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Best Microfiber Cloths of 2023

Wipe away the stress of cleaning.

Thinking of making the switch to microfiber cloths? These cost-effective cloths are a must-have in the home. They can be used for basically any cleaning job! We’ll share the 10 best microfiber cloths on the market.

Whether you’re looking for big or small cloths, ones for cleaning electronics or drying your car, we’ve got you covered.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the GTF Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloths, Upgraded 1200gsm Ultra-Thick Cars Drying Towel Microfiber Cloth for Car and Home Polishing Washing and Detailing 16'' x 16''(3 Pack)
Best Long-Lasting Microfiber Cloth
Mr. Siga Microfiber Cloths
  • 1200 GSM
  • Up to 1.4 liter water absorbable
  • Lint- and streak-free
Product Image of the MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 6 Pack - Premium Cloth for Glasses, Lens, Screens & More
Best for Electronics
MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Super absorbent
  • Made of extra thin fiber
  • Fused edges to prevent fraying
Product Image of the Koala Lens Cleaning Cloth | Japanese Microfiber Glasses and Screen Cleaner | Safe for All Multi-Coated Eyeglass and Camera Lenses (Pack of 6)
Best for Glasses
Koala Kloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Soaks up oils, liquid & dust
  • Great for eyeglasses & jewellery
  • Works great without cleaning solution
Product Image of the Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel, Gold (16 in. x 24 in.) (Pack of 6)
Best Large Microfiber Cloth
Chemical Guys Pro-Grade Microfiber
  • Large size for big & small projects
  • Ultra-soft
  • Scratch-free
Product Image of the Microfiber Magic Streak Free Cloth 6 Pack Clean Any Surface With Just Water Eco Friendly Environmentally Safe Perfect for Window, Mirror, Kitchen, Counters, Appliances, Car, Cycle, TV Screen
Best for Cleaning Windows
Microfiber Magic Microfiber Cloth
  • Streak & lint free finish
  • Great for windows & mirrors
  • Five year warranty
Product Image of the E-Cloth Bathroom Cleaning Kit, Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Ideal Bathroom, Shower and Bathtub Cleaner, Washable and Reusable, 100 Wash Guarantee
Best for Bathroom
E-Cloth Microfiber Bathroom Pack
  • Traps 99% of bacteria using water
  • Streak-free finishes
  • Super absorbent
Product Image of the S&T INC. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Home, Bulk Cleaning Towels for Housekeeping, Reusable and Lint Free Cloth Towels for Car, Assorted Color, 11.5 Inches x 11.5 Inches, 50 Pack
Best Value for Money
S&T INC. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Non-abrasive texture
  • All-purpose
  • Super fast drying
Product Image of the Sophisti-Clean Stainless Steel Microfiber Cloths, Soft Absorbent Non-Abrasive Cleaning Cloths, Lint Free, Streak Free, Gray, (Pack of 10)
Best Small Microfiber Cloth
Sophisti-Clean Microfiber Cloths
  • Small sized
  • Works great on stainless steel
  • Non-abrasive
Product Image of the Scotch-Brite Microfiber Dusting Cloth
Best for Dusting
Scotch-Brite Dusting Microfiber Cloth
  • Great for dusting all surfaces
  • Lint-, scratch- & streak-free
  • Works without chemical solution
Product Image of the Microfiber Towels for Cars Cleaning Drying Detailing - 800GSM Multipurpose Plush Automobile Microfiber Towels 16' x 16', Pack of 6
Best for Drying Car
MYH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Scratch-, lint- and swirl-free
  • Super-absorbent
  • Multi-purpose

Product Reviews

We spent hours researching expert advice on microfiber cloths. Combining that with our own expertise, real customer reviews and product descriptions, we have created a comprehensive list of the best microfiber cloths available.

1. Mr. Siga Extra Thick Microfiber Cloths

Best Long-Lasting Microfiber Cloth

Customers love that the Mr. Siga microfiber cloths are built to last.

They have a double layer design and weigh 1,200 GSM. That’s more than four times our recommended GSM! So these are more durable and absorbent than your normal microfiber cloths.

Not only does this save you money in the long run, but it saves you time and work. No need to repeat drying the same spot — one swipe will absorb the majority of liquid.

Mr. Siga claims that each cloth has the capacity to absorb water for up to 1.4 liters. Of course, you should wash the cloths between uses. Clean with other microfiber items, with no fabric softener, in cold water, and air dry for best results.

This pack includes three cloths measuring 16 by 16 inches double layer plush microfiber. These super soft and absorbent cloths will be gentle on your most delicate surfaces and paint jobs.


  • 1200 GSM.
  • Can absorb up to 1.4 liters of water.
  • Great value for money.
  • Lint- and streak-free.


  • May take a great effort when wringing it.
  • Comes in the same color.

Product Specs

Material 80% polyester, 20% nylon.
Softness Very soft
Thickness 1200 GSM — Extra thick
Size 16 x 16 inches
Purpose All-purpose

2. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Best Microfiber Cloth for Electronics

Give new life to your electronics by cleaning them with a microfiber cloth. The MagicFiber cloths can revive your phone, tablet, computer and other electronics. Get rid of dust, stains, marks, and fingerprint blemishes with one quick wipe.

These cloths are also ideal for cleaning your glasses, tableware, watches and jewellery. They’re designed to remove germs, bacteria, fingerprints, dust and oils.

Made from high-quality materials, these are soft and absorbent cloths. They will spruce up your expensive items, leaving behind no scratches, streaks, marks or lint.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll know the inconvenience of always losing these small microfiber cloths. But each pack of MagicFiber cloths come in a little bag so you can keep them organised, tidy, and away from other items.

Each fiber is 200x thinner than a human hair. That’s why it’s so effective at trapping even the tiniest of particles. Your favorite items will be cleaner than ever before!


  • Super absorbent with each fiber 200x thinner than a human hair.
  • Comes with a bag to contain the cloths.
  • Great for electronics, glasses, jewellery and more.
  • Fused edges to prevent loose strings and fraying.


  • Not good for absorbing liquids.
  • Leave lint behind on and inside cameras.

Product Specs

Material Blend not specified
Softness Very soft
Thickness Average
Size 6 x 7 inches
Purpose Dusting and tidying up electronics

3. Koala Kloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Best Microfiber Cloth for Glasses

If you wear glasses, you’ll know the massive difference a good clean can make. It’s suddenly like you have brand new eyes. We can’t stand when our glasses are filthy, and a good microfiber cloth can expel that issue in a flash.

The Koala Kloth cloths are made from premium optical quality microfiber. They’re good for glasses, goggles, sunglasses and other eyewear. The ultra-fine yarn is so dense that it can pick up the tiniest particles of dust, dirt and other debris. You don’t need an additional cleaning solution.

How dense are the cloths? One gram has 25,700 centimeter of filament surface area. Most cloths have about 8,500 centimeters. The fabric is also treated specially to absorb water and oils, which is a huge bonus if you have oily skin!

You can wash and reuse these cloths many times, too. The brand offers a lifetime guarantee, as long as you use the cloths properly. So this six pack of cloths should, in theory, last forever.


  • Six times as dense as other cleaning cloths.
  • Soaks up oils, liquid, dust and other particles.
  • Great for eyeglasses, technology, and jewellery.
  • Works great without additional cleaning solution.


  • They get dirty quite quickly.
  • May leave streaks after a few months.

Product Specs

Material Blend not specified
Softness Very soft
Thickness Thick, and very dense
Size 6 x 7 inches
Purpose Cleaning glasses, electronics, jewellery

4. Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber

Best Large Microfiber Cloth

These large, scratch-free, yellow towels are perfect for a range of tasks. Use them in a domestic setting for cleaning and drying. Or use them in a professional setting, such as washing cars. They are soft and fluffy, so they’ll leave a scratch-free finish.

Keep in mind that the yellow fibers tend to shed, so we can’t say these will leave a super lint-free finish for every customer.

Each cloth has two sides. One is perfect for wiping dust and debris away. The other side is great for removing waxes and sealants, which is ideal if you’re using these for cars.

Don’t be put off by the fact that they’re designed for professional car cleaning. Customers absolutely love using these in the house! They are great for dusting, cleaning the kitchen, and wiping down stainless steel appliances. If you’re sick of that streaky finish, these lush cloths are the perfect solution.


  • Large size for big and small projects.
  • Ultra-soft.
  • Scratch-free.
  • The bright yellow showcases dirt, so you know when it’s time to switch cloths.


  • The fibers shed.

Product Specs

Material 70% polyester, 30% polyamide.
Softness Ultra-soft
Thickness Thick
Size 16 x 24 inches
Purpose Cleaning, wax removal, polishing

5. Microfiber Magic Microfiber Cloth

Best Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning Windows

Experience a magic finish with the Microfiber Magic cloths.

These cloths can really be used for any purpose. But we think they are the best solution for cleaning mirrors, windows, and other glass items.

They leave a streak- and lint-free finish when you use just water. So whether you’re cleaning the bathroom mirror or the front windows, this is the way to go.

But these cloths are also wonderful for a variety of other jobs, such as:

  • Laminate or hardwood floors.
  • Drying dishes.
  • Cleaning and dusting your car.
  • Eyeglasses.
  • Desks and chairs.
  • Cleaning camera lenses.
  • And much more!

These cloths are built to last. If you care for them properly, the company offers a five-year warranty. For microfiber cloths, that’s out of this world!.


  • Streak and lint free finish on all surfaces.
  • Great for windows and mirrors.
  • Five year warranty.
  • Available in three different pack quantities: three, six or ten.


  • The cloths stain easily.
  • Not super absorbing.

Product Specs

Material 70% polyester; 30% polyamide
Softness Average
Thickness Average
Size 16 x 16 inches
Purpose All-purpose

6. E-Cloth Microfiber Bathroom Pack

Best Microfiber Cloths for Bathroom

A quality microfiber cloth can be used to clean the bathrooms, too. The absorbent material comes in handy, and does a stellar job at sweeping up dirt, debris and liquids.

The E-Cloth bathroom pack is a perfect cleaning solution for bathroom surfaces. With just water, you can tidy up the bathrooms, but pair it with a cleaning solution and boom — a spotless bathroom! We’re talking baths, sinks, showers, faucets, tiles, glass, mirrors and of course, the toilet.

The pack comes with a bathroom cloth for appliances, and a glass cloth for mirrors and windows. The super absorbent bathroom cloth gets rid of soap scum, grime and 99 percent of bacteria using just water! The fibers can absorb up to seven times their weight, so you can use one cloth for the entire bathroom.

The cloth for glass also removes grease, dirt and 99 percent of bacteria from mirrors and windows, too. Plus, no streaks or lint left behind.

Double Protection

Although the cloths are designed to pick up bacteria, we recommend using a cleaning solution made to kill bacteria. Especially in the bathroom, it’s important to kill bacteria so your home is as clean as it can be.


  • Traps 99 percent of bacteria using just water.
  • These cloths work for every task around the house.
  • Streak-free finishes.
  • Super-absorbent.


  • Color may run when the cloth is wet.
  • Expensive.

Product Specs

Material 80% polyester, 20% polyamide.
Softness Soft
Thickness Thick
Size 6.25 x 7.75 inches
Purpose All-purpose

7. S&T INC. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Best Value for Money Microfiber Cloth

Bulk buying microfiber cloths can save you money in the long run. We think the best value for money cloths are the S&T INC ones. This pack includes 50 cloths in five different colors, but you can also go for the 100-pack option if you prefer.

Just because they’re cheaper per cloth doesn’t mean they lack in quality. These are super durable cloths that can be used for any purpose in the home. Whether you’re dusting, cleaning, detailing your car, or cleaning up spills, reach for one of these brightly colored cloths.

They have a non-abrasive texture to remain gentle on the most delicate of surfaces. The cloths are quite small — 11.5 x 11.5 inches — but they’ve been designed to be easy to handle. Yet they still fit on the end of most floor sweepers or mops!

Even though they’re small, they’re still very absorbent. They’re perfect for mopping floors and cleaning up spills. Simply wash them in cool water with a little detergent after use. Air dry them, and because of the material, they’ll be dry and back in action very soon!


  • 50-pack with five colors.
  • Non-abrasive texture.
  • All-purpose.
  • They dry super fast.


  • The colors may bleed and stain surfaces.
  • Quite thin.

Product Specs

Material 88% polyester; 12% polyamide
Softness Ultra-soft
Thickness Quite thin
Size 11.5 x 11.5 inches
Purpose All-purpose

8. Sophisti-Clean Microfiber Cloths

Best Small Microfiber Cloth

This 10-pack of small microfiber cloths is perfect for pretty much any task! The small size means they’re easy to store and great for quick jobs, like wiping up a spill or doing the dishes.

These non-abrasive but still grippy cloths are designed for cleaning, polishing, dusting and drying surfaces. In fact, if you use these with just water they still do a great job of cleaning.

They’re even specifically designed to work well on stainless steel surfaces. Clean and wipe your sink, cooktop, microwave, and other stainless steel surfaces. Then, watch as the cloth leaves behind a streak-free and lint-free finish.

You can machine wash these warm or cold hundreds of times. So this 10-pack of cloths will last many years.

They come in grey or dark grey so you can color code them for different tasks. Avoid cross-contamination and enjoy an extra clean home.


  • Two color options for color coordination.
  • Small size.
  • Works great on stainless steel.
  • Non-abrasive.


  • May shrink when you first wash them.
  • Not soft enough for some customers.

Product Specs

Material 80% polyester, 20% polyamide.
Softness Average
Thickness Very thin
Size 12 x 12 inches
Purpose Cleaning, polishing, dusting and drying

9. Scotch-Brite Dusting Microfiber Cloth

Best Microfiber Cloth for Dusting

A dusty house is a nightmare for people with allergies, asthma or folk wanting a super clean home! You need a top-quality dusting cloth to ensure your home is as clean as possible, with great air quality.

For that, we recommend the Scotch-Brite dusting cloth. It can lift and trap dust using just the cloth. Leave behind harsh chemicals and achieve a clean home with one simple wipe.

It won’t damage your delicate surfaces or leave behind a streaky finish. It’s lint-free, streak-free and scratch-free.

Although it’s quite a high price for one cloth, it can be washed hundreds of times! No matter what you’re dusting — this is a great companion. It even works for scrubbing dishes, wiping down counters and cleaning appliances. Take it to the test for cleaning shower tiles or the toilet.

It also works for removing lint and hair from your clothes!


  • Great for dusting all surfaces, but can be used for general cleaning.
  • Lint-, scratch- and streak-free.
  • Lifts and traps dust without harsh chemicals.
  • Great for glass.


  • Expensive.
  • Gets dirty quickly.

Product Specs

Material 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon
Softness Average
Thickness Thin
Size 6.2 x 5.8 x 0.5 inches
Purpose Dusting

10. MYH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Best Microfiber Cloth for Drying Car

A good microfiber cloth will leave your car dry, streak-free, lint-free and scratch-free. For this delicate job, we recommend the MYH cleaning cloths.

We know your car is valuable, and it should be treated as so. These premium cloths are made with highly refined loop woven microfiber with silk edges. They work great under wet and dry conditions so you can carefully detail your car without scratching paint or leaving any lint behind.

Each towel has 300,000 soft fibers per square inch. This creates a dense and super absorbent towel so you can get a better wash, polish, wax and drying of your car.

Besides drying your car, you can definitely bring these cloths inside to use around the house. They’re great for cleaning and dusting, no matter what the task at hand is.


  • Scratch-, lint- and swirl-free.
  • Super absorbent, holding up to eight times its weight.
  • Multi-purpose; both for cars and household chores.
  • Can be washed without losing its absorbency.


  • Yellow cloths may easily stain.

Product Specs

Material Blend not specified
Softness Ultra-soft
Thickness Very thick
Size 16 x 16 inches
Purpose Cleaning and drying cars, and household chores

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Material Softness Thickness Size
Mr. Siga Microfiber Cloths Long-Lasting 80% polyester, 20% nylon Very soft Extra thick 16 x 16″
MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Electronics N/A Very soft Average 6 x 7″
Koala Kloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Glasses N/A Very soft Thick 6 x 7″
Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Large 70% polyester, 30% polyamide Ultra-soft Thick 16 x 24″
Microfiber Magic Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Windows 70% polyester; 30% polyamide Average Average 16 x 16″
E-Cloth Microfiber Bathroom Pack Bathroom 80% polyester, 20% polyamide Soft Thick 6.25 x 7.75″
S&T INC. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Value for Money 88% polyester; 12% polyamide Ultra-soft Thin 11.5 x 11.5″
Sophisti-Clean Microfiber Cloths Small 80% polyester, 20% polyamide Average Very thin 12 x 12″
Scotch-Brite Dusting Microfiber Cloth Dusting 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon Average Thin 6.2 x 5.8 x 0.5″
MYH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Drying Car N/A Ultra-soft Very thick 16 x 16″

What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a super-absorbent synthetic material. It’s usually made from a polyester and polyamide blend, but nylon is also sometimes used.

It’s an eco-friendly switch from cotton for a few reasons. First, they’ll last a super long time if you wash them properly. Second, there are no pesticides used in the manufacturing process. Lastly, no water is used to dye the fabric, whereas cotton uses a huge amount of water for dying.

Microfiber cloths come in a range of sizes and colors, so you can color-coordinate them with your cleaning routines. For example, yellow for the bathroom, blue for dishes, white for dusting, and so on! Leave cross-contamination behind.

Microfiber is the best of the best when it comes to picking up and removing dirt from surfaces. Plus, it’s lint-free, so it won’t leave streaks on your windows, surfaces or dishes.

Are All Microfiber Cleaning Cloths the Same?

No. You can get high quality and low-quality microfiber cloths. The biggest difference is the absorbency. A good microfiber cloth should suck up water quickly and effectively. Poor quality microfiber cloths will push the water around or take too long to absorb it.

Microfiber cloths are also manufactured differently from brand to brand. The quality and the ratio of the synthetic materials, as well as the machinery used, can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the microfiber.

Polyester and polyamide is the most effective blend, but it should also have extremely thin threads. Microfiber threads should be at least 1/16th the width of a human hair, or less than one denier or decitext (1). Look out for this on the packaging, or contact the manufacturer directly.

Lastly, quality microfiber cloths shouldn’t shed lint and fibers when used or washed. They should be lint-free and leave your surfaces cleaner than before!

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

So, if no two microfiber cloths are the same, how do you choose the best one?


Consider the quality of the material. Being a critic about this may make shopping take a little longer, but it will leave you with microfiber cloths that don’t disappoint! Look at these details:

  • Split: Look out for split microfiber. High-quality cloths have gone through a splitting process, and the fibers are in a sort of asterix pattern. The spaces in between are what make the cloth so effective at absorbing liquid and dirt.
  • Softness: The cloth should be soft and not scratchy, otherwise it can damage surfaces.
  • Thickness: Microfiber cloths come in a variety of thickness. Thin ones are great for electronics and glasses. But thicker ones are best for cleaning and drying. A good thickness will also determine the cloth’s durability. How long will it last?
  • Grip: A microfiber cloth should be soft, but also have a grippy feel so it can pick up dirt, dust, water and other debris.
  • Absorbency: A microfiber cloth can usually pick up seven to eight times their weight in liquid (2). To get the best absorbency, we recommend choosing a polyester/polyamide blend.
  • Polyester to polyamide ratio: Some brands label a 70:30 blend while others state an 80:20 blend. However, studies have shown that the blend ratio doesn’t really matter. Both are effective, but the blend ratios aren’t always stated accurately. As long as it’s a blend, and not 100 percent polyester, it’s probably quality.
  • Weight: If you have a GSM scale, pop on the cloth. It should be at least 250 GSM.

Value for Money

When you buy microfiber cloths, they usually come in a pack. Look at the price per cloth to see if you’re getting good value for your money.


Microfiber cloths come in a range of sizes. 11.5 x 11.5 inches is generally the smallest recommendation for cleaning. However, the electronics and glasses cloths come in smaller sizes. Choose the best size for you according to your cleaning needs.


As we said, no two microfiber cloths are the same. They even have different purposes. Granted, most are multipurpose and can be used across many different cleaning chores. Still, some are specifically for electronics, glasses, or dusting, for example.

What do you need yours for? Make sure to buy the right cloths for the job!

How to Use Microfiber Cloths

Here’s a list of ways you can use microfiber cloths whether it’s for cleaning or something else.

  • Dusting: Microfiber cloths pick up dust like no other cloths! Use them dry to attract and trap dust around the home.
  • Cleaning: Wet the cloth, and using some cleaning solution, if you like, scrub anything dirty in the home. Bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, tables, anything.
  • Appliances: With a little bit of surface cleaner, microfiber cloths are amazing at cleaning appliances. Cooktops, microwaves, kettle and toaster exteriors, and all around the washing machine — you’re good to go!.
  • Cars: You can use microfiber cloths to clean the inside and outside of your car, as well as drying it.
  • Glass: We love microfiber cloths for their lint and streak free finish on mirrors, windows, glasses, and electronics.
  • Towels: You can get microfiber towels which are great for drying yourself off after a long bath. They’re also great for drying your hair, as they’re super gentle and absorbent.
  • Mopping: You can attach microfiber cloths to the bottom of certain kinds of mops. It traps dust and absorbs liquids, leaving you with spotless floors.
  • Wash your face: You can use microfiber cloths to wash your face or remove makeup. It absorbs oils and dirt, so it’s great on your skin.

Microfiber Cloth FAQs

How Long Do Microfiber Cloths Last?

This varies from brand to brand, but many brands state that the cloths can be washed up to 500 times. You’re probably likely to wash the cloths every week, meaning the cloth will last around 10 years!

Which Side of the Microfiber Cloth Should You Use?

Sometimes a microfiber cloth has two sides, but most are the same on both sides.

However, some have a plushier texture on one side. This side is best for buffing, specifically for wax, polish and sealants. The other side is best for removing dirt and dust.

Do Microfiber Cloths Remove Viruses?

Microfiber cloths can remove viruses and bacteria from nonporous surfaces (3). It doesn’t kill them; it simply removes them so it’s on the cloth rather than the surface. You must disinfect the cloths afterwards. For best results, use microfiber cloths in combination with a cleaning solution.

Can Microfiber Cloths Be Used to Wash Dishes?

Microfiber cloths are great for washing dishes. However, because they’re so absorbent and food particles might cling to the fabric, always wash your cloths after every use. We love microfiber cloths for washing non-stick pots and pans as they’re so gentle on these delicate surfaces.

Is Microfiber Safe for Car Paint?

As long as the microfiber is soft and scratch-free, it’s totally safe. Test in an inconspicuous area first to check if it will damage the car paint.

Which Is Better — Chamois or Microfiber?

We prefer microfiber. They’re more durable and they’re softer on delicate surfaces, such as your car or mirrors. Chamois towels soak up water quickly, but not as effective as a high-quality microfiber cloth.

How Often Should You Wash Microfiber Cloths?

You should wash your microfiber cloths after every use. Whether you’re washing your cars, a dirty surface, or dishes, it’s important to toss it in the wash to get rid of dirt, debris and bacteria.

What Do You Clean Microfiber Cloths With?

A gentle detergent is best. You should never use bleach or fabric softener. Bleach will ruin the fabric, and fabric softener will cause the cloth to lose its absorbent qualities.

At What Temperature Should You Wash Microfiber Cloths?

Check the care label. It will tell you the specific temperature for that cloth.

In general, the temperature should be cold, or warm, never exceeding 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This may vary from brand to brand.

Try Something New

If you’ve been using cotton cloths, or paper towels, for a while now — it’s time to make the switch to microfiber cloths. You’ll be so impressed at their power to dust your home, absorb liquids and leave behind a streak-free finish.

Make it a top priority to look for quality cloths. Check out the weight, thickness, softness and absorbing qualities. The better these details are, the more effective your cloth will be.

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