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Best Lawn Edgers of 2023

Create neatly trimmed edges with these incredible edgers.

Looking to add perfect definition to the edge of your lawn, pathways, and flower beds? You need a lawn edger. Finding durable, ergonomic outdoor equipment can be quite the task — we know.

We’ve put together a list of the seven best lawn edgers currently available on the market. With the research done and dusted, you can sit back, relax and read these in-depth reviews.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to find the right tool for you. Whether that’s gas, electric, manual, or something else entirely, we have plenty of recommendations.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Toro Cordless Electric Lawn Edger
Best Cordless Lawn Edger
Toro Cordless Electric Lawn Edger
  • Durable brushless DC motor
  • Features are fully customizable
  • Comfortable and non-slip handle
Product Image of the AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip, 39-Inch
Best Manual Lawn Edger
AMES Saw-Tooth Border Edger
  • One of the cheapest in the market
  • Arched saw-tooth blade
  • Comfortable handle
Product Image of the Worx 20V GT 3.0 (1) Battery & Charger Included
Best Lawn Edger String Trimmer Combo
WORX PowerShare String Trimmer & Edger
  • Easy switch between different modes
  • Equipped with command feed spool
  • 7-Position handle for comfortable grip
Product Image of the WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5' Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
Best Electric Lawn Edger
WORX 12 Amp Lawn Edger & Trencher
  • Adjustable cutting length
  • Comes with cutting line indicator
  • D-shaped handle for extra security
Product Image of the BLACK+DECKER Edger & Trencher, 2-in-1, 12-Amp (LE750)
Best Lawn Edger Trencher Combo
Black+Decker Edger & Trencher
  • 12-amp motor power
  • Adjustable blade length
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed folk
Product Image of the Echo 17 in. 21.2 cc Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit-PAS-225VP
Best Gas Lawn Edger
ECHO Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit
  • Several handy attachments
  • Quick starting system
  • Easy-to-attach accessories
Product Image of the AMES COMPANIES 163115600 2 Wheel Lawn Edger
Best Lawn Edger for Curves
Ames 2 Wheel Lawn Edger
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Secure grip on handle
  • With 15-year warranty

Product Reviews

Here are seven trustworthy lawn edgers for a neat and crisp lawn.

1. Toro Cordless Electric Lawn Edger

Best Cordless Lawn Edger

With a 60-volt battery, this cordless electric lawn edger provides both power and convenience. It has a long life, a generous run time, and a super powerful brushless motor that’s suitable for tough and thick weeds.

The tool itself is built with cast aluminum housing and high-carbon steel, both intended to last for a long time without breaking.

What We Like

Brushless DC Motor

You can wave goodbye to mixing oil and fuel as you need to do with many gas options. This comes with a durable and powerful brushless DC motor, which gets the job done, time and time again. It’s built to last and built to impress.

Adjustable Features

With this lawn edger, you’re in complete control. Most of the main features are fully customizable.

For starters, there is a variable speed trigger so you can adjust the speed as desired. You can also adjust the cutting depth, depending on the height of your grass and weeds. Lastly, you can adjust the guide wheel for more precise edging on your lawn.

Stay Clean and Comfy

This is built with a blade guard and debris blocker, so you don’t get covered in debris as you edge your lawn. This may seem like a small detail, but if anything can shorten the length of garden chores, it’s a winner. It also has a comfortable and non-slip handle so you can feel in control and super comfortable as you work.

What We Don't Like

Heavy and Imbalanced

At 15 pounds — not including the battery — this is a heavy cordless option. Many customers found it awkward to use, especially considering it’s bottom-heavy where the motor is. That made it quite difficult to maneuver.


This is one of the more expensive options on the market, coming in at a similar price to gas options. For a cordless electric option, it’s about double the average price.

Product Specs

Type Cordless electric
Weight 15 pounds
Handle Length 35.63 inches
Blade 8-inch high-carbon steel
Budget $$$

2. AMES Saw-Tooth Border Edger

Best Manual Lawn Edger

Manual lawn edgers can save you money and allow you more flexibility over the edges of your garden. If you have a small yard with oddly shaped corners and edges, check out the Ames saw-tooth border edger.

Customers love how much use they got out of this tool. Whether you’re edging sidewalks, flower beds, or grass — this is a versatile and fantastic tool. In fact, it’s well suited to men and women of various ages and strengths.

What We Like

Affordable Price

One of the most attractive things about manual lawn edgers is the price, and this product is no different. Costing about half the average lawn edger price, this is one of the cheapest on the market — by price, not quality.

Arched Saw-Tooth Blade

We love the arched blade on this tool. It allows you to cut straight or curved trenches. So if you have uniquely shaped garden beds or grass edging, this is a great option. The blade is also super sharp so that you can achieve your desired results without much effort.

Comfortable Handle

The handle was designed with your comfort in mind. It has a T-shaped grip at the top for ultimate security. The handle is made from steel, so it’s durable and long-lasting. It’s then wrapped with a grip cover so you can hold it for long periods of time without slipping or fatigue.

What We Don't Like

Not Sharp Enough

Some customers found this wasn’t sharp enough for their thick and stubborn grass. It struggled to cut the grass and instead embedded it down into the dirt. This was particularly true for Bermuda grass. Take note of your type of grass and how easy or difficult it is to cut.

Not Fully Made in America

Ames claims the product is made in America, but customers saw that parts of the product were actually made in China when the product arrived. This lack of transparency is something to note with the brand.

Product Specs

Type Manual
Weight 13.6 ounces
Handle Length 39 inches
Blade Arched saw-tooth blade
Budget $

3. WORX PowerShare String Trimmer & Edger

Best Lawn Edger String Trimmer Combo

Looking to save a bit of money by choosing a combo tool? This 2-in-1 lawn edger and string trimmer is just the tool if you want to create manicured edges and trim around obstacles. It does both in the space of one handy tool, which saves you time, storage space, and money.

What We Like

Quick Conversion

With any 2-in-1 product, you may worry about how easy it will be to switch between the different modes. But with this tool, it only takes a couple of seconds. Simply pull the head from the shaft, twist, and it will switch between trimmer and edger.

Command Feed Spool

When using the trimmer, you’re in control of the spool feeding through. When you need more, there’s a handy button to press so you can smoothly give yourself more spool as necessary. No bumping, no guessing, no faffing around.

7-Position Handle

The handle is ingenious, comfortable, and effective. Not only is it curved at the top for your comfort, but there’s an extra D-shaped grip with seven position options. This allows you to get the most comfortable grip possible for you. It also provides extra leverage for when you need it.

What We Don't Like

Poor Quality Spool

While the command feed for the spool is handy, the spool itself is of poor quality. It’s not the strongest stuff, and you’ll go through quite a lot every time you use the machine.

Thankfully, though, you can buy spools from other brands. Still, it’s a bit of a faff, especially when the company offers fresh spools for the life of the product.

Short Battery Life

Some customers found the battery lasted at least 40 minutes, if not longer. However, others said the battery lasted as little as 15 minutes. So keep in mind that the battery life can be temperamental and unreliable.

Product Specs

Type Cordless electric
Weight 5.3 pounds
Handle Length 36.34 inches
Blade No blade, only string
Budget $$

4. WORX 12 Amp Lawn Edger & Trencher

Best Electric Lawn Edger

In the world of electric lawn edgers, this is one of the best. First off, it’s a pretty affordable option backed by a 3-year warranty, so you can rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth.

Secondly, it doubles as a trencher, making it a super versatile tool.

It’s also a super powerful option. It has a 12-amp motor with a blade that spins at 4700 RPM. Even if you’re a newbie using this for residential purposes only, this will help you achieve a professional finish that will impress the neighbors.

What We Like

Adjustable Cutting Depth

With an adjustable cutting length, you gain more control over how you want your garden to look and how easy edging the lawn is. You can change the cutting depth to 1 inch, 1.25 inches, or 1.5 inches.

Cutting Line Indicator

This tool makes it easy to achieve beautiful and neat edges. With the cutting line indicator, you can follow a straight line guide so that your garden is neater than ever before.

Quality Handle

This handle is one of the best on the market, in our opinion. It’s adjustable so you can extend the length to suit you. But it also has a comfortable grip so you can work for long periods of time without tiring. Last but not least, it has a secondary D-shaped handle for extra security.

What We Don't Like

Hard the First Time You Use It

If your yard has thick overgrown grass, this will be quite tricky the first time you use it. It struggles and slows in thick grass. It’s much more suited to lawn maintenance than tidying up. But once you’ve got through the thick of it, it should work totally fine.

Blade Needs to Be More Durable

The blade on this machine is a little disappointing. Customers found that it stopped working pretty soon, whether by stopping spinning altogether or just dulling down. The warranty should cover it, but it’s still a hassle to order and wait for a new blade.

Product Specs

Type Corded electric
Weight 16 pounds
Handle Length 39 inches, but it extends (not specified length)
Blade 7.5-inch steel blade
Budget $

5. Black+Decker Edger & Trencher

Best Lawn Edger Trencher Combo

If you’re looking for an edger and trencher combo, this is a top choice. Loved by thousands of customers, this is a great tool to manicure and mow those edges without any damage.

The price of this one is also very attractive. Costing about three-quarters of the average edger cost, you’re getting a good bang for your buck, especially when you consider you’re getting an edger, too!

What We Like

12-Amp Motor

Say hello to awesome power with this tool. The 12-amp motor allows you to get all the desired power and cut through tough and thick grass.

Adjustable Blade Length

Stay in control with this power tool. The Black and Decker edger has a three-position blade adjustment versatility so you can control the cuts you’re making.

Suitable for Left- and Right-Handed Folk

With many edgers, you have to be right-handed for a comfortable experience. But this tool is suitable for both left- and right-handed people, thanks to the flexible and comfortable handle.

What We Don't Like

Sticking and Clogging

Some customers found that the wheels were prone to sticking and clogging. The plastic casing could be more durable and resistant to these issues for a smoother cutting experience.

Flimsy Design

Durability isn’t the strong point of this product. Some customers found the product didn’t last as long as expected, and the design itself is a bit flimsy.

Product Specs

Type Corded electric
Weight 13.1 pounds
Handle Length Not specified, but it is adjustable by two inches
Blade Three-position blade
Budget $

6. ECHO Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit

Best Gas Lawn Edger

This lawn edger kit is a gas-powered and versatile option that is well-loved by keen gardeners. It works with up to 12 different Echo attachments, excluding the shaft edger, ProSweep, ProPaddle, and Bed Redefiner. However, it does come with a handy trimmer and edger attachments (1).

This is ideal for manicured edges and an aesthetic finish. Even if you have tough grass and weeds, this tool can cut right through.

What We Like

Versatile Kit

This isn’t just a lawn edger. Nope, it comes with other handy attachments. In the box, you’ll get a straight shaft trimmer, an edger, a powerhead, and other various attachments. All parts come with a 5-year consumer warranty and a 2-year commercial warranty if you want to use this for work.

Quick Starting System

Compared to other gas power tools, this one is easier to start. It has an i-30 system which actually reduces the effort by 30 percent, so you have an overall better user experience.

Easy-to-Attach Accessories

With all the compatible attachments, you’re probably wondering how much hassle it will be to connect and disconnect them. The answer is — it’s easy! This comes with a tool-less coupler so you can quickly and easily make changes.

What We Don't Like

Quite Hard to Use

If you’re new to the world of lawn edgers, this may not be the best starting point. Customers reported that this was quite a difficult product to use. Getting perfect edges was a challenge. Feeding the string into the trimmer was also a bit of a hassle.

Lacks Power

You may be a little disappointed in the power of the tool as an edger. While it’s powerful as a string trimmer, it could be a bit more powerful as an edger.

Product Specs

Type Gas
Weight 16.2 pounds
Handle Length 54 inches
Blade Not Specified
Budget $$$

7. Ames 2 Wheel Lawn Edger

Best Lawn Edger for Curves

You may struggle with a standard electric or gas option if you have a curved yard or flower beds. Instead, you should opt for a wheeled manual edger, like this one from Ames.

The wheels hold up the cutting blades so that you can easily glide it along your curved edges, ensuring that you get a crisp and beautiful finish. No matter the shape.

What We Like

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Weighing less than four pounds, this is a lightweight option suitable for people of all sizes and strengths. You can maneuver around your yard without additional stress when using this tool.

Secure Grip on Handle

The long wooden handle is finished with a smooth and textured grip so that you can hold it confidently and securely. Fewer fumbles, less slipping, and less fatigue with this handle design.

15-Year Warranty

You can’t ask for much more than a 15-year warranty for a product at this affordable price point. This is an incredible length of time that gives you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

What We Don't Like

Wheels Get Stuck

The self-sharpening design of this product sounds cool. However, the reality is that this often prevents the wheels from turning effectively which can slow down your progress in the garden.

Product Specs

Type Manual
Weight 3.94 pounds
Handle Length 55 inches
Blade Self-sharpening serrated blades
Budget $

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type Weight Handle Length Blade Budget
Toro Cordless Electric Lawn Edger Cordless Lawn Edger Cordless electric 15 pounds 35.63 inches 8-inch high-carbon steel $$$
AMES Saw-Tooth Border Edger Manual Lawn Edger Manual 13.6 ounces 39 inches Arched saw-tooth blade $
WORX PowerShare String Trimmer & Edger Lawn Edger String Trimmer Combo Cordless electric 5.3 pounds 36.34 inches No blade, only string $$
WORX 12 Amp Lawn Edger & Trencher Electric Lawn Edger Corded electric 16 pounds 39 inches, but extends 7.5-inch steel blade $
Black+Decker Edger & Trencher Lawn Edger Trencher Combo Corded electric 13.1 pounds Adjustable by two inches Three-position blade $
ECHO Gas PAS Trimmer and Edger Kit Gas Lawn Edger Gas 16.2 pounds 54 inches Not specified $$$
Ames 2 Wheel Lawn Edger Lawn Edger for Curves Manual 3.94 pounds 55 inches Self-sharpening serrated blades $

Why Should I Edge My Lawn?

Here are some reasons you may want to use a lawn edger:

  • You get great definition at the edges of your lawn, whether that’s the grass, the flower beds, the walkways, and more.
  • It cuts away overhanging grass and weeds for a tidier finish.
  • You can easily separate different terrains in your yard.
  • A lawnmower can’t get into the edges, so a lawn edger can help where a lawnmower fails.
  • You achieve a crisp and tidy finish to your yard, which can help impress potential buyers or just guests that come to your house.
  • It minimizes weed invasion.

Types of Lawn Edgers

There are three main types of lawn edgers: gas, electric and manual. We’ll look at the pros and cons for each so you can decide which is right for you.


If you’re looking to save money, you may want to opt for a manual lawn edger that operates without the use of gas or electric power. These are more affordable, but they do require a bit extra effort when using. These are great for small lawns. Plus, they will last for ages if you take care of them properly.


  • They cost about half the price of the average powered lawn edger.
  • They will last for decades if you maintain and clean them properly.
  • These are easy to control.
  • They won’t cause as much damage if misused.
  • Good for using in oddly shaped or hard-to-reach places.


  • They require a bit extra effort to use since you’re responsible for the power behind them.
  • Not a great option if you have mobility challenges.
  • They take longer to use.
  • Not ideal for medium or large yards.


An electric lawn edger is a popular option if you want a powered tool. They are lightweight, more eco-friendly, and more affordable than gas. They also come in both corded and cordless designs to suit your specific needs. If you’ve got a medium or large yard, this is a good option as it will be much quicker to use than a manual.


  • Affordable options available, many under $100.
  • More eco-friendly than gas since they don’t emit hazardous fumes.
  • Little maintenance required to keep it running well.
  • Cordless options available if you have a larger yard.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.


  • Battery-powered options may have frustratingly limited battery life.
  • Blades need sharpened occasionally.
  • Not as powerful as gas options.


Like any gas power tool, gas lawn edgers are the most powerful. If you have a large yard and need to get through jobs quickly, you may consider a gas option. We also love that these don’t require a cord since they run on gas. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about tripping hazards or being near an outlet.


  • Naturally cordless since they run on gas.
  • More robust and durable than electric options.
  • Great for thick and stubborn build-up, such as matted roots.
  • More powerful than electric models.


  • Significantly more expensive than electric, sometimes costing three times the price.
  • Not as lightweight as electric options, therefore being quite hard to maneuver.
  • They emit fumes that can harm the environment.

Why Should I Edge My Lawn?

Here are the top details to consider before making your final purchase.


The best way to narrow down your search, in the beginning, is to decide what kind of edger you want. The three main options are manual, electric, and gas.

Consider your lawn size. If it’s super big, you may want a gas option. For medium yards, check out electric options. For small yards, you may only need a manual option.

If choosing electric, decide whether you’d like corded or cordless.

Top Tip

If you have oddly shaped edges, a manual option may be best. This allows you to customize how you define your edges without much hassle at all.

Run Time

If choosing a manual or electric corded option, you don’t need to think about run time. But if choosing cordless electric or gas, you should consider the run time. Gas options can typically run for a couple of hours between refuels. But always consider the tank capacity, to be sure.

Electric cordless options, on the other hand, have varying battery life lengths. Some last as little as 20 minutes, whereas others extend to about an hour.


The weight is significant as this determines how easy it will be for you to maneuver.

Manual options are the lightest, usually weighing less than four pounds.

Electric options are still fairly lightweight, averaging around 10 pounds, with some going up to 16 pounds.

Gas options are the heaviest, starting at around 16 pounds and going all the way up to 70 pounds, depending on the model.

Handle Length

Make sure the tool will be comfortable and easy for you to use. That’s why the handle length is so important. You don’t want to be hunched over. Consider if the handle will be a good height for you.


Many lawn edgers double up as other tools so that you can use them for a variety of tasks. For example, you’ll find lawn edger and trimmer combos so you can trim around obstacles as well as tidying up edges.

You’ll also find lawn edger and trencher combos. Trenchers let you mow along the edges of walkways and pathways without damaging rocks or bricks — and without damaging the power tool.

If you’d like a combination tool, look out for that. We do have a couple of awesome recommendations as well.


Lawn edgers use blades to cut, so it’s important to consider what kind of blade you get and what it can do. For instance, is it serrated? Does it stay sharp? How big is it? How quickly does it spin? These are all important questions to ask.


Lastly, consider your budget. Lawn edgers start around $40 for a manual option and can go all the way up to $600 for gas options. On average, a lawn edger costs between $100 and $200, but you can definitely find something to suit a tighter budget.


Should You Edge Before or After You Mow?

After. When you mow first, you can see the exact spots you need to edge, and you can match the height.

How Can I Edge My Lawn Without an Edger?

If you don’t have an edger, you can still achieve manicured edges. Try any of these options:

  • Shears: Hold to the grass and start snipping. This will do a great job if you’re careful, although it will take longer.
  • Shovel: Literally dig your shovel into the ground and shovel up the grass and weeds. It might not give you a super perfect edge, but it does the job for cheap.
  • String trimmer: If you have a string trimmer, you can actually use it as an edger by holding it at a 90-degree angle, so the spinning line is top to bottom instead of side to side.

How Do I Manually Edge My Lawn?

The best way to manually edge your lawn is by mowing and then following it up with shears. You can get angled shears which make edging a lot easier. This is a good way to get perfectly manicured edges, although it can take a little while longer.

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