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Best Gutter Cleaning Tools of 2023

These tools will get the job done. 

You can clean your gutters by hand, but it’s messy and takes forever. The best way to clean your gutters is with the right tools.

There are lots of different avenues to go down: a pressure washer, a vacuum, a gutter scoop, and more. We’ve put together a list of 10 of the best gutter cleaning tools to help you find the best combination for you.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer, Silver
Best Ladder Stabilizer
Louisville Ladder Stabilizer
  • Heavy-duty rubber tips
  • Fits both extension & single ladders
  • 12 inches off the wall
Product Image of the CHOMP! Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool: Ultimate Gutter Cleaning Smop for All Types of Rain Gutters, Siding and Metal Trim - Instantly Clean Black Streaks, Mold, Mildew, Algae, Dirt and More
Best Gutter Cleaning Mop
Chomp Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool
  • Washable mop head
  • Easy to glide across multiple surfaces
  • Removes unsightly black stains
Product Image of the Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop
Best Gutter Cleaning Scoop
Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop
  • Bright red design
  • Durable but flexible construction
  • High handle protects from scratches
Product Image of the Home Gutter Tool Gutter Cleaning Spoon and Scoop, Threaded Design Roof Gutters Cleaning Tool for Garden, Ditch, Villas, Townhouses
Best Affordable Gutter Cleaning Tool
Kiwini Home Gutter Cleaning Spoon Scoop
  • Durable tough premium materials
  • Comes in unique shape
  • Fits on most extension poles
Product Image of the Sun Joe SBJ606E-GA-SJG 14-Amp 250MPH 4-in-1 Electric Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher/Gutter Cleaner, Green
Best Gutter Cleaning Vacuum
Sun Joe Electric
  • Aluminum alloy impeller for mulching
  • 4-in-1 device for various tasks
  • 15 feet extension for gutter cleaning
Product Image of the Hourleey 19 FT Pressure Washer Telescoping Extension Wand, Up to 19 Feet Telescoping Lance Including 2 Pack 1/4' Wands 2 Adapters 5 Nozzle Tips and Belt for Pressure washers, 4000 PSI
Best Pressure Washer Attachments
Hourleey Pressure Washer Telescoping Wand
  • Quick-locking telescoping wand
  • Stainless steel & brass construction
  • U-shaped wand
Product Image of the Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand , Silver
Best Telescoping Hose Wand
Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Wand
  • 40 to 70 inches expansion length
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Non-slip & insulated handle
Product Image of the Sun Joe SBJ6-GA Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment, (For models SBJ601E + SBJ603E + SBJ605E + iONBV)
Best Leaf Blower Attachment
Sun Joe Gutter Cleaning
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • No need for ladders
  • 15-feet pole length
Product Image of the Buyplus 12FT Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Tools - Gutter Cleaners from The Ground, Extendable Gutter Cleaning Wand for Garden Hose Attachment, High Reach Gutter Cleaning Kit
Best Gutter Cleaning Kit
Buyplus Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Tool
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Rotate the nozzle to adjust the water flow
  • Versatile use

No products found.

Best Claw Attachment
Gutter Sense Cleaning Claw
  • High debris removal
  • Work from the ground
  • Lightweight design

Product Reviews

Here are 10 of the best gutter cleaning tools to consider.

1. Louisville Ladder Stabilizer

Best Ladder Stabilizer

While this tool on its own won’t clean your gutters, it’s a necessity if you’re going to be using a ladder. For instance, if you are going to be using a gutter scooper, then you’re likely going to be on ladders. For safety reasons, a ladder stabilizer is a must-have.

Climbing up ladders can be dangerous. It could result in falls, scratches, scrapes, and injuries. So utilizing a ladder stabilizer reduces this risk by keeping the ladder sturdy while in use.

This specific model has a smooth finish, so it’s not too sore on the eyes. But more importantly, it has two u-bolts with rubber dips for an extra heavy-duty and secure hold for your peace of mind.

This ladder stabilizer fits extension ladders with rails up to 4 by 1.75 inches. It is 48 inches wide, which is wider than most windows in case you want to use this for window cleaning, too. Lastly, it holds the ladder 12 inches from the wall, so the ladder legs aren’t scratching or scuffing up your home, roof, or gutters.


  • Budget-friendly and affordable price point.
  • Heavy-duty rubber tips to keep the ladder in place.
  • Fits both extension and single ladders.
  • Protects your wall from damage since it’s 12 inches from the wall.


  • Some customers reported it arrived with missing parts.
  • If too much weight is applied, then it may bend.

Product Specs

Type Ladder stabilizer
Type of Debris n/a
Requires Ladder
Ladders Required? Yes
Material Aluminum

2. Chomp Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool

Best Gutter Cleaning Mop

This gutter cleaning mop can rejuvenate your gutters and exterior trim. It is suitable for removing dirt, mold, mildew, and grime — all from the ground! The extendable pole is sold separately — but you can choose from various sizes to ensure that you’ll reach every inch of your home’s exterior.

To use this, choose a cleaning solution of your choice and dip the mop head in the solution. You can then quickly clean the outside of your home. On average, it takes 20 minutes to clean a home’s gutter line with this tool which is very speedy.

It’s very common for gutters to become dark and stained. With Chomp’s cleaning solution and the mop head, you can actually eliminate these unsightly stains, which will make your house stand out in your neighborhood. In turn, this can increase your home’s value.

Don’t forget to rinse afterward. In that case, we do recommend you have a garden hose available nearby.

Use It On

Metal trim, siding, downspouts, window frames, door frames, and of course, gutters. This is suitable for steel, aluminum, vinyl, and more materials.


  • Eliminates the need for ladders which ensures your safety.
  • The mop head is washable, so you can reuse it.
  • Easy to glide across multiple surfaces for quick, stress-free cleaning.
  • Removes unsightly black stains.


  • Hard to apply a lot of elbow grease when working with a long pole.
  • Pole not included.

Product Specs

Type Gutter mop
Type of Debris Mold, mildew, dirt and stains
Requires Extendable pole and cleaning solution
Ladders Required? No
Material Microfiber

3. Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop

Best Gutter Cleaning Scoop

Tackle heavy debris build-up with this generously sized and easy-to-use cleaning scoop from Gutter Getter. It’s 18 inches long, so it leaves enough room to pick up large debris build-up of whatever is in your gutters: leaves, twigs, and more.

The design of the scoop is flexible, too. So you can squeeze it in corners or narrow gutters without breaking the device. If you have oddly shaped gutters, then you will love using this.

The durable polypropylene construction is both sturdy and flexible, so this should last you throughout the seasons. All for a super low price as well. No need to break the bank when looking for a gutter cleaning scoop!

Because of the generous and flexible design, you can use this for other purposes, too. Whether that’s repotting a plant or transferring some stones from one area to another, this will come in handy!

Something To Note

You will need a ladder to use this since it’s a handheld tool.


  • Bright red design means you’re less likely to lose it.
  • Durable but flexible construction for fitting in gutters.
  • Super affordable — about half the price of many scoops.
  • High handle protects your gutters from scuffs and scratches.


  • Some gutters are too narrow even for the scooper’s flexible design.

Product Specs

Type Gutter scoop
Type of Debris Leaves, twigs, and more
Requires Ladder and bucket
Ladders Required? Yes
Material Polypropylene

4. Kiwini Home Gutter Cleaning Spoon Scoop

Best Affordable Gutter Cleaning Tool

Looking for something that won’t break the bank? This budget-friendly spoon scoop is reasonably priced and does a fantastic job. Just keep in mind you will need an extension pole. But the good news is that this is almost universal, so it should fit most poles.

This spoon scoop has a long unique shape that allows you to drag tons of debris out of your gutters with one stroke. Climb a ladder and stand at the end of the gutters. Position the scoop at the opposite end of the gutter and pull towards you. This will drag all the debris to you so you don’t need to move the ladder multiple times.

It’s also made of high-quality materials so it shouldn’t bend, break or warp as you continue to use it. So although you’re not spending a lot of money, you’re still getting your dollar’s worth.

You can also use this to remove debris from other hard-to-reach areas. This includes skylight roofs, sewers, ditches, and much more.

Top Tip

If you have a multiple-story house, such as a townhouse, choose an extendable pole that will reach all the way up so you can utilize this tool wherever you are!


  • Budget-friendly and affordable.
  • Tough premium materials for durability.
  • Don’t need to move your ladder as often due to the unique shape.
  • Fits on most extension poles.


  • Pole must be purchased separately.

Product Specs

Type Gutter scoop
Type of Debris Any — big or small
Requires Extendable pole
Ladders Required? Yes
Material Plastic

5. Sun Joe Electric Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher/Gutter Cleaner

Best Gutter Cleaning Vacuum

This incredible 4-in-1 tool from Sun Joe is a one-stop device for cleaning gutters, vacuuming, mulching, and blowing debris. The gutter attachment spans 15 feet so you can keep your feet on the ground and use this tool.

Simply position it into your gutters and select your speed, and it will blow all the leaves and debris out of your gutters so you can better clean them from stains and dirt. Keeping up with your gutter cleaning routine, even by removing leaves, can decrease the risk of clogs.

Besides being a gutter cleaner, it also works as a blower, vacuum, and mulcher. So you can use it on the ground for all of these tools. If you do blow off the leaves from the gutter onto the ground, you can definitely vacuum them up and mulch them, too, leaving no waste behind!

It only takes a few seconds to convert between the different modes, meaning this is a breeze to use for various tasks. With six adjustable speeds, up to 250 miles per hour, this is a super speedy and useful tool that you’ll enjoy using.


  • Aluminum alloy impeller for mulching leaves.
  • 4-in-1 device for various tasks.
  • 16:1 mulching ratio so you can have tiny scraps instead of big leaves.
  • Up to 15 feet extension for gutter cleaning.


  • The gutter attachment may fly off sometimes.
  • It’s hard to find steady pressure when using the gutter attachment.

Product Specs

Type Gutter vacuum cleaner
Type of Debris Leafs, twigs and other debris
Requires Outside outlet
Ladders Required? No
Material Plastic and metal

6. Hourleey Pressure Washer Telescoping Wand

Best Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washer Attachments

Utilize the power of your pressure washer by grabbing a great attachment for gutter cleaning. Now you can blast away extremely stubborn dirt and debris with a tool you already have in the garage.

With this attachment, you receive a telescoping wand, support belt, a gutter cleaner extension, a U-shaped wand, thread connectors, and five nozzle tips. That really is everything and more than you could ask for when it comes to cleaning your gutters with your pressure washer.

The telescoping wand extends from 5.2 to 18 feet long. This is suitable for high homes, double stories, roof gutters, soffits, and more — all without the need for a ladder. So you can stay on the ground where the world is level and eliminate the risk of using a ladder.

Wondering if it will work with your pressure washer? Well, it’s very compatible. You can use it with a range of gas and electric pressure washer, all the way up to 4000 PSI. It comes with a variety of connectors so you can attach it easily.


  • Quick-locking telescoping wand so it won’t collapse on you.
  • High-quality stainless steel and brass construction.
  • U-shaped wand allows you to deep clean gutters.
  • Can be used on stainless steel and copper gutters.


  • When fully extended, it can feel a bit clumsy to use.

Product Specs

Type Pressure washer attachment
Type of Debris Dirt and stains
Requires Pressure washer
Ladders Required? No
Material Stainless steel and brass

7. Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand

Best Telescoping Hose Wand

This telescoping pole wand is just what you need for standing on the ground and getting into your gutters. Extending from 40 to 70 inches, this is suitable for one-story houses without the use of a ladder.

The awesome thing about it is the rotating nozzle which sweeps 180 degrees. You can position the spray however you want so it’s going in any direction. This allows for a deep clean of your entire gutters.

Customers love using this, too, thanks to the non-slip handle. The padded foam makes this comfortable to use for long periods of time. If you only have cold water, it’s insulated, too, to protect your hands from those freezing temperatures.

As for the construction, this tool from Orbit is both lightweight and durable. Therefore, it’s easy to use and maneuver, but it will stand the test of time due to the non-corrosive design. So as the seasons change, don’t worry about it being affected by the elements. It will stand strong, so when you go to clean your gutters every few months, this tool will be there waiting for you without any rust or damage in sight.


  • 40 to 70 inches expansion means you can get into hard-to-reach places.
  • Corrosion-resistant design means this is suitable throughout the seasons.
  • Non-slip and insulated handle for comfort.
  • 180-degree spray so you can position it however you like.


  • The 70-inch reach is too short for some homes, especially if you have more than one floor.
  • Won’t clear out built-up debris — you should remove debris first.

Product Specs

Type Telescoping gutter wand
Type of Debris Light debris build-up
Requires Garden hose
Ladders Required? No
Material Plastic and metal

8. Sun Joe Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment

Best Leaf Blower Attachment for Gutter Cleaning

A leaf blower attachment, like this one from Sun Joe, allows you to get into your gutters and blast out debris. It works with dry leaves and debris, so if it’s been raining, leave it a few days to air out before using otherwise, it’ll be hard to budge the debris.

This attachment is compatible with Sun Joe SBJ601E, SBJ603E, and SBJ605E, plus iONBV models. If you don’t have one of those, keep in mind that this attachment will not work for you.

Besides that, the attachment reaches up to 15 feet high, which is suitable for one-story and some two-story homes. This generous reach allows you to reach over high gutters and blow out debris.

It comes with an adaptor for fitting it onto the blower, tubes for making a long pole, and the u-nozzle, which fits over your gutters. When using, you can pivot the tube to change the direction of the airflow. This ensures you get every bit of dirt and debris, which creates a great foundation for blasting clean with a pressure washer or garden hose.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • No need for ladders; clean safely from the ground.
  • 15-feet pole length.


  • Only compatible with a few different Sun Joe models.
  • Not suitable for wet debris.

Product Specs

Type Leaf blower attachment
Type of Debris Dry debris such as leaves
Requires Leaf blower
Ladders Required? No
Material PVC

9. Buyplus Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Tool

Best Gutter Cleaning Kit

If you already have a garden hose and know you want to utilize it to clean your gutters, you may want to consider a kit. Buy everything at once which ensures you have the essential attachments, but it will also save you money.

This kit comes with a telescoping pole, gutter wand, a wrench, a water switch adapter, 10 gaskets, and a user manual as well.

The telescoping pole extends from four to 11 feet so you can use it on low areas but also high areas, too. You can use it for roof gutters, but that’s not all. It’s suitable for watering plants, removing mold, cleaning soffits, and much more.

You can say goodbye to ladders when you use this. The generous length allows you to get into the gutters of second-story houses.

Last but not least, it comes with a flexible bendy gutter wand so you can rotate it to suit your desired angle. This allows you to tackle various cleaning jobs.


  • Comfortable non-slip handle.
  • Rotate the nozzle to adjust the water flow.
  • Easy to use and customize to various jobs.
  • Can be used for more than cleaning gutters such as watering plants and cleaning soffits.


  • It’s a bit heavy and tricky to use.

Product Specs

Type Gutter cleaning kit
Type of Debris Leaf, mold and other dirt
Requires Garden hose
Ladders Required? No
Material Aluminum

10. Gutter Sense Cleaning Claw

Best Claw Attachment

No products found.

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A telescoping claw allows you to work from the ground but remove the debris “by the hand” in a sense. You don’t need to physically climb ladders to reach the debris, but you can remove it in the same sense you would if you were using your hand. This is a great foundation for clearing the gutters with a hose.

Just keep in mind with this claw, the pole is not included, so you will need to buy one separately. Here’s a compatible option.

Once you attach it to a pole, lift it up to the gutters and over. The tongs have a 14-inch wide reach, so they can pick up a ton of debris at once. With the 2.5-inch wide paddles, they can hold onto this debris as you transfer it from gutter to bucket.

It’s lightweight enough to use for one and two-story houses without feeling too fatigued. The great thing about it is you don’t need any other tools. No hoses, no ladders, no extra scoopers.


  • Removes a bunch of debris per grasp.
  • Work from the ground without other tools, such as hoses.
  • Lightweight design so you won’t become too tired.


  • Telescoping pole not included.
  • Positioning the paddles in the gutters takes a bit of getting used to.

Product Specs

Type Gutter cleaning claw
Type of Debris Leaves and other large debris
Requires Telescoping pole
Ladders Required? No
Material Plastic

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Type of Debris Requires Requires Ladders? Material
Louisville Ladder Stabilizer Best Ladder Stabilizer N/A Ladder Yes Aluminum
Chomp Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool Best Gutter Cleaning Mop Mold, mildew, dirt & stains Extendable pole & cleaning solution No Microfiber
Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop Best Gutter Cleaning Scoop Leaves, twigs, & more Ladder & bucket Yes Polypropylene
Kiwini Home Gutter Cleaning Spoon Scoop Best Affordable Gutter Cleaning Tool Any — big or small Extendable pole Yes Plastic
Sun Joe Electric Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher/Gutter Cleaner Best Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Leafs, twigs & other debris Outside outlet No Plastic & metal
Hourleey Pressure Washer Telescoping Wand Best Pressure Washer Attachments Dirt & stains Pressure washer No Stainless steel & brass
Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand Best Telescoping Hose Wand Light debris build-up Garden hose No Plastic & metal
Sun Joe Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment Best Leaf Blower Attachment Dry debris such as leaves Leaf blower No PVC
Buyplus Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Tool Kit Best Gutter Cleaning Kit Leaf, mold & other dirt Garden hose No Aluminum
Gutter Sense Cleaning Claw Best Claw Attachment Leaves & other large debris Telescoping pole No Plastic

Types of Gutter Cleaning Tools

There are eight essential tools you’ll find to help you get the cleanest gutters you’ve ever had.

Telescoping Hose Wand

First up is a great tool if you want to remain on the ground while you clean. Eliminate the use of ladders with a telescoping hose wand.

This extends up to about 12 feet long so you can reach your gutters from the garden. At the end is a hose wand so you can deep clean the gutters using the angled-down head. All you need is a garden hose to attach it to no need for a pressure washer.


  • Clean the gutters from the ground; no need for ladders.
  • Telescoping length makes it suitable for various house sizes.
  • Simply attach it to your garden hose.
  • Hooked arm allows you to spray directly into the gutters.


  • You can’t see when the gutters are completely clean without a ladder.
  • Not always suitable for two-story or higher houses.

Gutter Cleaning Spoon and Scoop

A scoop is a simple but effective way to clean your gutters. You’ll need a ladder to reach your gutters, then you can do the rest by hand. This allows you to make sure you’ve got every last bit of dirt and debris. The big drawback of this is that you’ll need to reposition the ladder every few feet.


  • Budget-friendly and lots of options available.
  • Doing it by hand means you’re in control of how clean the gutters are.
  • Easy to use and no extra equipment — besides a ladder — required.


  • You need to reposition the ladder every few feet.
  • Takes longer to do it with a scoop than some other tools.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

You can either get a wet-dry vacuum attachment, or you can get a leaf blower that doubles up as a vacuum. If you go for the attachment, simply attach it to your wet-dry vacuum and feed it up to your gutters for cleaning. You can sometimes even blow the leaves out, making this a versatile way to clean.


  • Works well on wet or dry leaves.
  • Allows you to work from the ground without a ladder.
  • Vacuum or blow the leaves for versatile cleaning.


  • Limited options available.
  • If blowing leaves, it can be quite challenging to blow wet leaves.

Pressure Washer Attachment

Did you know you can use your pressure washer for cleaning gutters, too? You just need a pressure washer attachment that has a curved end for getting right into the gutters. The pressure from your appliance will blast away all kinds of stubborn dirt and debris, so you’re left with sparkling clean gutters.


  • High pressure gets the job done quickly and effectively.
  • Cleans out stubborn stains and debris.
  • Work from the ground without ladders.


  • These attachments can be quite pricey.
  • High pressure can cause damage or create a mess.

Telescoping Claw

If you want to clean gutters by hand, but don’t want to use a ladder or get your hands physically dirty, then a telescoping claw is a great option. They have a claw-like feature at the end of a telescoping pole so you can reach up from the ground and remove leaves and debris using the device. This is especially useful for removing blocks.

Keep In Mind

When hunting for a telescoping claw, they’re not all claw-shaped. Some might look like scoopers or hoes. If you’re getting confused by the lack of options, then this might be why.


  • No need for ladders — work from the ground.
  • Quite budget-friendly.
  • Great for removing blockages.


  • Can be a bit annoying to use since you can’t see what you’re doing.
  • Poles may feel unbalanced in your hand.

Leaf Blower Attachment

Attach one of these to your leaf blower and use it to blast out debris and leaves from your gutter. This is a great way to get a job done quickly — and without a ladder. There are some universal attachments available, but always check if it will work with your leaf blower model.


  • Some universal attachments available.
  • Gets the job done quickly.
  • Work from the ground without a ladder.


  • When using this, the leaves and debris may fly everywhere due to the high speeds.

Gutter Cleaning Kit

Go big or go home with a whole gutter cleaning kit. This is especially useful if you don’t have a ladder, leaf blower, pressure washer, or other tools already mentioned. With a kit, you have everything you need in one place, including attachments. Simply stand on the ground, attach to your hose, position it, turn it on and enjoy super clean gutters.


  • Includes everything you need.
  • Comes with really useful attachments.
  • Stand on the ground while using, no need for ladders.
  • Many budget-friendly options.


  • You’ll still need a garden hose.
  • Can’t see the gutters from the ground so they may not be 100 percent clean.

Ladder Stabilizer

A ladder stabilizer can’t clean gutters on its own, but it’s a necessity if you are going to be using a ladder. This is an essential safety purchase that will keep your ladder stable and sturdy while you clean the gutters by hand. It also means you don’t need to place your ladder directly against your house, which can protect the aesthetics.


  • Keeps ladder stable during work.
  • Protects house from damage.
  • Affordable, many options under $50.


  • They may have weight limits and start to bend if not adhered to.

Gutter Cleaning Mops

We can’t forget about the outside of the gutters. That’s where gutter mops come in handy. You can use these from the ground. Just saturate with soapy water and scrub along the gutters to give them a sparkling clean. This isn’t for cleaning the inside of the gutters but for final touches after you’ve removed debris and deep cleaned the inside.


  • Gives the outside of your gutters a good clean.
  • Use these from the ground without the use of ladders.
  • Many budget-friendly options available.
  • Many work on exterior trim as well.


  • Not for deep cleaning the inside of the gutters.
  • May not remove all stains.

Things to Consider (Buying Guide)

Ready for the cleanest gutters you’ve ever had? Here’s what to look for when shopping.

Type of Debris

Know what type of debris is in your gutters and if the tool can fix that. For instance, do you have twigs, leaves, or big clogs? Certain types will work better for others. A vacuum, for example, may be designed for one thing over another as per the manufacturer’s instructions so always double check.

Gutter Material

Gutters come in a range of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, copper, and more. Aluminum gutters are durable, and you can pretty much use any tool with them.

Vinyl, on the other hand, can break or crack more easily so you don’t want something that’s going to be too forceful. A pressure washer, for example, may damage your vinyl. Always check the manufacturer’s advice to see what kinds of materials the tool works with.

Already Owned Equipment

This is one of the most important factors to consider. If you’re buying an attachment, make sure you already have the existing tool for it — such as a pressure washer or a wet/dry vacuum.

For handheld tools, make sure that you have a suitable ladder.

Most other tools only need a garden hose, but of course, make sure you have one ready to use, too.


If you want to err on the side of safety, then we recommend extension tools that don’t require the use of a ladder. This prevents the risk of injury from falling from high heights.

Top Tip

If using a ladder, make sure you have someone to spot you. We also recommend a ladder stabilizer to keep the ladder steady.

Ease of Use

Some tools are trickier to use than others. For instance, handheld tools may be simple to use while you’re up there, but they require you to balance on a ladder. Plus, you need to move the ladder along every few feet.

Telescoping tools, on the other hand, are safer and may be easier to use overall, but they have their drawbacks, too. The use of the pole can be tricky, especially if it’s quite flimsy.

Check out what other customers say about the ease of use.


Because the gutter cleaning tools range from small handheld scoopers to heavy-duty electric or gas tools, the price varies from as little as $15 all the way up to a few hundred. If you have a budget in mind, stick to it, and you’ll be able to find a great cleaning tool.

Tips for Using Gutter Cleaning Tools

Here are our top tips for safely and effectively using gutter cleaning tools:

  • When using a ladder, always use a stabilizer and have someone spot you. This will limit the risk of falling and injuring yourself.
  • Always read the user manuals of any gutter cleaning tool you buy, especially if it’s a power tool. Pressure washers and leaf blowers require the right techniques to use them safely.
  • When up a ladder, always move the ladder along if you are struggling to reach the next section. Don’t stretch, as this can lead to falling and injury.
  • Wear protective handwear and eyewear. There may be sharp objects or spiky debris up there, which can hurt your hands or get into your eyes.
  • It’s safer to clean in still, calm, clear weather. Don’t clean your gutters if it’s rainy, windy, or snowy as this is dangerous.
  • Never climb onto the roof to clean the gutters.
  • No matter what tool you use, putting down a tarp can help. The debris will fall onto the tarp leading to easier clean-up.
  • Before cleaning your gutters, clean your roof. This will send down any dirt and debris into the gutters so you can get it while you clean the gutters. If you don’t do this, the debris and dirt will fall down as you clean the gutters leading to twice as much work.
  • When in doubt, hire a professional. Don’t take any risks or do anything you’re unsure of.

FAQs About Gutter Cleaning Tools

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Gutters?

Neglecting your gutters is not good. The build-up in your gutters can lead to clogs. Whether this is leaves, dead animals, twigs, or other debris — it can create clogs.

Then when it rains or snows, the water can’t drain well. This can overflow and seep into your home, damaging your roof, walls, and home’s interior.

Do You Need to Clean Gutters With Gutter Guards?

Yes, continue to clean your gutters even if you’ve installed gutter guards. Over time, debris can still build up inside the gutters, so you should hose your gutters out from time to time, too. The best way to check if they need to be cleaned is to use a ladder to climb up and look into the gutters.

Can Gutters Be Cleaned In the Winter?

If the temperature is above freezing, then you certainly can clean your gutters in the winter. But you should be careful in case you slip as the ground will be cold and potentially icy.

In general, the best time to clean your gutters is at the end of spring and at the end of fall. By cleaning at the end of fall, you will not need to clean the gutters throughout the wintertime.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

How often you clean your gutters depends on how many trees you have near your home. On average, you should clean your gutter at least yearly, but you may need to do it more frequently if you get a lot of debris.

What is the Average Cost of Installing Gutter Guards?

The average cost of installing gutter guards depends on several factors, like linear feet and zip code. Prices, which includes the materials and installation, can range from $200 to over $1,000

How Do I Know If My Gutters are Clogged?

You know if your gutters are blocked when you see dripping water from the gutter, limited flow down the downspout, and damp patches inside along the roof line.

Gutter Glory

Now that you know the best gutter cleaning tools, you have no excuse not to have sparkling clean gutters. Most of these tools do require another attachment, whether that’s a ladder, garden hose, or pressure washer. So make sure to check that you have all the equipment before you get started.

With that in mind, make sure you follow strict safety guidelines, never take any risks, and always use a ladder stabilizer. If in doubt, hire a professional to clean your gutters.

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