Best Power Scrubbers of 2020

A scrub is a tool that can get my love.

Scrubbing is tedious, time-consuming and difficult. We know a way to get better, faster results without the grueling, manual effort that stubborn dirt usually demands. Power scrubbers are affordable, easy to use and life-changing in their function.

These machines are an excellent solution for a cleaner home while freeing up your time and energy. Once you realize how effortless the best power scrubbers are to use, they’re hard to resist!

What Is a Power Scrubber?

Power scrubbers evolved as a solution to take the effort out of scrubbing. It seems they started as a hack, attaching a cleaning brush head to a power drill for faster cleaning.

This simple trick appealed to everyone because, let’s face it, not many of us really enjoy manual scrubbing. It paved the way to motorized cleaning in places most of us hadn’t realized it was possible, like dishwashing or even toilet cleaning. It didn’t take long for its innovation to shine and become much more than just a lifehack.

Drill brushes served as the blueprint for power scrubbers. Thanks to that handy shortcut, manufacturers were able to refine and perfect the idea. But how do they work, and why should you bother with them?

When it comes to scrubbing, these motorized devices do all the work for you. They work by quickly rotating a scrubbing brush at the push of a button. Most power scrubbers are gentle enough to use on your dishes while retaining enough force to fight stubborn dirt.

Power scrubbers are multi-purpose, versatile tools that you can use throughout your home. Though they were put together to make dishwashing easier, there’s so much more they can do for you.

What Are Power Scrubbers Used For?

The short answer is: almost everything. If it needs scrubbing, chances are a power scrubber can handle it. Your home has many areas that could use a deep clean, and these devices are designed to handle them all.

  • Flat surfaces: A flat brush works wonders on dishes. However, you can use them on your counters and floors (or any flat surface) too. Brush hardness will factor in, as you don’t want to scrape your delicate finishes. If you’re unsure, opt for a soft brush, or follow manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damage.
  • Drain cleaning: Drains are gross, especially when they’re filled with bits of old food or hair. A round brush — what you’d use to clean your toilet — is the ideal shape to clear drains of gunk. This could minimize your exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, and spare you the trouble and dirty work of cleaning them out by hand (1).
  • Ovens and stoves: Round brushes are great for use on stubborn dirt. You can use them on your stovetop, or even inside your oven to remove grit and other nasty, caked-on dirt. As with drains, if you’re not a fan of harsh cleaners, this is an excellent alternative.
  • Nooks and crannies: Your wall skirting, tile grout, corners and ridges will also benefit from power scrubbing. You’ll save time by not having to switch between tools or cloths, and won’t have to exert as much effort to tackle dirt and build-up. As with your floors, make sure your brushes aren’t too abrasive if you attempt this, to avoid scratching the surfaces.
  • Bathrooms: It’s a good idea to deep clean your bathroom as frequently as you can, so why not used a motorized scrubber? As with your kitchen, a power scrubber is able to clean your bathroom’s flat surfaces, drains and sinks — and your toilet, too.
  • Concentrated areas: Some power scrubbers will come with a handy detailing attachment. You can use this to double-down on smaller, problem spots.

Use Separate Brushes

If you’ll be cleaning your bathroom with a power scrubber, you’ll need a different set of brushes for other rooms. This prevents spreading germs between rooms.

Why Buy a Power Scrubber?

Sometimes cleaning is time consuming, tiring and dull work. Removing stubborn dirt, grime and stains is already difficult, but we worsen our struggle by using inconvenient or incorrect supplies.

1. You Won’t Get Your Hands Dirty

Manual scrubbing isn’t the most aesthetic of cleaning tasks, especially when the grime and dirt are deep-rooted. No one enjoys sticking their hands into dirty dishwater or buckets of soiled water.

Touching icky substances is an unfortunate reality of chores. Fortunately, it’s significantly reduced with a power scrubber.

You can thank design for that, as the shape of a scrubber will keep your hands dry. You use a button to operate them. Plus, their long handles mean you don’t have to touch the water if you don’t want to.

Protect Yourself

Wear a pair of rubber gloves while you clean. They protect your hands from heat, chemicals and germs (2).

2. Your Kitchen Will Harbor Fewer Germs

An Australian report noted that leaving dishes to stand is one of the fastest ways to spread pathogens through your home (3). Traces of food breed bacteria that easily spread to other surfaces in your kitchen. If you handle anything contaminated — even if it looks clean — your hands will transfer this bacteria to whatever else you touch.

To prevent this, it’s recommended that you use a scrubbing brush with force to remove old food and germs. What better way to do this than with a high-powered scrubber which saves effort?

Quick Tip

Don’t forget to clean your power scrubber’s brushes. One way to do this is to apply dish soap to the brush before working it against your sink, under running water. After, use a clean towel to dry the bristles, and make sure it’s completely dry before storing it.

3. Money Saver

Have you ever thought that disposable kitchen sponges are exactly that: disposable? We’ve all used them beyond their lifespan, but they’re meant to be discarded more frequently than you’d think. It’s recommended that you chuck your kitchen sponges out after a week of use (4).

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but consider how quickly the cost of replacing them will add up — even if they’re budget buys. The initial cost of a power scrubber is higher, but you’ll save a significant amount of money, thanks to their durability.

Brushes are superior to sponges because they don’t retain water. Since they dry faster, there’s less risk of bacteria or germs breeding inside or on them (5).

How to Choose the Best Power Scrubbers

There’s a variety of models available, so how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve compiled a checklist of what you should keep in mind before you settle on a specific model:

  • Attachments: Power scrubbers that include an array of brush heads are a worthwhile investment. They’re more versatile and will save you money in buying the necessary extras. Popular attachments include the round brush, scrubbing pad, flat brush and detailer.
  • Brush hardness: Consider the material and thickness of your brush’s bristles. For delicate surfaces, you need soft bristles, while rough areas or stubborn grime will require something more hardy and durable. You could also opt for medium-grade brushes — rigid enough to deep clean, yet gentle enough to prevent damage.
  • Rotation speed: The faster the brush rotates, the more effective and high-powered it will be. This impacts how heavy-duty your machine is, and so influences how it treats your surfaces.
  • Power: Most power scrubbers are cordless, but you may come across corded models. The latter won’t run out of power and cost less to maintain. Battery-powered models, on the other hand, have a greater range and are easier to use. However, they are limited in power and are higher maintenance.
  • Waterproof: If you’re going to use your scrubber in your sink, drain or with detergent, it has to be waterproof. It could be coated in a water-resistant sealant, or constructed so that it’s watertight. Either way, double-check that its battery or cable is protected from spills.


Never use a standard, corded drill in, or with, water. Unless the tools you use are designed for wet conditions, you could risk electric shock (6).

The Best Power Scrubbers of 2020

We’ve chosen our five favorite models to get you started. In selecting our favorites, we research manufacturer specs and read countless customer reviews. Our recommendations for the best power scrubbers are based on usability, value for money and customer feedback.

1. MECO Electric Spin Scrubber

Customer Favorite

MECO Electric Spin Scrubber, Power Scrubber Cordless High Rotation Handheld Bathroom Scrubber Rechargeable with 3 Replaceable Cleaning Brush Heads for Cleaning Tub, Tile, Floor, Sink, Wall, Window
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One reason why customers love this model so much is that it’s the full package, giving you great value for money. It’s versatile with a set of handy attachments and extra features — use this scrubber throughout your home, for large jobs and detailing alike.

The MECO includes a flat brush, corner brush and rounded brush. You can attach these to an ergonomic handle for easy, comfortable use.

We like that there’s a built-in LED light for monitoring the battery. This prevents the surprise of running out of charge mid-clean. Simply recharge the battery with the included charger when you need — no guesswork needed.

Why We Love It

Covers All Bases

We like the choice of brushes included with this product. Though there are only three attachments, they’re comprehensive in cleaning flat surfaces, corners and drains. You’ll have all you need.

Awesome Extras

We must praise the manufacturers for a well-designed product, with an emphasis placed on convenience.

For example, servicing the power scrubber is effortless, with no unnecessary costs or hassle added.

Additionally, the LED light is a cool extra that makes maintenance so much easier. This works well with the battery being rechargeable and the charger included with your purchase.

Comfortable Use

Because of its ergonomic design, operating this scrubber is simple and won’t cause strain. Happy customers compliment how light and comfortable this model is.

It’s easy on your ears too. At only 70 decibels, it’s much quieter than the 90 decibels of standard power drills (7).

Keep In Mind

Charge Before Use

It’s handy and cost-effective that this product is rechargeable, but there is one drawback. Since this MECO scrubber is powerful, it needs charging between each use and also before the first use. This might not sound like a problem, but the average charge time is 4-5 hours.

Medium Power

A few buyers said that while the scrubber works well, it didn’t meet their expectations of power. Regardless, users were still satisfied with the product’s efficiency. Critical feedback is few and far between, so this could be subjective.

Additional Specs

StyleSpin scrubber
PowerRechargeable battery (2200MHA0)

Max. 20 Watts

Rotations per minute350
FeaturesLED indicator light, waterproof, 70 decibels, ergonomic design
AccessoriesFlat brush, pointed corner brush, round brush, charger

2. Martchen’s Market Drill Brush Attachment Set

Best DIY Set

Drill Brush Attachment Power Scrubber Set with 6in Extender for a Cleaner Home. These scrubbing Brushes can Clean The Bathroom, tub, Kitchen, Shower, Grout, Tile. **Drill not Included**
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Do you have a power drill at home, with no need to buy a full machine like the MECO? This Martchen’s Market set is comprehensive in cleaning, and in fact, has more attachments than our top choice.

Included in this set are four brushes and an extension for tricky, out of reach spots. The brush range consists of two hard brushes, a medium and a soft.

This is a multi-purpose kit that you can use almost anywhere. It’s safe to use on glass, tiles and even car exteriors, and can tackle stubborn dirt, grime and grout.

Why We Love It

Four Attachments

Compared to our top choice, the extra brush makes a difference in your cleaning. It also increases the value for money of this product. Your drill will become a great, versatile scrubber with this kit.

Use the hard brushes inside or outdoors, and in tough corners of your home. The soft brush is excellent for cleaning delicate surfaces, including porcelain and carpets. For countertops, tubs and hard floors, choose the medium brush for best results.

Extension Tool

Many power scrubbers lack extension features. These are handy for hard-to-reach spots and for keeping your hands well away from surfaces like toilets or drains.

The included extension tool is sorely underappreciated and definitely gives this product an upper hand.

It’s Versatile

Each brush in this set is designed to fit standard drills. Because it handles most cleaning needs, this multi-purpose set eliminates the cost and hassle of using different tools.

Keep In Mind

Drill Not Included

You need a separate drill to attach these brushes. If you don’t already have one, investing in a drill isn’t worth it since they cost more than scrubbers. That is unless you’re going to need a drill for other uses around the home.

If you’re in this situation, consider going with our top choice, instead.

Flimsy Bristles

A few buyers note that the brushes aren’t of superior quality and break fairly easily. Keep in mind, however, that only a few users experienced this problem. The majority of feedback is excellent.

It also helps to take care of your brushes if you want to preserve their condition and lifespan.

Additional Specs

StyleDrill brush attachment set
PowerInformation not available
Rotations per minuteInformation not available
FeaturesColor-coded brush heads, compatible with standard drills
AccessoriesTwo hard brushes, a medium brush, a soft brush, zinc extension

3. Drillbrush All-Purpose Power Scrubber Kit

Best Budget Choice

Drill Brush Power Scrubber by Useful Products Drill Brush Attachment - Bathroom Surfaces Tub, Shower, Tile and Grout All Purpose Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit –Grout Drill Brush Set – Drill Brushes
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Here’s another if you don’t mind some DIY. Though the drill isn’t included, you could save a lot of money on a full machine if you already have one. With this kit, you can turn any handheld drill into a power scrubber.

These medium-stiff nylon brushes are best used in the bathroom, as you can use them on porcelain, fiberglass and tiles. They’re designed for gentle, but effective cleaning of your tubs and sinks.

You get three brushes in this kit: an original round brush, a flat brush and a short bristle brush.

Why We Love It


Compared to power scrubber machines, this brush kit comes at a fantastic price. If you have a drill at home, you could save tens of dollars investing in this product instead of a new handheld model. It’s affordable and convenient.

Great Brushes

As with our MECO choice above, you get a fantastic selection of three brushes. The style of each (round, short and flat) accommodates all your cleaning needs. They’re good for use on drains, sinks, crevices and floors.

Best for Bathrooms

Each brush is medium-stiff and made to preserve the condition of your surfaces. So you don’t have to worry about abrading your porcelain or tiles; the brushes are designed to retain their shine. Even though this is a multi-purpose kit, it’s recommended for use in bathrooms because of its gentle power.

Keep In Mind

Drill Excluded

As with our Martchen’s Market choice, this kit includes the brushes only, so you’ll need a drill of your own. Remember that it’s wiser to buy a new scrubber like our MECO recommendation if you don’t own power tools. Buying a drill just to use these brushes will nullify the budget-friendly perk.

Recommended Drills

You can turn any power drill into a scrubber with this kit, but there are suggestions of which drills to use. The manufacturer recommends 18-volt cordless drills for this brush kit. There’s a small chance that your drill may not be compatible, so before you buy this, make sure it will fit.

Additional Specs

StyleDrill Brush Attachments
PowerInformation not available
Rotations per minuteInformation not available
FeaturesMedium-stiff nylon bristles, quick-change shafts
AccessoriesKit includes a round brush, flat brush and short bristle brush.

4. WiMiUs Electric Spin Scrubber

Best High-End Scrubber

Upgraded Spin Scrubber, WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scubber with 4 Brush Replacement Heads Cordless Power Srubber Cleaning Brush for Bathroom Kitchen,Tub
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If you’re willing to spend a little extra on a scrubber, it’s unlikely that this one will disappoint. It’s sleek, versatile and includes four excellent attachments for concentrated cleaning of tricky dirt. A detachable extension helps you clean all those inconvenient spots you’d typically struggle to reach.

Made of high-quality ABS and TPE polymers, this model is an upgrade to a previous model. Its battery and brushes are now stronger and more efficient, while the scrubber itself only weighs 1.7 pounds.

Charging the battery only requires a USB charger, and you get 50-75 minutes runtime.

Why We Love It

Easy Extension

Adjusting the length of this scrubber is easy. All you have to do is press a release button to dismantle the extension or to lock it into place.

On top of being easy to use, the extension is made out of stainless steel, so it’s easy to maintain and is sturdy. Overall, it’s excellent for cleaning high or out of reach spots.

Value for Money

This product will cost you more than our other choices will, but with good reason. It’s a sophisticated model with a good range of features that are well worth the price.

As with the Martchen’s Market set, there are four brushes included — more than most scrubbers. They include a standard round brush, small round brush, and pointed brush. There’s also a unique stainless steel brush for stubborn dirt.

The icing on the cake is that the unit is rechargeable, so you save money on replacements and maintenance.

Great Battery

On a full charge, the battery will last up to 75 minutes. This is excellent compared to most other scrubbers and is bound to be enough time to get all your cleaning done. Though it takes between four and five hours to charge, you get a lot out of the battery.

Keep In Mind

Not Budget-Friendly

This product is the priciest of our recommendations, and may not be suitable for you if you’re on a budget. Remember, though, that you get what you pay for with this model.

Charger Excluded

It’s cool that you can power this scrubber with a USB charger, but unfortunately, you won’t get one with the package. Some buyers recommend using your mobile phone’s charger, but remember, it takes five hours to charge. We recommend buying a separate charger for it!

Additional Specs

StyleSpin scrubber
PowerBattery (2AH lithium-ion)
Rotations per minute220
FeaturesAdjustable length, USB rechargeable, max. 75-minute runtime, waterproof
AccessoriesExtension, round brush, small round brush, pointed brush, stainless steel brush

5. Warmhoming Multi-Purpose Spin Scrubber

Best Starter Scrubber

Spin Scrubber, Multi-Purpose 360 Cordless Tub and Tile Scrubber for Cleaning Shower, Floor & Kitchen
Check Price

Less is often more, and this model is a great example of that. It doesn’t lack any important features, and though it’s basic compared to WiMiUs’ model, we recommend it as a starter.

This popular Warmhoming model works well if you need a scrubber for light or infrequent cleaning too. It’s a multi-purpose scrubber — perfect for cleaning throughout your home and outdoors too.

Included in the package are three brushes for use on surfaces, crevices and corners. You’ll get a big flat brush for floor cleaning, a round brush and a corner brush.

To complete the product, an extension is included for adjustable height, and its battery is rechargeable.

Why We Love It

Excellent for Floors

The big flat brush enables the scrubbing of larger surface areas. Used with the extension, it makes floor cleaning effortless work. You’ll save a lot of energy and labor, especially since this scrubber is useful on tile grout.

Complete Package

We like that this product includes everything you need to deep clean. The brushes are designed for a multitude of tasks, including cleaning your car’s exterior or the inside of your shower. The extension helps with cleaning difficult spots, and unlike WiMiUs’, a charger is included for convenience and added value.

Easy and Ergonomic

Customers say that this scrubber requires little to no effort to operate. It’s excellent for preventing strain. So if you struggle to clean due to illness or injury, this scrubber will work in your favor. Remember that it includes an extension too; you won’t have to overexert yourself trying to clean out-of-reach spots.

Keep In Mind

Moderate Results

If you need a power scrubber for stubborn dirt, you may want to give the MECO a try instead. This model only reaches 180 rotations per minute and is best used for light work. On the other hand, users say that this scrubber is more powerful than they expected, and customers are pleased with its efficiency.


The battery of this scrubber will last you half an hour. This may not be adequate if you have heavy work to do or live in a larger home. Still, buyers say it holds a charge extremely well besides this fact.

Additional Specs

StyleSpin scrubber
PowerBattery (DC 3.6 volts)
Rotations per minute180
FeaturesWaterproof, flexible bristles
AccessoriesDetachable telescoping extension, flat brush, round brush, corner brush, charger

Detailed Comparison Chart

ProductBestStylePowerRotations p/m
MECO Electric Spin ScrubberCustomer FavoriteSpin scrubberRechargeable battery (2200MHA0) Max. 20 W350
Martchen’s Market Drill BrushDIY SetDrill brush attachment setInformation not availableInformation not available
Drillbrush All-PurposeBudget ChoiceDrill Brush AttachmentsInformation not availableInformation not available
WiMiUs Electric SpinHigh-End ScrubberSpin scrubberBattery (2AH lithium-ion)220
Warmhoming Multi-PurposeStarter ScrubberSpin scrubberBattery (DC 3.6V)180
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Power Through

Scrubbing is tedious work, but a power scrubber will lessen the burden of cleaning. They’re relatively inexpensive tools that will save you money in the long run. We love that they’re designed to make scrubbing easier, faster and more efficient.

Different varieties are available, so choose one that suits your situation. For example, some simply require you to add a brush attachment to your power drill. Others, though, are all-inclusive machines. Either way, they both have strengths. Taking the DIY road will save you money, while a spin scrubber gives you more reach.

Which of our picks of the best power scrubbers do you like the most? We’ve included something for everyone in our recommendations, and we’d love to know which one you choose.

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