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Best Mops For Hardwood Floors of 2023

Dirt on your hardwood floor doesn’t stand a chance with these mops.

When shopping for a mop for your hardwood floors, it can be tricky to know which to go for. You want one that will clean well without damaging your beautiful wood.

We’ve put together a list of the five best mops for your hardwood floors. These fantastic choices will help you keep up with your regular cleaning schedule, so your abode is welcoming to guests. Say goodbye to messes from your kids, pets, and dirty shoes tracking in and out.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best mop for hardwood floors, and for our thorough reviews.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop for Hardwood, Laminate, Tile Floor Cleaning, Stainless Steel Handle - 3 Reusable Flat Mop Pads and 1 Dirt Removal Scrubber Included
Best for Large Surfaces
Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop
  • Telescopic handle
  • Large floor plate
  • 360-degree swivel head
Product Image of the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave, 2039A, 14' Cleaning Path Width
Best for Effortless Cleaning
Bissell Spinwave
  • Rotating mop pads
  • On-demand spray function
  • Lightweight for easy manueverability
Product Image of the Professional Dredge Microfiber Flat Mop System for Hardwood Tile Laminate & Vinyl Floors with 3 Washable Wet Dry Dust Cleaning Pads - Good for Kitchen & Bathroom Too - Extendable & Collapsible Handle
Best for Corners
Professional Microfiber
  • 360-degree swivel head
  • Durable build
  • Machine-washable microfiber pad
Product Image of the Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System - 18-inch Dust Mop with 4 Reusable Pads for Hardwood and Tile, 360-Spin Floor Mop Head & Extendable Handle - Household Cleaning Tools
Best for Mobility
Turbo Microfiber Mop
  • Cleans quickly and effectively
  • Works on every floor type
  • Money-saver option
Product Image of the O-Cedar Hardwood Floor 'N More Microfiber Mop
Best for Dry & Damp
O-Cedar Hardwood
  • Machine washable microfiber mop heads
  • Hanging hook for easy storage
  • Affordable for those on a budget

Product Reviews

Here are our top five choices for hardwood floor mops.

Here are our top five mops for hardwood floors currently on the market.

1. Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop

Best Mop for Large Hardwood Surfaces

Do you have large rooms with a lot of hardwood flooring? The best mop for you might be this one from Mr. Siga. It’s got an expansive 16.5-inch floor plate for fast yet effective cleaning, combined with microfiber pads for dirt removal.

You’ll receive three reusable pads with your mop. This means you can use one and throw another in the washing machine. You do your bit for the environment by avoiding disposables, and you also save money.

The set also includes a dirt removal scrubber for dissolving stubborn dirt that gets stuck on the floor.

The stainless steel construction makes it lightweight and easy to move around. Plus, it’s a lot sturdier than its plastic counterparts.

What We Like

Telescopic Handle Up to 60 Inches

Have you noticed that you slouch with your current mop? With the telescopic handle reaching up to 60 inches, say “goodbye” to an achy back and shoulders.

16.5 Inch Floor Plate

Nobody wants to spend their whole afternoon cleaning. Thankfully, this mop has a larger floor plate than many other products out there.

It’s 16.5 inches in length. This may help you to cover more surface area and in half the time.

360-Degree Swivel Head

Mops with only a 180-degree swivel don’t make it easy to clean those hard-to-reach areas. The good thing about this one is the 360-degree swivel head to glide around any obstacles with ease.

What We Don't Like

Unrealiable Mop Clamp

Users have reported that the mop clamp does not hold the microfiber mop hard enough. It may lose its grip after a while, and this might cause problems cleaning with the mop.

Product Specs

Number of Mop Heads Included Three
Length of Handle 60 inches
Mop Head Dimensions 16.5 x 9 inches
Handle Material Aluminum
Mop Head Material Double side microfiber and plush

2. Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood Mop

Best Hardwood Floor Mop for Effortless Cleaning

Looking to step your cleaning game up a notch? Connect this mop into your power outlet, and you’re ready to go! Even though this mop is powered, it’s still pretty quiet, so you can still get chores done even if the kids are sleeping.

Thanks to the double-action, rotating mop pads, it requires minimal effort to clean and buff your hardwood. They’re machine washable, so you can reuse them.

Of course, you don’t have to worry. It’s totally safe and gentle enough for sealed hardwood floors.

We like that this mop comes complete with two trial formulas to clean your floors. You can use them combined with the spray function, which might get rid of tougher stains or shoe marks.

It has a 28-ounce tank capacity. There are also four spin mop pads included: two soft-touch microfibers and two scrubby ones for a more thorough clean.

What We Like

Double-Action, Rotating Mop Pads

The rotating mop pads do the scrubbing for you — cleaning doesn’t have to be hard work after all! They’re made from soft microfiber for gentle cleaning, yet they effectively wipe away dirt.

The pads are also reusable and machine washable, which is great for saving some money.

On-Demand Spray Function

You control how much cleaning solution or water you use. You only need to use small amounts on hardwood floors. This is good for getting rid of sticky messes.

Just use the spray button on the handle. There’s a water tank you can fill with any solution you like.

360-Degree Swivel for Deep Cleaning

Dust and dirt often gather in the toughest spots you can’t reach. But this mop has a 360-degree swivel to attack grime from any angle. You can reach under furniture and maneuver into corners with this one.

What We Don't Like

Requires Electricity

If you’re looking for a cordless mop, this may not be the one for you. Although it’s got a 22-foot cord, there might be occasions when a power cord just isn’t ideal.

Product Specs

Number of Mop Heads Included Four
Length of Handle 45 inches
Mop Head Dimensions 16 x 8 inches
Handle Material Aluminum and plastic
Mop Head Material Microfiber

3. Temples Pride Professional Microfiber Floor Mop

Best Hardwood Floor Mop for Corners

This microfiber mop is a good addition to your cleaning armory. We all know that corners are notoriously hard to clean properly. But this one is designed to navigate into them with its 360-degree swivel.

With two premium pads and one superfine dry-only pad included, this mop is suitable for a host of flooring. It works well on hardwoods, tiles, vinyl, or laminate floors.

What’s more, it’s easy to store. You’ll find a hanging hook on the end of the handle for easy vertical storing. You can adjust the telescopic aluminum handle from 29 inches up to 62 inches.

What We Like

360-degree Swivel for Cleaning Corners

We love the 360-degree smooth rotation of the mop head. This can get into hard-to-reach spots and corners around your home that can be difficult to tackle with ordinary mops.

Durable Aluminum Build

The telescopic aluminum pole can guarantee durability. While other materials may suffer from constant use, this one should stand the test of time. Its heavy-duty plate will also come in handy here. Plus, it offers a money-back guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Machine-Washable Microfiber Pad

Since it’s machine washable, you can reuse the pads time and time again. It’s easy to toss them in the washing machine with other microfiber items.

What We Don't Like

Standard Mop Pads

Users noted that the mop inclusion offers a mediocre performance. This is a minor drawback for the great features that this mop has. You may opt to buy a separate mop pad if you want to.

Product Specs

Number of Mop Heads Included One
Length of Handle 29 inches to 62 inches
Mop Head Dimensions 17 inches by 4 inches by 62 inches
Handle Material Aluminum
Mop Head Material Microfiber

4. Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

Best Hardwood Floor Mop for Mobility

Do you want a mop that swivels 360 degrees? Well, look no further than the Turbo Microfiber Mop! This is the best mop for mobility since it can rotate any way. Easily and quickly mop any room in the house, underneath furniture, in corners, and around obstacles.

To make it even easier, this is a lightweight mop. It only weighs 1.2 pounds, so it’s easy to transport and move throughout the house. Lastly, the handle is adjustable, so you can extend it from 35 inches to 60 inches, depending on your height.

What We Like

Cleans Quickly and Effectively

The large mop head is 18 inches wide, so you can quickly clean every room in your house, even the larger ones. This mop replaces the need for a messy bucket and cleaning solution. Instead, you can slide this across your floors, and it will pick up dirt, hair, and other debris. It works as a wet or dry mop. The microfiber looping design picks up and locks in all dirt so that you have cleaner floors than before.

Works on Every Floor Type

This Turbo mop works on almost every floor type — and other surfaces, too! This includes hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile, and wood. But it also includes kitchens, bathrooms, windowsills, ceilings, tables, benches, and waxing vehicles. Whatever your job is, this mop can tackle it.

You Save Money

For many mops, the replacement parts can be expensive. But with the Turbo mop, you’ll save money in the long run. The initial cost of the mop is pretty budget-friendly. It comes with two replacement pads that you can use up to 100 times. They wash quickly and easily so you can reuse them. Single-use sweepers generally cost six times more, according to the Turbo brand. So within a year, you’re saving around $100!

What We Don't Like

Pad Velcro Problems

Some customers noted that the velcro grip isn’t very strong, and the pads fell off from time to time. On another note, you have to pre-clean the pads before washing them. This is because there isn’t any way to wring the mop heads as you go. It must be done by hand. Second, you’ll need to shake out the dust, hair, and debris to not dirty up other items in the wash.

Product Specs

Number of Mop Heads Included Two
Length of Handle 35 inches to 60 inches
Mop Head Dimensions 18 x 4 inches
Handle Material Aluminum
Mop Head Material Dirt trapping looped microfiber

5. O-Cedar Hardwood Microfiber Mop

Best for Dry and Damp Cleaning

O-Cedar is a well-known brand in the cleaning world, and they’re offering this mop especially for hardwood floors. What we love is that the microfiber mop head easily glides over the surface. It’s lightweight at one pound and easy to use.

Plus, the mop pad is versatile; it can be used dry for a quick surface clean, and damp for a deeper clean. You can even machine wash it up to 100 times.

The scrubbing strips on the mop head may be good for removing tough dirt marks too. It’s recommended to change the mop head pad every three to six months.

What’s more, if you fancy being organized, you might like the hanging hook on this one. You can easily hide it away before guests arrive!

What We Like

Machine Washable Mop Heads

We already know that microfiber is a safe material for hardwood floors. But better yet, these are reusable.

Simply throw them in the washing machine after cleaning your home. This is a money-saving technique, and it’s eco-friendly since you may wash them up to 100 times.

Hanging Hook for Storage

Attached to the handle of this mop is a hook. This makes storage simple since you can hang it up out of the way. It shouldn’t take up a lot of space in the laundry room.

360-Degree Swivel

The mop can swivel in any direction. You can maneuver it under any furniture easily, not missing any dirt or dust on your hardwood floor.

What We Don't Like

Doesn’t Have a Telescopic Pole

Unfortunately, this microfiber mop doesn’t have an adjustable, telescopic construction. This may affect the reach of the mop, and it might not be suitable for taller persons. At only 56 inches, you may find the need to slouch a little when using this mop.

Product Specs

Number of Mop Heads Included One
Length of Handle 56 inches
Mop Head Dimensions 16 x 8 inches
Handle Material Plastic
Mop Head Material Microfiber

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best No. of Mop Heads Length Tank Capacity Color Power Rating Mop Head Dimension Handle Material Mop Head Material
Mr. Siga Professional For Large Surfaces 3 60″ N/A Blue N/A 20″ x 9″ Aluminum Double side Microfiber & Plush
Bissell Spinwave For Effortless Cleaning 4 45″ 28 oz Green 0.9 A 16″ x 8″ Aluminum and plastic Microfiber
Professional Microfiber For Corners 3 29 – 62″  N/A Blue N/A 15″ x 4.5″ Stainless steel Microfiber
Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor For Mobility 2 35″ – 60″  N/A Gray, green N/A 18″ x 4″ Aluminum Microfiber
O-Cedar Hardwood For Dry & Damp 1 56″  N/A Red N/A 16″ x 8″ Plastic Microfiber

Can I Mop My Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are made from solid wood — sometimes in layers — combined with a sealed shiny finish. Due to the natural construction, you have to be careful when cleaning; otherwise, you can damage the visible layers.

One of the quickest ways to clean a hardwood floor is with a mop. This is appropriate for once-over polishes, as well as deep cleans.

A mop is best for picking up surface dirt and dust. Vacuums aren’t always needed for this flooring. They may even damage it, especially those with a beater bar attached, as the rotating brush can be too rough.

It’s easier to use a dry mop to attract crumbs, dirt, other debris, and pet hair.

For an effective deep clean, use a damp mop.

It’s important not to use too much water on your hardwood floor. You’ll want to avoid letting it pool to avoid any damage. While your flooring probably has a protective sealant, oversaturating the surface can still be damaging.

Water Test Your Hardwood Floor First

If you don’t know whether or not your hardwood floor has a sealant, you may want to perform a water test. If the water drops and beads, then your flooring has a protective coating. On the contrary, if it is absorbed, your hardwood is unsealed, and it’s not safe to use liquids.

What to Look For

There are many mops to choose from, and it can be hard to know which one will be best for you. So, we’ve created some pointers to get you going in the right direction.

Use of Microfiber Mop Heads

Microfiber is a soft and non-abrasive material that can trap dust and dirt even when it’s dry. Due to the split fibers of this variety, it’s known for being more absorbent than other cleaning materials (1).

We recommend choosing a mop that comes with microfiber mop heads. You’ll love it because it’s is durable and often machine washable, which means it can be more eco-friendly than cotton. To put it simply, microfiber has loads of benefits and is a popular option. If your chosen mop doesn’t come with extras, it’s very likely the company sells them separately.

Size of Mop Head

The average mop head size is 16 inches across, but wider options are available. If you’re going to be using it for larger rooms very often, you may want a larger mop head. This will help you clean quicker. However, a smaller mop head is better for cleaning hard-to-reach spots.

Telescopic Handle

Telescopic handles can be adjusted to suit your height and give you more reach with your mop. Some may reach up to 70 inches in height, with some going as short as approximately 30 inches.

This may help if you’ve got back problems or other ailments that can be aggravated by manual cleaning (2). If numerous people of various builds use the mop, this feature is essential to accommodate all users comfortably.

Swiveling Head

The last thing you want is to have to move all your furniture when you’re cleaning your hardwood floor. This just isn’t practical when you’re trying to get the job done quickly.

A swiveling head can turn 360 degrees and glide around and under furniture with minimal effort. You can pick up dirt quickly and easily.

Durable Frame and Handle

It’s important that the mop frame can take some pressure when you’re scrubbing your hardwood floor. The same goes for the handle. Stainless steel and aluminum are the go-to choices for most manufacturers, while plastic would be your last choice.

While stainless steel is usually the strongest, aluminum will be lighter. Again, this will come down to personal preference and how much work this mop will be doing.


What is the Best Mop to Use on Hardwood Floors?

In our opinion, the best mop for hardwood floors is the Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop. It features a 360-degree swivel head, and removes 10 to 30 times more debris than cotton mops.

How Often Should Wood Floors be Mopped?

You should mop your wood floors at least once a week to keep them looking good. However, mop two or three times a week if you have pets or children.

Should You Use Murphy’s Oil Soap on Hardwood Floors?

You should use Murphy’s Oil Soap on hardwood floors. You can also use it on laminates and vinyl floors. It enhances and protects the wood, keeping your floors looking good for longer.

Are Steam Mops OK for Hardwood Floors?

Steam mops are not ok for hardwood floors. The moisture penetrates the wood grain and gaps to swell the wood, causing it to warp. They also cause mold and mildew, which can be tricky to remove once it takes hold.

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