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5 Best Dehumidifiers for Garages of 2024

Sweaty garage? Sounds like you could use a dehumidifier.

Our garage contains expensive power tools, precious memories, and vehicles. Keeping the garage free of dampness and moisture is crucial, but that isn’t always easy.

If the garage becomes too damp or humid, mold will likely begin to grow.

Discovering mold on your old books, baby clothes, or other memories can be devastating. Luckily, using the best garage dehumidifier can effectively keep moisture and mold at bay.

But how do you choose one when there are so many options available? We’ve done the hard research for you. We spent hours looking at various dehumidifiers, their effectiveness, purpose, and ability. Keep reading to meet our five favorites.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Vremi Energy Star Dehumidifier
Best Small Dehumidifier
Vremi Energy Star Dehumidifier
  • Excellent for medium-sized garages
  • Portable with handles
  • Auto-shutoff prevents leaks
Product Image of the Ivation 35-Pint Dehumidifier
Best for Cold Weather
Ivation 35-Pint Dehumidifier
  • Compact and discreet unit
  • Large 12.7 pint tank
  • Defrost function
Product Image of the Aprilaire E100 Pro Dehumidifier
Best Commercial Dehumidifier
Aprilaire E100 Pro Dehumidifier
  • Removes 100 pints daily
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Easy to set up
Product Image of the Keystone HE 50-Pint Dehumidifier
Best 50-Pint Garage Dehumidifier
Keystone HE 50-Pint Dehumidifier
  • Water level indicator
  • Easy controls
  • Dust filter prevents clogs
Product Image of the Ivation 70-Pint Dehumidifier
Best for Large Garages
Ivation 70-Pint Dehumidifier
  • Excellent for large spaces
  • 18-pint reservoir
  • Built-in humidistat

The Best Garage Dehumidifiers of 2024

Before making our list, we looked at various sizes to see how each dehumidifier would perform in a garage. Our expert team had a weigh-in on what features and options are best. In conclusion, check out these five super powerful dehumidifiers for keeping moisture at bay.

Vremi Energy Star Rated Dehumidifier

Best Small Dehumidifier

The Moisture Maniac 22-pint is an excellent little machine, but don’t judge it by its size. It’s highly effective as well as energy-efficient. The device will dehumidify and purify the air in the garage in one go, so it’s a bit of a hybrid.

It comes with auto-shutoff and a gravity-fed drain hose outlet that allows continuous use without worrying about the tank. You can control the humidity in the garage by setting your preferences on the display.

What We Like

Excellent for Medium-Sized Garages

If you have a medium-sized garage, this dehumidifier is perfect. It can cover up to 1,500 square feet and will remove 22 pints of moisture per day. The Vremi effectively reduces humidity levels to help prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Portable Size With Handles

The Moisture Maniac lives up to its name; it’s highly efficient yet compact and easy to move around. It’s fitted with two handles and four sturdy wheels to help you move it from room to room.

Auto-Shutoff Prevents Leaks

We love the auto-shutoff feature on the Vremi. It works by monitoring the tank and shutting the unit off when full.

This will help prevent a disaster if you’ve forgotten to empty the tank. When this happens, a light on the display will notify you that the unit has been turned off and it’s time to empty it.

Continuous Drain

If you don’t feel like dealing with a full tank, you can use the drain hose outlet. All you have to do is attach a hose to the unit and find a nearby drain. The dehumidifier will drain automatically through the hose instead of filling up the tank — saving you time and effort.

Air Purification

Luckily, with this dehumidifier, you don’t only get less humidity but also cleaner air. It’s fitted with a fine filter that captures allergens, dust, dirt, and mold spores.

You can easily remove the filter and wash it in warm water and mild detergent when needed. Vremi recommends that you do this monthly to keep up the efficiency. Ensure the filter is thoroughly dry before putting it back into the machine.

What We Don't Like

Loud Noise Level

Despite working effectively, the Moisture Maniac is loud. This won’t be ideal if you plan on using the dehumidifier in other rooms within the house.

No Hose Included

It would be handy if this came with a hose, especially since it has the option of continuous drainage. But you’ll have to buy a hose separately.

7.5 Pint Water Tank

If you don’t have continuous drainage set up, you might have to empty the tank twice daily. The tank is pretty small.

Product Specs

Area Coverage 1,500 square feet
Pints Per Day Removed 22 pints
Reservoir Capacity 7.5 pints
Dimensions 16.1 by 10.4 by 19.9 inches
Weight 30.9 pounds

User Experience

My experience with this dehumidifier has been mostly positive, as it effectively reduces humidity levels in my home and is relatively quiet during operation. However, I've encountered some issues with condensation and wheel stability when using it in continuous mode. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall performance and affordability of this product make it a worthwhile investment for maintaining a comfortable living environment.

Ivation 35-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

Best for Cold Weather

The Ivation 35-Pint Dehumidifier is an excellent choice for large garages as it can remove a significant amount of moisture. It’s a compact model that’s easy to move around, thanks to the four durable caster wheels.

It’s very energy-efficient and comes with multiple features such as auto-shutoff, a timer, a filter, and alerts. Unlike many other dehumidifiers, this one can be used safely during the colder months of the year due to the defrost function.

What We Like

Compact and Discreet Unit

The space in a garage can be somewhat restricted at times, so having a compact but powerful dehumidifier is best. This one from Ivation is small yet very powerful, removing up to 30 pints of moisture per day. It can cover an area of up to 3,000 square feet, which should be more than enough for the average garage.

Cleans the Air

The Ivation 35-pint dehumidifier has a filtration and evaporation system that helps prevent mold and mildew growth. It will also keep allergens and asthma triggers, such as dust mites, at bay.

Large 12.7 Pint Tank

Despite the compact size, this dehumidifier is fitted with a 12.7-pint tank to hold all the moisture it captures. The large reservoir will make life easier for you as you don’t have to spend time and effort emptying it several times a day.

Smart Features Give You More Control

We love the features you get with this dehumidifier; it comes with different fan speeds, a timer, and a filter alert. Using the built-in humidistat, you can also monitor and set your desired humidity levels. Everything is controlled from the bright LED display that’s easy to read and use.

Defrost Function Helpful in Winter

Winters can get frigid, especially in an unheated garage. Low temperatures can have detrimental effects on your dehumidifier as the coils can freeze over. However, thanks to the defrost function on this unit, you can use it all year round.

What We Don't Like

Missing Parts

There were a few customers who had complained about missing components on their pruchase. While this may be a minor issue, this is still worth considering.

Hard to Read Controls

Customers found that the controls on this unit were small and hard to read, especially in darker settings. If you’re trying to squint in your dim garage, you might struggle to read the settings.

Auto Shutoff Fails

Automatic shutoff is a must-have feature, but it doesn’t always work in this case. Sometimes, the unit will continue dehumidifying even when the tank is full. This leads to leaks.

Product Specs

Area Coverage 3,000 square feet
Pints Per Day Removed 35 pints
Reservoir Capacity 12.7 pints
Dimensions 11.1 by 15.43 by 24.25 inches
Weight 46.2 pounds

Our Ratings

Moisture Removal Capacity
3.5 / 5
Energy Efficiency
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
Operating Temperature Range
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

Personal Perspective

I purchased this dehumidifier for my basement and have been using it for nearly a year now. It effectively reduces humidity levels during heavy snow melts and rains, making the space feel much more comfortable. The automatic settings are reliable enough to leave running while I'm away, although the unit is not particularly quiet. One downside I experienced was the awkwardness of removing and reinserting the water bucket, which I have to do several times a day. However, overall, this product has been a solid investment in improving my home's air quality.

Aprilaire E100 Pro 100 Pint Dehumidifier

Best Commercial Dehumidifier

If you want fast results, this is the way to go. The Aprilaire Dehumidifier was built to last. It’s also designed to remove a significant amount of moisture. This pick is a heavier model than what we’ve seen previously, but it’s excellent for a humid garage.

If you also have a basement in your house, you could use it there as well. Aprilaire offers a five-year warranty with the unit to cover any malfunctions or breakage.

What We Like

Removes 100 Pints Daily

For large garages, we prefer this Aprilaire dehumidifier. It effectively removes up to 100 pints of moisture per day. You can be sure there’s no dampness, mold, mildew, or even termites hanging around when using this model.

Durable Aluminum Construction

Because this is a commercial dehumidifier, it has been built to last you through the years. It’s fitted with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils and is manufactured and designed in the US.

Easy to Set Up

It’s quick and easy to get the dehumidifier started. It has two plastic duct connectors, which can be removed using a regular screwdriver. Place it over a drain or attach a hose, and it will work continuously without filling a tray.

The display can be placed where you find it most convenient — set it up on top of the unit or on the side.

Great for Large Areas

This is one powerful dehumidifier. If you have an extra large garage, this will work hard to remove moisture from every inch. In turn, it will prevent mold, mildew, and odors.

If you need to move it to another area, it will also be great in large living rooms and basements. It’s suitable for the whole home.

What We Don't Like

65 Pounds Heavy

Weighing nearly 65 pounds, this dehumidifier is far from lightweight. It’s heavy but durable. However, moving from one room to another will be pretty challenging.

Might Be Out of Budget

This is one of the most expensive dehumidifiers that we have seen. It might break the bank for many customers, but that’s why we call it a great commercial option.

If you decide to go for it, we recommend adding a protection plan in case of breakage.

Product Specs

Area Coverage 5,500 square feet
Pints Per Day Removed 100 pints
Reservoir Capacity N/A
Dimensions 26 by 9 by 15 inches
Weight 64 pounds

Our Ratings

Moisture Removal Capacity
5 / 5
Energy Efficiency
4 / 5
5 / 5
Operating Temperature Range
4 / 5
Total Rating
4.5 / 5

Community Feedback

I recently installed this dehumidifier in my basement, and it has made a significant difference in the humidity levels. It took some time to bring the humidity down to my desired level of 45%, but once it did, the unit has been working flawlessly. Although the access panels could be more user-friendly for filter maintenance, overall, I am extremely happy with the performance and efficiency of this product.

Keystone High-Efficiency 50-Pint Dehumidifier

Best 50-Pint Garage Dehumidifier

Many homeowners favor the Keystone 50-Pint Dehumidifier. It’s highly effective and can cover vast areas of up to 3,000 square feet. It comes with a full-bucket alert and a transparent water level indicator.

The dust filter will catch large airborne particles while the unit extracts moisture from the air. It has several settings, such as different fan speeds, auto-shutoff, and a defrost function.

What We Like

Water Level Indicator

It’s easy to know how full the water tank is on the Keystone Dehumidifier. It’s fitted with a transparent panel where you can see exactly how much water is in the reservoir. You don’t have to open it to check or wait for a light indicator.

Controls Are Easy to Use

All buttons are marked, so it’s easy to figure out how to set your preferred settings. You can also set a timer and fan speed, among other things. The controls are electronic and have an LED display that’s bright and simple to read.

Dust Filter Prevents Clogs

As moist air is drawn into the machine, dust will inevitably follow, which can clog up the machine.

Fortunately, the dust filter will effectively catch anything that tries to get into the dehumidifier. When the filter needs to be cleaned, a light on the display will notify you. It’s easy to locate and quick to clean.

Auto-Restart Memory Function

In the case of a power outage, this handy dehumidifier will remember your last settings when it turns back on. This prevents you from having to factor in your preferred settings again.

What We Don't Like

Not Super Energy-Efficient

Although this unit works like a dream, it can be a nightmare for your electricity bills. It consumes significant energy, especially if you run it continuously.

Noticeable Noise Level

At 55 decibels, this isn’t the quietest unit. This is similar to the sound of conversation. In the garage, it’s not a big issue, but if you ever wanted to put it in the bedroom for a night, it might get on your nerves.

Shorter Lifespan Than Expected

When you invest in an expensive product, you want it to last a few years. Many customers reported this breaking down within two years of owning it, so keep that in mind.

Product Specs

Area Coverage 3.000 square feet
Pints Per Day Removed 50 pints
Reservoir Capacity 7.6 pints
Dimensions 10.8 by 15.4 by 23.2 inches
Weight 36.3 pounds

Our Ratings

Moisture Removal Capacity
4 / 5
Energy Efficiency
3 / 5
3 / 5
Operating Temperature Range
4 / 5
Total Rating
3.5 / 5

First-Hand Impression

Best portable air conditioner I've tried, this product excels in both quality and performance. Initially bought for a single room, it managed to cool larger areas and even a hallway when needed. Although slightly louder than a window unit, it serves as white noise and is not overly bothersome. The heavy-duty hoses and metal window kit are of high quality and easy to assemble.

Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

Best for Large Garages

The Ivation 70-Pint Dehumidifier is an ideal choice for a humid garage. It can cover a vast area in one go and remove an impressive amount of moisture. The large reservoir can hold a lot, but you can also attach the included hose for continuous drainage.

Customers love how effective and long-lasting it is, even with continuous use. It’s also energy-efficient and won’t raise your energy bills as much as other 70-pint units.

What We Like

Excellent for Large Spaces

If you have a large garage, you need a powerful dehumidifier — and this Ivation model is just that. It will remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day and can cover an area of up to 4,500 square feet.

18-Pint Reservoir

Having to empty the water reservoir multiple times a day can be extremely inconvenient. Luckily, this unit has an 18-pint reservoir. This generous size is impressive and will help reduce the number of times you need to empty the bucket daily.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with having to empty the tank altogether, use the continuous drain.

Built-In Humidistat

You get to set your ideal humidity levels on the humidistat. It’s displayed on the LED screen and even shows the current levels so that you can monitor it throughout the day.

Easy to Move Around

Despite weighing 45 pounds, it’s relatively easy to move around because of the four durable caster wheels. Push it to where you need it without breaking a sweat or your back.

What We Don't Like

Too Loud for Indoor Use

Due to the size, we don’t expect it to be the quietest unit; however, it can get quite loud. This might not be an issue in the garage, but if you plan on taking it inside as well, it can be too loud.

Some Faulty Features

Customers found that the timer and sensor features didn’t always work. If you need to rely on these features, you might get frustrated from time to time.

Raises the Room Temperature

When you’re already sweating inside, the last thing you need is a dehumidifier to heat things up. But this device can raise the temperature of your room. It might not be a huge issue in the garage, but it can be annoying in other rooms.

Product Specs

Area Coverage 4,500 square feet
Pints Per Day Removed 70 pints
Reservoir Capacity 18 pints
Dimensions 11.1 by 15.3 by 23.5 inches
Weight 45 pounds

Our Ratings

Moisture Removal Capacity
4.5 / 5
Energy Efficiency
4 / 5
3.5 / 5
Operating Temperature Range
4 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

User Experience

Great dehumidifier for tackling high humidity levels in my home! After researching extensively and reading multiple reviews, I decided to purchase this product and I'm glad I did. I set it up in an ideal location and noticed the humidity levels drop significantly within minutes, making the entire space feel more comfortable. Though the unit is made of plastic and the included drain hose could be better quality, this dehumidifier truly gets the job done for smaller homes or large rooms. Just be cautious about handling it too much and consider investing in an extended warranty, as some users have reported issues after a couple of years.

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Area Coverage Pints Per Day Reservoir Capacity Dimensions Weight
Vremi Energy Star Rated Small Dehumidifier 1,500 sq ft 22 8 pints 16.1 x 10.4 x 19.9″ 30.9 lbs
Ivation 35-Pint Energy Star For Cold Weather 3,000 sq ft 35 12.7 pints 11.1 x 15.43 x 24.25″ 46.2 lbs
Aprilaire E100 Pro 100-Pint Commercial Dehumidifier 5,500 sq ft 100 N/A 26 x 9 x 15″ 64 lbs
Keystone HE 50-Pint 50-Pint Dehumidifier 3.000 sq ft 50 7.6 pints 10.8 x 15.4 x 23.2″ 36.3 lbs
Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star For Large Garages 4,500 sq ft 70 18 pints 11.1 x 15.3 x 23.5″ 45 lbs

Will a Dehumidifier Work in a Garage?

Many things can cause a significant amount of moisture in a garage. However, removing excess moisture is essential since it will cause mold. This can damage the garage’s structure and the items you store (1).

Garage sweating is a common issue where the floor seems to be constantly wet. It typically happens when moisture from the air settles on the cold floor, causing it to look sweaty.

Garages aren’t the best-ventilated areas either. So when the hot air meets the coldness of the floor, condensation occurs (2).

Installing a dehumidifier in the garage is the most effective way to eliminate the condensation and sweating floor.

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need for My Garage?

What size dehumidifier you need for your garage depends on factors such as area size, dampness, and outside environment. If you know how many square feet your garage is, this should be a helpful start.

Look for one that’s adequate enough to cover the square footage of your garage.

Size Matters

A small dehumidifier won’t work effectively enough, while a unit that’s too large will use more energy. Consider the size of your garage before settling on a dehumidifier.

How to Choose the Best Garage Dehumidifier

We’re here to share a few crucial points to consider so you can find the right dehumidifier for you.

Pints Per Day

Dehumidifiers are categorized or sized by how many pints of water they can remove in 24 hours. You can find units that are 30 pints, 40, 50, and all the way up to 70 pints. These are very effective, but choosing one that suits the area is essential.

It’s also essential to consider how humid your garage usually is. For instance, if you live in a hot, humid climate like Florida, your garage could benefit from a 50 or 70-pint dehumidifier.

Drain Options

Because the garage can be home to a significant amount of moisture, your dehumidifier will extract quite a lot. How often you’ll need to empty the tank will depend on how much moisture it can extract.

It’s important to note that a 70-pint dehumidifier won’t be fitted with a 70-pint tank. So, for a garage, we prefer to have the option of continuous drainage. That way, you won’t have to worry about emptying a tank.

Most dehumidifiers use gravity-fed hose drainage, which means the water has to be able to run down. Some units have a built-in pump that helps pump the extracted water out of the machine.

For the continuous drainage to work, you must attach a hose. Some dehumidifiers include a small hose. If yours doesn’t come with one, you can attach a standard garden hose to the outlet.

If you don’t have a drain nearby and need to use the tank, choose a unit with a large reservoir capacity. This will make it easier since you won’t have to empty it as often.

Area Coverage

As you’re hunting for a new dehumidifier for your garage, look at its area coverage. This is generally measured in square feet. It can give you a good idea of how the unit will do in your garage.

Extra Features

Here are some of the features we like to look for:

  • Auto-shutoff: The auto-shutoff will monitor the water in the tank; when it becomes full, the unit will turn off. This will prevent the tank from overflowing, potentially ruining the dehumidifier and the surrounding area.
  • Fan speeds: The option of setting the dehumidifier to a turbo speed or slow speed can be convenient, depending on the conditions. Most units have two fan speed options, while some have three or four.
  • Defrost: Dehumidifiers are fitted with coils, and during cold days, these can freeze over. If this happens, the unit will use more energy to run, eventually burning it out. The defrost function keeps the coils free of ice and helps to save energy during the winter.

How Do I Keep Moisture out of My Garage?

Installing a dehumidifier in your garage is an effective way to get rid of moisture. However, there are other things you can do as well:

  • Ventilate the garage.
  • Dry your car after parking it.
  • Control the temperature inside the garage.
  • Coat the floor to prevent sweating.


How Do I Dry Out My Garage?

The best way to dry out your garage is to use a dehumidifier. It extracts moisture from the air and reduces the risk of fungal growth like mold and mildew. You can also install a mid-size heater to dry the air.

Why is There So Much Humidity In My Garage?

There is so much humidity in your garage due to poor ventilation. Garages lack windows and doors and are rarely heated, which creates moisture in the air. Your garage is also unlikely to be as well insulated as other areas of your home.

Is It Worth Putting a Dehumidifier In the Garage?

It is worth putting a dehumidifier in your garage to reduce the moisture content to protect power tools. Extracting wet air also preserves other tools inside your garage.

What is the Ideal Humidity Level for a Garage?

The ideal humidity level for a garage is the same as inside your home. You should aim for 30 to 50 percent humidity to keep mold and mildew at bay and control rust.

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