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Best Hot Water Pressure Washers of 2023

Piping hot pressure that deep cleans. 

There’s power behind hot water, especially when it comes to cleaning. It can help to dislodge dirt, grime, and grease. Sometimes a cold pressure washer just can’t cut through the dirt. In that case, you may be looking for one of the best hot water pressures on the market.

Our list of the top seven hot water pressure washers will help make your search a lot easier. In only a few more minutes, you’ll have found something that ticks all your boxes!

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Erie Tools 20' Polypropylene Flat Surface Cleaner for Hot Cold Water Pressure Power Washer with Wheels 4000 PSI
Best on Wheels
Erie Tools Flat Surface Pressure Washer
  • Convenient to use
  • Versatile use
  • Powerful work horse
Product Image of the NorthStar Electric Wet Steam Cleaner and Hot Water Commercial Pressure Power Washer Add-on Unit - 4000 PSI, 4 GPM, 115 Volts
Best Steam
Northstar Electric Pressure Washer
  • Steam-powered
  • Has 4-gallon tank
  • Has temperature control

No products found.

Best Portable
Easy-Kleen Commercial Pressure Washer
  • 14 HP Kohler engine
  • Schedule 80 heating coil
  • Well-built frame
Product Image of the NorthStar Gas Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Power Washer - 3000 PSI, 4.0 GPM, Honda Engine
Best Gas
NorthStar Gas Hot Water Pressure Washer
  • 4 GPM, 3000 PSI
  • Has two 8.75 gallon tanks
  • State-of-the-art triplex pump
Product Image of the AR Blue Clean Pro, AR630-Hot Pressure Washer, 1900PSI, 2.1GPM, 20AMP. Detergent Suction System, Induction Motor, Pressure Gauge & Unloader, 82℃/180℉ Max Temp, 25' Braided Hose, Built-in Handle. 65 lbs
Best Affordable
Ar Annovi Reverberi Pressure Washer
  • Trigger lock safety feature
  • Adjustable pressure gauge
  • Mesh-designed water filter
Product Image of the Steel Dragon Tools 36' Aluminum Flat Surface Cleaner for Hot Cold Water Pressure Washer 4000 PSI 21 GPM with Wheels
Best Powerful
Steel Dragon Tools Hot Cold Pressure Washer
  • 21 GPM flow rate
  • Maximum PSI of 4000
  • Weighs 59 lbs

No products found.

Best Durable
Simpson Hot Water Pressure Washer
  • 48 inch spray gun
  • 13-inch tires
  • Has 120V induction motor

Product Reviews

Hours of research have gone into creating this list of the best hot water pressure washers. We’ve looked at real customer reviews, expert advice and applied our own insight. Soon enough, you’ll find a pressure washer that delivers heat, power, and ultimate cleanliness!

1. Erie Tools Flat Surface Pressure Power Washer

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer on Wheels

For deep cleaning flat surfaces, a pressure washer on wheels may be your best bet. Simply slide this along your flat surfaces and let it do the deep cleaning for you as you go. Thanks to the lightweight design, this one from Erie Tools is simple to maneuver, a bonus for customers!

It’s also powerful, ranging up to 4000 PSI. We can’t forget the hot water feature either, which will clean quicker and dissolve dirt. It goes up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit so you can enjoy the convenience that hot water brings.

What We Like

On Wheels for Convenience

Most pressure washers utilize handheld trigger guns that you aim at your dirt. This one comes with wheels. This is ideal for cleaning large flat surface areas much quicker and easier. The wheels and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver. Last but not least, the wheels will not mark your surfaces.

Versatile Use

You can use this pressure washer on a range of surfaces. This includes concrete sidewalks and driveways, decks and patios, pool decks, and much more. Aggregate and other textured surfaces? No problem for this guy!

Powerful Work Horse

Customers describe this as a workhorse. You can get through many tasks super quickly with this handy pressure washer. At 4000 PSI and three gallons per minute, this is a fantastic tool.

What We Don't Like

Leaking Clamp Hose

A few customers reported that the clamp hose leaked. This isn’t a massive problem as it’s quite an easy fix, but certainly, it’s frustrating when you’re in the middle of cleaning.

Product Specs

Portability On wheels and lightweight; 26.4 pounds
Type Electric
Heating System Not specified
PSI 4000

2. Northstar Electric Commercial Pressure Washer

Best Steam Hot Water Pressure Washer

Utilize the power of steam cleaning by choosing this electric commercial pressure washer from North Star.

This upgrades your cold water into hot water or steam which gives you the ultimate clean of your surfaces.

Plus, steam sanitizes and disinfects without the use of harsh chemicals. So if you’re worried about germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew — this is a top choice!

What We Like

Reaches 250°F

The diesel burner in this industrial model heats water up to 250°F which is hot enough to melt grease, grime, and oil quickly and efficiently. Spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing when you choose something this powerful.

No More Interruptions

There’s nothing more annoying when pressure washing than having to stop a million times to top up the fuel, give the hose a rest, or something else.

This device allows you to say goodbye to interruptions. The extended-run four-gallon tank lets you work for a long time without stopping for fuel.

The connections are also fast and easy to use which keeps the flow of your cleaning going.

Choose Your Own Temperature

Choose your own temperature with the handy temperature control. If you don’t want to go all the way up to 250 degrees, you don’t have to. This gives you more control over the tasks at hand.

What We Don't Like

Hard to Move

This comes with a sturdy frame and a handle for portability, but that doesn’t make it easy. Why? Because the wheels are too short. The bottom of the pressure washer gets stuck on the ground at times, making it very difficult to move. It could do with some bigger wheels.

Repair Galore

Quite a few customers had to order in repairs or send the product away for repairs. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to you but do keep in mind that a few people experienced issues.

Product Specs

Portability Short wheels make portability hard; 253 pounds
Type Electric
Heating System Schedule 80 heating coil
PSI 4000

3. Easy-Kleen EZO4035G-K-GP-12 Commercial Pressure Washer

Best Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer

Portability is key, especially with these heavy machines. This pressure washer from Easy-Kleen weighs 400 pounds, which is a lot. But on this sturdy and four-wheel frame, it’s one of the easier high-power portable pressure washers to maneuver.

The handles at the front mean you can easily push and pull it with you where you want to go. The thick wheels allow it to navigate over different types of terrain, too.

What We Like

14 HP Kohler Engine

With the 14 horsepower Kohler commercial-grade engine, this is unbeatable power and reliability. It has an electric start which makes it easy to get up and running. Plus, it’s quiet and very durable.

Schedule 80 Heating Coil

The heating coil on this power tool can bring the water up to 150°F over the existing temperature. So if your water is coming in at 65 degrees, this can bring it up to 215 degrees. The complete ceramic seal blanket over the coils allows for efficiency, quick heat up time, and fuel-saving. Lastly, it works really well in cold climates!

Well-Built Frame

When we talked of portability, we just cannot discard the idea of finding a durable support. The least we want people to worry is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere because the frame just ended up like a scrap. With this one, you’re really getting your money’s worth! It comes with a single-piece durable steel body housing the 10-gallon poly fuel tank. These are all welded with a lifting bar.

What We Don't Like

Hight Price Point

While this might not be the most affordable on the list, but it sure is one of the most durable and the only portable hot water pressure washer.

Product Specs

Portability Sturdy frame and wheels; 400 pounds
Type Gas with electric start
Heating System Schedule 80 heating coil
PSI 4000
GPM 3.5

4. NorthStar Gas Hot Water Pressure Washer

Best Gas Hot Water Pressure Washer

Looking for a gas option? These are great if you want a higher PSI. With a PSI of 3000, this comes with unmatched power for heavy-duty and commercial cleaning.

Being gas, it has two 8.75 gallon tanks. They’re color-coded for your understanding, too. Red for gasoline, and yellow for diesel, fuel oil, or kerosene. Keep in mind this has an electric start, but it runs on gas.

Overall, this is an awesome pressure washer that provides both hot water and steam up to 250°F.

What We Like

3000 PSI

With a PSI of 3000, anything is possible with this gas hot water pressure washer. This is strong enough to blast off all kinds of stubborn dirt from a huge range of surfaces.

Honda Engine

What benefits does the Honda engine give this pressure washer? Firstly, this device is always prepared for the task at hand. The commercial-grade engines also mean it’s super reliable, easy to start, and very powerful. Last but not least, it also has improved fuel efficiency, a longer run time, and perhaps best of all — quiet operation.

Reliable Machinery

When spending this much money, you want something that’s going to be reliable — and this is it. It’s kitted out with a state-of-the-art Cat triplex pump which aids its dependability. The pump’s direct-drive design uses fewer moving parts which cut down on maintenance but maximizes value.

What We Don't Like

Extremely Heavy

Without fuel, this unit weighs 600 pounds. Add fuel and you’re talking even heavier. This decreases the ease of portability, which is a struggle for many customers.

Hard to Maintain Hot Water

Firstly, it can take around 10 minutes for the hot water to come in which is inconvenient. Secondly, it’s hard to maintain the hot water. A few customers reported that the burners are very strong and can damage the charging coil. So you’ll need to check and replace the battery quite often.

Product Specs

Portability Sturdy frame and wheels; but it weighs 600 pounds
Type Gas
Heating System 12V diesel with schedule 80 heating coil
PSI 3000

5. Ar Annovi Reverberi AR630-HOT Pressure Washer

Best Affordable Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers are very expensive, but this is a pretty affordable competitor compared to other options.

This little guy can reach temperatures of 180°F which will be enough to deep clean grease, grime, and other dirt.

It has a maximum PSI of 1900. So it’s actually one of the only options on our list that is more suited to home use than commercial.

However, you can definitely still take it to work and see awesome results.

Keep In Mind

This is not on any sort of portable frame, so it’s a bit of a hassle to maneuver. However, you could set a frame up yourself for sure!

What We Like

Serious Safety Features

Safety comes first with this pressure washer. The trigger gun helps you determine when it’s definitely switched off, giving you peace of mind. You can also lock the trigger to avoid accidental sprays. Lastly, it automatically shuts down when it detects electrical ground failure.

Adjustable Pressure Gauge

Choose your own PSI with the adjustable pressure gauge. This is ideal since different surfaces require a different PSI. For instance, you may want a different PSI when washing a bike versus a driveway.

Mesh Water Filter

This comes with a mesh-designed water filter which makes the device super easy to clean. Overall, this extends the life of the pump so you can get years out of the product.

What We Don't Like

Not On Wheels

One of the biggest drawbacks of this appliance is that it’s not on wheels. This makes it very difficult to maneuver and takes some of the practicality away from this option.

No Attachments

Due to the adjustable pressure gauge, this doesn’t come with nozzles or the option to attach any nozzles. If you’re used to this, this machine may require a bit of a learning curve. A few customers were put off by this.

Product Specs

Portability Not on wheels; 69 pounds
Type Corded electric
Heating System You need to heat the water first
PSI 1900
GPM 2.1

6. Steel Dragon Tools Hot Cold Pressure Washer

Best Powerful Hot Water Pressure Washer

Want something with a high PSI? If you’re on the hunt for something powerful, this is pretty unmatched.

The Steel Dragon Tools pressure washer has a PSI of 4000 and an amazing GPM of 21! That’s going to give you some incredible power when you’re pressure washing.

It also allows hot water up to 210°F as well as the use of cold water when you’d rather use that. Overall, this gives you versatility and control over your tasks.

What We Like


You can use this for a variety of jobs. This includes parking lots, decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool tiles & decks, and much more. It’s best for commercial work due to the high power, but it can still tackle a range of duties.

59 Pounds

Compared to some of our other recommendations which are often up to 600 pounds heavy, this is a lovely little lightweight option. It only weighs 59 pounds due to the plastic frame so it’s easy to maneuver (though maybe not as durable).

Range of PSI

While this has a maximum PSI of 4000, it has a minimum PSI of 1250, making this a super duper versatile product. You can use it for home use or commercial. The lighter pressure allows you to use this on house siding and cars without causing any damage.

What We Don't Like

Plastic Housing

Most of our other recommendations have a sturdy steel frame that is durable and rust-resistant. However, this plastic one is a little bit cheaper, less durable, and more subject to damage.

Product Specs

Portability On wheels; 59 pounds
Type Gas
Heating System Not specified
PSI 4000
GPM 21

7. Simpson MB1518 Hot Water Pressure Washer

Best Durable Hot Water Pressure Washer

No products found.

Check Price

Thanks to the welded steel frame and powder-coated finish, this pressure washer is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. If you’re looking for something that’s built to last, then the Simpson MB1518 is one to consider.

The motor is also highly reliable. It is a 120-volt heavy-duty induction motor system engine with a triple-A triplex pump to give your machine a powerful edge.

What We Like

Long Convenient Spray Gun

We think you’ll like this spray gun. It’s 48 inches long, so it allows you to get into hard-to-reach places and tight corners. It’s also finished with an insulated grip for maximum comfort and control.

13-Inch Tires

The 13-inch pneumatic tires are heavy-duty and strong. They provide great portability and can easily travel across different terrain types.

Versatile Functions

This pressure washer is designed for use on worksites, agricultural fleets, paint prep areas, and commercial job sites. While it isn’t intended for home use, it still has a lot of purposes.

What We Don't Like

1500 PSI

For a commercial, gas-powered, pressure washer, the PSI is quite low. At 1500, this matches the average electric pressure washers used for the house. We don’t recommend it for home use, since the manufacturer hasn’t specified that. However, it may not be strong enough for some commercial tasks.

Product Specs

Portability On 13 inch wheels; 255 pounds
Type Gas
Heating System Diesel fired burner
PSI 1500
GPM 1.8

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type Heating System PSI GPM
Erie Tools Flat Surface Pressure Washer On Wheels Electric N/A 4,000 3
Northstar Electric Commercial Pressure Washer Steam Electric Schedule 80 heating coil 4,000 4
Easy-Kleen Commercial Pressure Washer Portable Gas Schedule 80 heating coil 4000 3.5
NorthStar Gas Hot Water Pressure Washer Gas Gas 12V diesel with schedule 80 heating coil 3000 4
Ar Annovi Reverberi Pressure Washer Affordable Electric Need to heat the water first 1,900 2.1
Steel Dragon Tools Hot Cold Pressure Washer Powerful Gas N/A 4,000 21
Simpson Hot Water Pressure Washer Durable Gas Diesel fired burner 1,500 2

Is a Hot Water Pressure Washer Worth It?

What are the main benefits of choosing a hot water pressure washer, especially one that also works with cold water?

  • Hot water can more easily blast away dirt and keep it away. It’s quicker at cleaning surfaces than cold water is.
  • Hot water works better with pressure washer detergent, particularly on greasy build-up. This makes it great for cleaning driveways and garage floors.
  • Hot water takes the elbow grease out of many jobs, making it a whole lot easier to blast away dirt.

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details you should consider when buying a hot water pressure washer, please note that these are designed for commercial use.

These appliances are expensive, super high power, and very hot — so they’re not ideal for pressure washing around the house. Plus, your home driveway, garage floor, and other surfaces probably don’t need scalding hot water. Normal pressure will work just fine.

These pressure washers are mostly aimed at people getting paid to pressure wash. A hot water pressure washer will get you through jobs quicker. Just know that you’ll need some health and safety training for using one.


First up, the cost is worth spending a lot of time thinking over. These power tools are not cheap. However, they do come in a range of prices, but we’re talking in the thousands. Consider your budget, and try to stick to it where possible.


Consider how easy it is to maneuver. Is it on wheels? Easy to push around? How heavy is it?


You’ll find both gas and electric hot water pressure washers. Electric ones are more eco-friendly and don’t require the use of gasoline. But gas pressure washers are more powerful, so if you need a high PSI, you may want to consider a gas pressure washer.

Heating System

Consider how the power tool heats up the water. This is usually either a burner or a heating coil.

A burner supplies heat and is very common in gas pressure washers. It can raise temperatures of the incoming water bringing it up to 250°F. Some can even provide steam cleaning.

Heating coils work a bit differently. They are made of pipes or tubing and are visible on your appliance. These work to heat your water up, too, but they may not always have the same power as burners do.

Can You Use Cold Water in a Hot Water Pressure Washer?

Many hot water pressures allow you to use both cold and hot water. Some have a dial that lets you control the temperature. If that sounds like something you’d like, definitely look for one that has this feature.

Water Pressure

Check the PSI of the appliance. This measures the amount of pressure per square inch. The higher this number, the more powerful the pressure washer is.

Also, consider GPM — gallons per minute. The higher this is, the more water can go through the machine at a time. This gives you more force when cleaning.

Some may advertise their pressure on cleaning power — CP. This is achieved by multiplying the PSI with the GPM.

If a machine has 4000 PSI and four GPM, then the CP is 16,000.


Because these are powerful machines, it’s a good idea to choose one with some nice safety features. This could include a shut-off switch on the trigger gun, a safety valve for using low pressure, a safety lock to prevent accidental uses, and much more.

Extra Features

What extra features does the pressure washer come with? These could be wands, spray guns, hoses, nozzles, and other attachments. These features could help you have more control over your pressure washer.

Tips for Maintaining Your Hot Water Pressure Washer

You’re about to spend a lot of money on a hot water pressure washer, so it’s important to take care of it. Here are our top maintenance tips:

  • Don’t leave your pressure washer turned on for more than three minutes when you’re not spraying it. This can damage the pump and you may require a replacement. Always turn off the machine if you are going to step away from it.
  • Always check the pump and engine oil levels before each use.
  • Drain moisture from the heating coil regularly. There should be a drain valve on the boiler. Leave it open for a while, at least once a week, to rid any moisture residue.
  • Always remember to turn off the heater before you stop spraying water. This ensures that only cool water flows out at the end. It also protects the metal part of your sprayer wand and allows the heating coils inside the cool down before you store the pressure washer.
  • If you’re planning to store your pressure washer away for a couple of weeks, or longer, drain out the water and chemical systems. Fill the machine with anti-freeze. Next time you go to use it, it will be in mint condition.
  • Once a month, check the air filter to make sure it isn’t clogged with dust or dirt. You will likely need to replace the filter every six months.
  • Change the engine oil every 100 hours of work or every three months. Only use oil that the manufacturer recommended.
  • Change the pump oil when you get the machine and replace the pump oil every 250 hours of work, or every three months.
  • Replace the burner fuel filter every three to six months.
  • If you find condensation or water in the fuel tank, drain the tank and leave it open for a little while.

Bonus Tip

While these are 10 important tips, there are many more to consider. Make sure to read the user manual that comes with your hot water pressure washer thoroughly to know all the important maintenance tips for your model.


How Does a Hot Water Pressure Washer Work?

A hot water pressure washer works by heating the water to a high temperature and blasting it out using extreme pressure. The heated water gives the pressure washer increased cleaning power.

Do Hot Water Pressure Washers Heat the Water?

Hot water pressure washers do heat the water. They contain a small boiler that warms the water before it gets blasted out through the nozzle.

Can You Run Hot Tap Water Through a Regular Pressure Washer?

Running hot tap water through a regular pressure washer could damage the pump and inner casing. This could lead to leaks and ultimately, pressure washer failure.

Which is Better: an Electric or Gas Pressure Washer?

Deciding which is better between an electric and gas pressure washer comes down to several factors. Electric pressure washers are cheaper, easier to use and maintain, and lighter, whereas gas models are more powerful, but they cost more and require higher maintenance.

What Temperature Should the Water in the Pressure Washer Be?

The water temperature in a pressure washer should be 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some hot water pressure washers offer a steam option, which heats the water to 280 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fire the Hot Shot

With these hot water pressure washers, you can fire hot shots — literally. Remember, hot water pressure washers do a better job than cold water at busting out grease, grime, and all kinds of other dirt.

Our roundup of the seven best on the market will surely match you with one that will serve you and your projects for a long time.

Always consider the type of pressure washer, the PSI and GPM, the portability and the heating system. Never miss a detail before you buy, and you will end up with one that brings no surprises (other than how awesome it is).

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