Best Over the Door Ironing Boards of 2021

Low on space but still want wrinkle-free clothes? Here’s the solution.

There are a few different kinds of ironing boards: tabletop, standing, wall-mounted and… over the door ironing boards! These are perfect for people who are limited on space.

Maybe your house is already quite crowded. Or perhaps you live in a small college dorm. We also love these for studio apartments. They are space-saving and practical. We have the five best over the door ironing boards to recommend to you today!

Our Top Picks

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Best Over The Door Ironing Boards of 2021
Product Image of the Polder Over-The-Door Hanging Ironing Board - Includes Cover and Pad
Best For Dorms
Polder Over-The-Door Hanging Board
  • Easy to open & close
  • Stabilized foot caps
  • Good padding
Product Image of the Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board
Sturdiest Ironing Board
Honey-Can-Do Hanging Ironing Board
  • Easy to use
  • Slim against the door
  • Convenient
Product Image of the Front Facing Over-the-Door Ironing Board in Khaki
Slimmest Ironing Board
Front Facing Ironing Board
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Easy to use
Product Image of the Household Essentials 144222 Over The Door Small Ironing Board With Iron Holder | Natural Cotton Cover
Best Accessories
Household Essentials Ironing Board
  • Self-close technology
  • Iron hanger
  • Feet stabilizers
Product Image of the Homz Over-The-Door Ironing Board 42' L X 14' W Blue
Easiest to Install
Homz Over-The-Door Ironing Board
  • Bumpers to protect door
  • Patented lock design
  • It’s sturdy

How Do Over the Door Ironing Boards Work?

Over the door ironing boards aren’t complicated things. They just hang over your door, kind of like a coat hook.

The board itself folds up against the door so that it doesn’t take up any extra space. When you need to use the ironing board, close the door. That way, the door won’t keep swaying open and shut. Pull down the ironing board, lock it into place and get ironing.

While these are savvy devices, especially if you’re low on space, they do have pros and cons.


  • They save space.
  • They’re affordable.
  • They are more aesthetic since they hide pretty well behind a door.
  • You don’t need to carry it around. Regular boards can be quite heavy.
  • They are convenient. You can just pop them open for quick jobs.


  • They’re smaller than standard ironing boards.
  • They’re not as sturdy. They don’t balance on any legs. They just fold out straight so you can iron.
  • There’s no iron tray.
  • You can’t adjust the height.
  • You need the right kind of doors. They can’t be too thin or the bracket won’t hold. There needs to be the right space between the door frame and the door so it doesn’t jam.
  • You need a socket nearby.
  • You need a clear area around the door.

So while there are more cons than pros, the pros might outweigh the cons for you. And for some people, this might be the only option!

How to Choose the Best Over the Door Ironing Board

If you’re definitely in the market for one of these boards, we’ll tell you what to look out for when shopping.


First, look at the size of the board. Ironing boards come in a range of sizes, but over-the-door boards tend to be about half the size. This is so they can fold up easily on the back of the door. Always look at the dimensions to make sure it will fit your door, and the type of clothes you tend to iron.


Like any ironing board, we recommend you look at padding. Good padding will give you a smooth ironing experience and therefore, the smoothest clothes as a result. If the board has poor padding, you might find that criss-cross shape on your clothes. This is from the metal skeleton of the ironing board itself.

Over-the-door ironing boards tend to have quite minimal padding. But you can always get an extra ironing board cover, or make your own.


Some over-the-door boards come with extra accessories. These might include a place to store your iron. This is a huge bonus! If you find a board with one of these, it might be calling your name.

Feet Stabilizers

The last thing you want from your over-the-door board is to ruin your door. Especially if you’re renting your home! That won’t make your landlord happy. A good quality over-the-door ironing board will come with feet stabilizers to protect the door and reduce noise.

Let Us Come Clean: Oh So Spotless earns a commission through the following independently chosen links at no additional cost to you.

The Best Over-the-Door Ironing Boards of 2021

Now it’s time to introduce you to our top five picks for over the door ironing boards!

1. Polder Over-The-Door Hanging Board

Best Over the Door Ironing Board for Dorms

Off to college and not sure you have space for an ironing board? Don’t worry! The Polder over-the-door hanging board is an awesome solution. It’s a top-quality board that will save you space in your new habitat.

It fits onto doors that are up to 1.5 inches thick, so make sure to measure your door in advance. But it should be totally fine!

Why We Love It

Easy to Open and Close

What’s cool about this ironing board is that it’s easy to open and close. Most are, but this one is extra easy. Just pull it down to open. To close, there’s a lever you can press. Great if you can’t quite reach high enough to lock it closed. This board will do the hard work for you!

Stabilized Foot Caps

The stabilized foot caps on this board protects the door. Great if you live in a dorm! But it also stops the board from moving too much while you’re actually ironing. Customers report this to be a sturdy and stable ironing board.

Good Padding

The Polder board comes with a 100% cotton board cover. It can handle high heat. The thick foam pad gives you a nice smooth surface to iron on. You’ll walk away with wrinkle-free clothes in no time!

Keep In Mind

Not Too Strong

The main drawback to this ironing board is that it’s not very strong. Some customers warn that it’s not good for heavy irons, as their board fell off the door. Keep that in mind and be gentle when ironing so that it doesn’t break.

Additional Specs

Board Size 14 x 42 inches
Padding 7mm foam pad
Accessories Press lever to close
Feet Stabilizers Yes
Weight 8.75 pounds

2. Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board

Best Sturdy Over the Door Ironing Board

Over-the-door ironing boards don’t tend to be the sturdiest solutions. But the Honey-Can-Do door hanging board is a pretty sturdy option! Customers praise it for being stable and well-made. In fact, many never want to return to a regular ironing board again after using this!

It’s a great board — it folds up and down smoothly. And it locks into place so you can rest assured it won’t bang you on the head randomly when you’re walking past.

Why We Love It

Easy to Use

Overall, the Honey-Can-Do board is easy to use! It is a perfect storage-saving solution. It easily hooks onto the back of any standard door, simply folds open or closed and locks into place when you’re not using it.

Slim Against the Door

We love that this ironing board is slim against the door when it’s folded. It won’t get in your way at all! It’s very light-weight, too. So it’s easy to move from door to door if you want to change it up.


This over-the-door board is all about convenience. When it arrives, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to install. Then opening and closing it — also a breeze. You can use this for large loads of laundry or just one garment here and there.

Keep In Mind

Padding Is Thin

Even the most satisfied customers complain about the padding being quite thin. It doesn’t reveal the metal skeleton beneath, but extra padding could make it a smoother ironing experience.

Additional Specs

Board Size 14 x 42 inches
Padding Somewhat thin
Accessories Locks shut
Feet Stabilizers Yes
Weight 7.45 pounds

3. Front Facing Over-the-Door Ironing Board

Best Slim Over the Door Ironing Board

Coming in at only 1.9 inches thick once it’s hanging, the Front Facing over-the-door ironing board is our top choice for a slim board. It’s a very sleek design that saves that little bit of extra space in your home.

The Front Facing board makes ironing fuss-free. The board easily glides into position. It locks into place, ensuring safety. We also love that you can open and close this pick with zero effort.

Why We Love It

Easy to Install

Anyone can install this ironing board themselves! If you’re 10 or 100, you can easily pop this over your chosen door and voila! You’re ready to iron.

Perfect for Small Spaces

Because of the super compact design of this ironing board, it’s perfect for small spaces. Whether you have a cozy apartment or are living in an RV, this over-the-door ironing board will make itself at home on one of your doors.

Easy to Use

If you’re looking for something simple, this is the board for you. The design makes it super easy to use. Opening and closing it is no problem. Plus, it locks into place to ensure safety.

Keep In Mind

Not Super Strong

Keep in mind that this ironing board is not super strong. It’s not the sturdiest board on the market. Plus, some customers report breakage or cracking when they put too much weight onto the board. This one is best for light ironing.

Additional Specs

Board Size 47.5 x 14.2 inches
Padding Medium thickness
Accessories Slim design
Feet Stabilizers Yes
Weight 8.75 pounds

4. Household Essentials Over The Door Ironing Board

Best Accessorized Over the Door Ironing Board

If you’re really tight on the space, you can go the extra measure with the Household Essentials ironing board. This handy little guy comes with a place to store your iron as well. So it helps you find a storage solution for that, too!

This board is super easy to hang on your door. It comes with hooks for both standard and commercial doors. Plus, the cover is a neutral color, so it can fit most interiors!

Why We Love It

Self-Close Technology

When you close this ironing board, you just have to push it up and it will finish closing itself. This is great if you’re short and can’t reach the top of your door frame!

Iron Hanger

We told you to look out for accessories and this is exactly what we meant! The Household Essentials ironing board comes with an iron hanger. So you’re killing two birds with one stone when you get this. Now you have a storage solution for your iron, too.

Feet Stabilizers

The feet stabilizers will help you to steady this board onto the door. Plus, it protects the door. The feet have rubber plastic on them to brace the bottom of the frame against the door and lift it. This reduces noise and protects the door from scratches.

Keep In Mind

Not Sturdy

Over-the-door ironing boards don’t have legs that fold down. They’re not the most stable, but the Household Essentials is one of the less stable boards. So it’s space-saving, but not super easy to use.

Bulky Hooks

The hooks that hang over the door are bulky. Customers report that they tend to get stuck in the door frame and don’t allow them to close their doors fully. This is not ideal if you have roommates and want some privacy.

Additional Specs

Board Size 14 x 42 inches
Padding Thin
Accessories Iron holder
Feet Stabilizers Yes
Weight 7.5 pounds

5. Homz Over-The-Door Ironing Board

Easiest to Install Over the Door Ironing Board

If DIY jobs put you off, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the Homz over-the-door ironing board is easy to install. Yep, no tools required. You can quickly install this on standard 1.375 inch doors — it takes less than 30 seconds!

We also love that this has a mesh top for optimal steam flow. If you have a quality steam iron, this ironing board is a good companion.

Why We Love It

Bumpers to Protect Door

Feet stabilizers are one of the most important things on over-the-door ironing boards. We really don’t want our doors ruined by this device. Thankfully, the Homz ironing board has bumpers to protect your door and minimize noise.

Patented Lock Design

When it comes to special features, the Homz ironing board has a patented lock design. This allows the board to fold up and down easily. Then it locks into place to provide extra safety.

It’s Sturdy

It’s always great to find that an over-the-door ironing board is sturdy. Without any proper legs, it can be hit or miss. But the Homz board is reliable. You’ll have a pleasant ironing experience with this strong board.

Keep In Mind

Padding Is Thin

The padding on this ironing board is quite thin. If you press down hard, you might get the metal skeleton imprint on the back of your clothes. It does come with foam padding, but it might be worth investing in your own cover to go along with it.

Loud Noises

Don’t be alarmed if you hear a loud noise when opening and closing this ironing board. It actually makes quite a loud banging noise when it clicks into place. So keep that in mind so you don’t scare yourself half to death!

Additional Specs

Board Size 14 x 42 inches
Padding Thin
Accessories Patented lock design
Feet Stabilizers Yes
Weight 7.6 pounds

Over The Door Ironing Board Comparison Chart

Product Best Board Size Padding Accessories Feet Stabilizers Weight
Polder Over-The-Door Hanging Board Dorms 14 x 42″ Thin Press lever to close Yes 8.75 lbs
Honey-Can-Do Hanging Ironing Board Sturdy 14 x 42″ Thin Locks shut Yes 7.45 lbs
Front Facing Ironing Board Slim 47.5 x 14.2″ Medium Slim design Yes 8.75 lbs
Household Essentials Ironing Board Accessories 14 x 42″ Thin Iron holder Yes 7.5 lbs
Homz Over-The-Door Ironing Board Easy to Install 14 x 42″ Thin Patented lock design Yes 7.6 lbs
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Over and Out

Looking for something functional and easy? The over-the-door ironing board life is for you!

These are convenient, space-saving, easy-to-use ironing boards. While they’re not as padded as standard boards, you can always pack it in with extra padding.

Over the door boards are great for people living in small apartments or dorms. Always make sure to look at the size of the board, whether it has feet stabilizers and of course, additional accessories and features.

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