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Best Roof Rakes for Snow of 2022

Snow can be pretty, but it can also be dangerous. Protect your roof with a rake.

Heavy snow can damage roofs, but a normal rake isn’t long enough to remove it all.

If you’re facing this issue, then you’re probably in the market for one of the best roof rakes for snow removal. We’ve spent hours researching real customer reviews, expert advice and product descriptions to bring you seven awesome options.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Best Budget Roof Rake
True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake
  • Telescoping handle push button feature
  • Non-slip handle
  • Temperature resistan poly blade
Best Plastic Roof Rake
  • Head has built-in wheels
  • Handle extends from 5 to 20 feet
  • 24-Inch wide rake head
Product Image of the Avalanche! Snow Roof Rake for Flat Roofs Big Rig Rake 2000: Snow Removal from Flat Roofs for Clearing Trucks, Trailers, Mobile Homes, RV's and Other Flat Rooftops. 24 Inch Wide Head with Wheels
Best for Flat Roof
Avalanche! Flat Roof Snow Rake
  • Easy to assemble snap-into-place parts
  • Ideal for flat roofs on many surfaces
  • Built-in wheels protect roof
Best for Heavy Snow
Avalanche! Original 500 Snow Roof Rake
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Only weighs 10 pounds
  • Has 15-inch wheels
Product Image of the Extreme Max 5600.3207 Shingle-Saver 21' Roof Snow Rake with 24' Blade
Best Lightweight Roof Rake
Extreme Max Shingle-Saver Roof Rake
  • Angled blade for max snow removal
  • Works on low & high roofs
  • Blade rollers protect your roof
Product Image of the SNOWPEELER Roof Snow Removal Tool - 20 ft. Reach Aluminium Roof Shovel - Heavy Duty - Easily Remove Hard to Reach Snow - Ideal for Single Storey & Cabins
Best Heavy Duty Roof Rake
SnowPeeler Roof Snow Removal Tool
  • Comes with a blade that cuts the snow
  • Glide pads will protect roof
  • Heavy-duty construction & braces
Product Image of the GYMAX Roof Rake,21ft Aluminum Snow Roof Rake with Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Handle & Big Blade, Extendable Roof Shovel for Snow Removal, Wet Leaf, Dribs (Silver)
Best Telescoping Roof Rake
GYMAX Aluminum Snow Roof Rake
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Only weighs 5 pounds
  • Can use for branches & debris too

The Best Snow Roof Rakes of 2022

Here are the seven best roof rakes for snow removal.

1. True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

Best Budget Roof Rake

Roof rakes for snow can get expensive! If you don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of budget-friendly options, like this one from True Temper.

True, this rake is available at a lower price than the average roof rake for snow. However, it’s got all the great qualities of some of the higher-end models.

Firstly, it has a 24-inch rake head which removes more snow per stroke. This means you can get this job done quickly.

Secondly, it’s nice and lightweight. The exact weight isn’t specified but customers say it’s lightweight and easy to use.

We also love the telescoping handle. It goes all the way to 17 feet. The extra length gives you more versatility depending on where you’re removing snow from, whether that’s your home, a cabin, or a vehicle.


  • Telescoping handle that’s easy to use due to the push button feature.
  • Non-slip handle makes it easy to operate, even in wet conditions.
  • Handle has a hole on the end so you can hang it when storing it.
  • Poly blade is temperature resistant so it won’t break in extreme weather conditions.


  • Assembly is difficult and the parts provided are low quality. Customers recommend you use your own tools and bolts.
  • When fully collapsed, it’s still eight feet long which is difficult for some people to store.

Product Specs

Material Aluminum handle, poly plastic head
Length 8-17 feet adjustable
Weight Not specified, but lightweight
Rake Head Dimensions 24 inches
Price $

2. Avalanche! Traditional Snow Roof Rake

Best Plastic Roof Rake

Opting for a plastic roof rake can save you money and even protect your roof. If you live in an area with light snowfall, then this is all you need to get rid of the snow on your roof.

When this roof rake arrives, you can get it up and running in no time. The practical snap assembly makes it easier than ever to put the pieces together. You can even take them apart quickly for convenient storage.

No matter your strength, this roof rake has been designed so most people can use it. It’s lightweight, weighing only seven pounds, making it possible for you to clear the snow from your roof without stress.


  • Head has built-in wheels to prevent roof damage.
  • Handle extends from five to 20 feet.
  • If you use it before the snow is too heavy, you can prevent ice dams.
  • 24-Inch wide rake head removes a lot of snow per stroke.


  • When you extend the handle to 20 feet, it can be a bit flimsy and floppy.
  • Some customers found it was better for light snowfall than heavy.

Product Specs

Material Aluminum handle, plastic head
Length 5-20 feet adjustable
Weight 7 pounds
Rake Head Dimensions 24 inches
Price $

3. Avalanche! Flat Roof Snow Rake

Best Roof Rake for Flat Roof

If you have a flat roof, then you need something with an angled handle. This can help you get a good grip on the snow without straining yourself too much. For this, we recommend the Avalanche! flat roof snow rake.

It can be used on houses, cabins, vehicles, trailers and much more. It’s a very versatile rake for getting snow off a variety of surfaces. It even comes with built-in wheels to prevent damage from various roof surfaces.

Weighing only eight pounds, this has been designed for most people to use, whether you’re super strong or haven’t been keeping up with your bicep curls. Even though it’s lightweight, it can still remove heavy snow from your roof.


  • Easy to assembly due to the snap-into-place parts.
  • You can prevent ice dams from forming on your roof when you use this before snow builds up too much.
  • Ideal for flat roofs on a variety of surfaces, including homes and vehicles.
  • Built-in wheels protect your roof from damage.


  • The plastic head isn’t as sturdy and durable as metal. It’s more likely to crack under high pressure.

Product Specs

Material Fiberglass handle, plastic head
Length 4-16 feet adjustable
Weight 7.98
Rake Head Dimensions 24 inches
Price $

4. Avalanche! Original 500 Snow Roof Rake

Best Roof Rake for Heavy Snow

Living in a snow-heavy environment can be both fun and stressful. The snow chores seem endless during those winter months.

If you have heavy snow build-up on your roof, it can lead to damage. Plus, you can leave it a couple of days between raking and find that your snow has feet and feet of snow on top of it. For heavy snow removal, we recommend the Avalanche! Original 500.

It’s specially designed to remove heavy snow build-up in about a third of the time compared to other models. All you need to do is push the pole onto the roof and the snow will slide down the blue snow slide. It’s super easy and fun to watch! It also is less strenuous for you.

Keep In Mind

This snow rake is designed for standard asphalt shingle roofs. If you have another type of roof, check with the manufacturer before buying.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble with the snap of a button.
  • It only weighs 10 pounds which is great for heavy snow removal.
  • The 1.5-inch wheels protect your roof from damage.
  • Ideal for heavy snow environments.


  • It does not work well on crunchy or compacted snow.
  • Some customers found it a bit flimsy, while others said it broke after a few uses.

Product Specs

Material Fiberglass handle, plastic head
Length 4-16 feet, adjustable
Weight 5 pounds
Rake Head Dimensions 17 inches
Price $$

5. Extreme Max Shingle-Saver Roof Rake

Best Lightweight Roof Rake

Roof rakes for snow removal aren’t too heavy, but if you want something on the lighter end, then this is a great option. It comes in at 5.75 pounds which is lightweight, making it easy for transport and maneuverability.

What else is great about this roof rake is that it has an angled blade. So it works in smaller tighter spaces, but it also works quickly. We also love that it works on low roofs as well as two-story houses. That’s a huge bonus.

It’s fully equipped with blade rollers that will protect your roof from any damage, but still provide a close shave to the surface, so as not to miss any snow.

The materials are also rust-proof and corrosion-resistant aluminum so you can use this in all weather conditions without worrying about it getting destroyed.


  • Assembles and disassembles easily with the click of a button.
  • The angled blade makes it very effective for maximum snow removal.
  • It works on low roofs as well as two-story houses.
  • The blade rollers protect your roof but still allow a close shave.


  • The various attachments don’t stay together super well. Many customers reported they needed to repair the roof rake themselves after a few uses.
  • The materials are a bit flimsy and may bend.

Product Specs

Material Aluminum
Length Adjustable up to 21 feet
Weight 5.75 pounds
Rake Head Dimensions 24 inches
Price $

6. SnowPeeler Roof Snow Removal Tool

Best Heavy Duty Roof Rake

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, you’ll need something strong, durable and heavy-duty to handle the weight of the snow. This roof rake from SnowPeeler is just the thing to see you through the winter and save your roof.

This rake was specially designed for hard-packed and heavy snow. The aluminum blade is durable and robust, so it can easily cut through this build-up on your roof. It has extra braces to increase the strength so it won’t buckle or break under pressure.

Even though it’s a commercial-grade roof rake, it’s not going to damage your roof. It comes with handy glide pads to protect your roof from any sort of damage.

The handle has four five-foot sections so you can go from five feet to 20 feet, depending on the height of your roof.


  • It comes with a blade that cuts the snow for fast and easy removal.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty so it’s built to last for a long time.
  • The glide pads will protect your roof from damage.
  • It’s super strong and heavy-duty thanks to the construction and the included braces.


  • It’s not suitable for any homes higher than one story.
  • The handle makes it hard to use since the grip is at the very bottom.

Product Specs

Material Aluminum
Length 5-20 feet adjustable
Weight 9.3 pounds
Rake Head Dimensions 18 inches
Price $$$

7. GYMAX Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

Best Telescoping Roof Rake

A telescoping handle makes it easier to switch up where you’re raking. If you want to go from your home, to a shed, to a vehicle, then we recommend the GYMAX snow roof rake with its adjustable handle length.

This rake spans from 6.5 to 21 feet which is a big difference, making this perfect for various jobs. To change the height, you simply have to twist and lock which is super easy.

We love the large 25-inch blade which is six inches deep, too. This helps you to get rid of the snow quickly without too much stress.

It also has a special L-shape design that can hold onto the snow as you pull it, making sure you’re maximizing how much you remove per stroke. In addition to that, the non-slip handle makes the rake easy to use in all kinds of weather.


  • The high-quality aluminum construction makes this durable and heavy-duty.
  • It only weighs five pounds so it’s very easy to maneuver.
  • You can use this for snow, but branches and debris in summer months, too.
  • It’s easy to put together and take apart.


  • The non-slip handle is only 5.5 inches long which is too small for some users.

Product Specs

Material Aluminum
Length 6.5-21 feet adjustable
Weight 5 pounds
Rake Head Dimensions 25 inches
Price $

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Material Length Weight Head Dimensions
True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake Best Budget Roof Rake Aluminum handle, poly plastic head 8-17 feet adjustable N/A 24″
Avalanche! Traditional Snow Roof Rake Best Plastic Roof Rake Aluminum handle, plastic head 5-20 feet adjustable 7 lbs 24″
Avalanche! Flat Roof Snow Rake Best for Flat Roof Fiberglass handle, plastic head 4-16 feet adjustable 7.98 lbs 24″
Avalanche! Original 500 Snow Roof Rake Best for Heavy Snow Fiberglass handle, plastic head 4-16 feet, adjustable 5 lbs 17″
Extreme Max Shingle-Saver Roof Rake Best Lightweight Roof Rake Aluminum 21 feet, adjustable 5.75 lbs 24″
SnowPeeler Roof Snow Removal Tool Best Heavy Duty Roof Rake Aluminum 5-20 feet adjustable 9.3 lbs 18″
GYMAX Aluminum Snow Roof Rake Best Telescoping Roof Rake Aluminum 6.5-21 feet adjustable 5 lbs 25″

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

Every roof is different, and therefore, no one roof rake for snow will work for everyone. To find the best for you, consider these important details.


Snow is dense, so you want a rake that is going to withstand its weight. You should consider looking at a metal roof rake, such as steel or aluminum. These rakes are heavier and more expensive, but they’re more durable.

Another option is plastic, but this is more likely to break or snap. If you opt for heavy-duty plastic, you might be okay, especially in areas with lighter snow.

Pole Length

It’s so important to take note of the pole length. You want to make sure that you can even reach the top of your roof with it. Most roof rakes have adjustable poles. Others have one size. In general, you’ll find roof rakes that span from about 14 to 22 feet.


Roof rakes for snow removal range from about five to 10 pounds, on average. Some are a bit lighter and others are heavier. The heavier it is, the harder it is to use, but the weight can help drag down some heavy patches of snow.

Rake Head

There are various rake heads available all with different features. Firstly, consider the width of the head which usually runs from about 12 to 24 inches. The larger this is, the more snow it can remove per stroke.

You may also find some interesting features that can make the job easier. This includes slicer blades, for digging into thick snow, wheels, ones without wheels and more.

Last but not least, consider the material of the rake head, as well as the handle material. If it’s plastic, it won’t be as heavy duty. If it’s metal, it will be heavier but less likely to break.


Check if the handle is ergonomic and comfortable to use. You’re going to be dealing with heavy weights from the rake as well as the snow. So you definitely want something nice to hold. Look out for cushioned gripping or secondary handles that can help take some of the strain off you.

You should also consider the handle material. Metal is going to be the most durable. Plastic and wood will be lighter, but more likely to break in extreme conditions.

Storage Space

It’s important to consider how easy it is to store the rake. Make sure you have space for it. Many have collapsible handles that make the overall length much shorter. Some even break up into smaller pieces so you can take it apart and store it without problems.


Roof rakes for snow removal generally cost between $40 and $180. This is a big price range, and it all comes down to the materials used in the rake. Pick your budget and stick to it. We’re sure you’ll find something that ticks your boxes in every price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Snow Rake My Roof?

Roof raking is super important in snowy areas. Snow is super bulky and once it builds up on your roof, it can cause some serious moisture and structural damage. It’s important to rake your snow before it is higher than six inches.

Can Snow Damage Your Roof?

Definitely. It can hurt your roof in many ways:

  • Roof caving in: Too much snow leads to an enormous weight which can actually cause your roof to cave in. Not only is this super expensive to repair, but very dangerous.
  • Ice dams: Snow build-up can lead to ice dams — a thin layer of ice beneath the snow and above the roof. This occurs when you leave the snow for too long between rakes. This causes gutter damage but can also damage the roofing material.
  • Cracking: When ice and snow freezes and thaws, it can cause cracks. Tiny ones or huge ones. This can end up letting rain in which leads to moisture damage and leaks inside the home.

You must remove the snow before it becomes too heavy for the protection of your roof.

How Do You Rake a Snowed Roof?

Now that you’ve chosen a roof rake, how do you use it? Firstly, each one varies slightly so always check the user manual for the best way to use your specific model.

In general, though, you must wear a hat because the snow will fall and some might get onto you. A hard hat is a good idea in case there are ice chunks.

Then, place the rake on top of the roof and gently pull it towards you to scrape the snow off. Start at the edge and work backward. That’s really all there is to it!

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