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Best Toilet Brushes of 2022

Don’t brush the importance of a good toilet brush under the carpet. 

Cleaning a toilet isn’t our favorite domestic chore. That’s why we think it’s so important to have one of the best toilet brushes on the market. It makes this task a lot more bearable.

On our comprehensive list, you’ll find toilet brushes that are extra hygienic, easy to clean, good for under the rim and much more.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System - ToiletWand, Storage Caddy and 6 Disinfecting ToiletWand Refill Heads (Packaging May Vary) (03191)
Best Disposable Toilet Brush
Clorox ToiletWand
  • Kills 999 percent of bacteria & viruses
  • Reusable wand & caddy
  • Deodorizes toilet
Product Image of the Marbarsse Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder, Curved Design Toilet Brush for Deep Cleaning Under Rim, Best Toilet Brush Set, Easy Handy Compact Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush for Bathroom, 2 Pack
Best Under the Rim Toilet Brush
Marbrasse Toilet Bowl Brush
  • Soft and hard bristles
  • Hemispherical brush head
  • Curved handle
Product Image of the Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder Set - MANGOTIME Toilet Brush for Bathroom RV Toilet Cleaning, Toilet Brush with Holder Anti Slip Aluminum Handle and Silicone Toilet Brush Blue
Best Space Saving Toilet Brush
MangoTime Toilet Brush
  • Can be hung on the wall
  • Absorbent diatomite for water leakage
  • Easy to clean & dry
Product Image of the ELYPRO Drip Free Toilet Brush and Holder, Bathroom Bowl Cleaner and Scrubber, Portable and Hygienic Bristle Cleaning Brushes, Unique Caddy Design for No Drip Experience, Home, RV or Boat Brush, White
Most Hygienic Toilet Brush
Elypro Hygienic Toilet Brush
  • Drip-free and innovative design
  • Ventilated base
  • Durable bristles
Product Image of the Libman Commercial 34 Round Bowl Brush and Open Caddy, Polypropylene, 15' Standing Height, Green and White (Pack of 4)
Best Commercial Toilet Brush
Libman Commercial Bowl Brush
  • 103 stiff, long tufts of bristles
  • “U” shape for under the rim cleaning
  • Textured and ergonomic handle
Product Image of the BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set, Silicone Bristles Bathroom Cleaning Bowl Brush Kit with Tweezers - White
Best Silicone Toilet Brush
BoomJoy Toilet Brush and Holder Set
  • Easy to keep free of bacteria
  • Stainless steel pole
  • Deep cleans without damage
Product Image of the MR.SIGA Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush Combo for Bathroom Cleaning, Gray, 1 Set
Best Toilet Brush-Plunger Set
Mr. Siga Plunger & Bowl Brush Combo
  • Two in one combo set
  • Dense nylon brush bristles
  • Powerful commercial-grade rubber
Product Image of the TreeLen Toilet Brush Set with Holder
Best Budget Toilet Brush
TreeLen Toilet Brush
  • Two brush heads
  • Hemisphere design cleans hard to reach area
  • Long handle
Product Image of the Dora Bridal Toilet Bowl Brush Hold Combo Set, 1 Pack Heavy Base Clean Bowl Hideaway Compact Holder Strong Bristles for Bathroom Toilet (1 Brush,1 Holder)
Most Stylish Toilet Brush
Dora Bridal Combo
  • Unique stylish design
  • Detachable brush head
  • Top cover to seal in odors
Product Image of the WIMIUS Spin Scrubber Electric Cordless Shower Scrubber 360 Power Bathroom Scrubber with 4 Replaceable Cleaning Brush Head and Adjustable Extension Handle for Tub, Tile, Floor(Aluminum) (WHITE)
Best Electric Toilet Brush
Wimius Upgraded Spin Scrubber
  • Cuts down cleaning time
  • Lightweight and long handle
  • Good for people with wrist & back pain

Product Reviews

We’ve spent hours researching product descriptions, expert advice, real customer reviews, as well as applying our own insight. With this in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the ten best toilet brushes on the current market.

1. Clorox ToiletWand

Best Disposable Toilet Brush

We know, disposable products aren’t great for the environment, or your bank account. However, the Clorox ToiletWand is exceptionally practical and hygienic. So we couldn’t make this list without recommending it.

The wand and caddy themselves are reusable, so it should last a long time as you switch up the disposable heads. The initial pack comes with six sponges, but you can definitely buy more once you use these up.

The disposable sponges scrub the toilet bowl much more thoroughly than a bristle brush. Without any additional cleaning products, they kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. Once you’re done, pop off the sponge and dispose of it.

You never have to touch the dirty sponges either. Click them on and off with the touch of a button. Plus, the handle is long so you put even more space between you and a dirty toilet.


  • Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses.
  • Reusable wand and caddy.
  • Ensures ultimate hygiene for you and the toilet.
  • Deodorizes.


  • Disposable, so not good for the environment.
  • Doesn’t remove rust or hard water stains.

Product Specs

Brush Material Sponge with Clorox cleaning formula
Handle Material Plastic
Hygienic Yes, disposable heads
Purpose Residential
Dimensions 15.4 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches

2. Marbrasse Toilet Bowl Brush

Best Under the Rim Toilet Brush

Don’t neglect cleaning under the rim of your toilet bowl! It’s away from most people’s eyesight, but it can get grimey. So it’s important to clean it every time you clean the bathroom. With the Marbrasse toilet bowl brush, it will be impossible to forget, because this brush is designed for it.

In this two-pack of toilet brushes, you’ll find a super unique design. The hemispherical brush head easily cleans under the rim and in other hard to reach places. The handle is slightly curved so you can deep clean with more convenience.

The brush head is made with a mix of soft and hard bristles so you can scrub stubborn dirt, or just do a light cleaning every few days.

With the comfortable, non-slip, handle, you can quickly clean your toilet with no hassle. The whole design of the brush saves you time, while making this task easier than ever before.


  • Two-pack.
  • Soft and hard bristles.
  • Hemispherical brush head for cleaning under the rim.
  • Curved handle.


  • The holder is flimsy and doesn’t have a closed lid.
  • Small size.

Product Specs

Brush Material ABS and PP
Handle Material Plastic
Hygienic Not particularly
Purpose Residential or commercial
Dimensions 16.6 x 6.2 x 4.2 inches

3. MangoTime Toilet Brush

Best Space Saving Toilet Brush

If you’re low on space, or just want to save some space, check out the Mangotime Toilet Brush.

First, it’s a compact size so you can fit it into the narrow space down the side of your toilet. Second, it comes with a strong sticker so you can hang the unit on the wall and save some floor space! Just make sure to put it on a smooth clean surface.

As well as its space saving ability, it also has other cool features such as the absorbent diatomite. One of the main issues of a brush and holder is the water accumulation and leakage. This toilet brush solves the problem.

The diatomite is absorbent so it sucks up and dries the drip water from the brush. No more water accumulation, no more leaking and no more bad odors!


  • It can be hung on the wall.
  • Absorbent diatomite for water leakage and bad odors.
  • Easy to clean and dry the brush head.
  • Removable water drawer.


  • The handle isn’t super sturdy.

Product Specs

Brush Material Silicone
Handle Material Plastic and stainless steel
Hygienic Yes, absorbent diatomite
Purpose Residential
Dimensions 6.7 x 5.3 x 4.9 inches

4. Elypro Hygienic Toilet Brush

Most Hygienic Toilet Brush

If hygiene is your number one priority, check out the Elypro toilet brush.

What makes it so hygienic? Well, it prevents the dripping of water that has been accumulated during the clean-up process. Aside from that, it also has a spout design caddy for easy draining of water. Once you’re finished cleaning the toilet, you can wash the brush and dry it super fast so it doesn’t harbor mold and mildew. The caddy is designed half-opened for quick evaporation of liquids. If you don’t like it this way, you just have to rotate it to hide the exposed brush.

It also delivers super hygienic results in your toilet. The bristles are flexible enough to fit in hard to reach places, wipe down the bowl and deep clean under the rim while still preventing the bristles from shedding.

If you’re in a rush and can’t air dry the brush before putting it back in the holder, no problem. The base has a good ventilation system. Its breathable base and a built-in drip tray to catch excess water which later evaporates. However, we still recommend cleaning the base frequently.


  • Easy to clean and dry bristles.
  • Durable bristles that doesn’t shed.
  • Ventilated base.
  • Drip-free and innovative design.


  • More expensive than others.

Product Specs

Brush Material Plastic
Handle Material Plastic
Hygienic Very
Purpose Residential
Dimensions 5 x 4.5 x 22 inches

5. Libman Commercial 34 Round Bowl Brush

Best Commercial Toilet Brush

You need a good toilet brush for your commercial property, whether it’s an office space, cafe or hotel. The Libman commercial round bowl brush is a top choice. You can buy a pack of four, or go all the way and buy a pack of 20.

These brushes feature 103 tufts of durable, one inch long, recycled PET bristles. They can give you a deep and quick clean of any toilet bowl. The “U” shaped head will deeply clean underneath the toilet rim, too.

The rubber grip handle is ergonomically shaped and textured to give you a comfortable hold while doing this chore.

Although it doesn’t have a top lid, which we would normally prefer for a commercial brush, everything else about it is great. So it’s definitely a top choice for your business.


  • 103 stiff, long tufts of bristles.
  • “U” shape brush to deep clean under the rim.
  • Textured and ergonomic handle.
  • Can buy in bulk.


  • No top lid for odor and hygiene control.
  • Inconsistent pricing for bulk purchases.

Product Specs

Brush Material Recycled PET
Handle Material Rubber grip
Hygienic Not particularly
Purpose Commercial
Dimensions 15.79 x 11.1 x 5.91 inches

6. BoomJoy Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Best Silicone Toilet Brush

If you like the sound of a silicone toilet brush, then the BoomJoy brush and holder set is a good choice!

It has thermoplastic rubber bristles to deeply clean the entire toilet. This brush promises to clean even the hidden corners, without scratching the material.

When the brush head is dirty, you can easily clean it. Simply rinse it with hot water and dirt and debris will drain out. The head dries super fast, so it won’t harbor mold and mildew.

Enjoy the stainless steel brush pole which is sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant. Wipe this down with an antibacterial cloth after each use to keep it super clean.

Make the switch and never look back! Customers love how much easier it is to keep clean than a regular bristled brush. Simply shake it out, air dry it for a couple minutes before putting it back in the holder where it won’t drip out gunky water.

Please Note

You will still need to deep clean the brush regularly. Jump down to our “Are Toilet Brushes Unhygienic?” section for our favorite method.


  • Easy to clean and keep free of bacteria.
  • Stainless steel pole.
  • Thermoplastic rubber deep cleans the toilet without damage.
  • Flexible bristles.


  • Requires elbow grease to clean off stubborn dirt.
  • Bristles aren’t stiff enough to scrub off stains.

Product Specs

Brush Material Thermoplastic rubber silicone
Handle Material Stainless steel
Hygienic Dries fast, tweezers included
Purpose Residential
Dimensions 6.22 x 6.22 x 6.14 inches

7. Mr. Siga Plunger and Bowl Brush Combo

Best Toilet Brush-Plunger Set

Let’s face it: sometimes a toilet plunger is necessary. That’s why we recommend this toilet brush and plunger set from Mr Siga to tackle both these purchases at once.

This combo has an efficient toilet brush and a powerful plunger with a two-compartment holder. It saves you space and disguises the set in a stylish design. Plus, it’s a sanitary storage unit, keeping your bathroom organized, neat and tidy.

The brush is made with strong bristles that won’t warp or bend. Its dense nylon bristles scrub and brush away stubborn dirt and stains around the entire bowl, including underneath the rim. Water drips off the bristles, quickly drying the brush, so you can store it hygienically.

The plunger is heavy-duty, made with commercial graded rubber. It can clear clogs from your toilet, as well as shower drains and sinks.


  • Two in one combo set.
  • Dense nylon brush bristles.
  • Powerful commercial-grade rubber plunger.
  • Stylish storage unit.


  • Cheap materials.
  • Overwhelming rubber smell.

Product Specs

Brush Material Dense nylon
Handle Material Plastic
Hygienic Dries fast
Purpose Residential or commercial
Dimensions 17 x 7.6 x 5.9 inches

8. TreeLen Toilet Brush

Best Budget Toilet Brush

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a good toilet brush. Our top pick if you’re on a budget is the TreeLen toilet brush.

It is a unique brush, especially for the price. It has two brush heads. One is thermoplastic rubber silicone which is soft, flexible and extra hygienic.

The other side is PP plastic which is great for getting rid of tough stains and dirt. Both brushes have been hemispherically designed to get under the rim and in hard to reach places.

The holder doesn’t have a closed top but it does collect water drips without leaks. The tray has ventilation slots for water to evaporate quicker than normal holders. While it does control odors, you should still clean this regularly.

We also think you’ll love the handle! It’s nearly 16-inches long, so you can get into hard-to-reach areas without getting too close to the toilet bowl yourself. The ergonomic design and good grip gives you even more control.

Plus, there are tweezers included for removing hair and debris from your sink, shower, bath or toilet brush.


  • Two brush heads.
  • Hemispheric design helps get into hard to reach places.
  • Long handle.
  • Included tweezers.


  • The holder is light and flimsy.
  • The brush is cheaply made. Some customers reported it broke after the first use.

Product Specs

Brush Material Thermoplastic rubber silicone and PP bristles
Handle Material Plastic
Hygienic Dries fast, tweezers included, ventilation holes
Purpose Residential
Dimensions 8.7 x 4.4 x 3.7 inches

9. Dora Bridal Toilet Bowl Brush Hold Combo

Best Stylish Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes aren’t usually the most sightly addition to a bathroom. If you’re looking for something stylish, you’re in luck. There are so many cool and elegant toilet brushes on the market. But the Dora Bridal toilet brush definitely caught our eye!

The unique design will bring new life to your bathroom and entertain your guests, too. It’s made from ABS plastic material to endure repeated use. It’s much stronger than normal PP material.

Although it’s quite a niche design, we think it will look good in every bathroom. It’s lightweight and small, so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Keep in mind that it does have bristles, instead of silicone. The bristles, however, are strong and dense to powerfully clean your toilet. It can remove stains, dirt and discoloration from your toilet. It also has a top cover to tightly seal in any odors.


  • Unique stylish design.
  • Strong, dense bristles to give a deep clean.
  • Detachable brush head.
  • Top cover to seal in odors.


  • Handle tends to loosen with usage.

Product Specs

Brush Material Bristles
Handle Material Plastic
Hygienic Yes, has top cover
Purpose Residential
Dimensions 15 x 5 inches

10. Wimius Upgraded Spin Scrubber

Best Electric Toilet Brush

The Wimius is a fantastic tool to have for your toilet, but also, the rest of your home. This electric tool can clean your toilet, floors, sinks and bathtubs.

It has four brush heads: hard flat, small flat, corner round and pointed brush. We recommend the pointed brush for toilets since it can get into hard to reach places.

The brush heads are durable and won’t lose their bristles over time. They can clean all kinds of stains, including stubborn dirt, soap scum, mildew and grime.

The electric power behind the brush means less elbow grease and scrubbing for you. Just take the brush to the toilet and turn it on. The spinning motion will get the scum and grime away almost immediately!

With the adjustable long arm, you can be far away enough from the toilet in case there is any splashback.

Overall, this electric spin scrubber will help you achieve a super deep clean of your bathroom.


  • Cuts down cleaning time.
  • Versatile product, can be used in every room of the house.
  • Lightweight and long handle.
  • Good for people with wrist and back pain.


  • It could be more powerful.
  • It needs to be plugged into a USB unit for charging.

Product Specs

Brush Material ABS and TPE
Handle Material Plastic and stainless steel
Hygienic No additional hygiene measures
Purpose Residential
Dimensions 20 x 5 x 3 inches

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Brush Material Handle Material Hygienic Purpose Dimensions
Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Sponge Plastic Yes Residential 15.4 x 4.5 x 4.8″
Marbrasse Toilet Bowl Brush Under the Rim ABS & PP Plastic No Residential or commercial 16.6 x 6.2 x 4.2″
MangoTime Toilet Brush Space Saving Silicone Plastic & stainless steel Yes Residential 6.7 x 5.3 x 4.9″
Elypro Hygienic Toilet Brush Hygienic Plastic Plastic Yes Residential 5 x 4.5 x 22″
Libman Commercial Brush Commercial Recycled PET Rubber grip No Commercial 15.79 x 11.1 x 5.91″
BoomJoy Brush & Holder Set Silicone Rubber silicone Stainless steel Yes Residential 6.22 x 6.22 x 6.14″
Mr. Siga Combo Plunger Set Nylon Plastic Yes Residential or commercial 17 x 7.6 x 5.9″
TreeLen Toilet Brush Budget Pick Rubber silicone & PP bristles Plastic Yes Residential 8.7 x 4.4 x 3.7″
Dora Bridal Combo Stylish Bristles Plastic Yes Residential 15 x 5″
Wimius Upgraded Spin Scrubber Electric ABS & TPE Plastic & stainless steel No Residential 20 x 5 x 3″

Types of Toilet Brushes

There are three main types of toilet brushes: manual, electric and commercial. Within the manual category, you can get bristled or silicone toilet brushes.


Bristled toilet brushes use synthetic materials, such as plastic or nylon. They used to be made with animal hair, but that isn’t commonly used anymore (1).

Bristled toilet brushes are still very common but they aren’t as hygienic as silicone toilet brushes. However, they’re preferred by many because they can remove tough stains. However, the brush is more difficult to clean.


Silicone toilet brushes are relatively new to the market, but they are taking the toilet brush world by storm. Users praise them for being more hygienic, easier to clean and less drippy and messy than bristled options. And although they’re quite new, and significantly more hygenic, they aren’t actually that expensive compared to bristled brushes.


An electric toilet brush is similar to a bristle toilet brush. But it uses electric power to rotate or vibrate the head for quicker results. It takes away the need for elbow grease, and the hard scrubbing, of your toilet cleaning routine. However, they may not be more hygienic because the electric power of the brush can flick up bits of dirt and bacteria.


If you run a business, whether it’s a hotel, cafe or a movie theatre, it’s important to have toilet brushes. Cheap and cheerful is best, so you can easily go for a bristled brush — but a silicone one will be a nice treat for the cleaners! However, don’t forget to replace the brushes often.

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

With all the different types of toilet brushes to choose from, how do you pick the best one?


Style is very important to many people, especially if you want it to coordinate with your bathroom decor. Toilet brushes come in lots of different styles and colors, so you’ll find one that suits your home.


What’s the purpose of the toilet brush? Is it for residential properties? Or is it built to withstand commercial use? Does it clean under the rim? Does it have a lid or special technology to tackle hygiene issues?


The handle materials vary from plastic, to wood, to stainless steel. The brush material varies from bristled to silicone. Silicone is more hygienic, but the stiff fibers on bristled brushes clean the toilet bowl quicker.


If you want to prioritize hygiene, we recommend a silicone brush. We also recommend getting a toilet brush holder with a lid to keep the brush properly covered.


Ultimately, what toilet brush you choose comes down to your personal preference. Take into consideration your preferred material, size, color, and style.


Lastly, consider your budget. Since you should change your toilet brush every six months, you might want to stick to a lower budget. This is totally fine because toilet brushes aren’t expensive and they come in a range of prices to suit all families!

If you have a higher budget, you may want to check out an electric brush.

Toilet Brush FAQs

Are Toilet Brushes Unhygienic?

If you don’t clean your toilet brush, then yes, they’re unhygienic. But if you stay on top of cleaning it, it’s a good tool for deep cleaning your toilet.

Once a week, soak your toilet brush and holder in a bucket with hot water and bleach for one hour. Rinse it off and let it air dry before putting it back in the holder.

If you don’t do this, the brush harbors bacteria. Then when you clean your toilet with it, you’re spreading bacteria around.

How Often Should Toilet Brushes Be Replaced?

We recommend replacing your toilet brush every six months.

How Do I Get Rid of Brown Stains on My Toilet Brush?

Toilet brushes can get yucky over time. If it’s not time to replace your brush, but it’s looking stained, follow these steps.

  1. Place the brush in a bucket of warm water.
  2. Add one cup of bleach or baking soda.
  3. Put the brush in overnight.
  4. Air dry in the morning.


Sanitize the bucket afterwards with bleach and boiling water. Don’t use this bucket for any other purpose than cleaning.

Why Does My Toilet Brush Turn Orange?

Toilet brushes become discolored after repeated use. This may be orange, yellow or just an off-white color. Keep it clean to avoid this. But if it’s changed color, it’s time for a new one!

Should You Bleach Your Toilet Brush Holder?

To clean your toilet brush holder, you can use the above method. Or you can spray it with a disinfecting spray and let it drip and air dry while hanging over your toilet bowl.

This should be done about once a week.

Brush Up

Although this is probably your least favorite household chore, it doesn’t mean you should neglect it. Treat yourself to a good quality toilet brush to ensure ultimate hygiene in the bathroom.

Our top advice is to choose one with ensured hygiene properties such as silicone bristles and ventilation holes in the base. You can definitely choose a disposable option to ensure maximum hygiene, although this may cost extra money over time.

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