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Got an infestation? Call in the big gun(powder)s.

Are you looking to prevent or fight against a flea infestation? Wondering what makes the best flea powders for carpets, and which ones are the most efficient?

These insects generally make their way into your home by grabbing onto your furry friend’s hair. Once they’ve reached your territory, they happily multiply. Without regular maintenance and prevention, therefore, a severe invasion can occur.

Powders are potent, and most can kill fleas whether they’re eggs, larvae or have reached their adult phase. Flea powders, however, can contain various chemical or natural compounds which affect both the solution’s action and efficiency.

Getting to Know Your Enemy

Like in any battle, getting to know your unwanted guests gets you ahead of the game. Flea eggs resemble minuscule transparent dots, no longer than 0.020 inches (1). So if you plan on searching for them, you’ll need a good pair of magnifying glasses.

In the perfect environment — humid and hot — they generally hatch within four days, developing into larvae.

A bit larger, larvae still don’t stretch over 0.11 inches and look like tiny, translucent worms. They become darker as they age and develop long legs, allowing them to jump up to 7 inches high and a foot away (2).

Larvae are also tricky because not seeing them doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. At this stage, fleas can survive without food for up to 155 days (3). They then resume their activity as soon as they find a suitable host — likely you or your pet.

Flea bites aren’t just annoying. On a dog, a severe outbreak can cause hair loss, anemia and sometimes transmit diseases (4).

Benefits of Flea Powders

Although the powder isn’t always the most common type of insecticide, it has several advantages.

  • Fight one, and you fight them all: This type is also effective against ticks and other parasites.
  • Healthy options: They offer a broad range of herbal and natural choices.
  • Safe all-around : Because many don’t contain harmful chemicals, they can be safely dusted around the home — dog bedding, linens, carpets or socks.
  • Noise: Compared to the “pshh” sound sprays make,dusting is near silent.
  • Easy to remove: Simply vacuum away.
  • Budget-friendly: Finally, they tend to be more affordable than flea drops, pills or sprays.

How Do They Work?

What can you expect from a flea powder? What are the best ways to use them to meet your expectations?

Kill and Disrupt Flea Growth

Vacuums are great tools to remove most adult fleas. They also remove a large number of eggs and larvae. However, vacuums aren’t typically powerful enough to exterminate all eggs and larvae (5).

The best flea powders for carpets should kill both adult forms and larvae at first contact. Many also contain growth regulators to interrupt their life cycle.

Depending on the active ingredients, they can eradicate an outbreak within four to six days. Ideally, though, you’d want to combine powders with other insecticide techniques. Some examples of such techniques are repellent collars or treatment drops.

Proper Application

Applying the fine particles correctly is critical to fighting fleas efficiently. We recommend following the guidelines below:

  1. Make space: Remove all the furniture.
  2. Carpet should be entirely dry: If the powder melts, its efficiency will decrease.
  3. Vacuum first: Before applying any powder, hoover the area thoroughly.
  4. Wear gloves: Always use a pair of rubber gloves to handle the power.
  5. Spread over the floor: To prevent fleas from escaping, start from the door, making your way into the room.
  6. Use a broom: Ensure that the particles reach the inner layers of the fabric.
  7. Wait for up to 24 hours: Depending on the severity of the infestation, leave the powder to sit from one hour to one day.
  8. Vacuum: Remove all product residue.
  9. Reapply: Every two weeks until the outbreak is officially over.

The Ingredients in Flea Carpet Powders

There are three main types of ingredients. The best flea powders for carpets typically combine more than one kind.

  • Products containing insect growth regulators (IGRs).
  • Natural solutions.
  • Chemical powders.

Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)

If you read pyriproxyfen, methoprene, fenoxycarb, diflubenzuron, or even lufenuron on the label, these are growth regulars or inhibitors. IGRs prevent larvae from attaining their adult shape, leading to their death. You’ll find many insecticides contain “Nylar,” which is a registered trademark primarily made of pyriproxyfen (6).

Equally effective, D-limonene and linalool are natural chemical compounds found in many citrus fruits. They aren’t only an IGR; they’re also a neurotoxin and insect repellent (7). They’re a safe option both for your family and your pet.

For Cat Owners

When applying D-limonene or linalool around cats, apply in a small area first. Cats tend to be sensitive to citrus smells.

Natural Powders

Natural solutions are safe choices to use around kids and pets. They, however, generally require several applications.

Pyrethrin Compounds

Pyrethrins are natural compounds found in the chrysanthemum flower. There are different types, but all work in a similar way. They affect the flea’s nervous system, leading to its death (8).

Dogs are not highly sensitive to these compounds. However, if your dog ingests some of the powder and shows symptoms — nausea, excess of saliva — it’s wise to see your vet (9).


Pyrethrins are highly toxic to cats and pet fish.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a natural substance obtained from a sedimentary rock. They dry up the flea’s body, killing it in the process (10). Bear in mind that DE’s quality and safety can vary significantly from one brand to another.

To be safely used at home, the packaging should either indicate an EPA registration number or be marked as food-grade. Food-grade products only contain 1 percent of crystalline silica, while “pool-grade” can hold up to 70 percent of DE.

Finally, DE is multi-purpose and can be used for many other purposes than flea control.

Herbal Products

They generally use powerful herbs, such as neem, yarrow or thyme, which have shown excellent results at chasing off fleas (11). These products are best used to prevent a flea invasion or to fight only a small outbreak. However, they are fantastic alongside other ingredients.

Boric Acid

Boric acid comes as a white powder and mostly works by dehydrating the larvae after being consumed. As fleas’ primary diet source is blood, they aren’t boric acid’s main target. For this reason, these products usually mix boric acid with other natural or chemical compounds.

We recommend selecting a brand that is EPA certified, and in any case, do not apply it directly to your pet (12).

Chemical Powders

Chemical insecticides tend to have a bad reputation. Yet, they can be faster at killing both fleas and their larvae than natural solutions.

Pyrethroid compounds are synthetically made in laboratories. Their effect is very similar to pyrethrins but tends to last longer.

Although their level of toxicity is still low, they represent a higher risk than pyrethrins. Don’t inhale them, and should your pet think it was sugar, contact your vet immediately.

How to Prevent Another Flea Infestation

You only need one male and one female adult flea to make 40 babies a day (13). Better be safe than sorry!

  • Vacuum daily: We recommend using a high-powered device.
  • Remove and discard: Dispose of the bag right away after vacuuming.
  • Shampoo weekly: Both your pet and your floors.
  • Wash weekly: Scrub your pet bed and its surroundings with boiled water. Remember that fleas are mostly on your pet to feed, and retreat to their nearby headquarters to lay their eggs.
  • Recognize the first signs: If you’re wondering how to tell if your dog or cat has fleas, check out the video below.

The Best Flea Powders of 2020

We’ve carefully evaluated and reviewed the best flea powders for carpets. Our resulting list takes into account customer experience of their flea infestations, as well as industry expert advice.

1. DiatomaceousEarth DE10 FGDE10 Food Grade

Best Natural Powder

DiatomaceousEarth DE10, 100% Organic Food Grade Diamateous Earth Powder - Safe For Children & Pets 10 LBS
Check Price

Searching for a healthy and chemical-free solution to get rid of fleas? Then this 100 percent pure DE should meet your needs. Although it’s best to avoid breathing DE, this product is considered one of the safest choices for you and your environment.

Produced, This organic product is produced in the United States and doesn’t contain any pesticides.

Why We Love It


Using food-grade DE inside your home is critical. Your dog might end up ingesting the product, and you could also be inhaling it during application.

This product hasn’t only received the “food-grade” label. It has also passed Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) testing to ensure its safety (14).

Organic Product

Anything you breathe ultimately reaches your lungs and bloodstream (15). That includes any chemical or pesticide present in your DE.

This product has received the organic certification from OMRI — the Organic Materials Review Institute — in all stages of the production. The company has even modified its packaging to reduce its carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment.


DE is a fantastic natural pesticide, but that’s only one of its uses. You can also use it to detach stains, as an exfoliant, or to simply remove unpleasant scents from your pet. It can even be mixed with food to keep the moisture away.

Keep In Mind

Keep in Mind

Poor Packaging

Some reviewers were disappointed by the packaging. A cloud of DE can come out when opening the bag the first time. Although this product is organic and food-grade, it shouldn’t be inhaled excessively.

Clogs Vacuum

We’ve established that DE should be vacuumed after application. Unfortunately, though, some users have reported that it clogged up or damaged their home devices in the process.

We recommend using an older model than a brand new vacuum to prevent incurring too much cost.

Additional Specs

Main Type(s) Natural
Main Ingredient(s) DE
Weight 10 pounds
Certifications OMRI, FCC
Unique Feature Multi-uses

2. HDP Fleabusters Rx for Fleas

Best for Long-Lasting Effect

Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus, 3 lb
Check Price

Alongside with other insecticides, this flea boric acid powder should help to control an invasion. Most reviewers were able to kill larvae and young fleas within a week using this product. It might also be perfect for anyone looking to prevent large infestations from reoccurring.

One bottle should be enough to treat most homes. You can repeat the treatment the following year for prevention.

Why We Love It

Long-Lasting Effects

One application of this product should be sufficient for an entire year. The powder uses static electricity, which makes the fine particles stick to the carpet fiber.

What’s more, its neutral pH — 7.0 — generally repels any fleas attempting to make their way back. The manufacturer is so confident about the product’s performance that they guarantee your money back for a year if you aren’t satisfied.

Low Toxicity

This product is 33 percent less toxic than regular boric acid powders (16). It’s also EPA-certified, you won’t have to worry if your pet licks the particles or if your children play on the carpet.

Furthermore, the particles are odorless. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned if you’re having guests — real ones — over.

Large Treatment Space

Running out of flea powder in the middle of a treatment session can be frustrating. Not only will you have to return to your pet store to get some more, but it’ll also delay the process.

This product may be more expensive, but it treats surfaces up to 1,200 square feet. That’s more ground than most other products.

Keep In Mind

Won’t Control an Infestation

If you’re looking to eradicate a sizeable existing outbreak, this product alone might not make the cut. As boric acid is its main ingredient, it won’t affect adult larvae. Because they primarily feed on blood, they won’t get to ingest the powder.

Reviewers, however, tended to combine this product with other insecticides, such as IGRs, to control invasions.

Additional Specs

Main Type(s) Natural
Main Ingredient(s) Boric acid
Weight 3 pounds
Certifications EPA
Unique Feature Particles are statically charged

3. Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Carpet

Best IGR Powder

BioSpot Active Care Carpet Powder 16 oz
Check Price

This powder primarily works as a growth disruptor using a combination of linalool and pyrethrins. Remember, both ingredients are found in nature, so toxicity isn’t a problem for your family. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s EPA-certified.

One can of Bio Spot can treat one or two rooms, up to 400 square feet. It will kill fleas instantly, whichever stage of life they’re at. Just watch out for potential toxicity if you’re planning on using it around a cat. It might be safe for humans, but not for cats.

Why We Love It

Impacts All Life Stages

Killing only adult fleas will leave their babies intact, ready to take over once left alone. So it’s a big deal that this product kills adults, pupae, larvae and eggs.

Efficacy at First Contact

Reviewers love the efficacy of this powder. Piperonide butoxide, working with pyrethrins as a team, increases its efficiency (17).

This product is meant to kill on contact to quickly remove any small or large flea invasion. As they don’t need to ingest the product to get affected, both larvae and adult fleas will be impacted.

Double IGRs for Increased Efficiency

This powder includes two different IGRs: Linalool and Nylar, which we know is the IGR pyriproxyfen.

Combined, larvae and young fleas should have a hard time reaching the adult phase thanks to these IGRs. As they’re both natural ingredients, you’ll be able to dust the powder around your home without a second thought.

Small Packaging for Large Coverage

The box can first appear tiny. Yet, reviewers have been surprised to see how much space they were able to treat with only one bottle.

Keep In Mind

Large Amount of “Other Ingredients”

Have a close look at the list of ingredients. You’ll notice an impressive 96.9 percent of “other ingredients,” which leaves enough room for interpretation.

The company’s failure to display a complete list of the formula constituents profoundly impacts transparency. So if chemical products are a concern to you, you may want to contact the manufacturer to clarify the nature of these unknown ingredients.

Strong Smell

If you’re sensitive to scents, this might not be the best powder for your home. Users have reported an overpowering and long-lasting chemical smell.

Additional Specs

Main Type(s) IGR, Natural
Main Ingredients Nylar, pyrethrin, linalool
Weight 1 pound
Certifications EPA
Unique Feature Includes two IGRs

4. NaturVet No Flea Carpet Crystals

Best Boric Acid Powder

NaturVet – No Flea Carpet Crystals – 2 lb – Dry Crystal Powder Repels & Kills Fleas – Apply to Carpet, Upholstered Furniture & Other Household Surfaces – Not for Direct Use on Pets
Check Price

Although one of our reviewed products partially contains boric acid, this powder has been formulated with 99 percent of this compound. It might take longer to make your home flea-free, but it’s natural and shouldn’t affect anyone’s health.

This bottle contains enough to treat a total of 1,000 square feet, which should keep fleas away for an entire year.

Why We Love It

Four Certifications

This manufacturer seems to have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of its products. First, it’s been formulated by a veterinarian, who has first-hand experience with pet fleas.

On top of that, the powder is manufactured in the United States, allowing better traceability of the ingredients. It’s EPA-certified, CGMP-compliant and has been audited by the FDA (18).

If these aren’t enough, the company is also a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). This body evaluates animal supplements to ensure their quality (19).

Easy to Use

Users seem highly satisfied when it comes to its application and removal. The light powder spreads well over carpets, furniture and upholstery. Unlike other powders, this product is easy to vacuum and shouldn’t clog your device.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We value manufacturers that stand behind their products. If you aren’t satisfied, the company states that it’ll refund the entire amount of the purchase. No questions asked.

Keep In Mind

Requires Patience

This powder won’t work immediately. You’ll need to wait for at least five days before vacuuming the particles. This means that your home will be covered with a fine layer of insecticide for almost a week.

During this time, you’ll need to be cautious, as the powder can become slippery. Finally, you’ll have to wait two to four weeks before an infestation can be controlled.

Additional Specs

Main Type(s) Natural
Main Ingredients Boric acid
Weight 2 pounds
Certifications CGMP, EPA, NASC, FDA
Unique Feature Four safety certifications and auditions

5. Adams Flea & Tick Carpet Powder

Best Scented Power

Adams Flea & Tick Carpet Powder, 16 Ounce
Check Price

Are you sensitive to smells? Looking for a product that eliminates fleas without leaving a strong chemical smell behind? This insecticide should be worth considering.

This powder has been formulated to have a long-lasting effect. Although the bottle can look small, you’ll still be able to treat a room or two, up to 400 square feet.

Why We Love It

Fresh Scent

A strong chemical odor seems to be a recurring complaint when it comes to insecticides. As you’ll likely leave the fine particles to work their magic for up to 24 hours, smells have time to travel and infiltrate curtains and other fabrics. After application, this powder, however, should leave nothing else than a fresh citrus scent.

Trusted Company and Availability

Buying your pesticides from a trusted company is important to ensure product quality, performance and safety. Adams has a strong history and has been making flea-repellent products for over 30 years .

Because of their popularity, these carpet powders are readily available in most pet stores. You shouldn’t have to run from store to store to find it.

Long-Term Action

The formula contains Nylar — or pyriproxyfen — a common IGR. Linalool, together with pyrethrins, affect fleas’ nervous systems, leading to their death.

Altogether, these ingredients should prevent the development of eggs and larvae for up to 30 days. As it breaks their lifecycle, you should be infestation-free for about a year.

Keep In Mind

Unknown Other Ingredients

In this product, we again find 96.9 percent of unknown compounds. So if you’re sensitive to chemicals, bear in mind that you won’t know the vast majority of this formula’s ingredients.

Not Suitable For Cats

Most cats aren’t typically fond of citrus smells. Of greater importance, though, is that this product also contains pyrethrins, which are highly toxic to cats.

Additional Specs

Main Type(s) Natural and IGR
Main Ingredients Nylar, linalool, pyrethrins
Weight 1 pound
Certifications Not applicable
Unique Feature Citrus smell, Long-term action

Detailed Comparison Chart

Product Best Main Type(s) Main Ingredient(s) Weight Certifications Unique Feature
DiatomaceousEarth Food Grade Natural Powder Natural DE 10 lbs OMRI, FCC Multi-uses
HDP Fleabusters Rx For Long-Lasting Effect Natural Boric acid 3 lbs EPA Particles are statically charged
Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick IGR Powder IGR, Natural Nylar, pyrethrin, linalool 1 pound EPA Includes two IGRs
NaturVet No Flea Crystals Boric Acid Powder Natural Boric acid 2 lbs CGMP, EPA, NASC, FDA Four safety certifications and auditions
Adams Flea & Tick Scented Power Natural and IGR Nylar, linalool, pyrethrins 1 pound Not applicable Citrus smell, Long-term action
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Get Fleas to Flee

It’s essential to know what to look for before grabbing any flea powder from the shelf. Some products can be safe for you and your pet’s health. Others, though, might not work properly for your needs.

Although flea powders aren’t as popular as other types of insecticides, they’re generally less toxic and still highly efficient.

We hope this guide and reviews of the best flea powders for carpets will assist you in getting fleas to flee. If you have any questions for us, please get in touch using the comments section below.

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