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Best Landscaping Rakes of 2023

Find the right landscaping rake for you.

Shopping for durable, easy-to-use garden tools can be quite challenging, especially when you’re faced with so many options.

We’ve made it easier for you by researching the best landscaping rakes out there. Based on real customer reviews, expert advice, and our own insight, we’ve put together this list of seven options.

What’s on your checklist? Lightweight? Heavy-duty? Ergonomic? Keep reading to find a landscaping rake that will meet your specific needs.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the THE GROUNDSKEEPER II Rake 55-inch Lightweight Fiberglass Handle, 21-inch Head, Durable Steel Tines for Gardening, De-Thatching or Professional Landscaping
Best Lightweight Landscaping Rake
TRG The Groundskeeper II Rake
  • Swivel hanger included
  • Has round stiff tines
  • Closely packed tines
Product Image of the Hooyman Metal Bow Rake with Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Ergonomic No-Slip H-Grip Handle, and Durable Fiberglass Core for Gardening, Spreading Mulch, Land Management, Yard Work, Farming, and Outdoor
Best Budget Landscaping Rake
Hooyman Landscape & Metal Bow Rake
  • Non-slip handle grip
  • Strong teeth to break ground
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Product Image of the Super 4-Ft Wide Heavy Duty Rake with Extendable 16-Ft Long Handle for Seaweed Beach screening Landscaping Raking and More
Best Long Landscaping Rake
Seymour Midwest Wide Landscaping
  • 11 to 165 feet long handle
  • Sturdy reinforced aluminum head
  • Powder-coated aluminum handle
Product Image of the Landscape Rake, 48 Tine, 24 in Blade Size
Widest Landscaping Rake
Seymour Midwest Rake
  • 48-inch wide head
  • Powder coated handle
  • Durable wrap-around bracing
Product Image of the Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inch , Blue
Best Durable Landscaping Rake
Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake
  • Solid head to handle attachment
  • 46 inch wide head
  • Great for grading grounds
Product Image of the MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Landscape Rake w/Tipper Latch for ATV/UTV w/ 2' Receiver
Best for Tractor
MotoAlliance Impact Implements
  • 60 inch width
  • Easy-dump tipper latch
  • Easy to attach to your tractor
Product Image of the Jenlis Razer Rake - Collapsible All-Purpose Aluminum Lake and Landscape Weed Rake
Best Easy-to-Assemble
Jenlis Razer Collapsible All-Purpose Rake
  • Includes 25-feet rope
  • Made for water and land
  • Folds for compact & easy storage

Product Reviews

Seven awesome landscaping rakes for your yard.

1. TRG The Groundskeeper II Rake

Best Lightweight Landscaping Rake

Say goodbye to achy arms and sore hands. This lightweight rake is just the thing if you need something that isn’t super heavy. Weighing only 1.03 pounds, this is extremely easy to maneuver and transport around your yard.

This rake has round stiff tines rather than flat flexible tines. These are good for removing debris from bushes, grounds, and soil. It can pick up small objects like chips, bark, gravel, twigs, mulch, and more without damaging the ground.

It comes with 28 steel tines over a 21-inch wide head. Therefore, the tines are tightly packed so small debris can’t sneak through.

The rake comes with a polymer head and fiberglass handle, so it’s durable and sturdy while still being super lightweight. The tines are spring-loaded as well, so you don’t need to put extra pressure on the tool while you use it.


  • Swivel hanger included for easy storage.
  • Round stiff tines for maximum collection.
  • Tines are closely packed together to collect small debris.
  • Lightweight, weighing around one pound.


  • Assembly is time-consuming.
  • No cushioned grip; some customers got blisters.
  • Feels a bit flimsy due to the lightweight.

Product Specs

Materials Fiberglass and steel
Weight 1.03 pounds
Head width 21 inches
Handle length 55 inches
Adjustable handle No

2. Hooyman Landscape and Metal Bow Rake

Best Budget Landscaping Rake

Not everybody has the capacity to spend tons of money on a landscaping rake. If you’re on a tighter budget, then you might like the sound of this landscaping bow rake.

Not only is it less than half the price of the average landscaping rake, but hundreds of customers also love it.

So what is it about this rake that makes it stand out? First of all, the brand is totally dedicated to ensuring they create performative and high-quality materials. They prioritize strength, durability as well as aesthetics.

This specific rake has a great non-slip handle so that you’re comfortable and secure while you rake, even in wet conditions.

You can also use this rake for a variety of jobs. The shape and number of teeth make this just the right tool for both landscaping and leveling.

We also love that it only weighs 4.8 pounds but still has a generous handle of 65 inches long. This ensures it’s easy to maneuver but still long enough for comfort. Speaking of the handle, it’s made from 1050 high carbon steel, so it’s very durable and reliable.


  • Non-slip grip provides security, even in the rain.
  • Suitable for a range of jobs, including gardening, leveling, and more.
  • Teeth are strong enough to break up ground effectively.
  • Limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


  • The 16-inch wide head is smaller than average landscaping rakes.
  • Many customers found it too heavy.

Product Specs

Materials High carbon steel
Weight 4.8 pounds
Head width 16 inches
Handle length 65 inches
Adjustable handle No

3. Seymour Midwest Wide Landscaping Rake

Best Long Landscaping Rake

You really can’t get a landscaping rake much longer than this. It spans all the way to 16.5 feet long! This is ideal if you need something for clearing out a large area, are working in hard-to-reach places, or within a body of water.

Do keep in mind that even before you extend it to 16.5 feet, it’s 11 feet long. So this is not suitable for light-duty or typical yard work. This is a seriously long landscaping rake.

But it is a top choice if you want something heavy-duty. Not only does it have a long handle, but it also has a 48-inch wide head that pulls up lots of debris at once.

The construction of the rake is also very durable. The handle is made from powder-coated aluminum and features a non-slip grip for comfort and maneuverability. Plus, it has wrap-around bracing for sturdiness.

We also love the reinforced aluminum head. This is sturdy and won’t crack or break under pressure.

You can use this rake for a multitude of tasks. Try cleaning out bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds, tidying up a beach, general landscaping, screening, and more!


  • 11 to 16.5 feet long handle.
  • Useful for a variety of tasks.
  • Reinforced aluminum head for sturdiness.
  • Powder-coated aluminum handle with non-slip grip.


  • The super long length may be hard to work with.
  • Pricey option, about double the average rake price.

Product Specs

Materials Aluminum
Weight 7.38 pounds
Head width 48 inches
Handle length 11-16.5 feet
Adjustable handle Yes

4. Seymour Midwest Rake

Widest Landscaping Rake

The wider the rake head, the more it can pick up per stroke. If you want to cut back on your yard chore time, then this is a great option. This rake has a 48-inch wide head. The generous width will allow you to get jobs done quicker but still super effectively.

The teeth, as well as being generously numbered. Say goodbye to a long arduous cleaning task.

As for the rake itself, enjoy the heavy-duty aluminum rake head. It comes with wrap-around bracing, which we always suggest if you want something super sturdy and durable.

The aluminum handle is 66 inches long — great for tall people and getting into hard-to-reach places. Your comfort has been well-considered, too. The handle comes with a vinyl grip so you can hold it comfortably and securely for long periods.


  • Made in the U.S.
  • 48-inch wide head for quick yard jobs.
  • Powder coated handle.
  • Wrap-around bracing for durability.


  • Quite pricey.

Product Specs

Materials Aluminum
Weight 5.8 pounds
Head width 48 inches
Handle length 66 inches
Adjustable handle No

5. Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake

Best Durable Landscaping Rake

This aluminum landscape rake is going to tick your boxes if you want something sturdy and durable. It is made with an aluminum body which ensures durability but also easy maneuverability since it’s lightweight.

The head-to-handle connection has a solid aluminum attachment to ensure sturdiness. Nobody wants a rake head that will just pop off while you’re busy doing yard work.

Last but not least, it has wrap-around bracing to ensure that it’s heavy-duty and secure. Combine that with the double rib construction, and this head isn’t going anywhere!

Speaking of the head, we think you’ll enjoy the 46-inch width of it. That’s wider than the average landscaping rake. The main benefit is that it pulls up more debris at once, so you can get yard jobs done quicker than ever before.

On the head, you’ll find long round tines that are smooth and gentle to your ground. No more gouging into the grass and soil. In fact, this yard is specifically good at grading grounds. So if that’s something you’re looking for — check out this rake for sure.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Solid head to handle attachment for durability.
  • 46 inch wide head for quicker results.
  • Great for grading grounds.


  • Customers found assembly difficult.

Product Specs

Materials Aluminum
Weight 3.89 pounds
Head width 46 inches
Handle length 66 inches
Adjustable handle No

6. MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Landscape Rake

Best Landscaping Rake for Tractor

Hey tractor owners, we see you! And we know that you might need a landscaping rake to attach to your vehicle. Look no further than this one from MotoAlliance.

There are lots of great features about this rake. Let’s break it down.

First of all, this is ideal for clearing sites. You can use it for gardening, landscaping, or combing grass. It’s even suitable for smoothing out dirt, clearing hay, or prepping your garden before planting some new flowers. It’s way more efficient than doing it by hand. So if you want to save time, this is how!

It’s also super easy to attach to your tractor. Once you’ve installed your quick hitch, back your tractor up to the rake and quickly and easily attach it.

The rake head has an easy to clean and durable tines. No bending and breaking here! If you do happen to have a breakage, good news. You can get replaceable parts, so you don’t need to order a whole new tool. The bottom line is that this is guaranteed to last for years.


  • 60 inch width.
  • Each tine is bolted on, allowing it to be easily replaced.
  • Multiple uses, such as gardening, raking leaves, clearing hay, and more.
  • Easy to attach to your tractor.


  • Expensive, even for a tractor rake.
  • No added weight to keep a good ground contact.
  • Some customers reported it came with missing written instructions.

Product Specs

Materials Steel
Weight 65 pounds
Head width 60 inches
Handle length No handle
Adjustable handle No handle

7. Jenlis Razer Collapsible All-Purpose Rake

Best Easy-to-Assemble Landscaping Rake

When your rake arrives, you probably want to get to using it straight away. Take away the stress of assembly with the Jenlis all-purpose rake. Customers love how easy this is to assemble. It comes in multiple separate parts, which are easy to construct and take apart.

This is also a very durable rake. Considering the high price, it’s good to know that this was built with long-lasting construction. It’s made with galvanized steel and aluminum, so it should last a long time.

While the overall weight of the rake is nearly seven pounds and may be a bit too heavy for some, the handle is nice and lightweight for easy maneuverability.

Keep in mind that this rake is specifically designed for aquatic vegetation care and management. So if you’re landscaping and maintaining your lake or pond, then this is a brilliant option.

The tines have a chisel action making it super easy to cut and dig into landscapes. The 36-inch head is wide enough for easy harvesting and clearing without spending too much time or stress on the job at hand.


  • 25-feet rope included so you can throw it into deep water.
  • Made for water, but still works on land.
  • Durable steel and aluminum design.
  • Folds for compact and easy storage.


  • More expensive than the average landscaping rake.
  • Some customers found the rake struggled to cut through weeds.

Product Specs

Materials Galvanized steel and aluminum
Weight 6.59 pounds
Head width 36 inches
Handle length 102 inches (plus 25-foot rope)
Adjustable handle Yes

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Materials Weight Head width Handle length Adjustable handle
TRG The Groundskeeper II Rake Lightweight Landscaping Rake Fiberglass & steel 1.03 lbs 21″ 55″ No
Hooyman Landscape and Metal Bow Rake Budget Landscaping Rake High carbon steel 4.8 lbs 16″ 65″ No
Seymour Midwest Wide Landscaping Rake Long Landscaping Rake Aluminum 7.38 lbs 48″ 11-16.5′ Yes
Seymour Midwest Rake Widest Landscaping Rake Aluminum 5.8 lbs 48″ 66″ No
Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake Durable Landscaping Rake Aluminum 3.89 lbs 46″ 66″ No
MotoAlliance Landscape Rake For Tractor Steel 65 lbs 60″ No handle No
Jenlis Razer Collapsible All-Purpose Rake Easy-to-Assemble Landscaping Rake Galvanized steel & aluminum 6.59 lbs 36″ 102″ Yes

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

Before making your purchase, consider these important details.


Landscaping rakes can be pricey! So you want to make sure you’re getting one that will last.

This comes down to the materials used. For instance, fiberglass and metal handles are the most durable. Wooden and plastic handles are less durable.

You may also want to look for braced or welded handles that ensure it’s much more secure. The connection points shouldn’t split, meaning you have a smoother raking experience.


The average landscaping rake weight falls between about one and 10 pounds. So there are some pretty heavy options out there. Some customers prefer a heavy option because it is more heavy-duty and drags more at once. Others prefer a lighter option as it’s easier to maneuver. Decide which weight is best for you and shop within that range.


Take a good look at the rake’s head.

Firstly, consider the width. The wider it is, the more it will rake at once. Most are between 16 and 32 inches, with some being a bit wider. In fact, there are a few options on the market that go up to four feet!

Also, consider the material. Strong metal will be more durable and not break under pressure.

Consider how many tines the rake has and how far apart they are. If they’re too close together, debris may get stuck in the tines and make it difficult to clean. If they’re too far apart, though, lots of debris will pass through the tines and make raking impossible.

You may want to consider a rake that has braces. These are two poles that add balance and security to the head.

Ease of Assembly

Most landscaping rakes will come in a few different parts, and you need to assemble them yourself. Check out what other customers are saying about assembly. Some are much easier to construct than others.


The rake’s handle is one of the most important parts. First, consider the material. As mentioned, metal or fiberglass is going to be the most durable. Plus, it’s straightforward to clean.

Plastic handles make the rake cheaper overall, but they’re not as durable. Wooden handles are more eco-friendly, but they can rot easily if not kept clean and dry.

You should also consider the handle length. This can range from about 48 inches all the way to 16 feet. Some handles are telescoping, while others remain at one length.

You want to ensure that you choose a handle length that will be easy for your height. However, also choose one that will help you get into every area of your yard.

Compatible Equipment

If you’re a tractor-owner, good news! You can actually get rakes that are compatible with tractors. We have a specific recommendation for that, but keep in mind that the other rakes won’t suit.


Landscaping rakes can be expensive, with the average one costing around $70 or $80. Some are even higher, costing nearly $200!

However, you can find some budget-friendly options for as low as $30. They just don’t have as many of the handy features as the more costly ones have.

Note This

Tractor landscaping rakes are much more expensive, though, averaging around $400.

Landscaping Rake FAQs

What are Landscaping Rakes Used For?

Here are the main purposes of a landscaping rake:

  • Spreading Compost: It’s easy to spread and mix compost due to the landscaping rake’s large head. You can also use the rake to get out rocks and other debris from the compost.
  • Spreading Gravel: The landscaping rake is tough and strong enough to spread gravel and stones.
  • Spread Mulch: Get this job done quickly. Because of the weight and size of the rake, you can quickly spread mulch, bark clippings, and other such materials.
  • Clean Lakes and Ponds: You can actually use your landscaping rake to remove weeds and other debris from lakes and ponds. This isn’t recommended with wooden rakes since the handles can rot when wet.
  • Gather Debris: Use your landscaping rake to gather leaves and other garden debris. Just be careful because the sturdy tines could dig into your grass and cause damage.
  • Level Soil: You can use the flat head for leveling soil. This is a great way to prep for planting or laying turf.

Is a Landscape Rake Worth It?

If you need to do any of the above tasks, then yes, it’s worth investing in a landscape rake. You can use other kinds of rakes, but they’re not designed for all these jobs, so it may only cost you time and frustration.

What’s Better: Plastic or Metal Rake?

We always suggest a metal rake. They’re much more durable. They may be slightly more expensive, but they’ll last longer, saving you money over time.

Does Raking Dead Grass Help It Grow?

This is called scarifying, which can stimulate new grass growth, runners, and side shoots which will thicken up your yard (1). Generally, a spring-tined rake or powered scarifier is recommended.

How Do You Use Landscape Rakes?

It all depends on what job you’re doing in your yard. In general, you can use it as a normal rake, positioning it behind the debris and pulling it towards you.

If you’re spreading or evening something, push and pull the rake until the area is smooth or the debris is evenly spread.

How Do You Adjust a Landscape Rake?

If you have a rake with an adjustable handle, it depends on the model made. Some have a twist and pull function. Others have little buttons that you press. Move the handle up, and the button pops out into place. Check the user guide for your specific rake for the best advice.

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