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Best Irons for Quilting of 2023

Steam your way to success with a good iron for quilting.

When it comes to quilting, choosing your fabrics and colors is the fun part. But the important part? Choosing a top-quality iron.

You’ll need an iron that can handle thick fabrics — one that gets nice and hot. Having a good iron for quilting can take away a lot of frustration and help you enjoy this hobby a lot more!

After spending hours researching what both hobbyist and expert quilters had to say, we rounded it down to the five best irons for quilting. We looked at each product’s power, heat control, and weight to ensure these irons were made with quilters in mind. Keep reading to meet the five irons that could change the game for you!

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron, F67E,White/Black,10.5' x 16.3' x 6.6'
Safest Iron for Quilting
Black+Decker Classic Steam Iron
  • Aluminum soleplate offers easy gliding
  • Seven temperature settings
  • Classic retro iron
Product Image of the Rowenta Micro Steam Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron for Clothes 400 Microsteam Holes 1700 Watts Ironing, Fabric Steamer, Garment Steamer, Powerful Steam, Auto-Off DW5080
Best Powerful Iron
Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • High-precision
  • No drips, no leaks

No products found.

Crowd Favorite
PurSteam Professional Grade Steam Iron
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Powerful but safe
  • Self-cleaning increases durability
Product Image of the CHI Steam Iron for Clothes with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate, 1700 Watts, XL 10’ Cord, 3-Way Auto Shutoff, 300+ Holes, Professional Grade, Silver (13101)
Best Controlled Iron
CHI Steam Iron for Clothes
  • Flat iron technology
  • 300 powerful steam holes
  • Good for long ironing periods
Product Image of the Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage, Travel Bag, Non-Stick Soleplate, Anti-Slip Handle, Rapid Heating, 420W Power, White
Best Traveling Iron for Quilting
Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron
  • Great temperature settings
  • Travel accessories included
  • Helpful and comfortable handle

Product Reviews

We’re excited to recommend the best irons for quilting on the market. We compiled this list based on hours of research into quilter’s advice, customer reviews, and product specs. Making sure to only choose the most practical irons, here are five excellent options.

1. Black+Decker Classic Steam Iron

Safest Iron for Quilting

Safety is a top priority with the Black + Decker classic steam iron.

Quilting is a fun hobby. Sometimes too fun — and you can forget your iron is on. Well, this iron turns off after 30 seconds if left on its side or soleplate.

It shuts off after eight minutes on the heel rest. And that’s not all; a power indicator light tells you when the iron is plugged in — even if it’s not on. There’s also a dedicated “off” button, so you can be sure it’s definitely powered down.

Safety doesn’t stop there. A built-in fabric guide lets you know what the perfect heat setting is for different fabrics. This stops you from ruining your favorite pieces!

What We Like

Aluminum Soleplate Offers Easy Gliding

Besides all the safety features, we love this iron for its easy gliding abilities.

The soleplate is made from aluminum — so it’s built to last. It has a smooth, nonstick coating that glides over any fabric and removes wrinkles quickly. The groove at the soleplate’s tip helps navigate buttons and accessories.

Seven Temperature Settings

The Black + Decker steam iron has seven temperature settings. They’re categorized by fabric type, which takes out the guesswork for you. Choose your setting based on acrylic, nylon or silk, rayon or polyester, and blends of cotton, wool, cotton, and linen.

Classic Retro Iron

This iron is inspired by classic, retro designs. If you love the old style of irons, this is a great choice. It keeps the authentic feel but with improved safety and design features. Plus, it’s an effective and powerful iron, coming in at 1100 watts.

3-Way Auto Shutoff

This iron will automatically turn off after eight minutes on the heel rest. But it will turn off after only 30 seconds if you leave it on the side or soleplate. This gives quilters peace of mind for when they get wrapped up in a new project and forget about the iron.

What We Don't Like

Water Tank Problems

For such a bulky iron, it has a pretty small water tank. The stingy 4.9 ounces of water means you’ll have to do a few refills when tackling a large load of laundry.

The other problem is that it’s difficult to see the water level. So you won’t know it needs refilling until it stops emitting steam.

Too Heavy for Some Customers

At 3.2 pounds, many customers like the extra weight. But some people found it too heavy, making it cumbersome and unenjoyable to use.

Product Specs

Power 1100 watts
Safety Automatic shut-off and indicator light
Heat Control Seven temperature settings
Weight 3.2 pounds
Water Tank 4.9 ounces

2. Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron

Best Powerful Iron

The Rowenta DW5080 steam iron is the most powerful that we recommend. It comes in at a whopping 1700 watts — so you know it’ll be great for quilting.

It also is a prime steam iron. It has over 400 steam holes with 35 grams per minute of steam. You’ll get astounding steam power with this iron!

We also have to praise this iron for its anti-calc system. You can trust this iron will have a long life because it removes minerals and build-up. You’ll appreciate this if you live in a hard water area!

What We Like

Stainless Steel Soleplate

Easy ironing is a top priority when it comes to quilting. Well, the stainless steel soleplate of this Rowenta iron makes for effortless gliding across different fabrics.

So you’ll get fantastic glidability and, therefore, amazing results. If you’re into professional quilting, this is a top choice!

Precision Is a Priority

Why choose this iron? Because precision is a priority. The Rowenta iron has an angled tip making it easy to get in hard-to-reach places, like around buttons and edges.

Also, the thermostat knob makes it easy to choose your temperature and steam for any garment.

No Drips, No Leaks

This iron is great for delicate items, too. So if you decorate your quilts with some fancy accessories, this is a great choice of iron.

The no-drip system means that you won’t have any leaks on your quilts or clothes. You can protect your delicates!

Works Vertically and Horizontally

While this is great for quilting, you’ll appreciate its use all around the house. It works vertically so that you can steam hanging clothes, curtains, bedding, upholstery, and more.

What We Don't Like

Dial Is Inconveniently Placed

Although it’s great to have such a precise temperature dial, it’s in an inconvenient place. It’s right underneath the handle, so it’s easy to bump the dial.

Therefore, you find yourself changing the iron’s temperature when you didn’t mean to.

Only a Few Years of Perfect Use

After a couple of years of using this iron, customers noted that it started to go downhill. One of the first things to go was that it began to leak, leaving unsightly marks and stains on clothes. While it’s designed to be leakproof, this only seems to be promised in the first couple of years.

Product Specs

Power 1700 watts
Safety Automatic 3-way shut-off system
Heat Control Precise temperature dial
Weight 3.4 pounds
Water Tank 10 ounces

3. PurSteam Professional Grade Steam Iron

Crowd Favorite

No products found.

Check Price

Who doesn’t want a feature-packed iron? PurSteam Professional has it— and we love it!

Equipped with true position axially aligned steam holes on its stainless steel soleplates, this iron is definitely a pro in the industry and would efficiently remove wrinkles on your clothes.

In terms of quilting, this is an excellent choice. The rapid, even heat technology will be a lifesaver for those who despise long ironing time.

It will be your new best friend if you’re a quilter. It has 1700 watts of power, 3-way auto shut-off, and temperature control settings.

What We Like

Non-Stick Soleplate

It’s essential that your iron is easy to glide when it comes to quilting. The stainless steel soleplate here is amazing for quilting.

It’s extra thick and is made of professional-grade materials. It retains heat amazingly and has axially-aligned steam holes.

Powerful but Safe

The PurSteam iron is super powerful. It has 1700 watts of power and heats up rapidly. You can use this iron within seconds of turning it on.

Plus, it automatically shuts off after eight minutes if standing or 30 seconds if it’s been knocked over.

Self-Cleaning Increases Durability

If you are unsure if this iron will work in hard-water areas, then you will be glad to know that it has a built-in Anti-Calcium feature that would prevent calcium accumulation in your steam iron, thus making it more durable.

Allows for Vertical Steaming

Another iron that we love for its versatility! This one allows you to steam horizontally and vertically, making it a must-have product for use all around the home. You can now steam your curtains, upholstery, and hanging garments in a flash.

What We Don't Like

Questionable Product Condition

Some customers complain about receiving iron that’s already been used. But this cannot be validated since some of the products are tested before shipping out to ensure proper functioning.

Stiff Temperature Dial

While it’s a user-friendly design, in theory, the temperature dial is stiff and hard to turn. When you want to change temperatures quickly, this iron prevents you from having the easiest experience.

Over Three Pounds When Full

While this is only 2.2 pounds, and therefore pretty lightweight, when it’s full, it weighs over three pounds. Some quilters found that this was too heavy for long-term comfortable use.

Product Specs

Power 1700 watts
Safety Automatic shut off at eight minutes or 30 seconds if knocked
Heat Control Easy Thermostat Control
Weight 2.2 pounds
Water Tank 14 ounces

4. CHI Steam Iron for Clothes

Best Controlled Iron

Looking for the most control settings on an iron? We recommend the CHI steam iron.

This iron has precise controls. The adjustable steam lever lets you go from no steam to full steam with a quick slider.

Then the temperature control helps you choose your heat setting based on what material you’re ironing. Simply rotate it to choose your setting. There’s also a self-clean button on the control panel for this iron.

The steam lever and heat settings are easy to reach. Easily change them up while you’re in the middle of ironing a garment.

What We Like

Flat Iron Technology

The CHI steam iron uses the same technology as it does on its flat irons. It has a titanium-infused ceramic soleplate to give you optimum results and a pleasant ironing experience. This allows it to withstand scratches, heat up quickly, and smoothly glide across clothes.

300 Powerful Steam Holes

As a quilter, it’s always good to have quality steam power on your iron. The CHI iron has over 300 steam holes. It delivers powerful steam to help get wrinkles out quickly and easily.

Good for Long Ironing Periods

If you use your iron for long periods at once, this is an excellent choice because of its super comfortable handle. It’s a sleek handle with a textured grip, making it easy to use in terms of comfort and control. But it also has an eight-ounce water tank, allowing for longer ironing sessions.

Precise Temperature Control

The manual dial lets you easily see the best setting for your garments. The dial lets you know what is best for linen, cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic. You never have to guess, meaning you’re less likely to damage clothing.

What We Don't Like

Soleplate Is Hard to Clean

Although the soleplate has advanced technology, customers do find it hard to clean. If you get something stuck to it, you might find yourself struggling to get it off, even with top iron cleaning tips. Stainless steel soleplates are common for a reason, so keep in mind this aluminum one comes with flaws.

The Iron Sometimes Leaks

Customers pointed out that this iron isn’t leakproof. While it doesn’t happen all the time, the iron sometimes leaks, even while on the heel rest.

Product Specs

Power 1700 watts
Safety Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes
Heat Control Manual temperature control
Weight 2.9 pounds
Water Tank 8 ounces

5. Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

Best Traveling Iron for Quilting

While it’s important to look for a heavy iron, we also wanted to recommend a good traveling iron for quilting. If you are on the move but want to keep up this fun hobby, check out the Steamfast SF-717 mini steam iron.

Weighing only one pound, it requires some elbow grease for best results. But it’s still a great choice for quilters. Customers love this for quilting classes and retreats because it’s light and compact but still powerful at 420 watts.

What We Like

Great Temperature Settings

This mini iron heats up quickly — in 15 seconds! If you want to iron something quickly, this is a great tool. Plus, it has a one-touch steam control button and three temperature settings for different types of fabrics!

Travel Accessories Included

We’ve awarded this iron as the best for traveling. Yes, it’s lightweight and compact, but even better, it has cool travel accessories, too.

For one, it comes with a traveling bag for storage. It also has a measuring cup, so you can fill it up at the tap instead of unplugging your iron and taking it with you. Lastly, it has dual voltage so that you can take it anywhere in the world.

Helpful and Comfortable Handle

While the iron is quite lightweight, the helpful handle makes it easy for you to press down hard on your quilts. It’s a wide, easy-to-hold, anti-slip handle. Plus, you can wrap the cord around it when you’re finished, for optimum storage.

Great Buying Experience

From start to finish, this iron comes with a great buying experience. Firstly, it’s an affordable product that won’t break the bank. And most of all, it comes with a two-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money!

What We Don't Like

Steamer Function Faulty

While this iron does have a steam setting and steam holes, the steam function is not great. Some customers claim it doesn’t work at all, while others say it’s just not good. This won’t be your top choice if you’d prefer an iron with optimal steam.

No Auto Shutoff

If you want something that has your back, if you forget to turn it off, this one might disappoint. This travel steam iron doesn’t have auto-shutoff. You have to manually unplug it to ensure it’s switched off.

Product Specs

Power 420 watts
Safety No auto shut-off, handle gets quite hot
Heat Control Three temperature settings
Weight One pound
Water Tank 1.4 ounces

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Power Safety Heat Control Weight Water Tank
Black+Decker Classic Steam Iron Safest Iron for Quilting 1100 W Automatic shut-off & indicator light Seven temperature settings 3.2 lbs 4.9 oz
Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron Powerful Iron 1700 W Automatic 3-way shut-off system Precise temperature dial 3.4 lbs 10 oz
PurSteam Professional Steam Iron Crowd favorite 1700 W Automatic shut off at 8 minutes or 30 seconds if knocked Easy Thermostat Control 2.2 lbs 14 oz
CHI Steam Iron for Clothes Controlled Iron 1700 W Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes Manual temperature control 2.9 lbs 8 oz
Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron Traveling Iron for Quilting 420 W No auto shut-off, handle gets quite hot Three temperature settings 1 lb 1.4 oz

What Type of Iron Do Quilters Use?

Quilters rave about powerful irons. If you’re picking up this hobby, you’ll want to get a powerful steam iron. The steam can help you get amazing creases in your pattern and press out stubborn wrinkles.

You’ll also want to find one that has excellent temperature control. This will prevent you from ruining fabrics that require different levels of heat.

So overall, quilters use powerful steam irons with quality temperature control settings.

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

We’ll give you our top tips for choosing the best iron, so you are fully prepared for this shopping experience!


Because your quilts will be quite thick, you need as powerful an iron as you can. We measure the power in watts — so the higher the watts, the better the iron!

Our recommendations are usually around 1700 watts which is ideal. But you can get away with a lower wattage, especially if you want something portable.


It’s easy to lose track of time when it comes to quilting. You might turn your iron on, get swept away in your next task, and forget all about your hot iron. So it’s vital to look for a steam iron with safety features, like automatic shut-off times.

Heat Control

Heat control is a crucial feature to look out for when it comes to quilting! You’ll use a variety of fabrics, which all require different heat settings.

Make sure the iron you choose has good heat control, so you don’t ruin all your hard work. This also allows you to use your iron for quilting and regular ironing.

You’ll find irons with precise temperature control, multiple settings, and various ways of changing the temperature. It’s simply down to personal preference, but the more settings an iron has, the more precise the temperature control will be.


Weight isn’t something you always consider when shopping for new products. But with quilting irons, it’s important. The heavier the iron is, the less hard work you must do.

Ironing your quilts requires quite a lot of pressure. You’ll have to press down quite hard if the iron is lighter. A good iron for quilting should be at least two pounds — so look out for this detail.

We recommend something weighing at least two pounds, but some people prefer something over three. We have one recommendation weighing one pound, but keep in mind that’s a travel iron.

Water Tank

When looking for a quilting iron, check out the water tank capacity. The larger it is, the better. This is so you can use your iron for longer periods without needing to refill it.

Also, the larger the water tank, the heavier the iron. And we all know how important that is! In summary, we recommend something with at least five ounces of capacity.


Should I Starch My Fabric Before Quilting?

Starching your fabric before quilting makes the material easier to handle and less prone to stretching. It also helps to stop the edges from fraying.

Can You Iron a Quilt With Batting in It?

You can iron a quilt with batting in it, provided that the batting contains no polyester content. If you iron batting with a polyester content, it risks melting under the heat.

Which Way Do You Press the Seams When Quilting?

Most quilters prefer to press seams to the sides when quilting. It avoids a small bump where the two layers meet, making it easier to stitch along the seam.

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