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Best Garden Hoes of 2023

No two garden hoes are the same.

The dull hoe in the back of your shed probably just isn’t cutting it anymore. If you’re in the market for a new garden hoe, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve researched dozens of garden hoes, their purposes, blades, versatility, and more. Our final list brings to you the seven best garden hoes that are efficient, practical, and will speed up your gardening chores.

Stick around to find out how to shop for garden hoes, in-depth reviews, and hopefully, a match with the perfect one for you.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the HomeTheWay Korean garden hand tool/ hoe/ garden plow/ weeding sickle/ weeding farming tool- Youngju Daejanggan Master Homi Hand-made hoe ,M size
Best Garden Hoe for Weeding
HomeTheWay Korean Hand Tool
  • Handmade in Korea
  • Uniquely shaped blade
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle
Product Image of the Rogue Hoe Prohoe 5.75' Disc Heavy Duty Garden Hoe Tool with 60' Long Ash Handle
Best Heavy Duty Garden Hoe
Rogue Hoe Prohoe Garden Hoe
  • Made from recycled disc blades
  • Versatile product with multiple uses
  • 60-inch long handle
Product Image of the DeWit Right Hand Dutch Hand Hoe
Best Dutch Hoe
DeWit Right Hand Dutch Hand Hoe
  • Pesticide-free weeding
  • Easy to sharpen with whetstone
  • Right- & left-handed options
Product Image of the Ashman Garden Hoe (1 Pack)– Sturdy Hand Tiller – Heavy Duty Blade for Digging, Loosening Soil, and Weeding – Rubber Grip Handle for a Strong Hold – Rust Resistant Build.
Best Versatile Hoe
Ashman Garden Hoe
  • Can use the blade at all angles
  • Durable & chip-proof carbon steel blade
  • Versatile with multiple uses
Product Image of the DeWit Comby 3-Tine Cultivator/Heart Shaped Hoe
Best Heart-Shaped Garden Hoe
DeWit Comby 3-Tine Hoe
  • Double-ended heart-shaped end
  • Full steel design for durability
  • Soft ergonomic handle grip
Product Image of the Nisaku NJP1014 Handheld Long Handle Draw Hoe, Authentic Tomita (Est. 1960) Japanese Stainless Steel, 6' Blade Width, Polished Wood
Best Draw Hoe
Nisaku Long Handle Draw Hoe
  • 42 inch long handle
  • Suitable for heavy-duty garden work
  • High-quality materials for durability
Product Image of the Wolf-Garten 2348002 DH-M Dutch Hoe-Hand Tool
Best Lightweight Garden Hoe
Wolf-Garten Dutch Hand Tool
  • Super lightweight at 12.3 oz
  • Handy dutch blade
  • Sturdy, sharp blade edge

Product Reviews

Don’t miss these seven handy garden hoes.

1. HomeTheWay Korean Hand Tool

Best Garden Hoe for Weeding

Weeds don’t stand a chance against this super powerful and versatile hand hoe. This uniquely shaped tool is suitable for weeding your garden. It will help you get rid of weeds that seem to spread at breakneck speed.

As well as weeding, you can use this for digging, plowing trenches, planting, and basically any other garden work. If you are looking for an all-in-one tool that you can test in every area of your yard, then look no further.

The reason it works so well is the super sharp and pointed blade made of hand-forged steel. It’s handmade and designed to make for easy work out of challenging spots in the garden.

Although you will have to get onto the ground to use it — since it’s a hand hoe — it’s been designed with the gardener’s comfort in mind. The handle is ergonomically shaped, making it comfortable to hold. It’s sturdy and has a strong grip, allowing you to work longer without slips or fatigue.


  • Handmade in Korea.
  • Suitable for most garden jobs.
  • Uniquely shaped, strong, sharp blade.
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.


  • Can’t be sharpened easily.
  • 4.53-inch handle is too short for some.

Product Specs

Purpose Almost any garden job
Weight 9.5 ounces
Handle Length 4.53 inches
Handle Material Polished wood
Blade Shape and Material Unique shape; hand-forged steel

2. Rogue Hoe Prohoe Garden Hoe

Best Heavy Duty Garden Hoe

This heavy-duty garden hoe is just the thing for tough garden work. The high-quality materials mean that this hoe is built to last a lifetime — a guarantee included. If anything goes wrong, the company will repair or replace the product without any questions asked.

The garden hoe comes with a wide-tempered steelhead designed to easily cut open new ground or cultivate existing ground. It has three super sharp edges allowing you to work for a long time with less effort.

You can cut into the ground from any angle due to the unique shape of the blade. It also fits between plants nicely so that you can dig new trenches.

We also think you’ll love the balanced weight. At 2 pounds, it’s a bit heavier than other hoes. However, it doesn’t make much of a difference since the weight is well balanced, for both men and women.


  • Made from recycled disc blades.
  • Versatile product with multiple uses.
  • 60-inch long handle with great balance.
  • Unique sharp blade for easy cutting and digging.


  • Some customers found the blade’s edge retention to be poor.

Product Specs

Purpose Digging and cultivating
Weight 2 pounds
Handle Length 60 inches
Handle Material Ash wood
Blade Shape and Material Triple edge; tempered steel

3. DeWit Right Hand Dutch Hand Hoe

Best Dutch Hoe

This Dutch hoe is shaped in the classic Dutch way, but it goes a step further. It’s authentically true to Dutch quality, ensuring that the tool is strong, lightweight, and effective. A lifetime guarantee backs this, so you can ensure this tool will meet your expectations for years to come.

This comes with a crescent-shaped blade which lends itself to strong gardening work, ultimate control for the user, and a nice balance. What can this blade do? Its main purpose is weeding, but the unique shape means you could put it to the test in other areas.

The good thing about this is it weeds so well that you can finally eliminate the need for herbicides in your yard! This keeps your pets, plants, wildlife, and flowers happier.

When the blade wears down, you can easily sharpen it with a whetstone. So you can restore it to its original sharpness without any hassle.

Something To Note

This is a right-handed tool, suitable for right-handed users only. If you’re left-handed, make sure to choose the left-handed option before checking out.


  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Perfect for weeding without using pesticides.
  • Easy to sharpen with a whetstone.
  • Both right- and left-handed options available.


  • One of the more expensive options on the market.
  • The 18-inch handle is a bit of an awkward length.

Product Specs

Purpose Weeding
Weight 12 ounces
Handle Length 18 inches
Handle Material Ash hardwood
Blade Shape and Material Crescent shape; hand-forged boron

4. Ashman Garden Hoe

Best Versatile Hoe

Dig, loosen soil, and weed with this Ashman garden hoe. It has been built with multiple uses in mind so that you can use this one tool for a range of jobs. In fact, you can even use it to aerate the soil, which is a huge bonus for keen gardeners.

The garden hoe is a strong and durable construction suitable for both light- and heavy-duty use in the garden. The blade and handle are secured together, so there will be no breaking and bending while you dig deep roots and work with tough soil.

The blade edges are extremely sharp, making it easy to cut through stubborn soil. Say goodbye to the frustration that comes with weaker garden hoes and tough soil. The prongs on this hoe are made with durable carbon steel, which is both handy for use and good for storage. The carbon steel is rust-proof and will remain strong for many years to come.

What’s really great is that it’s also chip-proof, so even if you have rocks or fertilizer in your soil, the prongs won’t chip or break as you work with the garden hoe.


  • Fair price point for such a high-quality hoe.
  • You can use the blade at all angles.
  • Durable and chip-proof carbon steel blade.
  • Versatile product with multiple uses.


  • Some customers found the edge to be a bit blunt.

Product Specs

Purpose Digging, loosening soil, aerating, and weeding
Weight 2.44 pounds
Handle Length 55 inches
Handle Material Fiberglass
Blade Shape and Material L-shape; carbon steel

5. DeWit Comby 3-Tine Hoe

Best Heart-Shaped Garden Hoe

Heart-shaped garden hoes are both practical and quite sweet-looking. If you’re in the market for one, we’ve found this super handy DeWit option.

It is double-ended, so on one side, you’ll find the heart-shaped blade, which is best for digging. On the other side is the 3-tine cultivator, which is suitable for cultivating and loosening tough soil.

Overall, this is a very versatile tool all-in-one. While it is pretty pricey, you’re saving money since you’re buying one tool instead of two.

The blades are made from hardened boron steel, which is sturdy and durable, and strong enough to loosen even the toughest soil.

The handle is also made of steel, which is a welcome change from wood for some customers. Mostly because it is very durable, and a lifetime guarantee even backs this. To protect the gardener’s comfort and fatigue, it’s wrapped with an ergonomic soft grip that allows you to dig and rake for ages without tiring.


  • Double-ended with heart-shaped and cultivator end.
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Full steel design for durability.
  • Soft ergonomic grip on the handle.


  • A bit pricey, but ultimately you save money since it’s 2-in-1.

Product Specs

Purpose Weeding, digging, and cultivating
Weight 1.1 pounds
Handle Length Roughly 13 inches
Handle Material Tubular steel
Blade Shape and Material Heart-shaped and tine; hardened boron steel

6. Nisaku Long Handle Draw Hoe

Best Draw Hoe

This draw hoe from Nisaku is a great choice, especially if you’re looking for a versatile option.

You can use it in many ways throughout your yard. It’s suitable for clearing weeds, crops, and plant residue, harvesting vegetables, and shaping soil. So if those sound like the kind of tasks you need to tackle, this is a hoe to consider.

The handle is made from polished wood and spans 42 inches long. This allows you to have good control while still being comfortable since the handle is easy to grip.

The blade itself is what aids the versatility but also the durability. It’s made from 1960 Tomita Japanese stainless steel, fashioned by real metal craftsmen. Also, it’s forged instead of welded, which means it’s more sturdy and heavy-duty. Finally, it’s secured with steel rivets, so it won’t bend or break off as you work.


  • Ultra-sharp blade for leveraging power.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty garden work.
  • Multiple uses such as harvesting, removing weeds and shaping soil.
  • High-quality materials for durability.


  • 42 inches is a bit short — other hoes span up to 60.
  • Blade is extremely sharp so keep away from children and pets.

Product Specs

Purpose Harvesting, removing weeds, and shaping soil
Weight 1.02 pounds
Handle Length 42 inches
Handle Material Polished wood
Blade Shape and Material Draw shape; Japanese stainless steel

7. Wolf-Garten Dutch Hand Tool

Best Lightweight Garden Hoe

Don’t want your garden tools weighing you down? Then maybe you’ll like the sound of this 12-ounce tool from Wolf-Garten.

This Dutch hand tool is specifically used for evening out weed growth. So it’s not the most versatile tool on our list, but if that is the specific task at hand, then sometimes it’s better to get the exact tool for it. Just keep in mind that it’s best suited for light, sandy soil rather than hard, compact soil.

The weeding blade on this tool is hard and sharp, making it suitable for digging down into the soil and removing tough weeds. The edge is sturdy and sharp, making your job less of a hassle as it will cut through soil quite effortlessly.

As for the shape, it’s a dutch blade which means the blade is thin and easy to insert into soil. Push forward, and the blade will easily slip under the soil and slice the weeds. The cutout in the middle of the blade also helps to reduce drag, giving you an easier gardening experience.


  • 12.3 ounces — super lightweight.
  • Handy Dutch blade for effortless gardening.
  • Sturdy, sharp blade edge.


  • Quite expensive for a hand hoe.
  • Not suitable for hard, compact soil.

Product Specs

Purpose Evening out weed growth
Weight 12.3 ounces
Handle Length Not specified
Handle Material Metal and plastic
Blade Shape and Material Dutch shape; metal

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Purpose Weight Handle Length Handle Material Blade Shape and Material
HomeTheWay Korean Hand Tool Best for Weeding Almost any garden job 9.5 oz 4.53″ Polished wood Unique shape; hand-forged steel
Rogue Hoe Prohoe Garden Hoe Best Heavy Duty Digging & cultivating 2 lbs 60″ Ashwood Triple edge; tempered steel
DeWit Right Hand Dutch Hand Hoe Best Dutch Hoe Weeding 12 oz 18″ Ash hardwood Crescent shape; hand-forged boron
Ashman Garden Hoe Best Versatile Hoe Digging, loosening soil, aerating, & weeding 2.44 lbs 55″ Fiberglass L-shape; carbon steel
DeWit Comby 3-Tine Hoe Best Heart-Shaped Weeding, digging, & cultivating 1.1 lbs 13″ Tubular steel Heart-shaped; boron steel
Nisaku Long Handle Draw Hoe Best Draw Hoe Harvesting, removing weeds, & shaping soil 1.02 lbs 42″ Polished wood Draw shape; Japanese stainless steel
Wolf-Garten Dutch Hand Tool Best Lightweight Evening out weed growth 12.3 oz N/A Metal & plastic Dutch shape; metal

Types of Garden Hoes

Garden hoes all typically do the same thing, but it’s important to distinguish between the three main types.


A draw hoe is the most common kind of garden hoe. It has a 45-degree angle blade at the end of the handle and earns its name from the fact that you need to chop and draw the hoe inward. This is mainly for loosening soil and digging weeds. While it can take a while to dig up hard and deep roots, it’s a classic tool that most gardeners own.


  • Readily available across the market.
  • A must-have for gardeners.
  • Great for loosening soil and digging weeds.


  • Time-consuming if digging hard, deep roots.


Scuffle hoes, often known as eye hoes, have a triangular-shaped hoop-type blade. These hoes are for the soil’s surface and can loosen the top inch or so. This is suitable for heavy-duty digging, root cutting, opening up plant beds, and removing weed growth. Within this range, you’ll also find dutch hoes and hoop hoes.


  • Suitable for the soil’s surface.
  • Heavy-duty design.
  • Versatile uses including digging, root cutting, and more.


  • Not as many options available on the market.
  • Can be pricey.

Hand Hoe

Hand hoe typically refers to short-handled hoes rather than long hoes, which can span up to 60 inches. Hand hoes require you to get down to the soil’s surface, which may be tiring after a while, but ultimately gives you more control over smaller areas. Within this range, you’ll also find a variety of blade shapes and styles.


  • Very lightweight, usually under one pound.
  • More affordable, sometimes half the price of long-handled hoes.
  • Gives you more control over smaller areas.
  • Lots of styles and shapes available.


  • You may have to be on your knees unless you have raised plant beds.

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

Consider these important criteria before making your final purchase. It will ensure you find the hoe that is best for you.


Firstly, the purpose of the hoe is fundamental. Many of them are used for various tasks, from digging, to loosening soil, to removing weeds, and more. Check the hoe’s purpose to make sure you choose one that will tick all your boxes.


The weight is important, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like heavier items. Handheld hoes are usually under one pound, so if you want something super lightweight, we recommend checking those out.

As for long-handled hoes, their weight can range from one pound to about three pounds — so they’re still not too heavy. But if you want something super lightweight, you may still find these a bit too heavy.


The handle is significant, as this is the part you’ll be holding and will determine how much control and comfort you have.

First, consider the length of the handle. Do you want a hand hoe or a long-handled hoe? Check the length and if it will be adjustable.

Next, consider the material. Most hoes are made with wooden handles, which are nice and lightweight but not as durable. If you want something super durable, hunt for something with a metal handle, like steel or aluminum. Plus, these are easier to clean.

You should also consider the ergonomics and comfort of the handle. Some have non-slip grips, which allow you more control and comfort. Others have an additional handle which also allows for more control as well as better balance.


Onto the blade. Firstly, consider the blade’s material. Most are made from steel, but not all steel is the same.

There’s stainless steel, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. It’s a common steel choice, but it can’t be sharpened, and it’s not as strong. So only choose this for light-duty garden jobs.

Next is tempered steel, which is stronger and can be sharpened if necessary. However, it’s not corrosion-resistant, so if you live in a particularly rainy place, this can wear down quickly.

Lastly, welded hoe blades are budget-friendly. But that comes with its own price in that it’s a weaker blade and can’t handle hard, compact soil. You may find heavy-duty hoes with welded blades, but always ensure these have heavy-gauge steel that will make up for the welded blade’s natural weakness.

Besides material, you must also consider the shape. There are:

  • Heart-shaped: Best for narrow areas and delicate plants, as you have more control with the fine tip.
  • Looped: This allows you extra flexibility since you can push and pull with this hoe.
  • Draw: This blade shape, often with a small cutout, is great for drawing soil towards you. If it has a small cutout, this can reduce the drag.
  • Spike: This is for strong embedded roots, but it also works for weeding narrow areas.
  • Dutch: These have a steep loop brace with a thin horizontal blade. With this, you push forward, and the blade will slip under the soil and cut weeds at the root.


As mentioned with the purpose detail, some hoes are more versatile than others. If you have a variety of garden tasks, choosing something with a bit of versatility is best. Check our specs table for the hoe’s purpose to distinguish whether the hoe is versatile.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Garden Hoes

Before you click “order,” here are some handy tips for using and caring for your garden hoe:

  • Stay upright when using long-handled garden hoes. They’ve been designed so you shouldn’t have to hunch.
  • Keep your garden hoe sharp. Sharpen it before it gets too dull. Otherwise, it will be challenging to use.
  • Make sure you choose the right hoe for the job. While there are many versatile hoes out there, they may not work for your specific job. Always double-check before purchasing.
  • Hold the garden hoe like you’d hold a broom for best control.
  • Clean the garden hoe after each use to maintain its appearance and durability. This is especially important if they’ve been exposed to diseased plants.
  • Even if your garden hoe has an ergonomic grip, wear gloves for safety and even better maneuverability.
  • Hang your tools up in a dry area when storing them. This prevents rust and also keeps them from bumping into other items.
  • Wipe down wooden handles after every use. Occasionally sand and oil the handles to keep them conditioned and smooth.
  • Switch hands regularly if you’re able. This will prevent fatigue.
  • Watch the weather. It’s best to deal with weeds when the soil is dry, making it much easier to pull out the entire root. This also ensures that most of the root is gone, which limits the chance of the weeds re-germinating. As for perennial weeds, it’s easier to deal with them when the soil is wet.

Garden Hoe FAQs

What is the Best Type of Garden Hoe?

There is no best type since it all depends on the task at hand. Draw hoes are the most common, but they come with their drawbacks. They’re not the best for deep hard roots. Always check what your garden tasks are and choose a garden hoe accordingly.

How Often Should You Hoe a Garden?

If using the hoe for weeding, we suggest hoeing 1-2 times per week. This will prevent the roots from spreading and the weeds from taking over your garden.

What is the Difference Between a Hoe and a Dutch Hoe?

A Dutch hoe is a type of hoe. Compared to a draw hoe, a Dutch hoe has a steel loop brace with a thin horizontal blade that slips under the soil and cuts the root of the weeds.

When Should I Hoe My Garden?

Choosing the right time to hoe your garden is important for the best results. Always hoe on dry days, when the soil is driest.

What is a Warren Hoe?

A warren hoe is a type of hoe with a triangle-shaped blade set at 90 degrees to the handle. They are also known as Dutch hoes or ridging hoes.

What is an Oscillating Hoe?

An oscillating hoe is sometimes called a stirrup hoe. It has a razor sharp blade that travels under the soil to cut weeds at their stems.

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