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Best Shelf Liners of 2023

Protect your shelves and make them pretty. 

Shelf liners are great for lining drawers and shelves, which protects the natural surface from damage. It helps with cleanup, as shelf liners are easy to clean. You can add these to cabinets, drawers, pantries, closets, and wire shelves.

There are thousands of options on the market, so we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best shelf liners. Now you don’t need to spend hours browsing the web. We’ve done that for you!

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Shelf Liners for Wire Shelf System - Set of 4 in Graphite - 18 x 36 inch - Plastic Wire Shelving Shelf Mats
Best for Wire Shelves
Sterling Wire Shelf Liners
  • Pre-cut corners
  • Heavy duty 30 gauge polypropylene
  • Waterproof & easy to clean
Product Image of the Con-Tact Duraliner Non-Adhesive Surface Cover Shelf and Drawer Liner, 24' x 10', Ribbed Clear
Best Vinyl Shelf Liner
Con-Tact Non-Adhesive Vinyl Liner
  • Easy to cut to size with scissors
  • Non-slip backing
  • Vinyl material
Product Image of the Gorilla Grip Drawer and Shelf Liner, Strong Grip, Non Adhesive Easiest Install Mat, 12 in x 20 FT, Durable Organization Liners, Kitchen Cabinets Drawers Cupboards, Bathroom Storage Shelves, Beige
Best for Kitchen
Gorilla Grip Drawer & Shelf Liner
  • Reversible design
  • Strong grip
  • Open grid construction
Product Image of the Gorilla Grip Drawer and Shelf Liner for Cabinet, Slip Resistant Non Adhesive Protection for Kitchen, BPA Free Smooth Surface Plastic Liners for Cabinets, Bathroom Cupboard Drawers, 20x10, Vintage Rose
Best for Dresser Drawers
Gorilla Grip Smooth Shelf Liner
  • Slip resistant backing
  • Over 20 patterns & colors
  • Non-adhesive liner
Product Image of the Con-Tact Brand 09F-C9A7B3-12 Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Vinyl Drawer and Shelf Liner, 18' x 9', Vintage Trellis Gray
Best Adhesive Shelf Liner
Con-Tact Vinyl Shelf Liner
  • Over 25 different design options
  • Works on most surfaces
  • Easy to reposition
Product Image of the Duck Brand Clear Classic Easy Liner Shelf Liner, Non-Adhesive, Clear, 12 Inches x 20 Feet
Best Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner
Duck Brand Non-Adhesive Liner
  • Great for wire shelving
  • Textured top & grip bottom
  • Dishwasher safe
Product Image of the Con-Tact Brand Luxurious Fabric Top Non-Adhesive Drawer and Shelf Protective Liner, 18' x 4', Savoire Pale Grey
Best Fabric Shelf Liner
Con-Tact Fabric Grip Liner
  • High-quality & luxury material
  • Perfect for delicate items
  • Water repellent fabric
Product Image of the yazi Floral Contact Paper Shelf Liner self-Adhesive Decorate Drawer Contact Paper Decorative,17x78 Inches,Vintage Peony
Best Decorative Shelf Liner
Yazi Floral Contact Paper Shelf Liner
  • Pretty floral design
  • Easy to apply & peel off
  • Made from PVC
Product Image of the Bloss Shelf Liner Cabinet Pad Refrigerator Mat Table Mat Non Adhesive EVA Washable Drawer Liner for Kitchen Home (Clear, 17.7 ×59 Inch)
Best Plastic Shelf Liner
Bloss Plastic Shelf Liner
  • Non-adhesive & non-slip
  • Multi-purpose liners
  • BPA & odor free
Product Image of the 4-Set Fruit & Veggie Life Extender - 16x12 Inch - Foam Fridge Shelf Mat & Refrigerator Drawers Liner - Washable Pads - Extends Life of Produce & Prevents Spoilage - Keeps Food Fresh & Crispy
Best Foam Shelf Liner
Any Kitchen Stuff Fridge Shelf Mat
  • Keeps produce fresh for longer
  • Can be used in fridge or countertops
  • Great for drying fruit after washing

Product Reviews

After hours of researching real customer reviews, expert advice as well as applying our own insight, we have a comprehensive list of the 10 best shelf liners.

1. Sterling Wire Shelf Liners

Best Shelf Liner for Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are affordable and sturdy. But unfortunately, things can slip through the cracks and fall to the floor. That’s where these shelf liners come into play!

This pack of four, available in a few different sizes and two color options, is just what you need to make a solid surface for your wire shelves.

This brand is committed to creating liners that are high in quality, longevity, and function. Customers absolutely love these liners. The perfect fit is tailored to suit most wired shelves. Just make sure to measure your shelves before ordering.

As for quality, this is one of the highest quality materials you’ll find. It’s made of heavy-duty 30 gauge polypropylene. This means it’s sturdy, durable, can handle heavy objects, and is waterproof. So even if you have spills, it will remain tough and strong.


  • Corners are precut to fit your shelves.
  • Heavy-duty 30 gauge polypropylene.
  • Solid and durable.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean.


  • Won’t fit everyone’s shelves, and hard to cut to size.
  • If they get bent, they won’t lay flat afterwards.

Product Specs

Adhesive No
Material Polypropylene (plastic)
Shelf type Wire shelves, but can be used elsewhere
Easy to clean Yes
Dimensions 18 x 36 inches, plus three other options

2. Con-Tact Non-Adhesive Vinyl Liner

Best Vinyl Shelf Liner

This amazing vinyl shelf liner can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it on basically any shelf, even wire ones. It’s perfect for creating a solid surface so items can’t fall through.

You’ll love the durability of this. Although it’s not adhesive, it has a non-slip surface so it won’t move around. This protects delicate items from shifting, breaking, or damaging the shelf.

Not only that, but it’s also waterproof. It offers everyday protection. The thick construction of the vinyl ensures your surface is safe from stains, spills, and debris. If you do notice a spill or a stain, the waterproof design means you can quickly and safely wipe it down with a damp cloth.

When it comes to installing, easily cut this to shape with a pair of scissors. You can fit this to size so it fits perfectly wherever you decide to use it.

Photo of the Con-Tact Non-Adhesive Vinyl Liner


  • It can be used anywhere, even for wire shelves.
  • Easy to cut to size with scissors.
  • Non-slip backing.
  • Waterproof and easy to wipe clean.


  • It may begin to wrinkle over time.

Product Specs

Adhesive No, non-slip backing
Material Vinyl
Shelf type Any
Easy to clean Yes
Dimensions 24 x 10 inches

3. Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner

Best Shelf Liner for Kitchen

This shelf liner is great for all things kitchen: cupboards, pantry shelves, drawers, and countertops! Keep the messes at bay, while protecting both your shelves and kitchenware.

You’ll love the strong grip of these liners. They’re non-adhesive but still made with high-quality materials to limit slipping and bunching. This protects your delicate glasses, mugs, and other items since they’re less likely to slide around and fall over.

These liners are ideal for drawers, too. The open grid construction means the liners can breathe in the drawers without accumulating moisture or odor buildup. When you need to clean them, remove them and wash with a mild soap and damp cloth.

While these liners are great for kitchens, don’t limit them! They can also be used in offices, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere else.

Photo of the Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner


  • Reversible design.
  • Strong grip keeps everything in place.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Versatile use.


  • Heavy items cause wear and tear quickly.
  • Slides around quite easily if you open or close a drawer quickly.

Product Specs

Adhesive No, slip-resistant backing
Material PVC
Shelf type Any
Easy to clean Yes
Dimensions 20 x 12 inches, plus eight other options

4. Gorilla Grip Original Smooth Shelf Liner

Best Shelf Liner for Dresser Drawers

Lining your dresser drawers can protect the original shelving, prevent damage to your delicates, and make cleaning much easier. To line your dresser drawers, we recommend this roll by Gorilla Grip. What’s great is that you can also use it for lining shelves, too!

This liner is available in over 20 different colors, plus a range of patterns, too. So you can spruce up your dresser drawers so they always look cute! This liner is non-adhesive but does have a slip-resistant bottom layer so it stays in place. The top layer is smooth and gentle and won’t damage your clothes.

The liners come pre-cut to fit many standard sizes, but you can easily trim them. Household scissors should get them to fit your particular drawers.

Once they’re installed and in use, cleaning is necessary from time to time. Thankfully, these are easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Just make sure to remove them from the drawer first to minimize moisture build-up.

Photo of the Gorilla Grip Original Smooth Shelf Liner


  • Slip resistant backing.
  • Minimizes messes in all types of drawers and shelves.
  • Over 20 design options.
  • Easy to clean.


  • If you’re moving items around a lot, the liners can move, too.
  • Strong odor.

Product Specs

Adhesive No, slip-resistant backing
Material Polypropylene
Shelf type Any, but good for drawers
Easy to clean Yes
Dimensions 20 x 10 inches, plus five other options

5. Con-Tact Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shelf Liner

Best Adhesive Shelf Liner

Adhesive liners are easy to apply. Many customers prefer them as they’re less likely to move around once they’re down. With this liner, you can quickly stick it down, but that’s not all. You can easily reposition it, so if you make a mistake, it’s easy to fix!

When you remove it, it doesn’t leave behind a residue, unlike other liners.

We also love how multipurpose this liner is. You can put it on any surface! Whether that’s shelves, or drawers, or a DIY project, this is a totally awesome choice. Especially considering it’s available in over 25 different patterns and colors.

When it’s in use, you’ll fall in love with it even more. It’s waterproof, so you can use it anywhere and enjoy how it protects your original surface. It also makes for easy cleaning. Just use a damp sponge if you have a spill and clean up in seconds!

Photo of the Con-Tact Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shelf Liner


  • Over 25 different design options.
  • Self-adhesive, and doesn’t leave a residue.
  • Works on most surfaces.
  • Easy to reposition.


  • Doesn’t work on textured surfaces, as it doesn’t stick as well.
  • The color tends not to look like the pictures.

Product Specs

Adhesive Yes
Material Vinyl
Shelf type Most, but not textured surfaces
Easy to clean Yes
Dimensions 18 x 9 inches, plus six other options

6. Duck Brand Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner

Best Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner

In the market for a non-adhesive shelf liner? This is a fantastic choice. It is specifically made for wire racks, so will work well in the refrigerator, under your sink, on any wire shelves, in RVs and boats, and other areas you can think of. In fact, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces since it’s durable and weather resistant.

The textured surface catches crumbs and debris so you can easily vacuum the surface or wipe it clean. When you need to deep clean it, put it on the top rack of the dishwasher!

It’s waterproof and protective so if something spills in the fridge, it won’t ruin the liner, or the shelves and food below the spill. The gripped bottom also means it won’t move around much which is especially good if you have a lot of items on top of the liner.

We also love that it’s easy to cut so you can customize the sizing to suit your space.

Keep In Mind

This isn’t recommended for drawers, cabinets, or crafting.
Photo of the Duck Brand Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner


  • Great for wire shelving.
  • Textured top and grip bottom.
  • Food safe and dishwasher safe.
  • Great for outdoor spaces too as it’s weather resistant.


  • Cold temperatures may cause rolling at the edges
  • If it’s been folded, it will be difficult to lay flat.

Product Specs

Adhesive No, gripped backing
Material PVC
Shelf type Wire shelves
Easy to clean Yes — dishwasher safe
Dimensions 12 inches x 20 foot

7. Con-Tact Fabric Grip Liner

Best Fabric Shelf Liner

This fabric liner is made of a high-quality and luxury material. It’s non-adhesive, but the backing is cushioned with a solid grip texture, so it should stay put in your shelf of choice.

We think it’s the perfect liner for more delicate items, since it’s nice and soft. Consider this for your lingerie drawer, linen closet or jewelry storage.

The soft and pretty appearance also means it’s suitable as a table runner or even as decor around the house. It’s available in six different designs, so you can find one that suits your home. They’re all patterned, none are plain, but they’re not too bold or overwhelming.

Last but not least, the fabric is water repellent, so it does a good job at protecting the original shelf surface. Of course, if you do notice water, we recommend removing the liner and drying it so the water doesn’t seep through to the shelf.

Photo of the Con-Tact Fabric Grip Liner


  • Six different designs.
  • Perfect for delicate items.
  • Less likely to fray.
  • Water repellent.


  • One roll may not be big enough for one drawer. Ends up being expensive.
  • Strong chemical smell upon arrival.

Product Specs

Adhesive No, gripped backing
Material Fabric
Shelf type Best for delicate items, such as lingerie drawer
Easy to clean Somewhat
Dimensions 18 x 4 inches

8. Yazi Floral Contact Paper Shelf Liner

Best Decorative Shelf Liner

Decorative contact paper is a great option if you want something more stylish to line your shelves. This is ideal if you’re doing a DIY project, adding some beauty to an antique item or lining a jewelry box. This is available in two styles: vintage peony or flowers.

The paper itself is self-adhesive. So you can easily stick it to the surface. They say it’s easy to peel off again, too, but do be careful with cork or unfinished wood as it may cause damage.

Whether you want to use this for shelves, drawers, counters, or craft projects, it’s a great choice. It’s made of PVC so it’s durable and should be relatively easy to clean if it gets dirty. Thankfully, you can cut it into different shapes and sizes with a pair of scissors.

Manufacturer’s Tips

Clean surfaces before applying paper. If you find bubbles after application, pop them with a needle and push the air out. When removing the paper, use a scraper.
Photo of the Yazi Floral Contact Paper Shelf Liner


  • Really pretty floral design.
  • Self-adhesive so it’s easy to apply and peel off.
  • PVC so it’s easy to clean.
  • Easy to cut into different sizes.


  • Paper is thin and rips easily.
  • May damage the original surface when you lift up the paper.

Product Specs

Adhesive Yes
Material PVC
Shelf type Shelves, drawers, counters, and craft projects
Easy to clean Somewhat
Dimensions 17 x 78 inches

9. Bloss Plastic Shelf Liner

Best Plastic Shelf Liner

If you’re looking for a plastic shelf liner, this is an awesome choice. Plastic shelf liners are super durable, easy to clean and they can go literally anywhere in the home! Whether you want to use them on a wire shelf or to protect a DIY project, they’re a brilliant option.

These particular liners are super durable but still stylish. They’re available in eight different colors so you can find the perfect one for your decor. Plus, you can shop them in a few different size options. No matter what you choose, they’re simple enough to cut to size, so you can fit them into smaller areas if you’d like.

They’re non-adhesive but also non-slip, so they will stay in place without damaging the original shelf surface. The high-quality materials mean they don’t bunch up or slip underneath your items.

Where can you use these liners? Anywhere! They’re multi-purpose. As a few examples, you can use these in the cabinets, on your desk, in clothing drawers, in the refrigerator, on a countertop, and many more places.

Photo of the Bloss Plastic Shelf Liner


  • Durable.
  • Non-adhesive and non-slip.
  • Multi-purpose so can go anywhere in your home.
  • BPA and odor-free.


  • It’s very thin so customers found it difficult to lay completely flat.
  • Expensive for what you get.

Product Specs

Adhesive No, non-slip backing
Material Plastic
Shelf type Any
Easy to clean Yes
Dimensions 17.7 x 59 inches, plus three other options

10. Any Kitchen Stuff Foam Fridge Shelf Mat

Best Foam Shelf Liner

Foam shelf liners are great, and this one particularly grabs our attention. It’s specifically for your fruit and vegetables. You can use the mat in the fridge or on the counter depending on the type of produce. It’s designed to keep your produce fresher for longer. The foam liners help with air circulation which retains the texture and taste of your food.

It’s also designed to reduce odors in your fridge. In fact, many customers use them on every fridge shelf, even if produce isn’t on top. You can place yogurt, jars, and milk on top of the liners, just to protect your fridge shelving.

They’re also great for placing your fruit on to dry after it’s been washed. When the liner itself is looking a little dirty, wash it under the tap and dry as normal.

Overall, this is a money-saving hack since your produce will last longer. No more trips to the grocery store when you open the fridge to realize your strawberries are bruised and moldy!

Photo of the Any Kitchen Stuff Foam Fridge Shelf Mat


  • Keeps produce fresher for longer.
  • Suitable for in the fridge or on the countertops.
  • Great for drying fruit after it’s been washed.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Fruit can easily stain the foam liners.
  • Slides around a little.

Product Specs

Adhesive No
Material Foam
Shelf type Fridge
Easy to clean Yes
Dimensions 16 x 12 inches

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Adhesive Material Shelf type Easy to clean Dimensions
Sterling Wire Shelf Liners Wire Shelves No Plastic Any, best for wire shelves Yes 18 x 36″
Con-Tact Non-Adhesive Vinyl Liner Vinyl No Vinyl Any Yes 24 x 10″
Gorilla Grip Drawer & Shelf Liner Kitchen No PVC Any Yes 20 x 12″
Gorilla Grip Smooth Shelf Liner Dresser Drawers No Plastic Any Yes 20 x 10″
Con-Tact Vinyl Shelf Liner Adhesive Yes Vinyl Any, except textured surfaces Yes 18 x 9″
Duck Brand Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Non-Adhesive No PVC Wire shelves Yes 12″ x 20′
Con-Tact Fabric Grip Liner Fabric No Fabric Any, best for lingerie drawer Yes 18 x 4″
Yazi Floral Contact Paper Shelf Liner Decorative Yes PVC Shelves, drawers, counters & craft projects Yes 17 x 78″
Bloss Plastic Shelf Liner Plastic No Plastic Any Yes 17.7 x 59″
Any Kitchen Stuff Fridge Shelf Mat Foam No Foam Fridge Yes 16 x 12″

Do I Really Need Shelf Liners?

Shelf liners are not necessary, but they are certainly beneficial. They’ll make your life easier in a lot of ways, as well as adding decoration to your shelves. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Keeps everything cleaner: Not only does your shelf liner keep your cupboards cleaner and free from scratches and other damage, but the liner is also easy to clean. Simply wipe down according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Protects from moisture: Shelf liners help protect cabinets and drawers from moisture. Instead of moisture seeping into the wood of the drawer or cupboard, it now sits on the shelf liner and can be easily cleaned.
  • Prevents things sliding around: Many shelf liners have a slightly textured or rubber top, which stops things from sliding around. This is great for busy and overcrowded cupboards.
  • They’re stylish: Shelf liners add decoration to otherwise boring shelves. Spruce up a bookshelf or a floating shelf with some shelf liners.
  • Adds surface to wire shelves: Wire shelves can be super impractical, especially for smaller items that can easily fall through. Shelf liners make the surface solid so you can use these shelves for anything.

Types of Shelf Liners

There are a few different types of shelf liners. We recommend paying close attention to the type of liner so that you’re getting the best one for your situation.


Foam shelf liners have a slightly grippy texture that holds items in place. These are ideal for holding delicate items, such as china, or fruit and vegetables in the fridge.


  • Ideal for the fridge, holding fruit and vegetables.
  • Keeps things in place.
  • Doesn’t ruin the original surface.
  • You can trim the textured surface with scissors.
  • Easy to wash and dry.


  • Not as widely available.
  • Some options are made really cheap.
  • They may be oddly shaped or come in small squares.


Vinyl is a thicker option than paper or fabric, so these liners are more durable. You’ll find them in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as adhesive and non-adhesive. You can use them for any type of shelf, including wired shelves.


  • Widely available in a variety of types and patterns.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Non-adhesive and adhesive options.
  • Easy to trim with scissors.


  • Not easy to reuse.
  • Adhesive-backed vinyl is harder to apply.
  • Adhesive vinyl may leave a sticky residue on the shelf.


Fabric shelf liners are nice and soft. They’re kind to your shelves since they won’t scratch or leave residue behind. They’re available in a huge variety of prints and colors. The big drawback is that they’re not as durable nor will they provide the same kind of protection from moisture and spills.


  • Soft and won’t damage your shelves.
  • They don’t leave residue behind.
  • Widely available in a variety of prints and colors.
  • Easy to wash and reuse.
  • They absorb a little water.


  • They won’t fully protect your shelf from moisture.
  • They may slip and slide a lot if not secured.

Heavy-Duty Plastic

This is a great option for open wire shelves since they’re solid and sturdy. We also love that they’re waterproof and easy to clean if you do spill anything. Of course, they’re harder to trim since they’re plastic, so we recommend finding one that’s already your desired size.


  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Great for open wire shelves.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Hard to cut to size.

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

Consider these important details when shopping so that you end up with the best shelf liner for your project.


You’ll find both adhesive and non-adhesive shelf liners. Adhesive is typically cheaper and sticks better. However, it may damage certain surfaces like unfinished wood or cork. It’s also harder to remove and reuse.

Non-adhesive has a non-slip texture so it should still be pretty sturdy, but it is more expensive. They’re slightly thicker, so they may be more protective, but the biggest drawback is that they aren’t as secure as adhesive.


Consider the material. Do you want plastic, vinyl, fabric, foam, or something else altogether? Plastic and vinyl are more durable than fabric or foam, but fabric and foam are softer and less likely to damage your shelf.

Shelf Type

It’s important to shop by shelf type, too. For instance, if you have delicate items, you may want something grippy so the items are less likely to fall over.

Is it a dresser drawer, silverware drawer, cabinet, or bookcase? This all changes which type of liner you go for.

For instance, plastic liners are best for wire shelves. Adhesive or foam liners are best for wooden shelves.


Shelf liners come in a wide variety of prices. You should consider the size of it against the price, as some might be more expensive, but cost less per square foot.

Ease of Cleaning

Some are easier to clean than others. Plastic is the easiest to clean, with vinyl coming in second. Fabric can be washed and reused, whereas most foam liners can be washed under warm water.


You’ll find scented shelf liners on the market. These add some freshness to your shelves and drawers. However, the scents may be irritating to some.


You can find a wide variety of shelf liners, varying in appearance, colors, and patterns. If you want something plain, that’s easy to find. However, you’ll be able to find something that suits your personal decor. There are ones with flowers, animals and striped patterns, and much more!

How to Remove an Adhesive Shelf Liner

Check the manufacture’s instructions as they may have specific advice depending on the adhesive. If you can’t find their instructions, or they aren’t working for you, try this method:

  1. Heat one corner of the adhesive for a minute or so using a hair dryer. This will warm the adhesive and help to loosen it.
  2. Slide a putty knife under this corner. Lift and peel until you reach a sticky point.
  3. Spray the adhesive side with warm water, concentrating on the sticky point.
  4. Wait for the water to seep under the liner. Pull up the liner. Repeat until you’ve removed the entire shelf liner.
  5. If, at any point, the water doesn’t work, switch back to the hair dryer.
  6. Once the liner has been removed, use your putty knife to scrape off any residue.
  7. Soak a cloth in an adhesive remover and scrub remaining residue or stickiness.
  8. With a separate damp cloth, wipe clean the adhesive remover.
  9. Use soapy water to clean the shelf well before applying a new shelf liner.

Shelf Liner FAQs

How Do You Get a Shelf Liner to Stay In Place?

If it’s adhesive, it will have clear instructions on how to use it properly. If it’s non-adhesive, it probably still has a non-slip side which helps to keep it in place. However, you can also add mounting tape to the drawer or shelf before placing the shelf liner down.

Should You Put Liners in Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes, there’s no reason not to. This keeps the existing cupboard clean and free from damage. This is especially true with moisture damage if you put your cups or mugs away while they’re still slightly damp. If something spills, like syrup or oil, then it’s also much easier to clean up.

Is Contact Paper the Same As Shelf Liner?

While contact paper was traditionally used as a shelf liner, now contact paper is more often used for creative projects. For example, you can use it as a laptop skin or covering a book.

Quick Tip

You can still use contact paper as a shelf liner. However, keep in mind it has a highly adhesive side so it may leave a sticky residue behind.

Is Cork a Good Shelf Liner?

Cork is a good shelf liner because it is 100 percent natural, creates a cushioned base for your items, and grips plates, cups, and bowls.

Does Shelf Liner Attract Bugs?

Shelf liner does attract bugs, especially if the material absorbs sweet or sticky substances. Bugs love a constant food source and places where they can make nests.

How Many Rolls of Shelf Liner Do I Need?

The best way to calculate how many rolls of shelf liner you need is to divide the length of your shelves and drawers by the length of the shelf liner sheets.

Line and Protect

Using one of the best shelf liners on the market can help protect your shelves. They also help make cleaning up much easier than ever before. As well as these benefits, they also help secure items on the shelf so they don’t fall or break as easily.

Whether you’re looking for something made of foam, vinyl, fabric, or plastic, we have lots of great options. Remember to always keep in mind the backing material, the ease of cleaning, the aesthetics, and what type of shelf the liner is for.

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