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Best Pool Leaf Rakes of 2022

Get rid of dirt and debris with these handy tools. 

Having your own pool is great — until it’s full of leaves and other nasty debris. Pulling it all out by hand is a long and boring option, so you should consider a helpful tool to assist you with this chore.

We’ve put together a list of seven of the best pool leaf rakes. This is based on hours of research into real customer reviews, expert advice as well as our own evaluation. These rakes are durable, easy to use, and long enough to prevent back strain.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the 20' Fine Mesh Pool Skimmer Net - Bonuses & 10X No Cost, No Hassle Replacements, ProTuff Pool Net Skimmer Bests Other Pool Leaf Rake & Swimming Pool Nets for Cleaning Dirty Pond & Pool Stuff, NO Pole
Best Durable Pool Leaf Rake
ProTuff Pro Grade Skimmer Rake
  • Durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Stable winged handle
  • 50 pound capacity
Product Image of the Milliard Pool Skimmer Net Leaf Rake with Deep Bag, Professional Heavy Duty Mesh, Commercial Size
Best Gentle Pool Leaf Rake
Milliard Pool Skimmer Leaf Net
  • Durable ABS plastic frame
  • Quickly connects to standard pools
  • Includes fine mesh bag
Product Image of the AnSun Upgraded Pool Skimmer Net, Heavy Duty Leaf Rake for Cleaning Swimming Pool & Pond, Fine Mesh Deep Bag Catcher with Strong Plastic Frame
Best Easy-to-Use Pool Leaf Rake
AnSun Pool Skimmer Net
  • Heavy-duty ABS plastic frame
  • 20-inch wide mouth & front lip
  • Fits most standard poles
Product Image of the POOLWHALE Pool Leaf Rake with Double Layer Deep-Bag, Professional Skimmer Heavy Duty Mesh Net, Commercial Size(Plastic Tab at The Bottom for Assisting When You Empty The Net)
Best With High Weight Capacity
POOLWHALE Pool Leaf Rake
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Curved edges to protect your pool
  • 50 pounds capacity
Product Image of the Leaf Skimmer Net Swinging Pool Skimmer Above Ground Pool Maintenance - Fine Mesh Net - for Cleaning Surface of Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Spas and Fountains
Best Cheap Pool Leaf Rake
Evob Leaf Skimmer
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight at 42 ounces
  • Compatible with standard poles
Product Image of the Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Rake & Swimming Leaf Skimmer Net with Medium Fine Mesh,Fits Most Standard Pole for Cleaning Swimming Pools,Hot Tubs,Spas and Fountains (deep-Bag rake)
Best Lightweight Pool Leaf Rake
Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Rake
  • Lightweight at 56 ounces
  • Strong net with fine mesh
  • Straight sides capturing side debris
Product Image of the EPOARTIST Leaf Skimmer deep with Medium fine Mesh with Long Handle
Best Long Pool Leaf Rake
EpoArtist Leaf Skimmer Pool Rake
  • Antimicrobial plastic frame
  • Telescoping pole included
  • Ultrafine mesh

Product Reviews

Check out these seven best pool leaf rakes for cleaning up your pool.

1. ProTuff Pro Grade Skimmer Rake

Best Durable Pool Leaf Rake

This is on the more expensive end of the pool leaf rake market. But we think it’s worth it due to the durable design. It comes with a double-stitched nylon bag and dual-layer netting. This construction is super durable, so it can withstand a lot of debris over a long period of time.

It’s also an abrasion-resistant design so it won’t get scratched up or damaged as you move it around your pool. It is designed to do an amazing job and last for ages, even in big pools with a lot of debris.

It has a medium meshing which is great for big and medium-sized debris. However, do keep in mind that it won’t collect silt and other small debris, like bugs or dust.

Another great backing in terms of durability is the lifetime guarantee. This is a professional grade pool rake and the manufacturer guarantees that if it fails, tears or breaks, they will replace the parts — or the entire product — for free.


  • Durable aluminum alloy frame.
  • Stable winged handle.
  • 50 pound capacity for deep cleaning.
  • Plastic rim won’t scratch pools.


  • Stiff netting makes it difficult to empty.
  • Not good at collecting debris at the bottom of the pool.

Product Specs

Material Aluminum alloy and plastic
Pole included No
Weight 1.25 pounds
Net width 19.5 inches
Special Features 50-pound capacity, double layer netting

2. Milliard Pool Skimmer Leaf Net

Best Gentle Pool Leaf Rake

Some poorly-made pool leaf rakes can often scratch the sides of your pools or hot tubs. But not this one from Milliard. It has nice curved edges which allow you to scrape along the sides of the bottom of your pool with absolutely no damage.

What else is so great about this? It has a quick connect button which allows you to quickly attach it to the pole of your choice. Speaking of poles, it’s compatible with standard 1.25-inch poles, so you can easily find something that works.

This pool rake also has an upturned lip so you can scrape along the bottom of the pool and collect debris that’s stuck down there.

We also appreciate the long deep bag which won’t empty debris back out as you go. Some pool rakes aren’t deep enough to hold debris, so it ends up floating around the pool shortly after you’ve collected it.

This has a generous weight capacity of 22 pounds, too, so it’s great for deep cleaning pools without needing to empty the bag out too often.


  • Durable ABS plastic frame that’s gentle on pools.
  • Quickly connects to standard pools — can also be used on its own.
  • Fine mesh bag for collecting small debris.
  • Upturned front lip for collecting debris at bottom of the pool.


  • Drags slowly through the water.
  • Difficult to empty contents without touching the bag.

Product Specs

Material ABS plastic
Pole included No
Weight 1.25 pounds
Net width 17 inches
Special Features Gentle sides, upturned front lip

3. AnSun Pool Skimmer Net

Best Easy-to-Use Pool Leaf Rake

It can be frustrating to find something that looks and sounds good but actually ends up being tricky to use. This skimmer net has a few handy features that make it a breeze to use.

Firstly, it’s screwed down in multiple places to prevent the plastic frame from bending or warping. This will make it more efficient at picking up your debris.

Next, it has a wide 20-inch mouth so you can collect a lot of debris in one go, saving you time.

It also has a front lip which makes it easy to scoop up debris from the sides and bottom of the pool. Simply scrape it along the edge of the pool to lift up debris.

While this doesn’t come with a pole, it is compatible with most standard telescoping poles so you shouldn’t struggle to find the right one for you.


  • Heavy-duty ABS plastic frame.
  • 20-inch wide mouth and front lip for easily collecting debris.
  • Fine mesh bag makes it easy to collect fine debris, like pine needles.
  • Fits most standard poles.


  • The edging is rigid so doesn’t work for scraping the bottom of all pools (i.e. soft ones).
  • A bit pricey for what you get.
  • No pole included.

Product Specs

Material ABS plastic
Pole included No
Weight 1.1 pounds
Net width 20 inches
Special Features Front lip and wide mouth for scooping

4. POOLWHALE Pool Leaf Rake

Best Pool Leaf Rake With High Weight Capacity

This pool rake has an insane capacity of 50 pounds! That’s right — it can hold up to 50 pounds of debris. You can deep clean your entire pool without emptying the netting with this pool rake.

How does it manage to hold so much? Well, first of all, it has a heavy-duty aluminum frame. Remember when we said that metal frames were more durable? This is a prime example.

This pool rake also has a large double-stitched netted bag that holds lots of debris without the risk of tearing or ripping.

This netting is ideal for both large debris and small debris, collecting lots of waste per pass. Finally, we love the weighted tab at the bottom which makes it super easy to empty the debris out after you’ve collected it all. Just turn the bag inside out and dump it!


  • Fine mesh bag for collecting large and small debris.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Curved edges to protect your pool.
  • 50 pounds capacity for deep cleaning.


  • Not suitable for scooping debris from pool bottom.
  • Pole not included.

Product Specs

Material Aluminum
Pole included No
Weight 14.4 ounces
Net width 19 inches
Special Features 50-pound capacity, weighted tab, double stitching

5. Evob Leaf Skimmer

Best Cheap Pool Leaf Rake

Everyone is on a different budget when it comes to pool leaf rakes. If you just need something for skimming the surface of your pool — which is great for daily cleaning — then this may tick your boxes. Costing less than half of the average pool leaf rake price, it’s a great find.

What’s it for? Well, you can use this for pretty much anything that’s lingering on your pool’s surface. This includes big debris like leaves, grass, and algae. But because of the fine mesh, it also works for collecting small debris like bugs and pine needles. It really is one of the greatest ways to keep your pool clean.

It’s made from a plastic frame that’s both lightweight and high quality. The lightweight design — only 4.2 ounces — allows you to move this through the water without drag.

The pole is not included but it’s compatible with standard poles. However, you can use this by itself if your pool is small enough to reach into the middle.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Super affordable price point.
  • Lightweight and easy to use — only 4.2 ounces.
  • Compatible with standard poles.


  • Pole not included, must be purchased separately.
  • Mesh isn’t fine enough to collect small bugs like ants or gnats.
  • Too small for larger pools — takes too long to clean.

Product Specs

Material Plastic
Pole included No
Weight 4.2 ounces
Net width 10.4 inches
Special Features Skims quickly and effortlessly through water

6. Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Rake

Best Lightweight Pool Leaf Rake

Don’t want a heavy pool leaf rake to weigh you down? This one from Rongbo is only 5.6 ounces. Once that’s attached to the end of your pole you’ll hardly feel the weight of it! Of course, as you go, it will fill with debris and become quite heavy. So it’s helpful for some people to have an already lightweight rake to begin with.

You can use this in your pool, hot tub, pond, and other bodies of water. It’s made with a plastic frame — but don’t worry, it’s sturdy — and a strong net with fine mesh. This allows you to collect small debris without it passing back through the mesh.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t come with a pole, but good news! It fits most standard pool poles, so you can easily find something that works for you. Just look for something with a 1.12-inch inner diameter with holes for a butterfly or v-clip attachment.

Last but not least, this pool leaf rake has straight edges to help get more debris from the sides and bottom of the pool, including stuck on debris like wet leaves.


  • Lightweight — only 5.6 ounces.
  • Fits most standard pool poles.
  • Strong net with fine mesh for capturing small debris.
  • Straight sides allow for capturing debris stuck on the sides of the pool.


  • Customers find it quite flimsy.
  • Pole not included, must be purchased separately.
  • Stiff netting material — hard to empty out debris.

Product Specs

Material Plastic
Pole included No
Weight 5.6 ounces
Net width 16.3 inches
Special Features Straight sides for collecting debris on bottom/side of pool

7. EpoArtist Leaf Skimmer Pool Rake

Best Long Pool Leaf Rake

Not everybody wants to make two separate purchases: a pool leaf rake and a pole. You’re in luck here, because this leaf skimmer from EpoArtist comes with a pole included. And it’s very long, so it’s great for larger pools.

The pole extends up to five feet making it very practical for most pools. You can reach the bottom of your pool, as well as the middle. If you don’t want to take advantage of that full length, then you can simply remove one of the pole pieces to shorten it.

This is a leaf skimmer, rather than a deep basket, so it’s great for quickly cleaning up the surface of your pool. But you can also use it for spas, hot tubs, kiddie pools, ponds, and more, making it a very versatile purchase.

We also think you’ll love that the netting is extra fine, so you can collect big debris like leaves and tiny debris, like dead bugs.


  • The antimicrobial plastic frame is safe to use.
  • Telescoping pole included.
  • Ultrafine mesh for collecting small debris.
  • Quickly cleans surface-level debris.


  • Not deep enough for large amounts of debris.
  • Some customers found it a bit flimsy.

Product Specs

Material Plastic
Pole included Yes — 5 feet long
Weight Not specified (head is 5.6 ounces)
Net width 11.8 inches
Special Features Fine mesh for picking up small dirt

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Material Pole included Weight Net width
ProTuff Pro Grade Skimmer Rake Best Durable Pool Leaf Rake Aluminum alloy & plastic No 1.25 lbs 19.5″
Milliard Pool Skimmer Leaf Net Best Gentle Pool Leaf Rake ABS plastic No 1.25 lbs 17″
AnSun Pool Skimmer Net Best Easy-to-Use Pool Leaf Rake ABS plastic No 1.1 lbs 20″
POOLWHALE Pool Leaf Rake Best With High Weight Capacity Aluminum No 14.4 oz 19″
Evob Leaf Skimmer Best Cheap Pool Leaf Rake Plastic No 4.2 oz 10.4″
Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Rake Best Lightweight Pool Leaf Rake Plastic No 5.6 oz 16.3″
EpoArtist Leaf Skimmer Pool Rake Best Long Pool Leaf Rake Plastic Yes N/A 11.8″

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

When shopping, any old pool rake won’t suit everyone’s needs. We recommend considering these important details to ensure you find one that is right for you.


It’s important to assess the durability of the pool rake. The best way to do that is to consider the material used to make it. Plastic pool rakes are lightweight and affordable, but metal ones are often more durable and longer-lasting. If you can afford it, we recommend going for a metal pool rake simply for durability purposes.

That being said, there are some awesome heavy-duty plastic options on the market. However, they are still a bit more expensive.

Handle Length

Unfortunately, most pool leaf rakes do not come with a handle. It’s most likely that you will need to buy the pole handle separately. That being said, some do come with a handle and you should definitely take note of the length. Most pool handles are between 3-5 feet. If you have a larger pool, you’ll benefit from a longer handle.

Shopping Tip

If your pool leaf rake requires a separate handle purchase, also make sure to consider the length. But you must also check the compatibility of the handle with the pool rake. The manufacturer of the pool leaf rake will tell you what size handles the product is compatible with.


Pool leaf rakes come in a range of prices from under $10 all the way up to about $40 for a more heavy-duty option. Consider your budget and stick to it; you’ll definitely find something that meets your needs!


Some customers prefer something lightweight so it’s easier to use. Other customers prefer something a bit heavier that feels more robust and durable. If you opt for plastic, you’re going to find lighter pool leaf rake heads — roughly under one pound. If you choose a metal option, the weight usually falls just over one pound.

Ease of Use

Last but not least, consider how easy it is to use the pool leaf rake. Important features to consider include a quick-connect tip, for example, which allows you to quickly connect and disconnect it from the pole.

You may also like the rounded edges that are gentle along pool liners to prevent snagging and scratching.

Some pool leaf rakes have an angled tip which helps to allow more debris in, especially from the bottom of the pool.

FAQs About Pool Leaf Rakes

How Do You Pick Up Leaves From the Bottom of a Pool?

With a pool leaf rake, you will firstly need a long pole that reaches the bottom of the pool. A telescoping pole is a good idea since you can adjust the height.

It helps to also get a pool leaf rake with a front lip that’s slightly flat, so you can sort of shovel the leaves into the net. It might take a bit of practice but a good pool leaf rake and pole combo should do the trick.

Is a Pool Leaf Rake the Same As a Skimmer?

They are both referred to as pool leaf rake. A skimmer falls into that category as one type of pool leaf rake. Generally, there are two types: a skimmer and a deep net. The deep net rakes are better for capturing more debris in deeper pools. A skimmer is generally used for sweeping across the pool’s surface.

How Do You Use a Pool Leaf Rake?

First, decide whether you want to attach it to a pole or use it by itself. If used by itself, you may have to get in the water if you don’t have a small pool or tub where you can reach the middle.

Then, sweep in slow horizontal motions from one end of the pool to the other. Repeat each time, going deeper into the water to ensure you get the debris at the bottom.

Do the same motion going from one side of the pool to the other. Repeat in the deeper water.

Continue doing this until all debris has been lifted out. Depending on the size of your pool, this can take a few minutes or up to an hour.

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