on a budget, Amana might be a good choice. This brand, now owned by Whirlpool, makes affordable products. These appliances have an Energy Star Label. Plus, they’re easy to use without fancy bells and whistles.

Thankfully, they’re good at lightly cleaning your clothes. Tough stains might be a bit harder for the machine to tackle, though. You also might dislike that there are only two (yes, two!) Amana washing machine models, so you’re not exactly spoiled for choice.

2. Asko USA

Asko is a Scandinavian company that manufactures dishwashers, washers, and dryers. Their goal is to make laundry easier for you by creating reliable and hygienic appliances.

People love Asko machines because they’re compact, quiet, and quick. However, they don’t hold as much laundry since they are small. Asko also doesn’t make top loading machines.

However, if you want minimalist machines in petite sizes, then this might be the brand for you.

3. Beko

Beko makes compact appliances with large drums. The Beko machines don’t take up as much space as others in your laundry room, but they still hold a decent amount of clothing.

Beko aims to develop products that are efficient — spinning at 1400 RPM. The products are also safe, automatically draining water if the levels exceed the tank safety line.

Common Beko problems include drum bearing issues, electrical faults, and blocked pipes. However, these are pretty standard issues across many appliances and will be covered by warranty.

4. Black + Decker

Black + Decker began as a small machine shop but has expanded into a worldwide supplier of various electrical products. They don’t currently make dryers, but they make portable washing machines that are handy for small spaces.

The compact appliances can hold enough laundry for small loads, and it quickly cleans clothes in less than an hour. The biggest issue with these washing machines is their durability. It might work well upon arrival, but the efficiency begins to decrease a few months in.

5. Blomberg

Blomberg makes compact washers so that you don’t need to sacrifice power for space. They can hold up to 2.5 cubic feet of laundry, making them an excellent choice for single folks or couples.

These machines are quiet, have a high-quality motor, and don’t cost a lot when using the Eco mode.

However, they are small, so they’re not the best option for families. The non-Eco modes are also quite expensive to run.

6. Bosch

Getting into some of the more prominent names now, Bosch is a global player in the washer and dryer market. Initially a German brand, they have a fantastic reputation as well as being energy efficient. The EcoSmart technology regulates water levels and cycle settings depending on the load.

These appliances clean well, have multiple cycle options, and a great warranty. However, they are pretty pricey appliances, so they won’t suit everyone’s budget.

7. Costway

Costway aims to make premium products at budget-friendly prices. They sell their products on Amazon and eBay, making it easy for most consumers to access.

In terms of washing machines, they make portable appliances so that you can take them with you, wherever you go.

The drawback to these is that they’re not long-term solutions to laundry. Plus, they are a bit loud.

8. Crossover

Crossover isn’t the brand for most homes, but if you’re looking for a washer and dryer for a commercial property, this is worth your consideration. You might also want one of these if you have a larger than average family.

Crossover makes appliances with cast iron construction, amazing 8-point suspension, and 300 G-force water extraction.

Of course, they are pricey appliances and not necessary for the average family.

9. Deco

Deco makes both single washers and dryers, but they also make quality combo machines. If you only have space for one appliance but want both a washer and a dryer, you may want to consider Deco.

While these machines are compact, the drawback is that the capacity is small, too. At less than two cubic feet, you can’t fit much in the machine. Plus, these machines aren’t as energy efficient as some would like.

10. Electrolux

This Swedish company is one of the top-ranking washing machine suppliers worldwide (2). Our research found that the appliances had some of the best reviews.

The washing machines have intelligent technology, such as SmartBoost, which mixes detergent and water before the cycle begins. This maximizes the detergent’s cleaning ability so that your clothes are as spotless as can be.

The main drawback to Electrolux is how expensive the appliances are, with most models costing over $1000.

11. Equator

Equator began in 1991, intending to create efficient and high-quality products that speed up your household chores. In terms of laundry, they create single washers and dryers, and combination appliances.

The machines come in all sorts of colors, including pink, but are very pricey. They also have a capacity of 1.57 cubic feet, rendering them useless for large families.

The combo machines have fun features, though. This includes an automatic water level sensor, a sensor dry feature, and even a wrinkle guard.

12. Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel has been around since the 1930s and sells to over 50 countries worldwide. They aim to create appliances that people actually want. They’re not fussed about bells and whistles, but rather are all about convenience.

You’ll find the control panel is easy to use with a range of helpful cycle options. However, the appliances are expensive and not easy to find at conventional retailers.

13. Frigidaire

Frigidaire products are renowned for making life easier while still being super high-quality. They have a range of machines, but some key features include a Quick Wash Cycle for getting loads done fast.

You’ll also find Laundry Centers if you want a pre-stacked washer and dryer. This is great for narrow spaces in laundry rooms.

Keep in mind that Frigidaire doesn’t make front loading machines. So if you’re not a fan of top loading appliances, you may want to pass on this brand.

14. GE Appliances

GE is the founder of the first residential refrigerator. They’re now masters in WiFi-connected appliances, making them well-known for their innovation.

Their newest washing machine models have a range of noteworthy features. This includes an odor-blocking vent system, antimicrobial technology, built-in WiFi, and patented balancing technology. GE is an impressive brand if you want a machine that goes the extra mile.

We love that their appliances come in a range of prices to suit a variety of budgets. Prices start around $500 and range up to $1300. This is, by no means, cheap, but with smart options sitting around $800, it’s not as crazy as some other options.

15. Gymax

This isn’t a super well-known brand, but they do have a place in the market. Gymax creates portable washing machines, great for student accommodation, caravans, and other small homes.

These machines have some handy features such as twin tubs, large enough drums for daily cleaning, and handles for easy transportation.

The main drawback is that it’s not a long-term laundry solution. You won’t get the same cleaning power as standard machines.

16. Haier

If you don’t want to be spoiled for choice, you might like that Haier has one option available in the US. This machine has touch-sensitive controls which allow you to select hundreds of different cycle combinations.

One of the drawbacks is WiFi technology. Customers found that it doesn’t always connect properly, which can be frustrating.

As for the dryer, you can enjoy its ventless design and large capacity. But take note, it is pricey.

17. Hotpoint

Hotpoint makes a range of washers and dryers, but most of them still have to make their way over to the US. However, there are a few options currently available.

The Hotpoint washing machine is currently a top loading machine with a heavy-duty agitator for deep cleaning stained laundry. It has 10 cycle choices and six temperature options.

You’ll find both gas and electric dryers with durable drums and enough space for large loads.

Keep in mind that the newer Hotpoint models aren’t readily available in the US, so this might be a brand you want to check out in a few years instead of right now.

18. LG Electronics

If you want laundry appliances that stand out from the crowd, then LG may be the brand for you. These innovative appliances are breathtaking, if not a little confusing, but they will change your laundry experience.

The appliances are fantastic at washing clothes well and gently. They’re quick machines with a wide range of settings. These are still new appliances, so it’s hard to gauge how durable they are, but they have very low repair rates so far.

The biggest drawback is that these are too high-tech for some people. Plus, it’s hard to read the control panels in dim lighting. Lastly, the customer service from LG doesn’t have a great reputation.

19. Magic Chef

Magic Chef is known for its kitchen appliances — hence the name — but they also supply portable and compact washing machines. You’ll find portable options that you can move from place to place. You can also find compact options that you can plumb in, which are a bit more reliable.

However, Magic Chef has some of the best reviews for portable options. So if you’re in the market for one of these, then this brand is worth a go.

Just be aware that these machines aren’t super water efficient. They also don’t have wheels, so they can be tricky to transport. Last but not least, they use agitators which aren’t as gentle on your clothing.

20. Maytag

Maytag’s big thing is dependability. They’ve been in the business for over 100 years, and customers love their appliances.

While they do have front-loading machines, their focus is on top-loading machines. So if that’s your jam, check out Maytag. Their appliances offer fantastic cleaning, spacious design, and some fancy features such as Extra Power to remove stains.

You may find that the machines take a little longer to clean clothes and can be noisy. While these are more traditional machines, they are inching their way into the smart technology market.

21. Miele

Miele is challenging its customers to rethink how they do laundry. The German laundry machines do more for you, so you can sit back and relax. While you are yet to find these in chain retailers, there are a few Miele service points throughout the US.

Why choose Miele? They have innovative technology. One feature worth noting is the TwinDos — it’s an automatic detergent system that dispenses the best amount of laundry detergent for your specific cycle.

However, these fantastic features come at a price. Miele appliances range from $1200 to over $2000, so they’re not for those on a budget.

22. Panda

If you’re in the market for a portable washing machine, Panda is another fantastic option. They make compact and portable washers and dryers with more advanced technology. For instance, you’ll find touchpad controls, LED screens, and larger windows.

Panda machines range from 0.9 cubic feet to 2.6 so that you can find the right size for your laundry needs.

However, these appliances aren’t without their drawbacks. Some customers found that the machines weren’t that durable. Within the first year, some folks noticed leaks or a burnt-out motor.

23. RCA

Radio Corporation of America (RCA) has been around for over 100 years. They started in 1919 by creating transatlantic transmissions but found their way into building home products in 1954 with the first consumer color television.

In terms of washers and dryers, they offer portable laundry appliances. This is great for people on the move or living in small spaces.

Customers appreciate the quality and compact products, especially when used for their purpose. But note that this isn’t a practical solution for a family or people with regular large loads of laundry.

24. Samsung

We won’t lie, Samsung won our hearts a few years ago, and we haven’t looked back. We love how convenient and effective the appliances are. This global company has dipped its toes in most technologies, including washers, dryers, and combos.

Samsung appliances use smart technology and WiFi, making it easier than ever to choose a cycle. The machines are eco-friendly, using little water. They have cold cycles, which are amazing at removing stains (with the right detergent, of course).

The appliances aren’t too expensive, but they’re not super cheap either. One thing to note is while the combo machines are good, it does take a lot longer to dry clothes with them.

25. Siemens

Siemens is up there with Bosch and Miele as one of the most powerful and reliable washing machine brands on the market. The biggest selling points include incredible odor removable, automatic detergent dispensing, stain removal technology, and a super quiet motor.

However, like many major European brands, it’s hard to find a good range of products in the US. While a few are available, they’re not always the newest models. They also tend to come at a bit of a cost.

26. Smeg

Smeg is most famous for their aesthetic fridges, but they also make quality washing machines and dryers. Their washing machines are innovative as they have a steam program, a compact depth, and are available in a combo model.

They also manufacture stand alone dryers with heart-shaped drum. This aims to protect your clothes while drying them faster. They even have a particular cycle for wool clothes.

One of the drawbacks to Smeg washing machines and dryers is that they aren’t that popular yet. So we can’t attest to their performance or durability. They’re also not super readily available across the US yet.

We couldn’t find any combination or tumble dryer options online. If you’re interested, we recommend contacting Smeg directly.

27. Speed Queen

Speed Queen is an American brand available in New York and New Jersey. They create top loading, front loading and stackable washers, and dryers. They claim that their products are great for pet owners, people of all lifestyles, and that they are experts in fabric care.

Ultimately, they are a traditional brand that isn’t navigating smart technology territory. With over 110 years of experience behind them, you might love Speed Queen if you’re looking for a reliable and straightforward washer and dryer brand.

However, you may want to steer clear if you’re looking for more up-to-date designs like LG or Samsung.

28. Splendide

Splendide is another American company, this time based in Oregon. They create appliances specifically for RVs or marine vehicles. The compact machines are specially designed to offer incredible and reliable performance while still being small in size.

That being said, Splendide is a very niche brand, so for the average family living in a home or apartment, this brand isn’t necessarily for you.

29. Summit

Summit is a family-owned business that began in New York in the 1960s. They specialize in laundry appliances for smaller homes. They offer washer dryer combos, compact machines, and stackable machines so you can save space.

In general, the machine is impressive for its size. It has a range of different washing cycles giving you quite a bit of control.

However, what comes as a drawback is the lack of automatic load sense. The machine ends up using more water than necessary, meaning it’s not the most eco-friendly on our list.

Another drawback is the short one-year warranty.

30. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is one of the most well-known and reliable washing machine and dryer brands worldwide. The company has made appliances that promise to remove tough stains quickly so that you can get your clothes clean in less time. The machines are also spacious enough for large families.

Whirlpool offers both top and front loading appliances with a range of fantastic features. Plus, the prices aren’t scary high.

For top loading machines, we like that the agitator works two ways which provides a deeper clean of your clothes. Their front loading machines have handy features such as an automatic detergent dispenser and steam clean options.

The dryers are reliable, too, with some sanitizing cycles or double sensors to prevent over-drying and shrinking.

Overall, this is a super reliable brand. But are there any drawbacks?

Sure. A few things to watch out for include customers noticing that the water supply in some appliances was very low. Also, the spin cycles can either be too slow, resulting in sopping wet laundry, or too fast, resulting in damaged garments.

Overall, Whirlpool is super reliable, and any issues will be covered by a warranty.

How to Choose a Washer Brand

Now that we’ve listed our 30 washer and dryer manufacturers, you might be stuck for choice. After all, there are some really amazing companies on this list.

To help you choose the right brand for you, ask yourself the following questions.

What are the Most Reliable Washing Machine Brands?

One of the best ways to conclude a brand’s reliability is by noting their service ratio. A service ratio is how many products were serviced from the amount sold. For instance, if 10 products are sold and only one is serviced, there’s a service ratio of one percent.

According to 2022 reports, the most reliable washing machine brands are (3):

  • LG: They had a service ratio of 3.3 percent from December 2020 to October 2021.
  • Samsung: They had a service ratio of 4.9 percent.
  • GE Appliances: They had a service ratio of 8.0 percent.
  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool had a service ratio of 9.5 percent.

Reliability is essential, so we recommend considering this. The last thing you need is a brand new washing machine or dryer that cracks under pressure. Literally.

What Washing Machine Brands Should You Avoid?

We’ve spent hours researching washing machine brands, and we can confidently say there is no specific brand that you should avoid entirely.

The best thing to do is look at what you need the appliance for. For instance, if you’re buying a machine for a family home, we recommend avoiding manufacturers that supply portable machines. This includes Black + Decker or Gymax.

While we have our four favorites — LG, Samsung, GE, and Whirlpool — these don’t fit into everybody’s budget. For a smaller budget, you may want to consider Amana.

What Washing Machine Brands Are the Cheapest?

In general, portable machines are the cheapest. This includes Costway, Black + Decker, Gymax, Magic Chef, Panda, and RCA.

We love that GE offers appliances at a range of prices. Other standard sizes are available at budget-friendly prices (under $600) from Hotpoint, Whirlpool, and Samsung.

What Washers are Made In the USA?

Choosing machines made in the USA supports local workers and cuts down on unnecessary shipping costs.

Brands that are made in the US include:

  • Maytag
  • Speed Queen
  • Whirlpool
  • GE Appliances
  • Amana
  • Hotpoint
  • RCA
  • Splendide


How Long Should a Washer and Dryer Last?

Knowing how long a washer and dryer last can help you make the right choice. Expect to get 10 years of useful life before you need to shop for a replacement.

Is a Top Load or Front Load Washer Better?

Knowing if a top-load or front-load washer is better helps you make an informed choice. Generally, front-load machines are more efficient and reliable, whereas top loaders are easier to repair and cost less.

Is it Better to Buy a Washer and Dryer Together or Separately?

Knowing if it is better to buy a washer and dryer together or separately depends on several factors. Washer and dryer combos take up less space and are cheaper than buying separate appliances. However, washers/dryers are also less efficient, and they are prone to faults.

What is the Best Month to Buy a Washer and Dryer?

The best months to buy a washer and dryer are July, September, and November. Manufacturers consider this their clear-out season, readying their warehouses for new models and stock.

Are Whirlpool and Maytag Washers Made By the Same Company?

Yes, Whirlpool and Maytag washers are made by the same company. They are constructed in the same factory in Japan, along with Kenmore washing machines.

How Long Does Washer and Dryer Installation Take?

The time it takes for a washer and dryer installation depends on how complicated the task is. Typically, it can take between one and two hours to install a washer/dryer.

Machine Manual

We think it’s important to know the ins and outs of various washer and dryer manufacturers. Knowing their reputation, features, mission, pros, and cons can help you decide where to shop.

In general, it all comes down to your personal preferences and needs. There are no major red flags to watch out for, but some machines are more reliable than others.

For instance, if you want a long-lasting machine with fantastic performance, we recommend one of the top four: LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, or GE.

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