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Best Push Brooms of 2023

Brooms for all those sweeping situations. 

If you’re looking for the best push broom to spruce up your indoor or outdoor areas, you’ve come to the right place.

We have spent hours researching brooms. With hundreds of options available, it can be hard to know which to choose. We investigated real customer reviews, expert advice, and applied our own experience to make this list.

Whether you’re looking for something soft, stiff, large, or small — we can make all your push broom dreams come true!

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Alpine Heavy Duty Push Broom for Floor Cleaning Soft Bristle Brush for Shop, Deck, Garage, Concrete for Indoor & Outdoor Sweeping Broom (Red -24 inches)
Best for Smooth Surfaces
Alpine Industries Push Broom
  • Fine & soft bristles
  • Foam wrap-around handle
  • Extra durable metal connectors
Product Image of the Carlisle FoodService Products 3621961814 Sweep Complete Aluminum Handle Floor Sweep with Squeegee, Plastic Bristles, 18' Length, 3' Bristle Trim, Blue
Best Heavy-Duty Push Broom
Carlisle Sweep Complete
  • Stable & sturdy broom
  • Long handle suit tall folks
  • Includes squeegee cleans liquids
Product Image of the Quickie Bulldozer Multi-surface Push Broom 24 inch, Green, Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning, Steel Handle, Professional-Grade, Sweep Jobsites/Sidewalks/Warehouse/Concrete/Asphalt/Wood (538)
Best Push Broom for Outdoors
Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom
  • Split tip fibers make it versatile
  • Swivel hang up feature
  • Removes fine dust & larger debris
Product Image of the Push Broom Outdoor Indoor Broom 12' Wide,59' Long Handle with Stiff Bristles for Cleaning Scrubbing Deck Driveway Yard Patio Wood Stone Tile Floor
Best Small Push Broom
TreeLen Stiff Bristles Push Broom
  • 45-degree angle head gets under furniture
  • Extra stiff bristles collect more dirt
  • Adjustable handle up to 59 inches
Product Image of the Amazon Basics Angled Push Broom, Blue and White
Best Lightweight Option
AmazonBasics Angled Push Broom
  • Angled head for under furniture
  • Space-saving
  • Only weighs 1.5 pounds
Product Image of the Rubber Broom Carpet Rake for Pet Hair Removal, Portable Hair Remover with Squeegee Broom Hair Removal Brush, Pet Hair Removal Tool for Fluff Carpet, Hardwood Floor, Tile, Window
Best With Soft Bristles
LJXZXMY Soft Push Broom
Product Image of the Affogato Floor Scrub Brush Bathroom Long Handle Bathtub Push Broom Shower Tile Grout Scrubber Rotatable Indoor Kitchen Crevice Cleaning Brush for Hard to Reach Areas - White 46.8inches Lengthen
Best Budget Push Broom
Affogato Scrub Push Broom
  • Telescoping handle up to 49 inches
  • Works indoor or outdoor, wet or dry
  • Useful for all surfaces
Product Image of the SNOBRUM - Snow Remover for Cars and Trucks - 28 to 63 Inch Automotive Snow Brush with Foam Head and 4 Piece Handle - Made in The USA, Push-Broom Design - No-Scratch Snow Removal - 1 Pack
Best for Sweeping Snow
SnoBrum – Original Snow Broom
  • Adjustable steel handle
  • Won’t damage vehicles
  • Clears snow quickly
Product Image of the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Maximizer Push-to-Center Broom with Multi-Purpose Bristle, 36' Wide, Black (2018728)
Best Large Push Broom
Rubbermaid Push-to-Center Broom
  • Angled sides to gather more dirt
  • Speeds up sweeping time
  • Lightweight & molded handle
Product Image of the LandHope Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 54 inches Non Scratch Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant (Grey)
Best Indoor Push Broom
LandHope Push Broom
  • Easily washable with water
  • Protects your floors
  • Built-in squeegee edge

Product Reviews

When finding the best push brooms, we considered all the essential criteria, from size to bristle type. We also researched genuine customer reviews to ensure our recommended products are well-loved.

Here are 10 amazing push brooms for sweeping your home clean!

1. Alpine Industries Smooth Surface Push Broom

Best for Smooth Surfaces

Floors aren’t cheap, so no wonder you want to protect them. The Alpine Industries push broom is a specific smooth-surface broom. It is gentle but effective on smooth surfaces such as tile, cement, and marble.

The fine bristles pick up all dirt without scratching your floors. The bristles are also flexible, allowing you into every nook and cranny.

However, the broom also works great outside, as long as you’re sweeping another smooth surface. It cleans up dirt, sand, and wood shavings on sidewalks, garage floors, patios, and decks.

We also love that the head is detachable, so clip it to the handle when you finish cleaning and save storage space! This also prolongs the life of the bristles since they aren’t shoved against the floor while in storage.

If you don’t want to clip and unclip the head all the time, you can use the hanging hole to hang the broom. This also ensures the bristles aren’t bent on the floor.


  • Works on indoor and outdoor smooth surfaces.
  • Fine and soft bristles.
  • Foam wrap-around handle.
  • Extra durable due to the metal connectors.
  • Detachable head and hanging hole for easy storage.
  • Sweeps large and small debris.


  • Gap in the middle of the bristles means some debris is missed.

Product Specs

Purpose Indoor and outdoor smooth surfaces
Handle Height 53.9 inches
Broom Head Size 24 inches
Bristles Soft and flexible
Handle Material Plastic with foam grip

2. Carlisle Sweep Complete

Best Heavy-Duty Push Broom

Looking for something to tackle all kinds of sweeping situations without breaking, faltering, bending, or warping? Say hello to the Carlisle Sweep Complete.

The first thing you’ll notice about this broom, which tops many other brooms, is the handle. It has a 60-inch, three-piece aluminum handle with braces to provide maximum sturdiness and durability. So if you need to speed around your messy home, you can rest assured that this won’t crack under the pressure.

However, it’s still a lightweight design. If sweeping exhausts you, this one is a little bit kinder. With the dual-fill bristles, you can sweep any which way, on any kind of surface, making this chore all the quicker.

Finally, this broom comes with an integrated squeegee. You can use it to clean up spills, wash windows and other glass surfaces without damage!


  • Stable and sturdy broom.
  • Two size options: 18 and 24-inch heads.
  • Included squeegee for cleaning liquids.
  • Long handle suits tall folk.
  • Only weighs 2.2 pounds.
  • The bristles work wet or dry.


  • Difficult assembly.
  • No instructions included.

Product Specs

Purpose Indoor and outdoor, include squeegee
Handle Height 60 inches
Broom Head Size 18 or 24 inches
Bristles Dual-fill plastic bristles
Handle Material Aluminum

3. Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom

Best Push Broom for Outdoors

The Quickie Bulldozer push broom is our top pick for outdoor sweeping. This broom uses stiff inner and soft outer fibers to tackle all kinds of jobs. The stiff fibers make it possible to use on concrete, asphalt, and wood.

It can easily pick up grass, leaves, and drywall debris. The soft fibers do an excellent job of sweeping up fine dirt, sand, and dust.

Overall, this works on soft, tough, and medium-textured surfaces! The split tip fibers are in an 18-inch resin block that doesn’t warp, rot or crack. So you can count on this as a durable choice.

In fact, if you use it gently, you can even take it indoors to sweep up big messes. Customers use this for basements and larger areas, as the head is too wide for smaller rooms. Wherever you use it, it is specifically designed to be gentle on your floors.


  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Split tip fibers to make it versatile.
  • Swivel hang-up feature to save storage space.
  • Removes fine dust and larger debris.
  • Long 60-inch handle.
  • Designed to be gentle on floors.


  • Difficult assembly.
  • The handle doesn’t always stay tight.

Product Specs

Purpose Outdoor use on all textured grounds
Handle Height 60 inches
Broom Head Size 24 inches
Bristles Split-tip polypropylene fibers
Handle Material Powder-coated steel

4. TreeLen Stiff Bristles Push Broom

Best Small Push Broom

A small push broom is preferable if you’re only going to be using it for indoor cleaning. This is especially useful if you live in a tiny apartment or have just moved into dorms. For this purpose, we recommend the TreeLen push broom.

It has a small 12-inch brush head which is ideal for getting into corners, around objects, and under furniture. It works on all floor types, including marble, wood, ceramic, stone, and even rougher outdoor textures if need be.

You can also use this as a wet broom if you need to scrub clean any hard surfaces. Just dip it into your cleaning solution, apply to floors, scrub vigorously, and enjoy your spotless home.

As for the bristles, they’re dense and stiff, which is great for picking up the maximum amount of dirt, even fine dust. Just keep in mind that the brush isn’t super flexible, so it can be tricky for some folk to use.


  • 45-degree angle head for getting under furniture.
  • Hanging hole on handle for storage.
  • Extra stiff bristles pick up more dirt.
  • Adjustable handle from 49 to 59 inches.
  • Suitable for cement, wood, stone, tile, and more.
  • Works indoors and outdoors.


  • The handle is thin and flimsy.

Product Specs

Purpose Mostly indoor use, but can be used outdoors
Handle Height 49 to 59 inches
Broom Head Size 12 inches
Bristles Stiff bristles
Handle Material Stainless steel

5. AmazonBasics Angled Push Broom

Best Lightweight Option

If you love using lightweight tools, the AmazonBasics Angled Push Broom is one to look at. It only weighs 1.5 pounds, making it easy to push around.

This broom is ideal for outside areas because of the bristles. Take it to your patio, sidewalk, driveway, workshop, and garage. But it also works great inside, as long as you’re gentle on more delicate flooring such as marble or hardwood.

You’ll love this if you’re low on storage space. It comes in three small sections, so it doesn’t take up much space when you’re not using it.

With this broom you can also change the height of the broom depending on how tall you are or what kind of job you’re tackling. You can easily twist together the ends until secure, then attach the head. Now you’re good to go!


  • Angled head for getting under furniture.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Only weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • When gentle, it works indoors, too.
  • You can adjust the handle height.


  • The bristles are a bit springy — not as stiff as some hoped.
  • The bristles bend and lose their shape.

Product Specs

Purpose Indoor or outdoor
Handle Height 61 inches
Broom Head Size 17.4 inches
Bristles Stiff bristles
Handle Material Aluminum

6. LJXZXMY Soft Push Broom

Best With Soft Bristles

If you’re looking for a soft-bristled push broom, look no further than the LJXZXMY broom. With soft rubber bristles, you can sweep up all kinds of debris from any floor type.

Dust, hair, paper, and crumbs are no match for this broom! The soft rubber bristles protect your carpets and hardwood floors, leaving no scratches or unsightly marks.

This broom is actually 50 percent more efficient than a regular push broom because ash and pet hair don’t fly up in the air as you sweep. The rubber bristles keep the dirt under control as you maneuver around your room.

This broom also has a built-in squeegee. Get a little bit more for your money with the included window cleaner. Just spray your glass item, then wipe away the solution with this squeegee edge.


  • Soft rubber bristles work on all floor types, including carpets.
  • Amazing for cleaning pet hair.
  • Built-in squeegee can clean wet surfaces.
  • Adjustable handle up to 59 inches.
  • You can apply a cleaning cloth to use as a mop.
  • Easy to clean the bristles.


  • The handle loosens and breaks easily.

Product Specs

Purpose Indoor and outdoor, pet hair
Handle Height 32.5 to 59 inches
Broom Head Size 13 inches
Bristles Soft rubber
Handle Material Stainless steel and plastic

7. Affogato Scrub Push Broom

Best Budget Push Broom

For a small price, you can get the Affogato brush with unique v-shaped bristles that allow you to clean in tight crevices, like grout lines.

This push broom also has a rotating head. You can spin it up to 120 degrees, letting you use it at various angles for a deeper clean. You can even detach the handle, which allows you into even more inconspicuous spots around the home.

The scrubbing brush uses stiff bristles, which fight against super-tough stains. Why not add some cleaning solution and work it into dirty spots in your home? The results will wow you.


  • Telescoping handle from 31.9 to 48.9 inches.
  • Works indoors and outdoors, wet or dry.
  • Useful for all surfaces, including bathroom floors and swimming pools.
  • 120-degree rotating brush for sweeping at various angles.
  • V-shaped bristles let you get between tiles.
  • Super affordable.


  • When swiveling the head, you can’t lock it in place.
  • The handle is cheap and bends easily.
  • The broom head is only 8.26 inches wide.

Product Specs

Purpose Cleaning any surface, including grout lines
Handle Height 31.9 to 48.9 inches
Broom Head Size 8.26 inches
Bristles Stiff, v-shaped bristles
Handle Material Alloy steel and plastic

8. SnoBrum– The Original Snow Broom

Best for Sweeping Snow

Sick of those cheap little snow scrapers for your car? In the morning, get to work faster, even on heavy snow days, with the Snobrum.

This snow broom quickly removes snow from your roof, hood, trunk, windows, and windshield! It’s a must-have winter tool.

Winter car tools are sometimes infamous for scratching up cars, but not this broom. It won’t scratch, damage, or scuff your car’s paint job.

Why? Because the snow brush is made of foam and high-grade polyethylene. It’s been approved to work on delicate surfaces. So after you’ve cleared snow off your car, clear it off awnings, pool covers, hot tub covers, and other such surfaces.

No matter your height, this is a fantastic winter tool. It has an adjustable handle, so you can extend it to suit your preferred height. The oversized head is also non-abrasive, so it won’t damage other tools when you store it for the weekend.


  • Adjustable steel handle.
  • Won’t damage or scuff vehicles.
  • Clears snow quickly.
  • Helps you clear snow off every area of your car.


  • The extendable handle is hard to adjust.
  • In cold weather, the handle might not lock in place.

Product Specs

Purpose Clearing snow from vehicles
Handle Height 28 to 63 inches
Broom Head Size 17 inches
Bristles High-grade polyethylene foam head
Handle Material Steel

9. Rubbermaid Commercial Push-to-Center Broom

Best Large Push Broom

This commercial broom has a huge 36-inch wide head, which is by far the biggest push broom on our list.

The head points at an angle at either end to help push all dirt and debris into the center. This means when you’re tackling spills and sweeping up after a long day, you won’t miss anything! The arms grab onto the dirt and push it into the middle, where it can’t escape.

This is handy if you’re low on time or getting paid per job, as the push-to-center design helps speed up your sweeping time. Plus, it does an overall better job compared to standard push brooms.

It’s made with durable polypropylene bristles to work on smooth and rough surfaces. This ensures maximum protection even on the most delicate floor surfaces, no matter what debris you’re sweeping.

The foam block also resists cracking, splitting, bending, and rotting. So this tool can be your must-have, most reliable bit of equipment.


  • Angled sides to gather more dirt.
  • Speeds up sweeping time.
  • Lightweight and molded handle.
  • Durable bristles for multiple surface types.
  • The foam block won’t split, crack or rot.


  • Assembly can be tricky.
  • On the pricier side.
  • Not the most durable construction.

Product Specs

Purpose All surfaces, indoor or outdoor
Handle Height 58 inches
Broom Head Size 36 inches
Bristles Polypropylene
Handle Material Alloy steel

10. LandHope Push Broom

Best Indoor Push Broom

Our homes can get really dirty, really fast. From crumbs to pet hair, to dust, to just general dirt — it’s important to have a quality push broom around. That’s why we recommend the LandHope broom.

This broom effortlessly sweeps up all kinds of dirt from hard floors and carpets. It’s 50 percent more efficient than a standard broom, and won’t blow around hair or ash while you sweep.

It uses flexible rubber bristles to pick up dust and hair nearly as well as a vacuum cleaner! And for a fraction of the price.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, this will pick up all kinds of debris in a short time. No need to faff with long cords or electric vacuums or trip over wires. Plus, pets usually hate vacuums, so this can keep them calm while you tackle household chores.

Take Note

This works best on carpets rather than hard floors. But customers also find that it works fantastic in cleaning out swimming pools!


  • Easily washable with water.
  • Protects your floors.
  • Won’t blow dirt up while you’re sweeping.
  • Built-in squeegee edge.
  • Great for pet hair and dust.
  • Handle adjusts from 31.9 to 59 inches.


  • Handle loosens a little as you sweep.
  • Not super sturdy.

Product Specs

Purpose Best for carpets and pet hair
Handle Height 31.9 to 54 inches
Broom Head Size 12.6 inches
Bristles Rubber bristles
Handle Material Metal

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Purpose Handle Height Head Size Bristles Handle Material
Alpine Industries Push Broom For Smooth Surfaces Indoor & outdoor smooth surfaces 53.9″ 24″ Soft & flexible Plastic with foam grip
Carlisle Sweep Complete Heavy-Duty Push Broom Indoor & outdoor, including squeegee 60″ 18 or 24″ Plastic bristles Aluminum
Quickie Bulldozer Push Broom Push Broom for Outdoors Outdoor use on all textured grounds 60″ 24″ Polypropylene fibers Powder-coated steel
TreeLen Stiff Bristles Push Broom Small Push Broom Mostly indoor use, but can be used outdoors 49 to 59″ 12″ Stiff bristles Stainless steel
AmazonBasics Angled Push Broom Lightweight Option Indoor or outdoor 61″ 17.4″ Stiff bristles Aluminum
LJXZXMY Soft Push Broom With Soft Bristles Indoor & outdoor, pet hair 32.5 to 59″ 13″ Soft rubber Stainless steel & plastic
Affogato Scrub Push Broom Budget Push Broom Any surface, including grout lines 31.9 to 48.9″ 8.26″ Stiff, v-shaped Alloy steel and plastic
SnoBrum For Sweeping Snow Clearing snow from vehicles 28 to 63″ 17″ High-grade polyethylene Steel
Rubbermaid Push-to-Center Large Push Broom All surfaces, indoor or outdoor 58″ 36″ Polypropylene Alloy steel
LandHope Push Broom Indoor Push Broom Best for carpets & pet hair 31.9 to 54″ 12.6″ Rubber bristles Metal

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

Although they’re simple inventions, push brooms differ from brand to brand. So when shopping, here are the key details you should consider to help you find the best broom for your situation.


Are you using your push broom for indoor or outdoor use? Big messes, or just general messes like dust, hair, and crumbs?

Are you going to use it often? Or just occasionally? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you to find the right push broom.


Push brooms come in all sorts of sizes. Firstly, look at the size of the head. These range from about 11 inches all the way to 36 inches.

The bigger the head, the quicker you can cover larger surface areas! Also, look at the handle length. If you’re tall, you might want a long or adjustable handle.


Durability is critical, especially if you’re using your push broom often. Steel handles ensure the broom won’t snap in half as some plastic-handled brooms do. However, the best way to judge the durability is to check out customer reviews and the warranty.


Do you want soft or stiff bristles? Stiff bristles are more committed to getting every last bit of dirt, but soft bristles are more flexible and easier to work with. Plus, soft bristles are the way forward if you have delicate flooring.

You can also shop by the type of bristles — are they made for rough or soft surfaces? Are they plastic or rubber?

If you’re using the push broom outdoors, get a rough surface broom with stiff bristles.


Lastly, consider your budget. Push brooms come in a range of prices, and some are very budget-friendly. You can definitely find a good quality push broom in most price ranges.


Is It Ok To Use a Push Broom on Hardwood Floors?

Many of our recommendations are great for hardwood floors. But keep in mind that hardwood floors are prone to scratching and scuffing. That’s why we recommend a soft-bristled or rubber-bristled broom, such as the Soft Push Broom Bristle.

How Often Should You Replace Your Push Broom?

It’s time to replace your broom when it stops picking up dirt, the bristles are bent or warped, or it just looks dirty and tired.

Some people replace their brooms once a year, but it’s dependent on how often you use your broom and where. If you use it outside, you’ll need to replace it more often. If you have a rubber bristled brush, you can clean these bristles with water and keep your broom for much longer.

Should You Clean Your Push Broom?

You can clean your rubber-bristled broom with water. Just run it under a faucet or hose to get rid of dirt. For a deeper clean, let it soak overnight in a tub filled with warm water and a cup of baking soda.

For other broom types, take it outside after cleaning it and smack it against a pole or a tree. This removes dust and debris stuck between the bristles.

When it’s time for a deep clean, fill a bucket with warm soapy water and soak the brush for 30 minutes. Don’t forget to disinfect the handle!

Bonus Tip

If you want to be extra clean, we recommend using a different broom for each room to avoid cross-contamination. This is especially smart if you have roommates!

What Is the Best Broom for Concrete?

In our opinion, the best push broom for concrete is the CFS Sweep Complete. It has heavy-duty bristles that easily sweep concrete and other robust surfaces and remove large amounts of debris.

Why Do Push Brooms Have Two Holes?

Push brooms have two handle holes (one on each side of the block), so you can change the head around. This ensures the fibers wear down evenly.

Why Do Brooms Have Different Color Bristles?

There is no reason why brooms have different color bristles other than for decorative purposes. Colored bristles are distinctive because they are more decorative than natural bristles.

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