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How to Fold Up Ironing Board: Step by Step With Videos

Done ironing? Follow our tips for folding up your board.

Do you ever find yourself in a full-on battle with your ironing board when trying to close it? You’re not alone. These things can be very tricky to navigate.

The mechanisms can be confusing, and sometimes a bit scary. We’ve gotten a few jammed fingers in our time! But there’s no need to wonder anymore, because we’re here to teach you how to fold up an ironing board. Properly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Locate the lever. Press it while holding the board firmly with your other hand.
  2. Slowly lower the board to the floor while keeping the lever pressed.
  3. When it’s on the ground, release the lever.
  4. Lift the board onto its tip. Keep the legs secure.
  5. Use the lock to secure the legs.

Types of Ironing Boards

There are three different types of ironing boards. Some are easier to fold than others. Today, we’re focusing on the standing ironing board, but we’ll give you a brief explanation of all three.

1. Tabletop Ironing Boards

Product Image of the STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board with Folding Legs, Extra Wide Countertop Ironing Board with Cotton Cover, Portable Mini Ironing Board for Sewing, Craft Room, Household, Dorm, White

These are great for people with low storage space. They fold up to a compact size so you can slot them behind the couch, under the bed or in a cupboard.

Tabletops have a smaller surface area, so you can stand them on a table, floor or on top of a washing machine. From there, you can iron as normal. When folding, just collapse the legs and put it away. Some fold in half, in which case you just bend in at the seam before storing.

2. Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards

Product Image of the Nisorpa Wall Mounted Ironing Board 37' x 13' Fold Away 180° Swivel Iron Board with Heat Resistant Cover in Wall Ironing Board Space Saving for Home Laundry Room

These also work for people with little storage space. But they’re pretty convenient, too. You just pull them out from their space on the wall and get to ironing. No need to faff around with legs and locks and other things.

These boards are secured to the wall, so make sure to choose your prime spot before installing! To fold, most products allow you to fold it up gently before it locks easily into place.

3. Standing Ironing Boards

Product Image of the Bartnelli Pulse Smart Hanger Ironing Board Parent Vari (White/Blue)

We’re going to focus on standing ironing boards. They’re the most common choice and the ideal option for large loads of laundry because of their surface size. The legs are collapsable, too.

These boards fold in when you’re done, and out when you want to stand your board up. Most have adjustable legs, so you can alter the height depending on who’s doing the ironing!

How to Fold an Ironing Board on the Floor

One option for folding your ironing board is to do it on the floor. This is an easy option for most people! Especially if you’re not used to folding ironing boards up yet. Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Start with the board upright, in the ironing position.
  2. Locate the lever press. Put one hand on it.
  3. Hold the opposite side of the board with your other hand. Hold very carefully, especially if you’re new to this! It can be quite easy to squish a finger during this process.
  4. Slowly press the lever. As you do this, lower the board to the floor so that it’s flat on the ground.
  5. When it’s on the floor, release the lever. Notice how pressing the lever allows the legs to fold in or out, but when you let go, it locks into place.
  6. Lift the board off the floor at an angle, with the rounded part pointing up.
  7. With one hand, hold the board firmly. With the other hand, secure the legs into place with the lock.

How to Fold an Ironing Board When Upright

If you’re looking for a slick, easy way to fold your ironing board, try it while it’s upright. Follow these instructions. It might even change your ironing life.

  1. Press the lever with one hand. Use your other hand to lean the board back towards the rear feet.
  2. Let your ironing board point straight to the ceiling with the rounded end.
  3. Keep pressing the lever. You’ll notice the legs collapse into the board while you tilt the ironing board back.
  4. Once the legs are fully folded, secure them with the locking device.

Other Tips for Folding an Ironing Board

Before you go, read our top tips for folding an ironing board! These will help make this often annoying task as easy as possible.

  • This might seem obvious but always remember to remove your iron from the board before folding it. You don’t want to break your iron or burn yourself in the process!
  • You can always tip the board onto its flat end before lowering the legs. This is a technique favored by many and it gives you a good view of what you’re doing.
  • If your board has two lever presses, you’ll only need to press one. This is just an option depending on what side of the board you’re on.
  • Always lock the legs in place when you’ve collapsed them. This stops them from swinging open again when you carry it to your place of storage.
  • Know the underneath of your board well. Have a look around there at how the board collapses so that you don’t squish your fingers while closing your board. Always open and close the board slowly as an extra safety measure.
  • Don’t fold the board immediately after ironing since it might still be hot to touch.


More questions? No worries — we’ve got the answers!

How to Adjust the Height of Your Ironing Board?

Standard ironing boards are great because they are height adjustable. But just how do you do that? Here are our instructions:

  1. Keep the ironing board upright. However, this will work with the board on its side or with the surface flat to the floor.
  2. Locate the lever. Use one hand to press it.
  3. With the other hand, lift the surface of the ironing board, or lower it, depending on your desired height. As long as the lever is pressed, the ironing board will maneuver up or down.
  4. Once you have your desired height, let go of the lever. The legs will fall into the nearest groove and secure in place.

How to Fold an Ironing Board That’s Stuck?

The main reason your ironing board is stuck is most likely because the parts are broken. More specifically, the lever. Follow these tips if you still have your lever. If it’s lost, then you can use an Allen key to activate the spring function which will open and close your iron. Here is how to fold a board that’s stuck:

  1. Lay the ironing board upside down on the floor, with the legs in the air.
  2. Locate the pin or tab that allows the legs to move. Press it with something hard, like an Allen key, to allow the legs to collapse again. If this is enough for you, stop here, fold your board fully and move on. However, keep reading if you want to fix your board.
  3. If your lever has come out or come loose, now is the time to fix it. Collapse the legs a little bit so you can have space to work and replace the lever by popping it back into position. This will require some patience and persistence!
  4. Once the lever is in place, your ironing board should open and close as normal!

Ask For Help

If your lever is lost, or these tips don’t work for your board, it might be time to call a repair service. If all else fails, it might be time for a new ironing board!

How Do You Fix an Ironing Board That Won’t Stay Up?

An ironing board that doesn’t stay up is a real pain! We can help you fix it with these instructions. This requires a bit of DIY skill so if you’re not good at that, find a friend or relative who is.

  1. Lay the ironing board face down on a flat surface.
  2. Unscrew and remove the metal plate. It’s most likely what’s causing the problem.
  3. Get a spare metal sheet and cut it to the correct size. Make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands!
  4. Use the correct size drill bit to drill four holes into each corner of the metal plate. These holes should match the dimensions on your board.
  5. Put the metal sheet at a flat edge and use a mallet to shape it correctly.
  6. Screw the new plate onto the back of your ironing board with a screwdriver.

Good as new! This is a great way to upcycle a faulty board and save money.

What are the Different Parts of an Ironing Board?

There are several different parts of an ironing board, including the cover, batting, legs, hinges, and mechanical latches.

Which Way Should an Ironing Board Face?

An ironing board should always face away from the body, with the pointed end at the furthest end. It helps you control the iron, grip the clothes, and get the best results.

Do You Need a Pad on an Ironing Board?

You do need a pad on an ironing board because it helps to grip clothes, gives you better control, and absorbs heat and steam without accumulating moisture.

Fold It Safely

The most important thing when it comes to folding up your ironing board is: do it safely. You don’t want to scare yourself from ironing ever again because of a bad experience with getting your finger jammed.

Experiment with different ways of folding up your ironing board. You’ll find what works for you, whether it’s on the floor or upright. And soon enough, you’ll be able to fold it up in seconds.

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