Best Gas Pressure Washers of 2021

Up the power by choosing a gas pressure washer.

Are you in the market for a gas pressure washer but don’t know where to start? These super-powerful pressure washers can provide exceptional and unmatched cleaning.

We’ve put together a list of the seven best gas pressure washers so that you can find your dream power tool.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Best for Concrete
Tacklife 3300 PSI Pressure Washer
  • Top tier durability
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It can handle almost anything
Product Image of the Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WPX2700 Gas Powered Pressure Washer 2700 PSI and 2.3 GPM, Soap Tank and Four Nozzle Set, CARB Compliant
Best Durable
Westinghouse Gas Pressure Washer
  • Onboard soap tank
  • Intense blast
  • Easy transportation
Product Image of the TEANDE 4200PSI Gas Pressure Washer 2.8GPM Power Washer 212CC Gas Pressure Washer Powered, High-Pressure Hose 5 Nozzles (Black)
Best Commercial
TEANDE 4200PSI Pressure Washer
  • Five quick nozzle tips
  • Big foam spray can
  • Works on various terrain
Product Image of the A-iPower 2700PSI 2.3GPM Gas Pressure Washer APW2700C (50 States)
Best Budget Pick
A-iPower Gas Pressure Washer
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 25-foot hose
  • On-board storage
Product Image of the SIMPSON Cleaning CM60912 Clean Machine Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Simpson, 2400 PSI at 2.0 GPM, Black
Best for Home Use
Simpson Clean Machine
  • Durable construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Axial cam pump
Product Image of the Generac 8874 2900 PSI 2.4 GPM Pressure Washer, Orange, Black
Best Portable
Generac 2900 PSI Pressure Washer
  • Easy to use
  • Secure grip for spray gun
  • Quick change nozzle tips
Best Lightweight
Tacklife 3200PSI Pressure Washer
  • Five nozzle attachments
  • Super durable construction
  • Versatile uses

What Can You Clean with a Pressure Washer?

Wondering what jobs a gas pressure washer can handle? Here’s a list of some things you can clean with it:


You should always be careful when using a gas pressure washer as the PSI — or force — is much stronger than electric pressure washers. So you can cause damage more easily to more fragile surfaces such as furniture, vehicles, and siding.

Benefits of Gas Pressure Washers

When comparing gas and electric pressure washers, they both have their pros and cons. But let’s look at some of the awesome advantages of having a gas option.

  • They’re super powerful. The PSI is much higher on a gas pressure washer, making them super effective. This can speed up your cleaning time, clean better and help with stain removal.
  • You can use them residentially or commercially. These are heavy-duty appliances so if you want something you can use at home or at work, gas is the way to go.
  • Gas pressure washers have a higher water flow, which is rated at gallons per minute (GPM). This allows you to use much more force than an electric pressure washer.
  • They’re very durable. They’re made with higher quality parts due to the increased water pressure, so they often last longer.
  • They usually come on wheels. Although they’re heavier, they usually come in a very portable frame which can actually make maneuverability easier than an electric pressure washer that doesn’t come on wheels.

How to Choose a Gas Pressure Washer

If you’re liking the sound of a gas pressure washer, it might be time to buy one. Before you do, consider these important factors to help you choose the best one for your specific needs.


While you won’t find cordless or super lightweight gas pressure washers, you can still find ones that are more portable than others.

If you want something that’s easy to maneuver, we recommend getting something that’s in a sturdy frame on wheels. That way, you can easily move it from one place to another.


You should check what the pressure washer is made from. Not just the main body, but all the connecting parts, the hose, the pump, the frame, and everything else.

Weight and Ergonomics

Check how much the pressure washer weighs. The minimum will be around 50 pounds — so keep in mind these are heavy tools! But the ergonomics will make a difference. If it’s on wheels in a user-friendly frame, the weight shouldn’t be an issue.

Water Pressure

The water pressure is measured in PSI — pound per square inch. Most gas pressure washers start around 2700 PSI but tend to be in the 3000-4000 range. The higher this number, the more force the pressure washer will have.

You should also check the GPM — gallons per minute. This number reflects the amount of water that can come out of the unit. Again, the higher this number, the stronger the pressure.


Consider any safety precautions that the pressure washer has. This may include a child safety lock, automatic shut off or other cool features.


Gas pressure washers are an investment, but they do come in a range of prices. You probably won’t find something for under $200. Still, you can find quality pressure washers on the lower end of the price range for this tool.

Extra Features

What extra features does the pressure washer have? Does it come with any accessories, extra nozzles, an oil alert system? It’s worth checking this out so you know how much use you’ll get out of the pressure washer.


Last but not least, check the warranty to see how long the pressure washer is covered in case of damage, breakdowns, or accidents.

The Best Gas Pressure Washers of 2021

We’ve spent hours researching real customer reviews, expert advice, and our own insight to create a comprehensive list of the seven best gas pressure washers on the market.

Tacklife 3300 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Best Gas Pressure Washer for Concrete

Gas pressure washers are the best power washing tool for concrete since concrete can handle very high water pressure. We recommend getting at least 3000 PSI for washing concrete, so this one from Tacklife is an awesome choice.

With a four-stroke engine, a 3300 PSI, and a 2.6 GPM, you won’t be disappointed with the cleaning power of this pressure washer. Take your concrete sidewalks, driveway, and garage floor from dirty to delightful in a super short space of time!

It works on other surfaces besides concrete. You can use this for cleaning vehicles, brick, patios, garden furniture, and more.

Why We Love It

Top Tier Durability

This is no cheap product, so it’s great that it lasts for so long. The 3.6-liter fuel tank means that the pressure washer can run for a long time. The engine itself is made of forged steel which is sturdy and durable.

The aluminum shell and pressure pump can handle heat well which will lengthen the engine lifespan. Last but not least, the hose is made of high-quality PVC and double-layer nylon which can handle all sorts of heavy-duty use.

Easy to Maneuver

Just one look at this device and you can tell it will be super easy to maneuver. It is very well balanced so won’t tip over when you push it. The large wheels make it easy to navigate over a variety of terrains, too.

It Can Handle Almost Anything

Put this pressure washer to the test and see what it can do. It’s designed to remove dirt and mold so that you can say goodbye to nasty residue on surfaces. This includes siding, decks, garage floors, brick patios, and of course, concrete. You can also use it on vehicles, boats, RVs, outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, and grills.

Keep In Mind

May Be Too Strong for Some Jobs

3300 PSI is very strong. Sometimes this can be too strong for certain surfaces, even the ones that Tacklife has approved. Just be sure to test in an inconspicuous area with the widest nozzle from a few feet away to check for evidence of damage.

Additional Specs

PSI 3300
GPM 2.6
On Wheels? Yes
Weight 77 pounds
Warranty Two years

Westinghouse WPX2700 Gas Pressure Washer

Best Durable Gas Pressure Washer

This is a very durable option that’s backed by thousands of happy customers. It’s a heavy-duty pressure washer with a long-lasting, maintenance-free axial cam pump which is designed to be durable and convenient.

A robust steel frame with abrasion-resistant materials also protects the main components. This frame is also very easy to clean, which will help to increase the lifespan.

If you’re looking for something to last a long time and never let you down — then this is one to consider. Plus, with a PSI of 2700, it can tackle most jobs without being too harsh on your surfaces.

Why We Love It

Onboard Soap Tank

It’s a good day when you find a gas pressure washer with an onboard soap tank! With the capacity of ½ gallon, this allows you to add detergent which can make cleaning a whole lot easier.

Intense Blast

This has an intense blast, especially when using the zero-degree nozzle, to help cut through grease, grime, and other stains.

Easy Transportation

This pressure washer is very easy to transport, thanks to the 12-inch never-flat wheels and the sturdy frame. Plus, the hose is abrasion resistant so even if it’s trailing on the ground, it won’t get damaged.

Keep In Mind

Overheats Easily

The engine can get hot and overheat. This can stop the pressure washer from operating until it’s cooled down, but it can also cause damage to the hose since the two elements are in contact. Overheating is usually caused by using on a hot day, leaving in the sun, or using it without breaks.

May Leak Oil

Quite a few customers noted that their pressure washer leaked oil. This normally happens pretty early on after buying the product, so you should notice this in time to get it fixed under the warranty.

Additional Specs

PSI 2700
GPM 2.3
On Wheels? Yes
Weight 63 pounds
Warranty Between 1-3 years depending on the cover you need (1)

TEANDE 4200PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Best Commercial Gas Pressure Washer

Do you need a pressure washer you can put to use in commercial areas? Maybe you have a building site to clean up, or a car business, or something else entirely. This is a top choice, in our opinion, since it’s durable, great for heavy-duty work, and has a high PSI of 4200.

Power is one of the big things to note about this pressure washer. Besides the high PSI, it has a super great GPM of 2.8. This is an amazing flow that will blast away stubborn stains, leaving you with super-satisfied customers.

When you’ve got many tasks at hand, you need something this efficient. The fuel can be burned completely so that you get 90 percent more cleaning power than an electric pressure washer.

Why We Love It

Five Quick Nozzle Tips

The more nozzle tips, the more versatile the pressure washer. This one comes with five: 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees and a soap nozzle. This allows the pressure washer to be used for a variety of tasks. Try cleaning homes, buildings, vehicles, boats, decks, driveways, patios, frames, and more.

Big Foam Spray Can

This pressure washer comes with an extra-large foam spray can. Add your favorite pressure washer detergent and you won’t run out for a long time. This allows you to do bigger jobs without interruption.

Works on Various Terrain

With the sturdy frame and large wheels, this is easy to move around even on tricky terrain. The 10-inch pneumatic wheels help out with maneuverability. So no matter where your client is based, you can bring this gas pressure washer with you.

Keep In Mind

PSI In Question

While many customers are perfectly happy, there are quite a few unsatisfied customers questioning the PSI. They say it doesn’t feel like 4200 PSI, but maybe somewhere around 3000.

Additional Specs

PSI 4200
GPM 2.8
On Wheels? Yes
Weight 66.1 pounds
Warranty Two years

A-iPower APW2700C Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Best Budget Gas Pressure Washer

As mentioned earlier, gas pressure washers are expensive. But if you’re looking for something lower than the average price, the A-iPower APW2700C is an excellent and top-quality option.

This pressure washer has a PSI of 2700 making it great for use around the home. It’s designed for cleaning decks, sidewalks, patios, porches, driveways, vehicles, and siding. So you can get every job done with this awesome appliance.

It has a connect wand with a 0-degree and 25-degree tip, so you can use it for blasting away dirt or more gentle cleaning. It also comes with soap nozzle tips for a wider degree of cleaning options.

Why We Love It

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing only 62.8 pounds, this is a pretty lightweight gas pressure washer. Plus, with the sturdy frame and large wheels, it’s very easy to maneuver this and take it where you need to.

25-Foot Hose

The long 25-foot hose gives you a lot of flexibility. It’s long enough to reach a range of spots without having to carry the main body with you.

On-Board Storage

This comes with onboard storage so you never need to get creative with how you store the nozzles, hose, cord, and other elements.

Keep In Mind

Hose Too Close to Engine

The hose is too close to the engine and exhaust. Since the engine and exhaust get really hot, this ends up being an issue and can damage the hose.

Turns Off When Moving

When you transport this pressure washer while it’s turned on, it often turns off. This isn’t ideal if you’re just trying to move the frame around your car.

Additional Specs

PSI 2700
GPM 2.3
On Wheels? Yes
Weight 62.8 pounds
Warranty One year

Simpson Clean Machine Pressure Washer

Best Gas Pressure Washer for Home Use

For jobs around the home, check out this Simpson gas pressure washer. At only 2400 PSI, it can clean most messes while still being gentle enough to use on most surfaces, including siding, garden furniture, and vehicles.

It’s also a super lightweight appliance at only 43 pounds. It’s very compact, too, so overall it’s easy to maneuver and store. This makes it ideal for home use, even if you don’t have a lot of space, since it won’t take up too much room.

Use this handy machine to take your patio, siding, outdoor areas, furniture, and cars from zero to hero. And, without the risk of chipping paint, causing cracks, or damaging anything.

Why We Love It

Durable Construction

This is a fully assembled appliance with a sturdy steel frame to give you peace of mind. It’s also powder-coated to ensure corrosion resistance. Last but not least, it comes with a fold-down handle that allows you to quickly and conveniently store it.

Ergonomic Design

This compact pressure washer is ergonomically designed to give you an easy and comfortable experience.

Axial Cam Pump

The axial cam pump by OEM Technologies is a great feature to have on a pressure washer. It’s a maintenance-free pump, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Keep In Mind

Small Gas Tank

Some customers find the gas tank is too small. It runs for about 40 minutes before needing some more gas put into it. When you’re planning to spend your Saturday doing some deep outdoor cleaning, this can add to a lot of gas stops.

Watch Out for Leaks

Quite a few customers complained of leaks. Some had to do with the oil leaking from the engine. Other complaints had to do with leaks from the water inlets.

Additional Specs

PSI 2400
On Wheels? Yes
Weight 43 pounds
Warranty 2 years engine, 1-year pump, and frame, 90 days accessories

Generac 2900 PSI Pressure Washer

Best Portable Gas Pressure Washer

Many of our suggestions are nice and easy to transport since most are on wheels. Still, this is a top choice if you’re looking for a portable pressure washer. It is one of the lightest gas pressure washers on the market, weighing only 50 pounds. This makes it very easy to take with you as you deep clean your outdoor areas.

The frame is also economically built with a very sturdy outline, handle grip, and large wheels.

As for pressure, it has a PSI of 2900 so it’s nice and strong, but it will still be quite gentle on your surfaces.

Why We Love It

Easy to Use

Have you ever used a pressure washer that was just a pain to operate? Well, this comes with an easy-pull trigger to make the whole experience better. It reduces finger fatigue and makes the experience all the more comfortable.

Secure Grip for Spray Gun

The spray gun doesn’t just dangle down while you transport it. There’s a very secure grip area to hold it while you move or store the pressure washer.

Quick Change Nozzle Tips

This comes with four quick-change nozzle tips. They’re easy to change over, making it super easy to switch them up depending on the task at hand. The options are 0 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and soap.

Keep In Mind

Struggle to Get It Running

A lot of customers had trouble getting this thing up and running. Either it wouldn’t start upon arrival, or it would take a while. Customer service isn’t that great, so many customers had to solve the issue using their own money.

Not Very Durable

Some customers had this for a year before it stopped working; others were able to use it a couple of times. It’s not always the engine that gives out, too. The frame isn’t the most durable, the wheels can come loose, and sometimes the nozzles get misshapen and can no longer fit.

Additional Specs

PSI 2900
GPM 2.4
On Wheels? Yes
Weight 50 pounds
Warranty Three years

Tacklife 3200PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Best Lightweight Gas Pressure Washer

This is one of the lighter weighing gas pressure washers on the market. This is perfect if you don’t want something super heavy that might be difficult for you to maneuver.

It weighs 57.6 pounds, which may seem like a lot, but being in a sturdy frame and on wheels means that it’s easy enough to transport from one place to another.

Besides its lightweight, it’s also a very powerful gas pressure washer. The OHV engine pumps 2.4 gallons per minute at a PSI level of 3200. This can blast away dirt, grime, and stubborn stains, leaving you with super fresh and rejuvenated surfaces.

Manufacturer’s Advice

With this pressure washer, don’t use fuel containing more than 10 percent ethanol.

Why We Love It

Five Nozzle Attachments

In our opinion, the more nozzles the better. And this one comes with five! This includes 0, 15, 25, and 40-degree nozzles, plus a soap nozzle for distributing detergent.

Super Durable Construction

Since you’re paying quite a lot for a pressure washer, durability is important. This is designed for large-scale and powerful cleaning for a long time to come. It’s made with a steel tube frame that can withstand repeated and heavy use. Plus, it’s resistant to rusting and corrosion.

Versatile Uses

You can clean tons of different surfaces with this machine. This includes houses, wood, cars, boats, patios, siding, and much more.

Keep In Mind

No Oil Drain Plug

Even happy customers are irritated by this fact. There is no oil drain plug. So when you go to empty unused oil out, you have to physically tip the pressure washer over to empty it. This can be dangerous and a hassle.

Strength in Question

A very few customers are skeptical about the strength of the pressure washer. Some aren’t sure that it’s genuinely 3200 PSI when compared to other pressure washers they’ve used in the past.

Additional Specs

PSI 3200
GPM 2.4
On Wheels? Yes
Weight 57.6 pounds
Warranty Two year for engine and pump; one year for frame and accessories

Gas Pressure Washer Comparison Chart

Product Best PSI GPM On Wheels? Weight Warranty (Years)
Tacklife 3300 PSI Gas Pressure Washer Best for Concrete 3300 2.6 Yes 77 lbs 2 years
Westinghouse Gas Pressure Washer Best Durable 2700 2.3 Yes 63 lbs 1-3 years
TEANDE 4200PSI Gas Pressure Washer Best Commercial 4200 2.8 Yes 66.1 lbs 2 years
A-iPower Gas Pressure Washer Best Budget Pick 2700 2.3 Yes 62.8 lbs 1 year
Simpson Clean Machine Best for Home Use 2400 2 Yes 43 lbs 2 (engine); 1 (pump & frame)
Generac 2900 PSI Pressure Washer Best Portable 2900 2.4 Yes 50 lbs 3 years
Tacklife 3200PSI Gas Pressure Washer Best Lightweight 3200 2.4 Yes 57.6 lbs 2 (engine,pump); 1 (frame,accessories)

Choosing Gas

When you choose a gas pressure washer, you’re really taking the power up a notch. All of our choices are between 2400 and 3300 PSI, so they’re strong, powerful, and sturdy enough to handle the tasks at hand.

Whether you’re looking for something to use commercially or residentially, have we got options for you!

When shopping, just be sure to consider the main details: PSI, GPM, portability, weight, and of course, the warranty.

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