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Best Concrete Cleaners of 2023

Your stains don’t need to be set in stone. 

Are you looking for one of the best concrete cleaners on the market? Our best concrete cleaner recommendations will help you tackle dirt, stains, discoloration, mold, and mildew on your concrete floors.

So if you’ve spent the whole weekend making sure your home looks spic-and-span, but your driveway and garage are ruining the overall aesthetic, we can help. Now, enjoy a beautiful before and after experience with these amazing products.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray - Scrub Free Formula, 1 Gallon
Best for Mold and Mildew
RMR-86 Stain Remover Spray
  • Removes mold & mildew
  • Works on stains below the surface
  • Fast action with no scrubbing
Product Image of the Sheiner's All Purpose Cleaner and Floor Cleaner Concentrate, Multi-Surface Cleaner for Home Office and Kitchen Floor, Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon
Best pH Neutral Concrete Cleaner
Sheiner’s All Purpose Floor Cleaner
  • Offers long term stain resistance
  • Get rids of stains & odors
  • pH neutral
Product Image of the Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner - 1 Gallon (Case of 4) ZUBMC128 - Professional Strength Concentrate
Best Value Concrete Cleaner
Zep Pressure Wash Cleaner
  • Brings concrete back to original state
  • Removes oil & grime stains
  • Works on asphalt, brick & stone
Product Image of the Zep Professional Heavy-Duty Powdered Concrete Cleaner, 40Lb. Bucket, Biodegradable, Dissolves Quickly and Removes Tough, Embedded Soils (R02934), Orange
Best Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner
Zep Heavy-Duty Powdered Cleaner
  • Heavy duty cleaning
  • Gets rid of tough & dried stains
  • Easy to apply
Product Image of the Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner, Degreaser - Dissolve Grease Oil and Heavy-Duty Stains – Professional Strength
Best Degreasing Concrete Cleaner
Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser
  • Professional strength cleaner
  • Water-based biodegradable formula
  • Lemon scented
Product Image of the Concrete Oil Stain Remover and Cleaner Terminator-HSD Eco-Friendly Bio-Remediates and Removes Oil & Grease Stains on Concrete and Asphalt Driveways, Garages, Pavers, Patios, Parking Lots, Streets and Warehouses(10 Oz)
Best Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaner
Terminator-HSD Concrete Cleaner
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Removes petroleum compounds
  • Works on asphalt, porous stone & soils
Product Image of the ACT Concrete Cleaner 8oz Eco Friendly Covers 50sqft.
Best Versatile Concrete Cleaner
ACT Eco Friendly Concrete Cleaner
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Eco friendly formula
  • Cleans up a range of stains

Product Reviews

We’ve spent hours creating this list of the best concrete cleaners. To put it together, we’ve researched real customer reviews, expert advice, and product descriptions. We are sure you’ll find something that will revive and spruce up your concrete surfaces.

1. RMR-86 Instant Stain Remover Spray

Best Concrete Cleaner for Mold and Mildew

Are mold and mildew ruining the appearance of your concrete surfaces? This is our top pick for getting rid of it. This instant stain remover spray can get rid of stubborn stains caused by mildew and mold, even black mold!

The fast-acting spray works almost immediately. It targets the stains, no matter how deeply embedded, and gets rid of it. This works best on bathroom tiles, grout, under sinks, and on shower doors, but it also works for concrete.

Besides the surfaces already mentioned, you can use this spray on tubs, decks, and wood. Plus, vinyl siding, drywall, brick, and other areas where mold and mildew might appear.

Not only that, but this powerful formula can remove unpleasant odors. Now your home can be free of musty and damp smells, leaving a more refreshing scent behind.


  • Removes mold and mildew stains.
  • Works on stains that are below the surface.
  • Fast action with no scrubbing.
  • Works on a huge variety of surfaces.


  • Toxic formula, so wear protective clothing and get children and pets out of the home.
  • If using on walls, be careful as it might strip paint.

Product Specs

Sealed or unsealed Not specified
Type of cleaner Speciality
Eco-Friendly No
Stain Type Mold and mildew
Quantity 128 ounces

2. Sheiner’s All Purpose Floor Cleaner

Best pH Neutral Concrete Cleaner

A pH-neutral cleaner is great for a variety of surfaces without causing damage. This also means it’s safe for both sealed and unsealed concrete surfaces, whereas most cleaners are only safe for unsealed.

Besides freshening up floors and making them look brand new again, this product also offers long-term stain resistance. That means next time you have a spill on your concrete, it’s easier to clean up due to this protective layer.

It also works for getting rid of odors. The synthesized formula targets dirt and bad smells at the source, even on heavily soiled surfaces that are getting you down.

While you can deep clean your concrete with this product, you can also use it for basically all other surfaces. Use it for cleaning your toilet, counters, cement, linoleum, vinyl, ceramic, tiles, and whatever else you think of!


  • Works on all surfaces.
  • Offers long-term stain resistance.
  • Get rids of stains and odors.
  • pH neutral, so it’s safe for all surfaces.


  • May leave streaks.
  • Strong fragrance.

Product Specs

Sealed or unsealed Both
Type of cleaner pH neutral
Eco-Friendly Non-toxic and biodegradable
Stain Type A variety of tough stains and dirt
Quantity 128 ounces

3. Zep Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner Concentrate

Best Value Concrete Cleaner

The Zep Concrete cleaner is of super high value; you get a lot for your money. This pack of four high-strength cleaners is going to get your driveway and concrete surfaces back to perfection.

Just keep in mind you do need a pressure washer to use this product.

With that in mind, let’s look at all the perks of this product. It’s ideal for surfaces, walkways, and driveways that are dirty due to high traffic and intense weather. A thorough clean can bring the concrete back to its original state.

This solution lifts and removes all kinds of stains, including oil and grime stains.

Besides concrete, it also works on asphalt, brick, and stone. So it’s a useful versatile product that can go a long way, tackling a range of tasks.


  • Good value for money.
  • Brings concrete back to original state.
  • Removes oil and grime stains.
  • Works on asphalt, brick, and stone.


  • You must have a pressure washer.
  • Not suitable for sealed concrete.

Product Specs

Sealed or unsealed Unsealed
Type of cleaner Speciality
Eco-Friendly No
Stain Type Oil and grime
Quantity 512 ounces

4. Zep Heavy-Duty Powdered Concrete Cleaner

Best Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner

Choose this product for professional level, heavy-duty, cleaning. The fast-acting formula removes embedded dirt, so even if it’s been there for a couple of weeks — this product should be able to eliminate it.

The brand has made this super easy to use, so even if this is your first time cleaning concrete, you shouldn’t struggle. Basically, you wet the floor, apply the product, scrub and rinse. That’s not all though. The powder changes color from orange to green to indicate when it’s working, so you’re never second guessing!

It’s designed for heavy grease and grime stains. It dissolves quickly to remove the stains and dirt so you can get your concrete back to freshness in no time at all.

While it does require a little bit of scrubbing with a broom brush, customers loved how well it worked on concrete floors. It does a great job at removing oil stains, so it’s perfect for the driveway and garage.


  • Heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Gets rid of tough and dried on grease, grime, and oil stains.
  • Easy to apply, especially with the color-changing assistant.
  • Works quickly.


  • The powder may solidify in the packaging.
  • Does require scrubbing.

Product Specs

Sealed or unsealed Not specified
Type of cleaner Alkaline degreaser
Eco-Friendly Biodegradable
Stain Type Grease and oil
Quantity 640 ounces

5. Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser

Best Degreasing Concrete Cleaner

This professional strength cleaner removes grease and grime, so your concrete looks and feels as good as new. We love that you can use this for heavy, medium, or light duty cleaning depending on the mess at hand. Just follow the packaging instructions when diluting to make the perfect solution for your mess.

This lemon-scented product works to dissolve grease and oils on almost every kind of surface. It’s made without acids, abrasive products, or petroleum products. Instead, it’s water-based and biodegradable so it’s safe for your home and septic system.

It’s even been approved for food prep surfaces. Try using it on anything from concrete to floors, carpets, tubs, grills, decks, boat hulls, siding, and much more. If using it for industrial purposes, try it on machinery, tools, exhaust hoods, and many more places. Basically, whatever corner of your life is greasy, this product can help.

Manufacturer Tip

Although it’s a water-based biodegradable formula, the manufacturer still warns of potential skin and eye irritation. So be sure to use protective equipment like gloves and glasses when handling this product.


  • Lemon scent.
  • Degreasing formula.
  • Biodegradable solution.
  • Works on a huge variety of surfaces.


  • Best for medium or light duty cleaning rather than heavy.
  • Not good for old stains.

Product Specs

Sealed or unsealed Not specified
Type of cleaner Alkaline degreaser
Eco-Friendly Yes
Stain Type Grease and grime
Quantity 128 ounces

6. Terminator-HSD Concrete Cleaner

Best Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaner

Want to clean your concrete surfaces with a more eco-friendly formula? Then the Terminator is for you! This formula is made without harsh chemicals, but it’s still powerful enough to deep clean concrete.

It’s kind on the environment. Other cleaners lift the oil before it’s rinsed away down the drain which ends up in our waterways. This product breaks down and dissolves oil naturally with byproducts of CO2 and water.

It is specifically designed to remove petroleum compounds. That includes oils, fuels, solvents, and hydraulic fluid. So for example, this is an ideal solution for the concrete at gas stations. Your customers will be wowed by how clean the place looks after using this!

Besides concrete, it also works on asphalt, porous stone, and soils. We love how easy it is to use, too. Just sprinkle it, sweep it and dampen it. Clean concrete once again!


  • Eco-friendly formula.
  • Removes petroleum compounds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works on asphalt, porous stone, and soils.


  • Doesn’t remove all types of stains.
  • Not good for old stains.

Product Specs

Sealed or unsealed Unsealed
Type of cleaner Alkaline degreaser
Eco-Friendly Yes
Stain Type Petroleum-based
Quantity 10 ounces

7. ACT Eco Friendly Concrete Cleaner

Best Versatile Concrete Cleaner

We love this concrete cleaner because it goes a long way. Not just because it covers up to 50 square feet, with only eight ounces of product, but because it’s versatile. Yes, it does clean up concrete, but that’s not all.

This product also cleans pavers, ceramic, marble, wood, metal, plastic, and other surfaces. All while being eco-friendly! So it’s safe around humans, pets, and plants.

What does it do? It’s designed to clean up oils, fluids, grease, animal waste, antifreeze, gum, pop, mold, and much more. Whatever you’re trying to eliminate, test this product against the grime.

It’s also very quick and easy to apply with absolutely no scrubbing required. Just apply a small amount of the product to the stain. Use a soft-bristled broom and brush in opposite directions. Mist the area with water until the area around the cleaner is damp. The cleaner and stain will dissipate as the contaminants are eaten away. And voila! You have clean concrete again.


  • Works on a variety of surfaces.
  • Eco-friendly formula.
  • Cleans up a range of stains.
  • Easy to use.


  • Some customers complained of stains reappearing after a while.
  • Expensive.

Product Specs

Sealed or unsealed Unsealed
Type of cleaner Not specified
Eco-Friendly Yes
Stain Type A huge variety
Quantity Eight ounces

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Sealed or unsealed Type of cleaner Eco-Friendly Stain Type Quantity
RMR-86 Instant Stain Remover Spray Mold and Mildew N/A Speciality No Mold & mildew 128 oz
Sheiner’s All-Purpose Floor Cleaner pH Neutral Both pH neutral Yes Tough stains & dirt 128 oz
Zep Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner Value for Money Unsealed Speciality No Oil & grime 512 oz
Zep Powdered Concrete Cleaner Heavy Duty N/A Alkaline degreaser Yes Grease & oil 640 oz
Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser Degreasing N/A Alkaline degreaser Yes Grease & grime 128 oz
Terminator-HSD Concrete Cleaner Eco-Friendly Unsealed Alkaline degreaser Yes Petroleum-based 10 oz
ACT Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaner Versatile Unsealed Not specified Yes A huge variety 8 oz

Types of Concrete Cleaners

It can be hard to find the right concrete cleaner for your specific situation. We’ll walk through some main types so you can find the right one for you.

pH Neutral

pH neutral cleaners are often used for multiple different surfaces. The pH neutral formula means the cleaner won’t cause damage. People also use them for sealed indoor concrete as they are best for a mild cleaning.


  • Less likely to cause damage.
  • Can often be used on multiple surfaces.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Suitable for unsealed and sealed concrete.


  • Best for mild cleaning.
  • May work better on some floor types than others.


Acidic cleaners are best for removing heavy-duty stains on concrete. This includes grease, stains, efflorescence, residue, and other dirt. They’re usually made with a hydrochloric or phosphoric acid that reacts with the concrete to remove build-up.


  • Deep cleans concrete.
  • Removes a variety of stains and grease.
  • Removes efflorescence, hard water stains, and salt build-up.
  • Many versatile formulas.
  • Most can be used indoors or outdoors.


  • Some very strong formulas.
  • You’ll need to wear protective clothing while using this kind of cleaner.

Alkaline Degreasers

Alkaline cleaners are best for removing grease, oil, and other petroleum-based stains on concrete. They work by breaking down oily residue using their high alkalinity.


  • Break down oily stains.
  • Many work for industrial and household uses.
  • May be able to remove mildew, too.
  • Some non-toxic options.


  • Some are highly concentrated and require diluting.
  • Some are made with harsh chemicals.


Enzyme cleaners contain natural enzymatic bacteria that feed on ammonia crystals and organic matter to completely get rid of them. This works well on concrete for starch or protein-based stains.


  • Works for starch- and protein-based stains.
  • Neutralize volatile compounds.
  • Pull spilled messes out of concrete.
  • Suitable for many surfaces.
  • Digests old stains.
  • Attack grease and oil.
  • Lifts and tackles urine stains.


  • Limited options on the market for concrete.
  • Most need to be diluted before use.


Specialty concrete cleaners are essentially cleaners that are made up of the above cleaners. They use a blend of a few different cleaners in order to tackle specific problems, such as rust or efflorescence.


  • These cleaners tackle specific issues, such as rust.
  • Use a blend of effective cleaners.
  • Many non-acid based solutions.
  • Many work on multiple types of surfaces.


  • May be more expensive.
  • Not always as effective as other types of cleaners.

What to Look For (Buying Guide)

With all of these different types of cleaners on the market, how can you choose the best one? We think it’s important to consider some of the most crucial details. This includes what type of cleaner it is, what type of concrete it is for, the eco-friendliness, and more.

Sealed vs Unsealed Concrete

You should check if the cleaner will work on your concrete, whether you have sealed or unsealed concrete. When in doubt, go for a pH-neutral cleaner which is safe on both.

Type of Cleaner

Go through the types of cleaners from above to find the best one for the stains you’re dealing with. You have the option of pH-neutral, acidic, alkaline degreasers, enzymatic, and speciality cleaners. Recap the pros and cons so you know what to expect.


Many people want to opt for an eco-friendly cleaner, especially if there are plants and wildlife nearby. There are lots of biodegradable and eco-friendly formulas on the market.

Value for Money

Concrete cleaners come in a range of prices. Look at the price per ounce rather than the overall price. At the same time, you should consider if the product is concentrated or not. Concentrated cleaners need to be diluted, but they generally are more cost-effective.

Ease of Use

Consider how easy the product is to use. Be sure to check if it’s made to be used with a pressure washer. It may be suitable for use without one, but check how much scrubbing is required. Some cleaners are easier and quicker to use than others.


Many concrete cleaners work on a range of surfaces, indoors and outdoors. While you may be happy with one specifically for concrete, many people want a product that goes a bit further. Check how many surfaces and purposes the cleaner that you’re looking at has.


Last but not least, consider if the formula has toxic or harsh chemicals. This is especially important if you have kids or pets around.

Concrete Cleaner FAQs

Can You Clean Concrete With Bleach?

Yes, you can mix household bleach and water to clean your concrete. This can remove mold, mildew, dirt, and grime. Combined with a scrubber, this can also release embedded dirt and odors. Just be sure never to mix bleach with other chemicals as this can lead to toxic gases.

Can You Use Chlorine to Clean Concrete?

Similar to the above, you can use chlorine bleach to clean your concrete but don’t mix with any other cleaning chemicals.

Does Dawn Dish Soap Remove Oil from Concrete?

Yes, this is a very common and safe way to remove oil stains from concrete. Just mix together dish soap and hot water and scrub the concrete surfaces. Afterwards, rinse the concrete with water.

Does WD-40 Remove Oil Stains from Concrete?

WD-40 can remove grease stains, but it may not be as effective as other cleaning solutions. If the stain is old, we don’t recommend this as it won’t work super well. You can always try it though! Just spray it onto the stain and wait 30 minutes. Scrub well with a brush. Sprinkle cat litter over the spray to absorb the excess.

Does Coca-Cola Remove Oil Stains from Concrete?

Coke is acidic so it’s pretty effective on oil stains. Just pour a few cans of room temperature coke over the stains. Let it sit for up to 24 hours and then blot up with some old towels.

Clean Concrete

Nobody wants scuffed up, stained, marked, dirty concrete, especially if you’re renovating, having guests or selling your home. Thankfully, concrete is pretty easy to clean, especially when you use one of the best concrete cleaners on the market.

Keep in mind to shop within your type of concrete, whether that’s sealed or unsealed. You should also consider the type of concrete as that will determine how well it can remove the stains at hand. Other details to consider include the ingredients, the ease of use, and the versatility.

Keeping all these factors in mind will help you find the best concrete cleaner for your home.

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