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Best Diffuser Humidifiers of 2023

Introducing you to products that balance humidity with some aromatherapy.

Chapped lips and a dry throat can become too familiar during dry weather. However, running a humidifier can make your home a little more comfortable.

Humidifiers work by emitting water vapor or steam into the air to increase humidity. There are many different types of humidifiers, but lately, diffuser humidifiers have become very popular. These combine a cool mist with aromatherapy using your favorite essential oils.

To find the best diffuser humidifiers, we’ve spent hours researching expert advice and real customer reviews. We investigated each product’s run time, unique features, and construction to ensure we only recommend the best.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser, App and Voice Control Compatible with Alexa, 500ml Aromatherapy Humidifier for Relaxing Atmosphere in Home Office Bedroom
Best Overall
Asakuki Oil Diffuser
  • 16-hour run time per fill
  • Smart app compatible
  • Includes timer settings
Product Image of the URPOWER 700ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier Large Capacity Modern Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers Running 20+ Hours 7 Color Changing for Home Baby Bedroom Office Study Yoga Spa
Best-Looking Diffuser Humidifier
Urpower Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
  • Unique cube design
  • Seven light color options
  • Three timer options
Product Image of the Earnest Living Essential Oil Diffuser White Ceramic Diffuser 100 ml Timers Night Lights and Auto Off Function Home Office Humidifier Aromatherapy Diffusers for Essential Oils
Best Small Diffuser Humidifier
Earnest Living Diffuser
  • Minimalist design
  • Multi-purpose ability
  • Color-changing lights
Product Image of the Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set - Ultrasonic Diffuser & Top 10 Essential Oils - Modern Diffuser with 4 Timer & 7 Ambient Light Settings - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - Lavender
Best Bohemia Diffuser Humidifier
Pure Daily Care
  • Complete bundle
  • Seven mood lights
  • Timer and auto-shutoff
Product Image of the URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffusers,Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Mode,less Water Auto Shut-Off and 7 Color Lights Changing for Home Office Baby
Best Design Options
Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser
  • High-quality materials
  • Color-changing lights
  • Helps you relax
Product Image of the raydrop Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser, 2.5L Essential Oil Diffuser, Top Fill Humidifier for Bedroom, Home and Office, Baby Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Output, Dial Knob, Auto Shut Off (White)
Easiest to Fill
Raydrop Cool Mist
  • Effective humidifier
  • Large 88 ounce capacity
  • Space-saver minimalistic design
Product Image of the Everlasting Comfort Humidifier
Best Humidifier With Essential Oil Tray
Everlasting Comfort Humidifier
  • Large 1.5 gallon tank
  • Essential oil tray
  • Balances the humidity

Product Reviews

As we searched for diffuser humidifiers, our goal was to find devices that were effective at diffusing oils as well as humidifying. We paid close attention to the materials to ensure your safety as well as your family’s. We also prioritized aesthetics, useful features, and tank capacity.

Check out the seven best diffuser humidifiers.

1. Asakuki Aromatherapy Humidifier Oil Diffuser

Best Overall

If you want to create a zen-vibe in your home, this diffuser humidifier is for you. The Asakuki is a soothing addition to any space needing some aromatherapy. It works effectively and efficiently, creating a long-lasting fragrance with a single fill.

In addition, the humidifier function creates a cool mist that will increase humidity without dampness. The device also has a few innovative features, such as a timer.

Photo of the Asakuki Aromatherapy Humidifier Oil Diffuser

What We Like

16-Hour Run Time Per Fill

With the Asakuki diffuser, you’ll only need to fill it once with your favorite essential oil and water. The device keeps a lasting scent for 16 hours on low mode.

This enables you to sit back and enjoy your favorite aromas without needing to refill it all the time.

Operate Via a Smart App

Asakuki had adopted the convenience of technology as this can be controlled using their Tuyasmart diffuser app and can be synced with Alexa and Amazon Echo. Moreover, you can adjust how concentrated you want your diffuser to be.

You Can Set Timers

As a convenience, you can set a timer to suit your needs. The diffuser humidifier will automatically turn off when the time is up.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

This little unit is cute. With a faux wood base and plenty of light colors to choose from, you can match it to your room decor. It’s a great option for bedrooms, offices, and even spas.

Less Than 35 Decibels

Running at less than 35 decibels, this is quiet enough for nighttime use if you like a white noise background. This might be a bit too loud for you if you’re a super light sleeper.

What We Don't Like

It Doesn’t Work with Google Assistant

We love how it gives us the liberty to choose from whatever essential oil we like to pair it with and how we can use voice commands. However, we find it tricky to set up using the app. Aside from that, it is incompatible with Google Assistant. This can be very inconvenient and slightly frustrating, but it is manageable.

Can’t Use All Settings Mannually

You need to use the app if you want to take advantage of all the features — like light colors and timers. Some customers couldn’t get the app working, meaning they weren’t in complete control of the unit.

Annoying Green Light

While you can turn the dome light off, you can’t turn off the indicator light. This little green light is an annoyance for many customers. Some even consider it a breaking point.

It’s super bright and might put you off your sleep.

Product Specs

Working Hours on Low Setting 16 hours
Working Hours on High Setting 6 hours
Tank Capacity 16.9 ounces
Dimensions 6.81 x 6.81 x 5.39 inches
Weight Not specified

2. Urpower Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Best-Looking Diffuser Humidifier

If you’re looking for something more unique, the Urpower diffuser is right up your alley. It has a unique square design that looks appealing in any setting. This model also features color-changing LED lights, so you can choose your preferred color.

The humidifier can run for over 20 hours, thanks to the large tank capacity of 24 ounces. It does, however, tend to create condensation underneath the lid. All in all, this is an excellent diffuser loved by many customers.

Photo of the Urpower Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Humidifier

What We Like

Unique Cube Design

The first thing you’ll notice with this diffuser humidifier is the design. It has a modern cube design that will look unique and attractive in any room. In addition, the wooden base really adds to the zen vibe diffusers create.

Seven Light Color Options

The squared shape looks attractive, but you can also change the LED light to your favorite color. Choose between seven colors to create chromotherapy along with your aromatherapy.

24 Ounce Tank Capacity

Because of the design, this humidifier can hold up to 24 ounces of water. This enables it to go for longer without the need to be refilled.

In fact, it can run for 20 hours straight on the low setting and more than 10 hours on high. Finally, once the tank empties, the device will automatically turn off to prevent damage.

Set a Timer (Three Options)

We love the timer feature since it enables you to use the diffuser humidifier at night without worrying about shutting it off. Set the timer to one, three, or six hours, depending on your preferences.

What We Don't Like

Creates Condensation in the Lid

Because of the humidifying feature, the diffuser produces significant condensation underneath the lid. This can cause a few leaks as you remove the lid. If you don’t clean it regularly, it can quickly harbor mold and bacteria.

Too Loud for Light Sleepers

This isn’t the quietest diffuser humidifier that we have found. Customers said that unless on the low mist setting, it’s loud enough to wake them up at night.

Not an Effective Humidifier

While this does increase humidity levels in a room, it does so very slowly. You might want to choose a different product if you need instantaneous results.

Product Specs

Working Hours on Low Setting 20 hours
Working Hours on High Setting 10 hours
Tank Capacity 24 ounces
Dimensions 6.5 x 6.3 x 5.7 inches
Weight 1.8 pounds

3. Earnest Living White Ceramic Diffuser Humidifier

Best Small Diffuser Humidifier

We highly recommend the Earnest Living diffuser humidifier for smaller rooms and areas. It has a compact design with seven color-changing options to set the mood in the room.

Despite the small size, it’s powerful with a high-performance ultrasonic plate. The plate creates a cool mist infused with your favorite essential oils. As a result, you get a thick, powerful vapor to enjoy and show off when guests are over.

Photo of the Earnest Living White Ceramic Diffuser Humidifier

What We Like

Compact Size Suits Small Spaces

This diffuser is an excellent addition to any small bedroom or area of the house. It has a very compact design enables you to place it on a shelf or small coffee table. It’s easy to carry to where you might need it and looks stylish in any setting.

Minimalist Design

We love its uniquely crafted minimalist design that will suit room decor. Unlike most diffuser humidifiers made of plastic, this one is made of ceramic material.

Auto-Shutoff Protects the Unit

If a humidifier runs out of water, it can be damaged or burn out. However, Earnest Living has equipped its diffuser with an auto-shutoff feature to prevent this. Whenever the reservoir is low in water supply, it turns off automatically.

Color-Changing Lights

As a fun feature, you can choose between seven different bright colors to brighten the day. You can easily set a romantic mood or a dim light for movie night. In addition, it can be used as a night light if desired.

Multi-Purpose Ability

This can serve as an oil diffuser, a night light, a humidifier, or even home décor. You see, it comes with different uses and can be easily given as a get-well gift.

What We Don't Like

Prone to Breakage

When not handled with extra care, this item is prone to breakage as it is made of ceramic material that, as we all know it, is brittle.

Not the Most Durable

Keep in mind that this unit isn’t built to stand the test of time. Many customers reported that the unit completely stopped working after a few months. It only has a 30-day warranty which doesn’t exactly settle our minds.

Small Tank Runs Out Quickly

This tank only holds around three ounces of water which is barely anything compared to other options. On the lowest setting, this lasts for three hours. But if you use a high setting, you could be refilling the tank every half an hour.

Product Specs

Working Hours on Low Setting 3 hours
Working Hours on High Setting 0.5 to 2 hours
Tank Capacity 3.38 ounces
Dimensions 3.45 x 3.45 x 6.3 inches
Weight 15.5 ounces

4. Pure Daily Care Ultrasonic Diffuser

Best Bohemia Diffuser Humidifier

Pure Daily Care is one of the prettier diffusers on the market. It has an earthy design with subtle color-changing mood lights that suit any type of home. Furthermore, it creates a strong mist of cool moisture and essential oils that can work for a long time on the low setting.

You can set the timer to suit your needs or program it to either high mist or low mist. It also includes ten pure essential plant oils so you can get the scents flowing ASAP.

Photo of the Pure Daily Care Ultrasonic Diffuser

What We Like

Complete Bundle

This bundle is a complete all-in-one package that includes the diffuser and ten essential oils that are therapeutic in nature.

Timer and Auto-Shutoff

You can set the timer to one, three, or six hours of continuous use. It’s such a handy feature if you like to keep the humidifier running as you fall asleep. In addition, to avoid any damage to the diffuser, the device will automatically turn off when the reservoir runs low.

Seven Color Options

You get to choose between seven soothing color settings to suit your mood. As well as the seven colors, you can choose between bright and dim settings for each color — excellent for night or day.

Very Easy to Use

If you’re new to the world of diffusers, this is a great starting place. Our first diffuser looked just like this, and we never had any complaints. Simply fill the tank up by pouring water from a cup into it — no need to take it to the sink.

Plus, there are only two buttons, so they’re not trying to figure out what all the different settings mean.

What We Don't Like

Covers A Small Room

The humidifier can cover between 107 and 140 square feet at a time. It’s an excellent option for a bedroom or even a yoga studio.

Moreover, the earthy design gives it a peaceful look, as if it was a little flower emitting essential oil mists. Should you want bigger area coverage, you may want to check Urpower.

Low-Quality Oils Included

While this comes with 10 essential oils that many customers love, others prefer their favorite brands. These ones aren’t as strong or nicely smelling as some higher-end oil brands.

Product Specs

Working Hours on Low Setting 6 hours
Working Hours on High Setting 2 hours
Tank Capacity 10 ounces
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 inches
Weight 2 pounds

5. Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Design Options

Urpower 2nd Version Diffuser is a favorite among many customers, and it’s easy to see why. It works like a dream when it comes to spreading essential oils, along with a cool mist to help soothe your chapped skin.

This device is very user-friendly, as it comes with two options: intermittent mist and continuous mist. When in continuous mode, it will mist continuously for three hours at a time. However, in intermittent mode, it will mist on and off at 30-second intervals for up to six hours.

Photo of the Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

What We Like

High-Quality Materials

To ensure safety for you and your family, Urpower uses high-quality plastic free of harmful chemicals.

Color-Changing Lights

The entire device lights up in bright LED lights, and you can choose between seven bright colors. These can be set to dim or bright, depending on your preferences. On the other hand, if you don’t like the amount of light this device creates, there are other options.

You can choose between a yellow wooden design, dark wood and grey, and white design. Note, though, that these won’t light up similarly to the white design. They only feature a small LED light at the top of the device.

Helps You To Relax

When the weather gets dry, we’re left dealing with chapped lips, skin, and even dry sinuses. This can be very uncomfortable. But with the help of this diffuser humidifier, you can enjoy a more comfortable environment without the risk of dampness.

Adjustable Mist Modes

You can choose from two mist modes. One runs continuously for three hours. The other options run intermittently for six hours.

For a tank so small, this is a generous run time.

What We Don't Like

Smooth Texture

Although the material is high-quality, it can be rather slippery as you’re trying to move it around due to the smooth texture. We’d like it to have more texture to allow a better grasp.

It Won’t Last All Night

If you want something that lasts overnight, this will miss the mark. Running at six hours maximum, this won’t get you through the night. Sometimes, all you need is something to send you off to sleep, so this won’t be a deal breaker for everyone.

Won’t Dramatically Raise Humidity

If you need to raise your humidity levels massively, this won’t cut it. While it can lift them a few percent, it’s not strong enough to maintain healthy humidity levels.

Product Specs

Working Hours on Low Setting 6 hours
Working Hours on High Setting 3 hours
Tank Capacity 3.4 ounces
Dimensions 3.1 by 3.1 by 5.5 inches
Weight 10.88 ounces

6. Raydrop KC-RD05 2.5L Cool Mist Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser

Easiest to Fill

If you’re looking for a humidifier that will last a long time, this is your guy. This is equipped with an extremely large tank that provides up to 30 hours of humidification. Furthermore, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water tank, which will be emitted into the air.

This unit is user-friendly and easy to fill by removing the lid at the top. In addition, it features an auto-shutoff when the tank is empty.

Photo of the Raydrop KC-RD05 2.5L Cool Mist Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser

What We Like

Effective Humidifier

Unlike the previous models on our list, this little device is actually a humidifier. It’s designed to effectively increase the humidity in a room with up to 30 hours of continuous use.

Easy to Fill

Many humidifiers are tricky to fill since you have to take them apart to find the tank and then risk it spilling everywhere. However, this humidifier has a clever top-fill design that allows you to simply open the lid and fill the tank.

Large 87.9 Ounce Capacity

The water reservoir can hold an impressive 87.9 ounces of water. This reduces the need to refill frequently and enables the unit to work for longer in both low and high modes.

Great Design Suits Most Spaces

One thing that caught my attention with this unit is its simplicity and minimalistic feel. It’s also a huge plus that it does not occupy much space in my area, which could be helpful if you live in a small apartment.

What We Don't Like

Annoying Noise Levels

This humidifier tends to create a slight whine noise that can be annoying. If you want to use this overnight, it can be disruptive.

Hard to Clean

To clean this unit, you have to take it all apart. Some customers say it feels like disassembling the whole unit each time. Considering you should clean your humidifier every week, this is a hassle.

Not Durable and No Warranty

Customers noted that after a few months, this unit died out. It’s a pretty affordable unit, but of course, you want it to last at least a few years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to come with a warranty either.

Product Specs

Working Hours on Low Setting 30 hours
Working Hours on High Setting 12 hours
Tank Capacity 87.9 ounces
Dimensions 12.01 x 7.28 x 7.24 inches
Weight 2.38 pounds

7. Everlasting Comfort Humidifier With Essential Oil Tray

Best Humidifier With Essential Oil Tray

If you’re looking for a real humidifier with the additional option of a diffuser, the Everlasting Comfort humidifier is for you. This device has an impressive capacity that will last up to 50 hours of continuous mist. In addition, it has an essential oil tray where you can add a few drops of your favorite oil.

To increase its efficiency, the air fan will distribute the cool mist as well as the scented oils through the air. Furthermore, it effectively balances humidity for an optimal home environment.

Photo of the Everlasting Comfort Humidifier With Essential Oil Tray

What We Like

Large 1.5-gallon Tank

This humidifier can run for 50 hours at a time thanks to its 1.5-gallon tank. Furthermore, it has a very high mist output due to ultrasonic technology. It can also cover large rooms of up to 500 square feet.

Essential Oil Tray

Instead of adding a few drops of essential oil directly into the water tank, you can add the drops to a special tray. This resembles that of regular oil diffusers. The oil is then circulated into the mist by the humidifier air fan.

Balances the Humidity

Too high humidity isn’t good, but neither is too low humidity. This humidifier works effectively at keeping the humidity to a balanced level above 30 percent. It won’t cause dampness or other issues caused by high humidity.

User-Friendly Refill System

There’s no need to fill the tank with distilled or filtered water; simply fill it straight from the tap. Plus, there are no expensive filters that need to be replaced regularly — you save time, effort, and money.

What We Don't Like

Easy to Spill After Refilling

To refill the tank, you have to remove the top and flip it upside down. However, there can be a significant amount of condensation that flows out as you flip the device. Plus, there’s no handle, so it’s easy to spill some water as you transport the unit back to its designated spot.

Difficult to Clean

This unit can be hard to clean. The tank opening is narrow (three inches), so it’s hard to get into the unit for a thorough clean. Mold and mildew tend to build up in all the crevices.

Expect Gargling Noises

When trying to sleep, the last thing you need is some humidifier gargling next to you! This is enough to keep customers up at night.

Product Specs

Working Hours on Low Setting 50 hours
Working Hours on High Setting Not specified
Tank Capacity 1.5 gallons
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 8 inches
Weight 4.1 pounds

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Runtime on Low Setting Runtime on High Setting Tank Capacity Dimensions Weight
Asakuki Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Overall 16 hours 6 hours 16.9 oz 6.81 x 6.81 x 5.39″ N/A
Urpower Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Looking Diffuser Humidifier 20 hours 10 hours 24 oz 6.5 x 6.3 x 5.7″ 1.8 lbs
Earnest Living Ceramic Small Diffuser Humidifier 3 hours 0.5 to 2 hours 3.38 oz 3.45 x 3.45 x 6.3″ 15.5 oz
Pure Daily Care Diffuser Bohemia Diffuser Humidifier 6 hours 2 hours 10 oz 7 x 7 x 7″ 2 lbs
Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser Design Options 6 hours 3 hours 3.4 oz 3.1 x 3.1 x 5.5″ 10.88 oz
Raydrop Cool Mist Easiest to Fill 30 hours 12 hours 87.9 oz 12.01 x 7.28 x 7.24″ 2.38 lbs
Everlasting Comfort Humidifier Humidifier With Essential Oil Tray 50 hours N/A 1.5 gal. 14 x 12 x 8″ 4.1 lbs

What Is a Diffuser Humidifier?

A diffuser humidifier is a combination of a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser. They work by combining a cool mist with your chosen essential oil. Consequently, they raise your humidity levels slightly and spread a fresh scent.

However, despite having a humidifying feature, these devices aren’t generally as effective as an actual humidifier. Thankfully, you can find effective humidifiers with an essential oil option instead of a combo version.

Diffusers are also commonly used to provide aromatherapy by emitting essential oils into the air. Different scents and plants can make you feel different things. For example, lavender reduces stress, and peppermint improves headaches.

How Can It Benefit Me?

Humidity plays an important role in our environment and personal comfort. High humidity can cause dampness, clamminess, mold, and health issues. On the other hand, very low humidity can cause dry skin, irritated mucous membranes, and even increase the risk of viral infections (1).

It’s crucial to create a well-balanced home environment for you and your family’s health. If you live in a dry area, especially as winter approaches, a humidifier would be beneficial. A humidifier will return lost moisture to the air you breathe — easing your chapped skin and lips.

Many homeowners who suffer in dry climates prefer to keep a humidifier running at night. This can help to reduce snoring, stuffiness, and even nosebleeds.

The added feature of an essential oil diffuser is only a bonus. Not only do you get to enjoy the lovely scent, but you can also benefit from their abilities.

Are There Any Risks of Using a Diffuser Humidifier?

Although a diffuser is a helpful device for spreading essential oils, there’s one thing to keep in mind. If you have pets, you might want to reconsider which oils you’re using.

According to the ASPCA, cats and dogs are especially sensitive to various essential oils. It can affect them in numerous ways, including gastrointestinal issues, liver damage, and even depression (2). Merely inhaling essential oils could cause aspiration pneumonia (3).

Experts thus advise that you should keep diffusers away from your pets. If you want to use a diffuser, do so in an area where your pets don’t have access.

How to Choose (Buying Guide)

Knowing what you need to look for, you can quickly find the best diffuser humidifier.

Tank Capacity

As with any humidifier, tank capacity plays an important role. In short, the size of the tank will determine how long the humidifier can run before needing a refill.

Diffuser humidifier combos generally have small tanks because they aren’t meant to humidify as effectively. On average, most combo tanks are around 20 ounces, with some being as little as 16 and others as large as a gallon.


We find a few features essential for these types of devices to improve user-friendliness and convenience. Here are some helpful ones:

  • Auto-shutoff: This feature is essential if you want your humidifier to run through the night. The auto-shutoff will automatically turn the device off a few seconds after the tank empties. As a result, it saves your humidifier from burning out and causing damage.
  • Timer: A timer enables you to conveniently set your preferred hours to run a humidifier. This feature is also excellent for night use since you can set it to turn off after a certain number of hours.
  • Sleep mode: Sleep mode is essential if you like your beauty sleep to be dark and undisturbed. Most devices will work on the lowest setting with or without dimmed lights when in sleep mode.


Although most diffuser humidifiers are made of some form of plastic, the type is important. We highly recommend that you choose products that are BPA-free and preferably FDA-approved as well.

Essential oils are very potent and can leach plastic if exposed for long periods. However, as the mist and essential oils are dispersed in the air, so are any leached chemicals.


Although there isn’t any scientific backing that BPA plastic diffusers are harmful, we like to avoid them when possible.


Do Diffusers Cause Mold?

Diffusers can cause mold because fungal spores can grow in the water tank, where conditions are wet and dark. You must keep the diffuser disinfected with white vinegar to kill mold growth that can pollute your indoor air.

Can a Diffuser Make You Sick?

A diffuser can make you sick if you fail to maintain and clean it. Mold likes dark and wet conditions, which pollutes the air inside your home. Some people feel the effects after a few hours, while others may take a couple of days to feel ill.

How Can I Humidify a Room Without a Humidifier?

You can humidify a room without a humidifier using shower steam or by placing a bowl of boiling water in the room. You can also boil food without pan lids or buy house plants.

How Often Should I Clean My Diffuser?

It is recommended that you clean your diffuser at least monthly. Failing to maintain the diffuser causes mold spores to grow inside the diffuser and pollute the air inside your home.

Can Essential Oils Damage a Humidifier?

Essential oils can damage your diffuser because chemicals react with the plastic and metal elements inside to cause a malfunction. It also means you risk polluting your indoor air. Check the user manual before adding essential oils.

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