Best Leaf Rakes of 2021

Great tools for cleaning up your yard quickly. 

Anyone who has lived with a leaf-heavy yard may be familiar with the pain of a flimsy leaf rake that breaks under the slightest amount of pressure. Maybe that’s your issue, too.

If you’re looking for one of the best leaf rakes available, we’ve spent hours researching real customer reviews and expert advice. These rakes will be getting leaves together for a long time while being easy on your back.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake
Best Extendable Leaf Rake
Gardenite Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake
  • 63-inch long handle
  • Rust-resistant handle
  • Sturdy design
Product Image of the ERGIESHOVEL ERG-LFRK24 Strain Reducing 54-Inch Shaft, 24 Steel Teeth Leaf Rake, Gray/Orange
Best Ergonomic Handle
Ergie Systems ERG-LFRK24 Leaf Rake
  • 24 two-inch teeth
  • Simple storage
  • Reduces back pain
Product Image of the Bully Tools 92312 Leaf and Thatching Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 24 Spring Steel Tines
Best Durable Leaf Rake
Bully Tools Leaf and Thatching Rake
  • Made in america
  • High-quality materials
  • Good for heavy duty work
Product Image of the Emsco Group 9049 Rake
Best Leaf Rake for Kids
Emsco Group Rake
  • Children-safe design
  • Rust-proof plastic
  • Fully functional
Product Image of the Yangbaga Rakes for Lawns Leaf Rake, 30.7”-50”Adjustable Garden Rake 8.7' Wide Lightweight Steel Handle,Plastic Head, for Gardeners,Kids Leaf Rake,Camp Rake Garden Digging Gloves (Green)
Best Budget Leaf Rake
Yangbaga Lawn Leaf Rake
  • High-quality metal construction
  • 30-51 inch handle
  • Easy installation & transport
Product Image of the Homimp Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake,34' - 55' Adjustable Lightweight Aluminum Handle 11 Tines Shrub Rake,8' Inch Wide (Green),for Gardeners,Kids Leaf Rake,Detachable Garden Rake,Easy to Carry
Best Lightweight Leaf Rake
HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake
  • Retractable buttons for adjusting length
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Multi-purpose rake
Product Image of the Jardineer 63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake Leaf, Collect Loose Debris Among Delicate Plants, Lawns and Yards, Expandable Head from 7 inch to 23 inch. Ideal Garden Rake Tools
Best Long Leaf Rake
Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake Leaf
  • 23-inch wide head
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Can be used all around the garden

What Type of Rake is Best for Leaves?

There are lots of different kinds of rakes available: leaf rakes, bow rakes, shrub rake, garden rake, and many more. Two common types that people are torn between when choosing how to clean up their leaves are the leaf rakes and bow rakes.

While you can clean up leaves with a bow rake, these are actually designed for leveling grounds, dirt, sand, and other materials. They’re built for heavier objects, so they can be a bit difficult for raking leaves. Plus, the tines are shorter and thicker than a leaf rake, leaving lots of space for leaves to escape as you rake.

The bottom line is for raking leaves, definitely choose a leaf rake. Use your bow rake for other garden jobs.

How to Choose the Best Leaf Rake

Each leaf rake differs slightly. Here are some key details to consider to find the best one for you.


First, look at the tines. You’ll notice that some use different materials. You’ll find both plastic and metal. Plastic is cheaper, easier to clean, and lighter. However, metal is a bit more durable and heavy-duty if you’re going to be raking big piles of leaves.

You’ll also find expandable tines which are great for getting into tighter corners. These go down to a really narrow size so you can squeeze between objects to get hidden leaves.

Also, consider the width of the tines. This includes the entire width from side to side, but also how much space is in between the tines. You don’t want the gaps to be too wide otherwise lots of leaves will escape.


Handle material varies in the leaf rake department. You’ll find metal handles that are durable and heavy-duty.

Plastic handles are easy to clean, lightweight, and generally make the overall price cheaper. You’ll also find wooden handles which are more eco-friendly, but they can mold over easily if you leave them outside.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred handle material, you should also consider if it’s extendable. Extendable handles are great for getting the whole family involved in raking. You can easily change the height depending on who’s raking.

Last but not least, consider any other handle features. Is it ergonomic? Does it have an extra handle for balance? Does it have a cushioned grip somewhere for maximum comfort?


Leaf rakes generally range from about one to five pounds, so they’re not heavy. However, some customers prefer the lighter ones as it makes the whole job easier. Others prefer heavier ones as it feels more sturdy.

Top Tip

Choosing a lightweight option is better for kids. If you want your children to help out with yard work, choosing a lighter option will motivate them to do yard work since they won’t be uncomfortable.


Generally, yard rakes range from $20 to $40. You can find some cheaper, and some more expensive. Choose a price range and stick to it. We promise you’ll find something worth the money!

The Best Leaf Rakes of 2021

Here’s a list of the seven best leaf rakes for cleaning up your yard.

Gardenite Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Best Extendable Leaf Rake

Flexibility is a must-have for many customers. You can’t beat this leaf rake head from Gardenite.

It expands from seven inches wide to 22 inches wide. This makes it perfect for squeezing into tight spaces and under furniture to get every last leaf.

It also opens up wide for when you’re raking in open spaces.

Why We Love It

63-Inch Long Handle

If you’re tall, you’ll be familiar with the struggle of finding tools that make the chore comfortable. Thankfully, this has a 63-inch long handle, which is generous compared to other models. Tall people, relax. This will make it easier than ever to rake.

Rust-Resistant Handle

The handle on this is made of zinc-plated steel. This is specially designed to prevent rust, which means that even if you leave it outside overnight on a rainy evening, the handle will maintain its original beauty.

Sturdy Design

Customers love how sturdy the build of this rake is. Made of metal, it’s more durable than plastic rakes. It also weighs 4.4 pounds which is both lightweight but heavy-duty.

Keep In Mind

Not Suitable for Various Terrains

Using this in your backyard is totally fine, but some customers struggled to rake leaves off of other surfaces. If you have leaves on your driveway or patio, it doesn’t work that well. And it gives off a horrible screechy noise.

Additional Specs

Handle Length 63 inches
Tine Features Expandable
Handle Material Metal
Weight 4.4 pounds
Tine Width 7 to 22 inches

Ergie Systems ERG-LFRK24 Leaf Rake

Best Ergonomic Handle

Make raking even easier with this leaf rake thanks to the ergonomic handle and double grip.

The added handle provides extra leverage and security. This takes off some of the strain so you can rake for longer without getting uncomfortable.

It can also reduce aches and pains that you might usually experience when raking. Not only that, but the top of the handle has a nice cushioned grip for extra comfort.

Why We Love It

24 Two-Inch Teeth

Rake more leaves with every pull. The 24 two-inch tines make it easier to collect more leaves and debris with each stroke. You can rake quickly and get back to a lovely Saturday afternoon in front of your TV.

Simple Storage

The rake splits up into four smaller pieces so you can store it easily. Even if you don’t have a ton of space, you should be able to make room for this somewhere.

Reduces Back Pain

Many customers praised this rake for reducing back pain. So if you are prone to aches, pains, and fatigue, this could definitely change the game for you.

Keep In Mind

Top Heavy

This is on the heavier side for leaf rakes. It weighs 4.2 pounds which is lightweight for some, but if you’re not super strong, you may struggle. Others found that it was top-heavy. Balance makes raking easier so if you find this to be the case, you may struggle.

Additional Specs

Handle Length 54 inches
Tine Features 24 2-inch tines for gathering more per stroke
Handle Material Steel
Weight 4.2 pounds
Tine Width Not specified

Bully Tools Leaf and Thatching Rake

Best Durable Leaf Rake

Over here, we’re used to getting those cheap and flimsy rakes that break under the slightest amount of pressure. Well, with the Bully Tools leaf rake, you can forget that possibility.

This is a sturdy and durable leaf rake made from commercial-grade materials. Even if it does bend or break, you’re insured by the limited lifetime warranty that’s guaranteed to repair or replace any defects during your lifetime.

Why We Love It

Made in America

It’s always nice to find products that are made more locally. This one is 100 percent American made so you can relax a bit about potential working conditions and ethics.

High-Quality Materials

You’ll love how sturdy and quality this rake is. The handle is made from strong fiberglass which is durable and resistant to rust. The tines are made from extra-thick steel so you don’t need to worry about bending or breaking as you rake.

Good for Heavy Duty Work

Rake up leaves, for sure, but you can also rake up heavier items. This rake is great for picking up river rocks and other heavier kinds of debris.

Keep In Mind

Top Heavy for Some

Customers say you need to be strong to handle this. It only weighs 3.39 pounds, but due to the metal construction, it’s weighty for some people.

Additional Specs

Handle Length 66 inches
Tine Features Spring steel — they can handle heavy objects
Handle Material Reinforced fiberglass
Weight 3.39
Tine Width 24 inches

Emsco Group Rake

Best Leaf Rake for Kids

We have a few options for kids and adults, but here’s one just for the kids!

This cute rake is the perfect way to introduce the love of yard work to your little one. They’ll be super excited to use this, as it’s just the right size for little ones.

Why not both take a rake outside and work together?

Why We Love It

Children-Safe Design

This leaf rake is totally safe for kids. It’s made from durable resin rather than metal. So there’s no risk of injury under normal use. Of course, you should still supervise your kids while they use any toys or tools.

Rust-Proof Plastic

Even though it’s made of plastic, it’s still rust-proof. Therefore, it’s safe to use this in all weather types. Even if your little one forgets to bring it back inside, it won’t get damaged in the rain.

Fully Functional

Even though it’s made for kids, it’s not a pretend gardening tool. It’s fully functional and totally works to rake leaves. So while they work alongside you, it will get the job done even quicker.

Keep In Mind

Dimension Proportions Are Off

Keep in mind that the handle is quite long and the rake head is quite small. The proportions are off which can make it quite tricky for kids to use.

Additional Specs

Handle Length 42 inches
Tine Features Rust-Proof plastic
Handle Material Durable resin
Weight 14.9 ounces
Tine Width 9.5 inches

Yangbaga Lawn Leaf Rake

Best Budget Leaf Rake

Save some cash when you choose the Yangbaga leaf rake. It’s about half the average price of a leaf rake, so you can use the money saved for another garden tool. Or better yet, pay your kids to do the raking for you!

Despite the low price, this has a lot of great features. It has a great adjustable length handle which makes this the perfect rake for kids as well as adults.

Why We Love It

High-Quality Metal Construction

Even though the price is low, the quality is high. It’s made from sturdy stainless steel with the head being made of aluminum. The whole thing is sturdy and rust-resistant.

30-51 Inch Handle

The handle extends from 30 to 51 inches. This is ideal for kids and teenagers, so if you’re trying to get your children involved in the chores, this is ideal. But the handle is also long enough for average height adults, too.

Easy Installation and Transport

When this arrives, simply snap and buckle it into place. It’s ready for use within minutes. It’s also easy to disassemble so if you need to take it with you, it’s no problem. You can easily fit it into your car trunk or even a bike rack.

Keep In Mind

8.7-Inch Head

The rake head is on the smaller side at 8.7 inches. This is great for kids but it means it does take longer for adults to rake.

Additional Specs

Handle Length 30-51 inches
Tine Features Rugged metal
Handle Material Stainless steel
Weight 1.55 pounds
Tine Width 8.7 inches

HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Best Lightweight Leaf Rake

Weighing only 1.54 pounds, this is a perfect option for a lightweight leaf rake.

It’s suitable for both adults and kids. Since it’s not too heavy, your kids should complain less when you ask them to clear the yard up.

It also has an adjustable handle, spanning from 34 to 55 inches. So it easily suits people of different heights.

Why We Love It

Retractable Buttons for Adjusting Length

This has handy retractable buttons — similar to those found on an ironing board — for when you adjust the length. We love how easy it is to use, and it also means the pole won’t fall down or collapse while you’re raking.

Stainless Steel Handle

The rake is made from stainless steel. This is durable, rust-proof, and also lightweight enough for most everybody to use.

Multi-Purpose Rake

The curved 11 metal tines mean you can use this for a variety of cleaning jobs. Of course, it’s great for leaves, but you can also use it for cleaning up other natural debris such as pine cones. Not only that, but it’s great on a variety of surfaces such as grass, camping grounds but also patios.

Keep In Mind

Small Size

Because this rake is made for kids as well as adults, it’s not that big. The tine head is only eight inches wide which surprised many customers. If you have a larger yard, it’s a good idea to get this for the kids and a separate one for you.

Additional Specs

Handle Length 34-55 inches
Tine Features Rugged metal and curved
Handle Material Stainless steel
Weight 1.54 pounds
Tine Width 8 inches

Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake Leaf

Best Long Leaf Rake

Looking for a long-handled leaf rake? This is the one. It is 63 inches long, which is perfect for taller people, especially if you’re after less backache as you work. But that’s not the best part.

If you want to share the yard work with someone shorter than you, this telescoping handle allows that. You can change the height, all the way down to 32 inches which is great for both adults and children.

Why We Love It

23-Inch Wide Head

This has a nice, wide head at 23 inches. This means that you can collect more leaves and debris with each stroke, allowing you to get through the chore of raking much quicker. However, that’s not all. You can also make the head more narrow for raking in tighter spots. This is a super versatile rake!

Lightweight But Sturdy

This rake only weighs 1.36 pounds which is comfortable and lightweight. However, the handle is one inch thick which makes the whole raking experience more sturdy.

Rake Anywhere

Don’t limit yourself to just raking grass with this rake. It also works on small cobblestones, flower beds, and bushes. As long as you’re raking leaves, you can put this to the test almost anywhere.

Keep In Mind

Locking Issues

While this leaf rake does have a lock to keep the height secure when you adjust it, some customers found that it still collapsed while they used it.

Bend… And Snap!

There were quite a few customers that found the rake bent in the middle after a few uses. This can lead to snapping. Less than ideal, but hopefully this doesn’t happen with yours.

Additional Specs

Handle Length 32-63 inches
Tine Features Expandable
Handle Material Aluminum
Weight 1.36
Tine Width 7-23 inches

Leaf Rake Comparison Chart

Product Best Handle Length Tine Features Handle Material Weight Tine Width
Gardenite Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake Best Extendable Leaf Rake 63″ Expandable Metal 4.4 lbs 7 – 22″
Ergie Systems ERG-LFRK24 Leaf Rake Best Ergonomic Handle 54″ 24 2-inch tines Steel 4.2 lbs N/A
Bully Tools Leaf and Thatching Rake Best Durable Leaf Rake 66″ Spring steel Reinforced fiberglass 3.39 24″
Emsco Group Rake Best Leaf Rake for Kids 42″ Rust-Proof plastic Durable resin 14.9 oz 9.5″
Yangbaga Lawn Leaf Rake Best Budget Leaf Rake 30-51″ Rugged metal Stainless steel 1.55 lbs 8.7″
HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake Best Lightweight Leaf Rake 34-55″ Rugged metal & curved Stainless steel 1.54 lbs 8″
Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake Leaf Best Long Leaf Rake 32-63″ Expandable Aluminum 1.36 lbs 7-23″

Tips for Raking Leaves

Make the most of your new leaf rake by checking out our top raking tips:

  • Pull the leaves: The most effective way to rake is to pull the leaves towards you rather than to the side. Keep your ab muscles tight to take the strain off your back as you pull.
  • Rake onto tarp: Putting the leaves in bags takes a long time. Instead, rake the leaves onto a tarp, roll it up and bring it to your community collection center. You can empty the tarp out, take it home and use it again!
  • Bag immediately: Bag your leaves as soon as possible otherwise the wind can easily undo all of your hard work.
  • Rake the right way: Figuring out which direction to rake is very important. Go with the wind, rather than against it. Also, rake downhill rather than uphill if you live on a slope.
  • Dress the part: Raking is actually really dusty. So it’s important to protect yourself by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants, heavy-duty gloves, and even eye protection if you feel the need.
  • Stomp: If you need to take a break but haven’t bagged your leaf piles yet, stomp on them. This can prevent them from blowing away.
  • Go in rows: Split your garden into sections and then break it down into rows. Don’t bring all the leaves into a pile in the center of your yard. This is a waste of energy.
  • Keeping mowing: Mowing isn’t just a summer job. You should continue mowing as long as your grass is growing. A mower can collect leaves which will cut down the amount of raking you need to do when the leaves fall.
  • Watch the weather: It’s much easier to rake dry leaves, so keep an eye on the weather forecast and rake before the rain comes.
  • Don’t rush: When the leaves start falling, don’t run out to the yard to collect them. Wait until the trees are bare if you can. This will save you from too many raking days. Of course, if it’s going to rain, work around the weather.
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