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Best Brush Cutters of 2023

Keep calm and brush cut on.

Sometimes a string trimmer just doesn’t cut it. Literally. A brush cutter can do what a string trimmer can’t, getting through stubborn, thick, tall, and overgrown weeds; brambles; grass; and more.

However, shopping for a brush cutter can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to using this powerful tool.

We’ve done the research, so you don’t need to. After studying what real customers are saying, expert advice, and applying our own insight, we’ve got a list of 10 of the best brush cutters to share.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Weed Eater String Trimmer, 58cc Cordless Grass Gas Powered Weed Wacker 4-in-1 Straight Shaft String Trimmer Brush Cutter with 4 Detachable Head
Best Gas Brush Cutter
Coocheer 4-in-1 Brush Cutter
  • 58cc power and 7000 reps per minute
  • Build of the machine puts you in control
  • Has a quick start operation

No products found.

Most Powerful Brush Cutter
Echo 30.5 cc Brush Cutter
  • Easy start with just three pulls
  • Equipped with flex cable drive
  • Convert to brush saw blade
Product Image of the PowerSmart String Trimmer & Edger, 2 Stroke Weed Wacker with Straight Shaft, 25.4CC Gas Powered Weed Eater with 16' Cutting Path, 2 in 1 Brush Cutter with 10' Blade, Edger Lawn Tool for Yard, Garden
Best Handheld Brush Cutter
PowerSmart Brush Cutter and String Trimmer
  • Has a removable baffle
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Easy storage and has adjustable handle
Product Image of the DR Field and Brush Mower
Best Walk-Behind Brush Cutter
DR Field and Brush Mower
  • Generous cutting capacity
  • Comes with Briggs & Stratton engine
  • More flexible pivoting deck
Product Image of the Ryobi Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter
Best Attachment-Friendly Brush Cutter
Ryobi Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter
  • Sharp, durable, and reversible blade
  • Zip start carburetor for easy starting
  • Straight shaft for more flexible reach
Product Image of the DEWALT Gas Brushcutter with Attachment Capability
Best Versatile Brush Cutter
DEWALT Gas Brushcutter with Attachment Capability
  • Good for personal and professional use
  • Handy shaft with extension pole
  • Ergonomic grips on the handle
Product Image of the 4-Stroke Brush Cutter - 25.4 cc.
Best Durable Brush Cutter
Makita 4-Stroke Brush Cutter
  • Multi-position lubrication system
  • Automatic engine decompression
  • Dual stage air filter
Product Image of the Badger Gas Trimmer with Brush Cutter Blade
Best Budget Brush Cutter
Badger Gas Trimmer with Brush Cutter Blade
  • Trimmer and brush cutter combo
  • Full-crank engine for quick start up
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
Product Image of the Airbike Brush Cutter Weed Wacker Weed Eater Edger Lawn Tool (Upgraded Version), for Lawn, Yard, Garden, Shrub Trimming and Pruning w/Battery (Green Trimmers(21V) + 1 Battery)
Best Electric Brush Cutter
Airbike Electric Brush Cutter Grass
  • 450-watt brushless motor
  • Incredible user-friendly design
  • Stainless steel 304 blades
Product Image of the Troy-Bilt Gas Attachment Capable Brushcutter
Best Wide Brush Cutter
Troy-Bilt Gas Attachment Capable Brushcutter
  • Starts up quickly and easily
  • Adjustable cutting widths
  • Ergonomic and comfortable

The Best Brush Cutters of 2023

Here are 10 of the best brush cutters on the market.

1. Coocheer 4-in-1 Brush Cutter

Best Gas Brush Cutter

This gas brush cutter ranks super high in power and versatility. First of all, it has a 58cc engine, one of the most powerful on the market.

It’s also a 4-in-1 tool with the ability to handle a variety of tasks. It comes with two dual-line bump feed heads for general string trimming. Then it also comes with a brush cutter blade and a circular saw blade to tackle various cutting tasks.

This includes trimming weeds, grass, shrubs, thick vegetation, bush and more.

What We Like

7000 RPM Engine

This engine is one of the most powerful. With 58cc power and 7000 reps per minute, this tool can help you do heavy-duty jobs in much less time. So if you want to get through yard work much more quickly, this tool can provide that for you.

You’re in Control

This was designed with you in mind. The build of this machine puts you in control, making sure that it’s easy to use and maneuver. This is down, first of all, to the U-shaped handle and slip-free grip. But it also comes with a shoulder strap, so you can balance and maneuver the machine super easily.

Easy Start

Get this up and running in no time. It has a quick start operation that allows you to pull start the machine with less resistance than its competitors. It also has an extra start rope and spark plug in case yours wears down.

What We Don't Like

Power Too High

For some folks, you may find the power is actually too high. This is more than double the average CC power on brush cutters. Some people found that it was more than necessary and created a mess. Do be careful because this high-power engine is more likely to throw the debris out around you.

Product Specs

Type Gas handheld
Dimensions 10.24 x 25.59 x 72.83 inches
Weight Not specified
Cutting Width 18 inches
Blades Brush cutter and circular saw blade

2. Echo 30.5 cc Brush Cutter

Most Powerful Brush Cutter

The Echo brush cutter is one of the most powerful on the market. Not quite the same level as the Coocheer at 58cc, but many people will prefer the Echo since the power is more contained and easy to manage. It has a 30.5cc 2-stroke engine which is powerful, reliable, and performative.

What We Like

Easy Starting

Customers love how easy this is to start with just three pulls. It has a bellow-type intake which makes it easier to re-start when you need it.

Flex Cable Drive

The flex cable drive ensures that this brush cutter has incredible performance for cutting through your yard. But it also ensures low vibrations so you can use it for long periods of time without tiring.

Convert to Brush Saw Blade

When you need extra power, this converts to a 25mm saw blade. This is suitable for stubborn and more dense weeds, saplings, and growth in and around your yard.

What We Don't Like

High Price Point

Being about four times the price of the average brush cutter, this is a big investment. It may not be suitable for all budgets.

Includes Plastic Blade

This does come with a plastic blade as well as the circular saw blade. You may not find the plastic blade has the right power and durability that you’re looking for.

Product Specs

Type Gas handheld
Dimensions 71.2 x 20 x 27 inches
Weight 14.8 pounds
Cutting Width Up to 20 inches
Blades Plastic brush cutter and circular saw blade

3. PowerSmart Brush Cutter and String Trimmer

Best Handheld Brush Cutter

This handheld brushcutter also doubles as a string trimmer. Both are completely cordless due to being gas, which provides you with incredible power. Plus, being a 2-in-1 tool, you get versatility as well.

As a string trimmer, this comes with a 0.09-inch trimmer line. The brush cutter blade is 10 inches. You can convert from trimmer to brush cutter easily, making this a great compact tool to have for trimming edges and detailing around flower beds, patios, bushes, and more.

What We Like

Limited Debris

This machine comes with some cool safety features. It has a removable baffle that prevents debris from flying up. This ensures that you, and those around you, are safe while you operate this machine.

As for replacing the string, it’s safe and easy. Simply load it up into the trimmer head.

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

Being cordless, this is already easy to use. Many string trimmers are corded electric, ensuring there are no cords or wires to trip over. This also comes with a shock-absorbing design so that you can use it for longer without fatigue.

It also has an adjustable handle so you can suit it to your specific height. We also love the translucent gas tank so you can see when you need to top it up.

Easy Storage

With most parts being removable, it’s easy to store this even if you’re tight on space. Also, the handle is adjustable, so you can lower it if you need to.

What We Don't Like

Poor Instruction Manual

Unfortunately, the instruction manual for this product isn’t the most comprehensive or reliable. Some customers had issues figuring out all the details of this machine.

Heavy at 19 Pounds

This is one of the heavier brush cutters available. You may find it hard to lift and transport if you’re not super strong. It does come with a shoulder strap which definitely helps. But it’s worth pointing out the weight.

Product Specs

Type Gas handheld
Dimensions 44.9 x 10.6 x 10.4 inches
Weight 19.06 pounds
Cutting Width 10 inches
Blades Metal brush blade

4. DR Field and Brush Mower

Best Walk-Behind Brush Cutter

For a heavy-duty walk-behind brush cutter, we think you’ll like the sound of the DR Pro 26 option. It is a beast of a machine with 10.5 horsepower to cut through thick and stubborn grass, brush, and saplings up to 2 inches thick.

It’s also compatible with all DR attachments, making this a super versatile and worthwhile purchase.

What We Like

Generous Cutting Capacity

What exactly can this machine handle? Well, it has a 26-inch cutting width suitable for weeds and brush up to eight inches tall, saplings up to two inches thick and grass up to four inches tall.

Durable and Powerful Engine

On such an expensive machine, it’s important to check that it’s powerful and durable. This comes with a state-of-the-art Briggs & Stratton engine which features a 344cc overhead valve engine. This is protected by a cast-iron cylinder sleeve to ensure that your machine is protected throughout various elements over time.

Pivoting Deck

As you work, enjoy the pivoting deck, which clears the path as you go while ensuring great maneuverability. It’s more flexible than the competitors on the market. It will move from side to side, even over rough terrain, which ensures good traction and smoothness as you move.

What We Don't Like

Heavy and Cumbersome

At 268 pounds, this isn’t your average lightweight handheld brush cutter. This is a seriously heavy machine that some may struggle to push and maneuver around.

Hard to Change Gears

This has three different speed options, but some customers found it challenging to change gears. It’s hard to check which gear the machine is in. others found that some gears provided a really horrible screeching noise.

Product Specs

Type Walk-behind
Dimensions 80.5 x 30.25 x 48.2 inches
Weight 268 pounds
Cutting Width 26 inches
Blades Thick cast iron with double-sealed bearings

5. Ryobi Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter

Best Attachment-Friendly Brush Cutter

Ryobi products are awesome because most are attachment-friendly, including this brush cutter! It works with Ryobi Expand-It universal attachments so you can experience a more versatile and flexible tool. Such attachments include a tiller, blower, or an edger.

This allows you to use one tool as the body with the flexibility to switch it up depending on the task at hand. Best of all, perhaps, you save money since you don’t need to buy a huge variety of tools.

What We Like

Sharp and Durable Blade

The cool thing about this blade is that it’s reversible. So if it starts to dull on one side, you can reverse it and use a fresh side. The steel blade is super sharp, too. It’s great for thick and stubborn weeds and brush.

Zip Start Carburetor

Get this machine up and running in no time with the zip start carburetor. This allows for easy starting. Less hassle, less stress, and less time wasted.

Straight Shaft

You may love the straight shaft on this machine which allows you to be more flexible with where you take it. It’s easier to navigate around and under obstacles thanks to the machine’s extended reach.

What We Don't Like

Loose Handle

It’s very annoying that the wing nut on the handle is made of plastic. This doesn’t allow it to get fully tight. Therefore, the handle is always kind of loose. However, you can replace the nut yourself with a metal one which will keep it in place.

Product Specs

Type Gas handheld
Dimensions 11 x 10 x 60 inches
Weight 17.18 pounds
Cutting Width 8 inches
Blades Tri-arc reversible steel

6. DEWALT Gas Brushcutter with Attachment Capability

Best Versatile Brush Cutter

Do you want a brush cutter that can do more? Then we think you’ll love the DEWALT gas brush cutter. It’s attachment friendly with interchangeable TrimmerPlus and Expand-It attachments which can be purchased separately.

Having an attachment-friendly tool such as this improves versatility. It’s nice having one tool body that you can use for a variety of tools. It saves both money and space.

What We Like

Good for Personal and Professional Use

This is a suitable choice whether you’re using this around your home yard or for work purposes. It has a commercial-grade engine with a full-crank that makes getting through tough weeds, grass, and other growth easier.

Handy Shaft

With a straight shaft, this allows you to get into hard-to-reach places without stress and fatigue. The shaft also comes with an extension pole which allows you to reach up to 12 feet. So if you want to cut through higher growth and branches, this is the tool to consider.

Ergonomic Handle

This tool is easy to maneuver and operate. Thanks to the ergonomic over-mold grips on the handle, you can keep a good grip even when using this for a long time. This also comes with a shoulder strap for your comfort and control.

What We Don't Like

125-Hour Engine

Keep in mind that the engine has been approved for 125 hours. That’s the expected lifespan of the engine. If you’re going to be using this for work, you will get through those hours pretty quickly. It also has a three-year warranty, so be sure to contact the manufacturer if your product starts to wear and tear within that time period anyway.

Narrow Cutting Width

The average cutting width usually sits between 8-18 inches. This one is only 5 inches. Being very narrow, it may take longer to get around your yard when using this compared to other options.

Product Specs

Type Gas handheld
Dimensions 11.5 x 10.5 x 60 inches
Weight 13.5 pounds
Cutting Width 8 inches
Blades Metal brush blade

7. Makita 4-Stroke Brush Cutter

Best Durable Brush Cutter

Customers and experts love the Makita brush cutter, especially when looking for a durable choice of tool. This is suited for heavy-duty use over a long period of time.

It’s made with high-quality design features and materials. As a leader in the power tool industry, Makita designs and builds incredible tools with long life and great service.

For instance, this has a lubrication system, a commercial level air filter, and a steel drive shaft, all of which contribute to durability.

What We Like

Multi-Position Lubrication System

This unique feature allows you to incline the engine to any angle. This lets you continuously use the machine easily without interruption.

Mechanism Automatic Engine Decompression

This is a big fancy way of saying that this was designed with an easy start in mind. So if you’re sick of it taking longer to start your gas power tool than you’ll even be using it, then this might tick your boxes.

Dual Stage Air Filter

This was built with a commercial-level dual-stage air filter. This is high-quality and expands the life of the machine. It has large sealing areas, too. If in the rare case, it breaks, then it’s fully replaceable, too.

What We Don't Like

Expensive Option

This is actually one of the most expensive handheld brush cutters on the market. Coming in at about three times the price of the average option, this is a bit too extravagantly priced for most budgets.

Product Specs

Type Gas handheld
Dimensions 72 x 10.25 x 11.25 inches
Weight 12.1 pounds
Cutting Width 9 inches
Blades Steel

8. Badger Gas Trimmer with Brush Cutter Blade

Best Budget Brush Cutter

This is one of the most affordable brush cutters on the market. So if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to break the bank — but is still good quality — we can recommend this.

It is a 26cc gas brush cutter that also doubles as a powerful grass trimmer. It also has a six-year warranty, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth, especially for an affordable option.

Something To Note

The warranty for commercial use is three years. So if you’re using this for work, it’s a bit less but still long compared to other options.

What We Like

Trimmer and Brush Cutter Combo

For the money, getting two tools in one here is absolutely phenomenal. This doubles as a grass trimmer and a brush cutter. So you can use it for detailing along garden edges as a string trimmer. But get to town on thicker grass, weeds, and brush by using the brush cutter head instead.

Full-Crank Engine

We love the full-crank engine on this machine. It lets you start the machine up quickly and easily. It also reduces emissions and makes the machine more fuel-efficient. This also comes with a vented aluminum casing to minimize vibrations and increase comfort.

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

We think you’ll love the ergonomic handle that’s covered with a soft grip for your comfort and ease of use. The handle also features the trigger set, so it’s within reach while you work. This is also a lightweight and compact machine that only weighs 11 pounds. So maneuvering it around your yard is much easier than some of the competitors.

What We Don't Like

Tricky Installation and Set-Up

Some customers found the instruction manual to be poorly written. It was difficult to install the machine and get to grips with all the different elements. A better instruction manual is definitely in order.

Cheap Design

With this being a budget-friendly option, the construction isn’t the most strong or durable. A few customers found that this started to wear and tear after a few weeks.

Product Specs

Type Gas handheld
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 57 inches
Weight 11 pounds
Cutting Width 17 inches
Blades Steel

9. Airbike Electric Brush Cutter Grass

Best Electric Brush Cutter

This electric brush cutter is a stellar choice for those wanting to forgo the gas options and the hazardous fumes that come with them.

This trimmer from Airbike is 21 volts which is nice and powerful. The strong, high-performance battery lasts for one hour, so you can get around the areas you need before the battery needs to be recharged.

Manufacture Tip

Don’t let the battery die completely. Recharging before it’s fully drained can prolong the battery life.

What We Like

450-Watt Brushless Motor

Despite being electric, this still has awesome power. It’s fully equipped with a 450-watt pure copper brushless motor which provides durable and impressive power with such a lightweight machine.

Incredible User-Friendly Design

The design of this tool was well thought out. Firstly, it has a telescoping handle that extends from 35.4 to 47.2 inches. This suits a range of different heights.

It also comes with buttons on the handle that are easy for you to reach while you work. You’ll also love the rotating baffle design, which prevents splashing and debris from throwing around while you work.

Lastly, you can adjust the angle of the brush cutter head to suit your working environment best.

Stainless Steel 304 Blades

This comes with two stainless steel 304 blades. They are versatile, allowing you to trim weeds, shrubs, and lawns with them. It also comes with a manganese steel circular saw blade for thicker shrubs and branches.

What We Don't Like

Battery Not Very Durable

While the battery life is long and suitable, the battery itself may not last the test of time. A few customers found that after a few uses, the battery was completely dud.

Narrow Cutting Width

The average cutting width usually sits between 8-18 inches. This one is only five inches. Because it’s so narrow, it may take longer to get around your yard when using this compared to other options.

Product Specs

Type Electric handheld
Dimensions 33.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
Weight 5.44 pounds
Cutting Width 5 inches
Blades Stainless steel brush cutter and circular saw

10. Troy-Bilt Gas Attachment Capable Brushcutter

Best Wide Brush Cutter

If the average 8-10-inch cutting paths aren’t quite hitting the spot for you, then check out this brushcutter. It comes with an 18-inch cutting diameter which will cut through grass, weeds, and other growth quicker for you.

As well as the wide cutting path, this also comes with a string trimmer head making it a versatile tool. Not only that, it’s compatible with interchangeable TrimmerPlus and Expand-It attachments.

What We Like

Quick Easy Start

Designed with SpringAssist technology and Prime, Flip and Go mechanisms, you can start this brushcutter up quickly and easily. This makes it easier to pull-to-start as well as features a quick two-step starting program. Get to work in no time with this tool.

Adjustable Cutting Widths

As mentioned, this comes with an 18-inch cutting path. But if ever that’s too wide for you, you can adjust it from 14 inches, too. This allows flexibility when dealing with the task at hand.

Ergonomic and Comfortable

We think you’ll find this tool quite easy to use. It has a full-crank engine which reduces vibrations. It also has a straight shaft that allows you to navigate obstacles such as fence posts and bushes easily. Plus, it has a J-handle which makes this comfortable for both left- and right-handed users. Last but not least, enjoy the comfortable shoulder strap.

What We Don't Like

Lacking Sharpness

Some customers found that this struggled to cut through thicker growth such as vines. The power and sharpness of the blades are perhaps a bit lacking.

Product Specs

Type Gas handheld
Dimensions 62.5 x 18 x 60 inches
Weight 13.5 pounds
Cutting Width 18 inches
Blades 4-tooth steel brush blade

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type Dimensions Weight Cutting Width Blades
Coocheer 4-in-1 Brush Cutter Gas Brush Cutter Gas handheld 10.24 x 25.59 x 72.83 inches Not specified 18 inches Brush cutter, circular saw blade
Echo 30.5 cc Brush Cutter Powerful Brush Cutter Gas handheld 71.2 x 20 x 27 inches 14.8 pounds Up to 20 inches Plastic brush cutter, circular saw blade
PowerSmart Brush Cutter and String Trimmer Handheld Brush Cutter Gas handheld 44.9 x 10.6 x 10.4 inches 19.06 pounds 10 inches Metal brush blade
DR Field and Brush Mower Walk-Behind Brush Cutter Walk-behind 80.5 x 30.25 x 48.2 inches 268 pounds 26 inches Thick cast iron, double-sealed
Ryobi Full Crank Gas Brush Cutter Attachment-Friendly Brush Cutter Gas handheld 11 x 10 x 60 inches 17.18 pounds 8 inches Tri-arc reversible steel
DEWALT Gas Brushcutter with Attachment Capability Versatile Brush Cutter Gas handheld 11.5 x 10.5 x 60 inches 13.5 pounds 8 inches Metal brush blade
Makita 4-Stroke Brush Cutter Durable Brush Cutter Gas handheld 72 x 10.25 x 11.25 inches 12.1 pounds 9 inches Steel
Badger Gas Trimmer with Brush Cutter Blade Budget Brush Cutter Gas handheld 10 x 8 x 57 inches 11 pounds 17 inches Steel
Airbike Electric Brush Cutter Grass Electric Brush Cutter Electric handheld 33.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches 5.44 pounds 5 inches Stainless steel brush cutter, circular saw
Troy-Bilt Gas Attachment Capable Brushcutter Wide Brush Cutter Gas handheld 62.5 x 18 x 60 inches 13.5 pounds 18 inches 4-tooth steel brush blade

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

While we back all of these brush cutters, it’s down to personal preference which is best for you particularly. Check out these important details to decide which brush cutter to go for.


There are three main types of brush cutters: handheld, walk-behind, and tow-behind.

  • Handheld brush cutters: are the most common and suitable. They are similar to string trimmers in that they have a long shaft and can be easily transported around.
  • Walk-behind brush cutters: are much larger and bulkier. The power behind them gets through super thick brush and grass. They are designed to be a bit like operating a lawnmower. However, keep in mind that these tools are extremely expensive compared to handheld cutters.
  • Tow-behind brush cutters: allow you to attach to a vehicle, such as a tractor. These are suitable for farmers and other folks with large areas of land.

Gas vs Electric

You’ll find both gas and electric brush cutters available. Gas is much more popular, and there’s a lot more variety within this area. Electric brush cutters aren’t as readily available, but we have a few options to explore. They’re better if you want something eco-friendly, but gas options are more powerful.


Check out the dimensions of the brush cutter to ensure that it will be comfortable to hold. You want something that will suit your height, so take a look at the shaft length. Another important detail is the width size, which we’ll look at next.

What Size Brush Cutter Do I Need?

This fully depends on your height and build. Make sure the dimensions are going to be suitable for your body.

Cutting Width

The cutting width on a brush cutter ranges from about 8-18 inches. The wider this is, the more it can cut per pass. We recommend going for a wider option if you have a larger yard as this will save you time.

Shaft Style

When it comes to shaft style, first check the material. Most are made with stainless steel, which is durable and rust-resistant. Other types of metals are available, which is suitable, too. Plastic options are not going to be as durable.

You should also consider the style, whether it’s curved or straight. Curved shafts provide balance and comfort since it’s more ergonomic. Others prefer straight shafts as they may be easier to operate. Plus, they often offer a telescoping length to suit your specific height.

Blade Material

Now let’s talk about the blade, one of the most important aspects of the tool. The blade material is going to make or break how durable and performative the brush cutter is.

We recommend looking for a metallic blade. Stainless steel will be one of the best since it’s durable, retentive, and rust-resistant.

Some come with a variety of blades, including both metal and plastic. Plastic blades are good for weed cutting, but for pruning and sharp cuts — always make sure you have a metal blade to hand.

What Are the Different Brush Cutter Blades For?

There are four main types of brush cutter heads:

  1. Knife blades: These are very common and have a sharpened edge for cutting weeds. They are also suitable for general brush cutting. You should definitely have these as your basic brush cutter head.
  2. Chisel knives: These are smaller and more powerful than knife blades. They come in both circular saw and chainsaw types. For heavier brush and sapling, these are good blades.
  3. Smasher blades: These quite literally smash through vegetation. They’re very thin and quick and can get the job done super effectively, especially on things like tall, dense grass. Do not use these on heavy growth or wood.
  4. Mulching blades: These are similar to knife blades, but the tips bend at about a 90-degree angle for grinding up branches, leaves, and weeds.

Top Tip

Purchase a couple of different blades for the various tasks at hand. It’s also a good idea to have backup blades for when the blades do wear and tear.


Some brush cutters can do more than just their name suggests. For instance, there are a few options that double as a string trimmer. Another example of versatility is that it’s compatible with different attachments. This lets you use one body for a variety of jobs, which saves money and storage space.

Ease of Use

You want something that’s going to be pleasant to use. So, consider the weight and maneuverability. Don’t choose something that’s going to be too heavy.

Also, consider the comfort of the tool. Does it come with a strap or harness so you can bring it with you easily?

Lastly, consider various features that make it easy to use. Does it have a quick startup mechanism? Are the blades sharp and suited to your needs? Does it have good power behind it?

Try This

Check out the customer reviews to see what others say about how easy the product is to use. It’s best to examine what real users say about the product before making your own purchase.

Motor Power

As briefly mentioned, a powerful tool will be a bit easier to use since it will be more effective at the task at hand. The motor power on brush cutters is measured in cubic centimeters, otherwise known as CC, which measures the engine power. The higher this number, the more powerful the tool.

Most brush cutters have a CC measurement between 20-26, but some go higher up to 58cc. However, you don’t necessarily need one that is powerful. Anything between 20-26 will be great.


Finally, consider your budget. Most brush cutters cost between $150-$200. But many options are more expensive than that, with lots sitting around the $350 mark. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a quality option. Whatever your budget is, stick to it, and we’re sure you’ll find something awesome.

How to Maintain a Brush Cutter

With any big investment, it’s important to maintain it well so it lasts for longer and you get your money’s worth. Here are some top tips for maintaining your brush cutter’s condition.

  • With 2-stroke models, make sure to add oil to the gas. With 4-stroke models, you won’t need to add oil to the gas. Always check with the manufacturer before doing either, just in case their instructions differ.
  • Always drain the fuel tank if you’re going to be storing it for a while. If you don’t do this, the additives in the gas can separate, which will result in the machine needing a service.
  • Always check the maximum cutting diameter of the blade. Usually, this is 2 inches. Whatever the maximum is, do not cut objects and obstacles bigger than this, or you could damage the blade.
  • You will need to sharpen the cutter blades from time to time. Use an angle grinder or bench grinder to do this. Make sure to sharpen both sides of the blade.

FAQs About Brush Cutters

Are Brush Cutters Dangerous?

All power tools carry a degree of danger. These are powerful and more impactful than string trimmers. The blades can cause injuries and cuts if you aren’t careful. They can also throw up objects, and the debris can cause injury. To be safe, make sure to wear safety gear such as safeguard shoes, gloves, and eye protection.

What’s the Difference Between a Trimmer and a Brush Cutter?

The main difference is that brush cutters are just more powerful. They can get through wood, dense growth, and other stubborn areas, whereas a string trimmer is designed for grassy areas and weeds.

Another difference is that string trimmers use a nylon cord, whereas brush cutters use blades. This makes it more powerful and effective at getting through stubborn areas.

Last but not least, brush cutters are heavier, so they may be more difficult to use. But most come with a strap or harness to increase maneuverability.

Is it Worth Buying a Brush Cutter?

It is worth buying a brush cutter if you have a patch of thick bushes and brambles. A brush cutter makes light work of it and makes it easier to keep it under control.

Which is Better: a 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Brush Cutter?

Knowing which is better between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke brush cutter depends on preference. A 2-stroke cutter is more powerful and reliable because it has fewer moving parts, but a 4-stroke model uses less fuel.

How Long Should a Brush Cutter Last?

A brush cutter should last two or three years, although this depends on the make and model. Gas-powered brush cutters are far more robust than their electric counterparts.

What Oil Does a Brush Cutter Use?

Knowing what oil a brush cutter uses depends on the engine. Use a two-stroke oil for two-stroke engines and a standard four-stroke oil for four-stroke engines.

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Beth McCallum is a freelance writer & book blogger with a degree in creative writing, journalism, and English literature. Beth firmly believes that a tidy house is a tidy mind. She is always looking for new ways to sustainably clean and tidy her house, that's kind on the environment but effective in the house, too!