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Best Aprons of 2023

A good apron can save the day. 

Aprons come in handy for all sorts of things: cooking, crafting, cleaning, serving customers, and much more. There are tons of options on the market — apron aplenty! But that can make it harder to choose. So we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best aprons by category.

Whether you’re looking for something for men, women, something waterproof, cotton, or something else entirely, we’ve got fantastic choices to consider.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the ALIPOBO Aprons for Women and Men, Kitchen Chef Apron with 3 Pockets and 40' Long Ties, Adjustable Bib Apron for Cooking, Serving - 32' x 28' - Black/White Pinstripe - 1 Pcs
Best Apron With Wide Size Range
Alipobo Kitchen Chef Apron
  • Professionally reinforced stitching
  • Polyester-cotton blend material
  • Great unisex option
Product Image of the Hudson Durable Goods - Professional Grade Chef Apron - Black - 100% Cotton
Best Durable Apron
Hudson Durable Goods Chef Apron
  • Made from 10-oz cotton twill
  • Four deep pockets
  • Adjustable size with a crossback finish
Product Image of the Baiancy Cotton Denim Adjustable Bib Apron with 5 Pockets Cooking Kitchen Aprons Women Men Fashionable Denim Jean Apron for Cafes Lounge Bars Kitchens
Best Apron for Women
Baiancy Cotton Denim Apron
  • Professional & home use
  • Cotton & denim material
  • Has 5 pockets
Product Image of the Aulett Home Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron Black - 35' Heavy Duty Model - Stay Dry When Dishwashing, Lab Work, Butcher, Dog Grooming, Cleaning Fish - Industrial Chemical Resistant Plastic…
Best Waterproof Apron
Aulett Rubber Vinyl Apron
  • Added neck pad for comfort
  • 40-inch long ties
  • Keeps your clothes dry
Product Image of the DII Everyday Basic Kitchen Collection, Chef Apron, Sage
Best Cotton Apron
DII Chino Chef Apron
  • Has a huge center pocket
  • Customizable with embroidery
  • Extra-long straps
Product Image of the Gmark Poly Apron Individual Wrapped, Disposable PE Waterproof, Food, Cooking 100pcs GM0002
Best Disposable Apron
Gmark Disposable Poly Aprons
  • Waterproof & spill proof
  • Offers protection from neck to knee
  • Quality disposable aprons
Product Image of the Syntus Adjustable Bib Apron Waterdrop Oil Stain Resistant for Men Women with 2 Pockets Chef Cooking Kitchen Aprons, BBQ Drawing, Black (1 Pack)
Best Budget Apron
Syntus Bib Apron
  • Made from soft polyester
  • Water-repellent apron
  • Wide coverage with high bib
Product Image of the Cotton Linen Cross Back Apron for Women with Pockets for Cooking Baking Navy Blue with Waist Ties
Best Crossback Apron
Newgem Japanese Crossback Apron
  • Vintage crossback style design
  • Soft linen-cotton blend
  • Has 2 large front pockets
Product Image of the Syntus 1 Pack Server Apron with 3 Pockets, Waterdrop Resistant Waitress Waiter Waist Apron, 11.5-inch Black
Best Waist Apron
Syntus Waist Apron
  • Fits plus size
  • Longer waist length
  • Comfy and stylish
Product Image of the Chef Apron-Cross Back Apron for Men Women with Adjustable Straps and Large Pockets,Canvas,M-XXL ,Black
Best Apron for Men
Mignongirl Chef Cross Back Apron
  • Adjustable & removable straps
  • It has multiple pockets
  • Masculine & sturdy design

Product Reviews

This list of the 10 best aprons is based on hours of research into real customer reviews, expert advice as well as applying our own insight and years of apron-wearing experience!

1. Alipobo Kitchen Chef Apron

Best Apron With Wide Size Range

Aprons aren’t typically available in classic sizes like small, medium, and large. Instead, you have to look at how adjustable they are. This Alipobo kitchen chef apron is one of the most flexible when it comes to sizing. The 40 inch long ties allow you to adjust the apron to your specific size. The neck strap is also adjustable, allowing you to be flexible with that measurement, too.

Besides all that, this is a classic apron. Firstly, the appearance is both professional and neutral so it will suit you well whether you’re using it for work or home use.

It also has three spacious pockets which allows you to store a range of handy items while you’re working hard.

The apron is made from a 65/35 polyester-cotton blend with yarn-dyed fabric. This means the apron is machine washable, fade-proof, thick, comfortable, breathable, and soft. A perfect combination, in our opinion!


  • Professionally reinforced stitching for durability.
  • Comfortable neck strap that doesn’t itch.
  • Suitable for work and professional use as well as arts, crafts, cleaning and more.
  • Great unisex option.


  • When it first arrives, it has a strong chemical odor.
  • Not waterproof.

Product Specs

Type Bib apron
Purpose Professional or domestic use
Fabric Poly-cotton blend
Waterproof No
Size Adjustable size with 40 inch long ties

2. Hudson Durable Goods Professional Chef Apron

Best Durable Apron

When you buy an apron, especially if you’re forking out a little extra cash, you want it to last. This professional chef apron is a great durable option that will last for many uses. After all, it’s from a brand called Hudson Durable Goods, so would you expect anything less?

What makes it so durable? For one, it’s made with rugged materials to withstand the rigorous environment of professional and domestic kitchens. It uses gun-metal grommets and rivets to prevent fraying, even as you adjust and fasten the apron.

The pockets, straps, and hems are reinforced with double stitching to provide extra security. Overall, this apron can help you tackle any task while holding up throughout anything you choose to do.


  • Made from 10-ounce cotton twill.
  • Four deep pockets.
  • Adjustable size with a crossback finish.
  • Towel loop for convenience.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • It’s difficult to put on and remove by yourself.

Product Specs

Type Crossback apron
Purpose Professional or domestic use
Fabric 10 ounce cotton twill
Waterproof No
Size Adjustable size, suiting up to XXL

3. Baiancy Cotton Denim Apron

Best Apron for Women

Women are spoiled for choice when it comes to aprons. There are lots of plain ones, patterned ones, pretty ones, and much more. But this denim apron is a fantastic choice as it’s cute, girly but also really durable! Plus, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

This is available in a range of colors, too. This includes light blue, dark blue, gray, as well as all of these colors in a longer size to offer more protection.

The aprons also have five pockets. One large one at the bottom split into three smaller pockets, and a smaller one with two compartments at the chest.

The apron is made from both cotton and denim. It’s thick and durable as well as still being soft and smooth to the touch.

You’ll also love the adjustable size. It has an adjustable neck strap which allows you to change the length, as well as ties at the waist for customizing it to suit you.


  • Easy to clean; machine washable.
  • You can wear this in domestic or professional settings.
  • It’s size adjustable.
  • Comfortable and soft to the touch.


  • Customers aren’t a fan of the stylish rip. It can easily rip even more.
  • The colors may be more dull in person.

Product Specs

Type Bib apron
Purpose Professional or domestic use
Fabric Cotton denim
Waterproof No
Size Adjustable size

4. Aulett Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron

Best Waterproof Apron

For all your dishwashing needs, this waterproof apron from Aulett Home Store is a practical option. It will protect you from water, keeping you and your clothes dry, while you’re hard at work.

As well as dishwashing, it’s also commonly used for lab work, working with chemicals, and dog grooming. Those working in a butcher’s or cleaning fish also find this one invaluable. It’s very versatile!

The rubbery texture repels oil and grease which protects your clothes as well as prevents staining on the apron, too. Despite its durable and sturdy design, it’s still soft and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

The snap buckle makes it super easy to take on and off, even while your hands are wet. No untying difficult strings. Just click and unclick!


  • Added neck pad for comfort.
  • 40-inch long ties for size flexibility.
  • Keeps your clothes dry.
  • It has multiple uses.


  • The coverage at tops and sides could be better.
  • Some customers reported rips at the seams and pockets over time.

Product Specs

Type Dishwashing apron
Purpose Dishwashing, dog grooming, lab work and more
Fabric Waterproof vinyl
Waterproof Yes
Size Adjustable with 40 inch long ties

5. DII Chino Chef Apron

Best Cotton Apron

Cotton is a top choice for many apron-shoppers as it’s comfortable, durable, and very easy to wash. If you’re in the market for a cotton apron, look no further than the DII Chino Chef Apron.

Why? Because it’s available in 28 different colors! You can choose from sage, wine, dark green, mineral gray, mustard, neon purple, and much more. You could even choose a few so you could mix them up depending on your outfit.

Besides the colors, it’s a nice budget-friendly option that won’t break the bank.

As for the fabric, the aprons are made from 100 percent soft cotton for comfort. You can wash it in the machine with cold water on a gentle cycle. Pop it in the tumble dryer after on a low heat setting. With this cleaning routine, your apron will last a long time.


  • It comes with a huge center pocket.
  • You can customize the apron with embroidery or a monogram.
  • Extra-long straps to suit most body types.
  • You can use this apron for professional or domestic purposes.


  • The material is very thin.
  • It wrinkles easily in the wash.

Product Specs

Type Bib apron
Purpose Professional or domestic use
Fabric 100 percent cotton
Waterproof No
Size Long adjustable straps to suit most body types

6. Gmark Disposable Poly Aprons

Best Disposable Apron

Disposable aprons are the only choice for many environments, specifically hospitals. They’re also used in the food and cleaning industry, in labs, and in some cooking environments. If you’re on the hunt for quality disposable aprons, we can recommend the Gmark disposable poly aprons.

This pack of 100 bib aprons meets your sanitary expectations while still being durable and waterproof, from neck to knee. You can use them while cooking, washing, or dealing with oil-based products. They will still protect your clothes.

They are made from 100 percent polyethylene which makes them good for food handling, bakeries, and pharmaceuticals.


  • Waterproof and spillproof to protect your clothing.
  • Offers protection from neck to knee.
  • Versatile purposes.
  • Comes in a pack of 40 or 100.


  • They will rip if not used properly.
  • A bit too thin for some customers.

Product Specs

Type Disposable apron
Purpose For hospitals, food and cleaning, and more
Fabric polyethylene
Waterproof Yes
Size 28 x 46 inches

7. Syntus Bib Apron

Best Budget Apron

We have a few budget-friendly options on our list, but here’s another awesome option to consider.

This water-repellent apron is great for busy kitchens where water or oil often splashes up. While it’s not completely waterproof, it is water-resistant, giving you more protection than standard cotton aprons.

The apron also offers comfort and breathability, allowing you to easily wear this for long periods of time in hot kitchens.

It has two large pockets which you can use to store notepads, recipe cards, phones, tablets, and other handy items you may need.

This is a great option for any gender as it’s basic and neutral. If you don’t like black, however, it is available in eight different colors.


  • Made from soft polyester.
  • One size fits most.
  • Machine washable.
  • Wide coverage with a high bib.


  • Thin fabric.
  • Runs a bit big for some customers.

Product Specs

Type Bib apron
Purpose Domestic or professional use
Fabric Polyester
Waterproof Water repellant
Size One size fits most, but it runs a bit big

8. Newgem Japanese Cross Back Apron

Best Crossback Apron

Crossback aprons are cute with an almost vintage appearance. You can definitely wear them for cooking and baking, but many people also opt for this style when painting or gardening. The crossback style makes the apron super secure so you can do a lot of moving around without the risk of the ties loosening.

This specific option from Newgem is made from an 80/20 cotton-linen blend. So it’s soft, breathable, comfy, and easy to wash.

It also has two large front pockets which make it both cute and practical. You can store all the necessary items within reach of you.

It’s also available in many color options. This includes navy, beige, black, bright yellow, grapefruit, pink, and turquoise. The colors are all soft, lovely, and easy on the eye.


  • Vintage stylish design.
  • Securely tied when you’re wearing it.
  • Soft linen-cotton blend.
  • Two large pockets.


  • The sizing runs very small, so it doesn’t fit most people.

Product Specs

Type Crossback apron
Purpose Painting, gardening, hairstylist and more
Fabric 80/20 cotton linen blend
Waterproof No
Size Runs small, best for petite people

9. Syntus Waist Apron

Best Waist Apron

In the market for a waist apron? These are popular in restaurants. In our opinion, the Syntus waist apron is a choice to consider.

It’s a nice long length, compared to other waist aprons which are very short. This makes it look professional, as well as suiting both men and women. It also provides a bit more protection from spills, especially when you’re wiping down tables.

We love the three pockets at the front with all the room for essential items with the middle one having the largest size. Additionally, it is machine washable.

You can carry your electronic tablet or notebook, depending on how your company takes customers’ orders. Overall, this is an awesome, comfy, and stylish option.


  • 3-in-1 design.
  • Three front pockets.
  • Extra-long ties allow the apron to suit most body types.
  • Longer length which provides extra protection for plus size.


  • Others hate the polyester material.
  • The pocket may be too small for large notebooks or tablets.

Product Specs

Type Waist apron
Purpose Serving and waiting tables
Fabric Polyester
Waterproof Yes
Size Long, with adjustable ties

10. Mignongirl Chef Cross Back Apron

Best Apron for Men

Aprons usually come across as quite unisex, in our opinion, but for the men out there looking for something typically more “manly,” this apron is a fantastic choice. It’s very stylish, masculine, and sturdy. But it’s also practical. It has multiple pockets to hold a range of items such as notebooks, scissors, your phone, and more. It even has a specific slot for pens.

You can wear this at work while serving customers, cooking food, or you could even wear it in your home kitchen.

The crossback design and tie provides ultimate coverage around your entire front. Better yet, it also has coverage over the bottom half at the back.

If you aren’t a fan of black, you’ll also find this apron in beige, gray, and red. So you can choose something that suits your classic style.


  • It’s made from 100 percent soft and durable cotton.
  • The straps are adjustable and removable.
  • It has multiple pockets.
  • You can use this for professional or domestic purposes.


  • It doesn’t hold up super well in the washing machine.
  • Many customers found the materials to be quite cheap.

Product Specs

Type Bib apron
Purpose Professional or domestic use
Fabric 100 percent cotton
Waterproof No
Size M-XXL (adjustable straps)

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type Purpose Fabric Waterproof/Repellant
Alipobo Kitchen Chef Apron Wide Size Range Bib apron Professional or domestic Poly-cotton blend No
Hudson Durable Goods Pro Chef Durable Bib apron Professional or domestic Cotton denim No
Baiancy Cotton Denim Apron Women Bib apron Professional or domestic use Cotton denim No
Aulett Waterproof  Vinyl Apron Waterproof Dishwashing Dishwashing, dog grooming, lab work & more Waterproof vinyl Yes
DII Chino Chef Apron Cotton Bib apron Professional or domestic use 100% cotton No
Gmark Disposable Poly Aprons Disposable Disposable For hospitals, food & cleaning, & more polyethylene Yes
Syntus Bib Apron Budget Pick Bib apron Domestic or professional Polyester Yes
Newgem Japanese Cross Apron Crossback Crossback Painting, gardening, hairstylist 80/20 cotton-linen blend No
Syntus Waist Apron Waist Waist apron Serving & waiting tables Polyester Yes
Mignongirl Chef Cross Back Apron Men Bib apron Professional or domestic 100% cotton No

Types of Aprons

You may notice lots of apron variations when looking online. There are many different types, including waist, tuxedo, dishwasher, and more. Not clued up on all the apron lingo? We’ll break it down for you.

Waist Apron

Waist aprons cover you from the waist until about midway down the thigh. They don’t have the same full coverage as kitchen aprons because they’re more for storage reasons. Typically, servers at restaurants will wear these to store their notepad, pens, clothes, and other accessories. They don’t need the top coverage since they’re not preparing food.


  • They give servers a professional uniform.
  • They provide extra storage.
  • They’re affordable.
  • They come in a range of styles and lengths.


  • They don’t provide top coverage, so if you do spill, you may ruin your clothing.
  • Some are made from cheap materials.

Bib Apron

Bib aprons are most likely what comes to your mind when you hear the word “apron”. They’re the classic option. They’re called bib aprons because they have the top coverage which acts like a bib. It protects your clothing, allows you to wipe dirty hands on the apron, and some even have pockets.


  • Tons of options on the market.
  • They come in a range of prices.
  • You’ll find many different material options.
  • You’re spoiled for style choice.
  • Some have pockets.
  • They’re easy to wash.


  • Some are made with cheaper materials than others.
  • They don’t provide coverage at the back.

Tuxedo Apron

Tuxedo aprons are a popular choice for servers at black tie events. They’re quite stylish with their v-neck design and black color. Wear this over a white shirt and black trousers and you’ll look super professional and classy.


  • They are very classy and stylish.
  • The v-neck design gives the waiter/waitress outfit a tuxedo-type finish.
  • They are perfect for black tie events.


  • Not the most suitable for domestic use.
  • There aren’t as many options on the market.

Cobbler Apron

You’re probably used to seeing these in the hospitality sector, such as arts centers, hospitals, schools, and other such places. They are protective and practical because they tie on both sides and have a front and back, providing ultimate coverage.


  • They are available in a huge variety of colors.
  • You can buy them in bulk.
  • They are comfortable and practical to wear.
  • They provide both front and back coverage.


  • They’re not popular for home use.
  • They aren’t the most stylish.

Dishwasher Apron

Dishwasher aprons are sturdy and waterproof aprons that are suitable for dishwashers at restaurants or cafes. But they’re also suitable for home use to protect your clothes from dishwater or other cooking liquids.


  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.
  • You can wear it for cooking, dishwasher, car washing or other activities.
  • Properly protects your clothing.


  • Not the most comfortable as they’re not super soft.
  • Not machine washable.

Disposable Apron

Disposable aprons can be worn once before needing to be disposed of. These are suitable if you’re dealing with raw meat, but they’re most commonly found in hospitals. When visiting patients or working with patients, you may need to wear these and dispose of them afterward to minimize the spread of germs. Of course, they are disposable so they’re not great for the environment.


  • They can minimize the spread of germs since you dispose of them afterward.
  • They are affordable.
  • They provide good protection from messes.
  • Useful in different settings.


  • They are not eco-friendly.
  • They may rip while you are wearing them.

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

With all these options and different purposes when it comes to aprons, how do you choose the best one? We’ve narrowed down the top criteria you should be considering.


First up, consider the purpose you’ll be using the apron for and shop within that category. If it’s for hospital use, get a disposable one. If it’s for home use, a bib apron is a fantastic choice. For black tie events, try out a tuxedo apron.

You may also want to go for certain aprons if you’re doing specific activities like car washing, dog washing, crafts, cooking or dishwashing.


Aprons come in a range of fabric types including cotton, denim, leather, neoprene, and others, like linen or polyester.

What Fabric Type Is Best for Aprons?

Let’s quickly look at the pros and cons for the popular fabric types.



  • It’s machine washable.
  • You can clean it and remove stains easily.
  • It comes in a wide range of colors.
  • It’s comfy.


  • It can fade or shrink in hot water.
  • It can wrinkle easily.



  • Denim is stylish.
  • It’s a durable option.
  • They come in a range of prices.


  • Some denim aprons can be expensive.
  • The dye can fade or rub off onto other items in the wash.



  • You’ll look super cool wearing it.
  • Available in a range of colors and styles.
  • It’s a good option for men.


  • It’s not waterproof so you could easily damage it.
  • Expensive.
  • You’ll need to upkeep it with conditioning and cleaning.



  • It’s protective against different weather types, liquids, and chemicals.
  • It’s a durable option.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • Waterproof.


  • It’s not widely available.
  • They aren’t very good looking.


When choosing an apron, style may be important to you. You can find plain aprons or patterned ones. Or you could go all out and choose leather, denim, or something else unusual.

Size Range

Aprons are typically “one size fits all” with an adjustable size due to the waist ties. However, “one size fits all” isn’t actually suitable for all.

So if looking for something smaller than medium or larger than XXL, you’ll typically have to search quite widely. But it’s important to double-check the sizing to make sure it will fit.

Overall Fit

You should consider how well it will fit and what it will cover.

Will it be too big or too tight? Will it provide adequate coverage? Does it secure from waist ties, side ties or does it, perhaps, have a crossover at the back? All of these details are important to your comfort and the practicality of wearing the apron.


Durability is something to consider as you want something that will last. Certain materials are more durable than others, specifically ones that are machine washable, like polyester or cotton.


If you’re going to be washing dishes, a waterproof apron is a top priority as you want to make sure your clothes are protected. For home use, most people don’t go for a totally waterproof one as cotton or linen often suffices. But you should let it dry after each use, if not machine washing.


Last but not least, consider your budget. Aprons aren’t hugely expensive but they do come in a range of prices. So keep looking until you find something that suits your allocated budget.

How to Care for Aprons

In our home, we treat aprons a bit like we treat tea towels. Keep them clean and dry, wash them regularly, and after contact with raw ingredients, pop them in the washing machine. Here are some top tips for taking care of your aprons so that it lasts a while:

  • Familiarize yourself with the care label: Each care label will be different so make sure you check out yours. This will tell you the best washing temperature, washing cycle, and whether or not it’s bleach or tumble dry safe.
  • Wash it after contact with raw ingredients: If you have dealt with raw chicken and wipe your hands on the apron, wash it immediately otherwise you could deal with cross-contamination.
  • Know how to disinfect: If your apron isn’t suitable to be washed in hot water or bleach, how do you disinfect? Borax or white vinegar is a great option. Just add it to the cycle. For Borax, add ½ cup along with your laundry detergent. For white vinegar, add ½ cup to the rinse cycle. Don’t mix these two ingredients together.
  • Keep it dry: After use, air it to dry. If it remains wet, bacteria will rapidly grow.
  • Go by material type: Depending on the material, you’ll need to care for it differently. If you have denim or leather, for example, you’ll need to come to terms with some new washing methods.

Protect Your Clothes

The bottom line is that aprons are a great addition to the kitchen, or other activities, as it will protect your clothing. While you do need to keep your apron clean, that’s not as much hassle as working out a bunch of different stains from the clothing you wore.

With our list of the 10 best aprons on the market, you’re sure to find something that’s comfortable, suitable, and practical.

Remember to keep in mind the top criteria. In our opinion that’s the type of apron, the apron’s purpose, the fabric, whether it’s waterproof, and lastly, the size.

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