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Scrubbing floors just got a whole lot easier.

Getting your floor really clean can be a time-consuming job.

Add in an active home life and pets, and it can be a daily struggle to keep your home clean. We get it; we’ve been there!

But, this is where the best floor scrubber scan give you that extra elbow grease for a thorough clean.

What Is a Floor Scrubber?

A floor scrubber is a device used to help make cleaning your floors a little easier. They’re generally powered machines that are used similarly to vacuum cleaners. While commercial-grade machines can be ridden, most home-machines will be walk-behind ones.

Floor scrubbers make cleaning easier and faster. They also cut down on the number of tools and products you need to complete the job. Choose your cleaning solution, turn on the machine, and in no time at all, you’ll have a sparkling floor.

Different Types of Floor Scrubbers

Home floor scrubbers are typically found in two different styles: corded and cordless. Both types can feature different scrubbing heads for multipurpose use.

Corded Floor Scrubbers

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave
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Corded models run directly off of outlet power. This means you’re restricted to areas where your machine’s cord can reach.

The upside of a corded unit, though, is that you can expect more power from your machine. That extra power generally comes with a larger sized model. So, if you have a large floored area, you may want to consider a corded option.

You’ll also be able to use your unit whenever needed without factoring in charge time.

  • Great for larger areas.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • No need to plan for use.
  • Larger, bulkier footprints.
  • Cords are limiting.

Cordless Floor Scrubbers

Homitt Electric Mop Floor Spin Scrubber, Cordless Power Spray Floor Mop with Adjustable Handle and 4 Replaceable Microfiber Mop Pads for Cleaning Hardwood Floor and Tile
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Cordless models offer excellent maneuverability and are often lightweight. They’re an excellent choice for regular, light-duty cleaning to keep your house looking great.

They’re convenient to grab when needed and store well with their small footprint. However, these units don’t provide a tremendous amount of power. Therefore, heavily trodden areas may benefit from a corded machine instead.

  • Excellent for maintaining a cleaning schedule.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Small footprint for easy storage.
  • Not as powerful as corded varieties.

How to Choose the Best Floor Scrubbers

Before shopping for your new floor scrubber, make sure you’ve carefully considered the following:

  • Where you plan to use your machine: Both the kind of floor you have installed and the amount of space in your home will influence your choice. Make sure you choose a product that works well with both of those parameters.
  • How often you plan to use it: Some machines are larger and bulkier, so you may not want to pull them out for regular cleanings. They can also be difficult to maneuver but give you an exceptional clean.
  • What storage space is available: Although you’ll likely need fewer pieces of equipment, floor scrubbers can take up a significant amount of room. Make sure you have the storage space necessary.
  • Maneuverability: Need a lightweight option that’s easy to navigate around your living space? Factor in both weight and how much effort is needed to operate the unit.
  • Required price: Both budget and expensive models exist. So, it helps to identify how much you intend to spend before you begin shopping.

Be Aware

Both cleaning equipment and cleaners can damage your floors if they aren’t a good fit (1). Always test new products in an inconspicuous area to ensure your floor is compatible with your purchase.

The Best Floor Scrubbers of 2020

Have a better idea of what you’re looking for in a floor scrubber? We’ve touched base with the experts and heard from everyday people about their experiences with top floor scrubbers.

Here are some of our favorite picks:

1. Bissell Spinwave Powered Mop and Cleaner

Best Corded Floor Scrubber

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave
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This corded unit has a 28-ounce clean water tank with an on-demand spray function. It lets you apply a cleaning solution when you need it most. Plus, a 22-foot power cord provides you with plenty of room to navigate large spaces.

This model is safe to use on a variety of floors including hardwood, tile and other sealed, hard surfaces. It also features quiet operation and washable, reusable cleaning pads. With multiple pads, you can select the cleaning head that suits your surface best.

Why We Love It

Easy to Maneuver

This unit is lightweight and responsive, which helps cut down on the time it takes you to do your chores. The jointed head and low-profile design allow it to slide easily under furniture to keep your entire space clean.

Multiple Reusable Cleaning Heads

Included with this set are two sets of reusable cleaning heads. One set is soft-to-the-touch and designed for gentle cleaning of hardwood floors. The other is a scrubby pad intended for sticky messes.

Once used, these cleaning heads can be washed and used again. Then, additional pads can be purchased as needed or to suit other cleaning needs.

Multi-Surface Cleaner Included

With this purchase, you’ll also receive two 8-ounce cleaning products by Bissel. We love that these are designed to be tough on dirt while being gentle on your floors. So, you can start cleaning with your new scrubber immediately.

Two-Year Warranty

This floor scrubber comes with a two-year limited warranty. So, in the event of product failure, reach out to the company for a refund or replacement.

Keep In Mind

Difficult to Get into Corners

The round cleaning pads are great for doing the large open areas in your home. However, their shape can make it difficult to get into corners and tight areas. So, you may need to touch up these hard-to-reach areas with an additional tool.

Not Equipped with Wheels

When this unit is on, it’s powered and easy to move. However, when it’s off, and you’re taking it to and from storage, there are no wheels to help you.

At 11 pounds, it’s not exceptionally heavy. But if you have lifting restrictions or need to take it up and down stairs, you may want a different unit.

Additional Specs

Product Weight11 pounds
Tank Capacity28 ounces
Floor TypeSealed wood floors, laminate, tile, linoleum, vinyl
Power SourcePower outlet
Additional Features22-foot cord

2. BOOMJOY Floor Scrub Brush

Best Budget Floor Scrubber

BOOMJOY Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle -50' Stiff & Soft Brush, 2 in 1 scrape and brush,Tub and Tile Brush for Cleaning Bathroom, Patio, Kitchen, Wall and Deck
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Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice clean floors. Get your floors sparkling clean with the BOOMJOY Floor Scrub Brush.

Although it’s not electric, with a little elbow grease and determination, you can still get impressively clean floors. It has a brush and scraper for brushing away dirt and grime, then scraping away the dirty water.

Why We Love It

2-in-1 Design

As mentioned, this comes with a brush and a scraper all in the one head. Just flip over the brush to alternate between the two features. The brush removes dirt and grime from floors. It has two bristles: soft and hard. The soft bristles work on dust while the harder bristles brush away stains. Next, use the scraper to brush away the dirty foamy water. Viola! Clean floors.

Various Uses

This brush can do nearly everything! First, it’s great for bathrooms, garages, kitchens, living rooms and many more places. But also — it works for floors and walls. So if you have a grimey bathroom wall, take this brush to it and be wowed at the difference. Just note — it’s not suitable for wooden floors.

Extendable Handle

The brush handle extends from 18.5 inches all the way to 50 inches. Whether you’re tall or small, this will be a fantastic option and minimize back pain. Also, it tilts to a 45 degree angle, so you can easily slide it under furniture and into hard to reach spots.

Keep In Mind

Not Secure

If you apply too much pressure when using this brush, the brush head can pop off. It’s not broken, you can easily pop it back on. But it’s definitely inconvenient when you’re halfway through a job.


Keep in mind that this isn’t a huge brush. The head is 9.45 inches wide, which is fine but a lot of people were expecting something bigger. For larger areas, it is tiresome to clean with but for bathrooms and kitchens, it’s no issue.

Additional Specs

Product Weight1.38 pounds
Tank CapacityNo tank
Floor TypeAnything but carpet and wood
Power SourceNot electric
Additional FeaturesSoft and hard brush, and scraper for excess water

3. GOOD PAPA Turbo Power Spin Scrubber

Best for Tough Grime

GOOD PAPA Electric Spin Scrubber, 360 Power Tile Scrubber 2 Speed HD LED Display,with 5 Replaceable Brush Heads Device Stand and Storage Base for Bathroom Kitchen,Tub
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Looking for something with the ability to lift dirt and grime? This turbo power scrubber can be an excellent choice for grouted areas, bathrooms and kitchens. It comes with multiple scrubbing heads, letting you choose just the right one for the job.

This is a cordless scrubber that comes with a storage stand. Once charged, this floor scrubber can give you up to 1.5 hours of scrubbing time. The length of the handle can also be adjusted as needed to increase the efficiency of your cleaning sessions.

Why We Love It

Plenty of Power

An 84-watt motor provides 132 pounds of torque to get your place gleaming. This creates 240 revolutions of the scrubbing head per minute. Combined with the sturdy bristles on the included heads, even set, serious dirt will be easily scrubbed away.

Adjustable Handle

The handle on this unit provides incredible adjustability. For close up work or counter spaces, you can choose a handheld length that’s easy to hold and maneuver. But for floor work, this unit extends more than 50 inches to be tough on dirt while remaining gentle on your back.

Compact Storage

We love the included storage stand. It’s designed to hold both your scrubber and its interchangeable heads. Less than 8 inches wide and only 15 inches tall, it’s a great way to store your scrubber without creating clutter.

Fully Waterproof

While other units on the market require careful use to avoid damaging the electric components, this one is waterproof. This makes it ideal for areas that are frequently wet, like showers and bathrooms.

Keep In Mind

Need to Add Cleaning Solution Separately

This unit doesn’t offer a separate water reservoir or cleaning tank. This cuts down on both size and weight. But it does mean you’ll need to choose your solution separately and add as needed.

While this can be inconvenient, it’s a great feature for those times you want to let your solution sit before scrubbing.

Additional Specs

Product Weight2.9 pounds
Tank CapacityN/A
Floor TypeCarpet, tile
Power SourceBattery
Additional FeaturesTwo speeds, adjustable angle head, storage rack

4. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Best Floor Scrubber for Corners

Homitt Electric Mop Floor Spin Scrubber, Cordless Power Spray Floor Mop with Adjustable Handle and 4 Replaceable Microfiber Mop Pads for Cleaning Hardwood Floor and Tile
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This cordless scrubber will give you 70 minutes of use after a 3-hour charge. It’s a lightweight model that’s easy to maneuver. Plus, its articulated head gives you multiple angles and easily gets into hard-to-reach places.

The Homitt scrubber also has multiple heads, which allows you to customize your cleaning power to your current needs. The handle can also be adjusted, providing up to 40 inches of length. It definitely makes a difference to your back while you clean.

Why We Love It

Cleaning Heads Designed for Homes

Included with this unit are three different bristled cleaning heads.

One is cone-shaped and angled, which is ideal for corners and tight spaces. The rounded head, on the other hand, is perfect for scrubbing floors. Then, a third, flat head is excellent for windows.

Keep in mind, however, that all of these cleaning heads are heavily-bristled. So, they may not be suitable for hardwood floors or other delicate surfaces.

High-Speed Rotation

With over 300 rotations per minute, this unit has a powerful spin that works to loosen and remove dirt. The head does spin a continuous 360-degrees instead of side to side, making short work of your cleaning list.

Included Storage Bracket

A bracket is included with this floor scrubber for storage purposes. Install it in a permanent location (near an outlet for charging) and put it up when it’s not in use. This keeps your unit out of the way and neatly stored while leaving it fully-charged and ready for its next cleaning job.

Great Return Policy

You have 90 days to try this unit out and decide if it does what you need it to do. If it doesn’t, return it for a full money-back guarantee.

If you do love it and keep it, any defective parts or unit failure is covered under a two-year warranty.

Keep In Mind

Only Water Resistant

This isn’t a waterproof unit. If you need something that can withstand continuous exposure to water without being damaged, the GOOD PAPA scrubber above might be a better option.

Better for Small Spaces

Although it’s great at what it does, all the included heads are on the small side. While they’re great for tight spaces, they won’t do much for you in larger rooms.

Additional Specs

Product Weight3.6 pounds
Tank CapacityN/A
Floor TypeTile, linoleum
Power SourceBattery
Additional FeaturesCorner-shaped bristled head, storage bracket

5. Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop

Best Multi-Use Floor Scrubber

Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop, 3 in 1 Spinner, Scrubber, Waxer Quiet, Powerful Cleaner Spin Scrubber and Buffer, Polisher for Hard Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Marble, Laminate Floor, Blue
Check Price

With multiple settings to choose from, this unit does more than just scrub floors. While it’s great at lifting and removing dirt, you can use it for finishing work as well, like waxing your floors.

It features two spinning heads to cover a larger area at once and provide a quicker clean.

The handle is both adjustable and able to rotate 180 degrees, giving the unit impressive maneuverability. A quick charge gets you cleaning faster and provides plenty of battery life for your cleaning sessions.

Why We Love It

Fast Charge

It only takes two hours to charge this floor scrubber fully. This allows you to clean larger areas, or the entire house, in short time.

Quiet Clean

Quiet cleaning is perfect for cleaning sessions when others are home. With this model, there’s no need to worry about disturbing the baby while they nap.

Dual Spray Technology

An integrated sprayer allows you to decide where and when you need additional cleaning power. With the dual spray technology, you can attack dirt from all angles and get through your cleaning chores more quickly.

Extendable Handle

You can customize the length of this scrubber’s handle to best suit you and the space you’re working in. Although it does collapse into quite a small unit, the head is large enough to engage the extension.

Keep In Mind

Heavy for a Cordless Unit

This model weighs in at almost 11 pounds. While that’s not heavy for a corded unit, it’s quite a bit heavier than other cordless options. So if you plan on lifting or carrying your floor scrubber over large areas, you may want to consider something lighter.

Hard to Replace Pads

You may find that branded replacement pads are difficult to find. The cleaning heads are a non-standard size and can be challenging to fit, as they’re more substantial than others.

The good news is, the included pads are washable and designed to last for a long time.

Additional Specs

Product Weight10.95 pounds
Tank Capacity10 ounces
Floor TypeHardwood, tile, linoleum, vinyl
Power SourceBattery
Additional FeaturesAdjustable handle, dual spray technology, microfiber heads

Detailed Comparison

ProductAwardWeightCapacityFloor TypePower SourceAdditional Features
Bissell SpinwaveCorded11 lbs28 ozSealed wood floors, laminate, tile, linoleum, vinylPower outlet22-ft cord
BOOMJOY Floor Scrub BrushBudget1.38 lbsNo tankAnything but carpet and woodNot electricSoft and hard brush, and scraper for excess water
GOOD PAPATough Grime2.9 lbsN/ACarpet, tileBatteryTwo speeds, adjustable angle head, storage rack
Homitt Electric Corners3.6 lbsN/ATile, linoleumBatteryCorner-shaped bristled head, storage bracket
Gladwell ElectricMulti-Use10.95 lbs10 ozHardwood, tile, linoleum, vinylBatteryAdjustable handle, dual spray technology, microfiber heads
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Get Scrubbing

Finding the best floor scrubbers can take some time. Concentrate on where you plan to use your unit and what kind of surface you’re working with. This can help you rule out floor scrubbers that won’t work for you.

Have a least favorite chore when it comes to cleaning your home? Something you dread doing? Let us know all about it — and why you can’t stand it — in the comments below.

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