Best Cheap Vacuums of 2021

Because you shouldn’t have to break the bank for a clean home. 

Do you see a vacuum you like, but can’t afford it? Are you looking for a sophisticated vacuum cleaner that doesn’t cost a fortune? We’re here to help you find the perfect budget cleaner.

We understand the appeal of the top-of-the-range models out there. That’s why we’ve found seven alternatives for you. These alternatives have got all the coolest features but won’t burn a hole in your bank account.

Before we showcase them, let’s talk about money. Good vacuum cleaners don’t always come with hefty price tags. But how much should a durable and effective vacuum cost?

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - 600W Corded Upright Vac with Lightweight Design, HEPA Filtration, Extendable Handle, Crevice Tool and Brush Accessories - Ideal for Hardwood Floors
Best Value for Money
VonHaus Corded Stick Vacuum
  • Exceeds expectations
  • Multi-surface machine
  • HEPA filter
Product Image of the NOVETE Handheld Vacuum Cordless, Ultra Lightweight Mini Powerful Hand Vacuum Cleaner with 2600 mAh Lithium Battery, Rechargeable Small Hand Vac for Pet Hair, Car, Dust Cleaning …
Best Budget Handheld
Novete Handheld
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multi-surface
  • 6000 pascals suction power
Product Image of the Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With Crevice Tool, 2033, One Size Fits All, Blue
Best Budget Stick Vacuum
Bissell Featherweight
  • Only weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Most affordable
  • Convertible handle
Product Image of the eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Lite, Blue
Best Budget Upright Vacuum
Eureka PowerSpeed Upright
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Detachable handle
  • Great accessories
Product Image of the Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Upgraded Lithium Battery 90 Min Run Time - Automatic Bot Self Detects Stairs Pet Hair Allergies Friendly Robotic Home Cleaning for Carpet Hardwood Floor - PUCRC26B V2
Best Budget Robot Vacuum
Pure Clean Robot Vacuum
  • Dual rotating brushes
  • Great for pets
  • Convenient to use
Product Image of the Ovente Electric Bagless Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner 1.5L Dust Cup, Portable Corded Suction Vacuum Machine Easy Clean with Cleaning Tool & Extra Sofa Pet Brush, Black ST2010
Best Budget Canister Vacuum
Ovente Bagless Canister
  • Awesome accessories
  • Swivel technology
  • HEPA filtration
Product Image of the Hoover Commercial CH30000 Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Attachments, 8 Pounds, Black
Best Budget Commercial Vacuum
Hoover PortaPower
  • Weighs 8.3 pounds
  • Multi-surface
  • Functions as blower

How Much Should You Pay for a Vacuum?

Right off the bat, the answer to this question is up to you. We all have different ideas of what “affordable” means, and we can’t tell you what to do with your money. Regardless, as with any other product, it’s easy to overspend on vacuums for all their bells and whistles.

Reports show that the market value for vacuum cleaners continues to increase. As of 2019, the total revenue earned from vacuum cleaners is close to five million dollars in the U.S alone. The U.S ranks third in revenue, below China and India (1).

The average price of a vacuum cleaner, irrespective of the brand, type, or features, is estimated at 130 dollars. Granted, that doesn’t seem so extreme. But not everyone has that kind of cash to spend on cleaning machines.

Why Are Vacuum Cleaners So Pricey?

There are many variables when it comes to the cost of vacuum cleaners. Each manufacturer will, of course, have their own business model. Vacuums are priced with this in mind, so comparing them would be difficult.

Still, a few factors common to all models influence the price of a vacuum cleaner. Consider the following:

Brand Power

A little hype goes a long way, and bigger brands can get away with charging more for their products. It’s not to say that there aren’t any popular affordable brands out there. But they’re just not as widespread.

Take the robot vacuum industry, for example. Roomba is the popular choice by far, but they’re also the most expensive. There are much cheaper robot vacuums on the market, with the same (or even better) features. Yet, consumers still give in to the trend.

Quick Tip

Shop for lesser known brands. You could save hundreds of dollars on what’s virtually the same technology. Just make sure to do your research to make sure that it’s a reliable product.

Extra Features

The more features a vacuum has, the more likely it is that it will cost more to produce. Therefore, it will probably be more expensive to buy as well. We can’t fault manufacturers for making a profit, but we can think about what’s being sold.

It’s easy to give in to what seems like an amazing bargain, but often we spend more on unnecessary details. For example, if you don’t have severe allergies, a HEPA filter is an extra that you don’t have to spend on. It’s a nice thing to have, but ask yourself, do you really need one?

The same goes for accessories. Why spend extra on pet tools if you don’t have animals in your home? If your house has hard floors throughout, then you won’t need specialized carpet heads.

Design or Build

The type of vacuum you need is perhaps the biggest factor in how much you will spend on it. Some builds are significantly more expensive than others. So it helps to put some thought into what you’ll use your machine for.

The most expensive models typically include stick vacuums. However, in their defense, they are the most versatile. Almost all of them are multi-surface vacuums with all the bells and whistles.

Commercial vacuums will cost more too because they’re built with higher specs. They last longer, can handle more dirt, and usually have more powerful suction.

Robot vacuums could also cost an arm and a leg because they’re futuristic in their functionality.

Handheld vacuums are generally the most affordable. But, as you may know, they have the smallest capacities of them all. Traditional vacuums, namely uprights and canisters, are the middle ground both in cost and function.

Choosing an Affordable Vacuum

The key then is understanding what raises the price of vacuums. If you do, you’ll make a more informed decision on the best cheap vacuum for you. You can narrow your choices down by keeping a few things in mind:


Make sure the vacuum’s capabilities match its use. For example, if you need a handheld just for kitchen counters, there’s no need to buy a multi-floor handheld convertible stick. It might seem wise in the moment, but you’ll be spending unnecessarily.

Electricity consumption

Some manufacturers advertise high powered motors. While this is intended to give you more suction, it will also increase your electricity bill. Alternatives to this are cordless vacuums, and lower-functioning models (2).


Found an unbelievably cheap vacuum? Before you buy, double-check that it won’t fall apart when you unpack it. You could save money at the moment, but end up paying a lot more in repairs or replacements afterward.


Not all vacuums are suitable for — or efficient in — pet homes. Pet-friendly vacuums use special brushes that pull hair from surfaces and prevent clogging or blocks. So, check that the vacuum you choose has these specs. Otherwise, you may waste money on a vacuum that won’t work for you.


Many vacuums will come with handy attachments or accessories that could save you money and time. We mentioned that you should avoid spending on unnecessary add-ons, but they’re still worth looking at. So, if for instance, you need a vacuum that can clean fabrics, check that it comes with an upholstery brush.


Find out how often you’ll have to replace your machine’s parts. Filters and dust bags are usually the culprits in extra (and often unnecessary) expenditure.

Warranty and customer service

In the event that something goes awry with your vacuum, will the money you spend on it be returned? Be sure to check your vacuum’s warranty and guarantee. Also, find out from other consumers if the manufacturers are easy to deal with. That way, you aren’t ripped off.

The Best Cheap Vacuum Reviews of 2021

See? There are various ways to save money on vacuum cleaners. What’s even better is that you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency in the name of budget.

We’ve chosen seven of the best cheap vacuums. We’ve looked into customer feedback, our own experiences, manufacturer specs, and, of course, prices. Note, though, that the following aren’t ranked by what’s cheapest — we think value for money is more important.

1. VonHaus 2-in-1 Corded Stick Vacuum

Best Value for Money

This handheld convertible stick vacuum packs quite a punch with powerful 600W suction. It’s a multi-surface machine that works on fine dirt and stubborn debris, pet hair, and crumbs. Plus, it only weighs 5.57 pounds.

It has a 1.3-liter easy-to-remove dust cup to work on various surfaces, including carpets, hard floors, and furniture. Being lightweight gives you more control and access to tight spots. There’s also a HEPA filter for better breathing.

Other features include a highly efficient brush and six meters of a power cord. You get a crevice tool as well.

Why We Love It

Exceeds Expectations

A common compliment for this model is that it works much better than customers expect. Users are surprised by how powerful this vacuum is and say it goes above and beyond.

Multi-Surface Machine

We like that this machine is handheld convertible. It’s lightweight enough to work on stairs or high spots effortlessly. And, it’s good for carpets, hard floors, and furniture.

HEPA Filter

This is something we always like to see. The addition of a HEPA filter makes this one a great choice for pet homes or users with allergies.

Keep In Mind

It’s Corded

You have to plug this machine in, even when it’s in handheld mode. Don’t worry about limited mobility though. At just under 20 feet long, the cord for this machine gives an incredible amount of reach.

Limited Accessories

It’s great that you get a HEPA filter included. But we’re a bit disappointed that the only cleaning tool you receive is a crevice tool. It would’ve been nice to get more extras from this model.

Additional Specs

Power/Suction 600 watts
Dimensions 12 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches
Weight 5.57 pounds
Special features 1.3L dust bin, easy-glide brush, HEPA filter, handheld convertible
Accessories Crevice tool

2. Novete Handheld Vacuum

Best Budget Handheld

The capabilities of this handheld machine beats most traditional machines. For one, it has high-performance washable filter It’s 6000 pascals strong, yet it’s a quiet machine too. Plus, it can give you up to half an hour of run time.

This handheld vacuum weighs 1.3 pounds with dual-mode suction power. It includes two attachments: a crevice tool and a brush nozzle.

There’s also an LED light, ergonomic handle, and HEPA filtration.

Why We Love It

Lightweight and Compact

Weighing only 1.3 pounds, it is 20 percent lighter than most of the brands allowing faster navigation from one place to another. It also comes with a hanging loop which will become handy when for storage.


The Novete Handheld is an all-rounder that you can use on various surfaces. Use it on hard floors, carpets, upholstery, furniture, or fabrics. Even better, try using it on your keyboard and desktop, or inside your car to see how versatile it is.

6000 Pascals Suction Power

For a handheld vacuum, 6000 pascals is a lot. The suction in this machine works extra well with the HEPA filter. You’ll have better air quality and easier removal of dirt, debris, and hair. You also have the option to select using either 4500 pascals suction power or the stronger one, 6,000 pascals.

Keep In Mind

Small Range

Though you get excellent specs from this machine, remember that it is still a handheld. So, it’s great for tidying but won’t work well for deep cleaning your whole home.

Additional Specs

Power/Suction 100 watts/6000 Pa
Dimensions 12.68 inches by 7.44 inches by 3.9 inches
Weight 1.3 pounds
Special Features HEPA filter, LED light, washable filter, ergonomic handle
Accessories Brush nozzle, crevice tool

3. Bissell Featherweight Stick Bagless Vacuum

Best Budget Stick Vacuum

Here’s one for you if you’re looking for a versatile vacuum. As its name implies, its convenience lies in how lightweight it is. This vacuum was designed for ease of use. It is portable enough to work on stairs, multiple surfaces, and hard-to-reach spots.

Included with it are a crevice tool and a floor nozzle. It’s suitable for both carpets and hard floors, and you can use it on countertops and upholstery as well. This model is also compact, so storage and maintenance are easier.

Why We Love It

Only Weighs 2.6 Pounds

This vacuum weighs less than 3 pounds, so carrying it won’t be a problem at all. It’s most advantageous to those with multi-story homes.

Most Affordable

If the price is your top priority, have a look at this vacuum’s tag. It’s one of the most affordable vacuums on the market. So, if you’re on a budget, it’s bound to save you more money than you expect.

Convertible Handle

For cleaning difficult spots, car interiors, or high places, you can convert this machine into a handle vacuum. It adds to this model’s versatility and ease of use.

Keep In Mind

It’s Corded

This vacuum comes with a cord, so you’ll need a power source nearby to make it work. Customers mention that a longer cord would have been nice, though users are still satisfied with it overall.

Smaller Range

This is a powerful and versatile vacuum, but it lacks the range of traditional vacuums. It’s great as a multi-surface vacuum. But, just know that it might lack a little with floor cleaning.

Additional Specs

Power 240 watts
Dimensions 8.3 inches by 9.5 inches by 44.2 inches
Weight 3 pounds
Special features Convertible into 3 machines, easy to empty
Accessories Crevice tool, floor nozzle

4. Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Upright Vacuum

Best Budget Upright Vacuum

This traditional model works well on stubborn dirt and debris and is great for all floors. It works on carpets and rugs and has smooth wheels that prevent damage on hard floors. There are also five adjustable height settings for precision.

At just under 10 pounds, this is a light upright vacuum. It’s designed for use around your whole home and has a detachable handle for cleaning high places. Also included are a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery tool, each of which is stored onboard.

Why We Love It

Weighs 10 Pounds

Upright vacuums generally require elbow grease to use. We like that this model weighs less than 10 pounds. It makes cleaning so much easier.

Detachable Handle

It’s surprising for an upright, but this feature gives it a handheld feel. It’s intended for use on higher spots, so cleaning those out of reach places costs no extra effort.

Great Accessories

Sometimes, upright vacuum cleaners don’t go the extra mile. This one, however, does. It’s a multi-surface machine already, and it comes with a crevice, brush, and upholstery tool for more versatile vacuuming.

Keep In Mind

It’s Noisy

Some customers describe the noise as a whistle. It’s a bothersome sound that not everyone can look past.

Takes a While to Figure Out

It could take a few tries to figure this vacuum out. Some customers report blowback, others mention that the controls are tricky to find your way around. However, feedback is generally positive for this machine, so it’s worth the learning curve.

Additional Specs

Power 960 watts
Dimensions 44.4 inches by 13.3 inches by 13.7 inches
Weight 9.6 pounds
Special features 5 adjustment settings, washable filter, detachable handle
Accessories Crevice tool, brush tool, upholstery tool

5. Pure Clean Robot Vacuum

Best Budget Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are all the rage but are often overpriced. If you’re looking for the convenience and sophistication they offer at a fraction of the expected price, take a look at this model.

It gives you over 50 minutes of run time and 1200 pascals of suction. It’s a multi-floor machine that works on hard floors and low carpets. The vacuum also has a low profile and can fit under most furniture.

Dual rotating brushes assist in cleaning corners, linings, and skirtings. It includes a HEPA filter and is designed to resist clogging from pet hair. It’s also got safety features to prevent falls and bumps.

Why We Love It

Dual Rotating Brushes

A weakness in robot vacuums is that they can’t clean corners because of their shape. So, the addition of dual rotating brushes gives this model reach into odd places. Now you can get rid of the dust and dirt on your wall lining too.

Great for Pets

The HEPA filter and anti-clog mechanics of this robot make it an excellent choice for pet owners. It clears the air of allergens and reduces your maintenance.

It’s Convenient

As with all robot vacuums, the greatest appeal of this model is that it’s effortless to use. It’s automated, so you don’t have to manually operate or charge it. Ultimately, it saves time and energy.

Keep In Mind

Short Run Time

This vacuum only has 55 minutes of run time, which is shorter than most competitors. Consider that it saves you hundreds of dollars and this is a small sacrifice.

It’s Not Perfect

This machine doesn’t run as smoothly as more expensive models will. You may have to help it if it gets stuck, or monitor it when it’s cleaning debris. Regardless, users agree that this is a nifty vacuum when it stands alone and isn’t compared to higher range models.

Additional Specs

Power 1200 Pa
Dimensions 11 inches by 11 inches by 2.9 inches
Weight 4.4 pounds
Special features Smart navigation, anti-fall technology, anti-clog technology, dual rotating brushes
Accessories 2 detachable brushes, washable filter, charger/ power adapter

6. Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum

Best Budget Canister Vacuum

This 1200-watt vacuum cleaner is a powerful alternative to better-known canisters. It uses one pass technology to reduce cleaning time and includes HEPA filtration. It’s also got an LED light for more efficient dirt monitoring.

A step button powers the machine, and automatic cable rewind cuts out hassle. The hose can swivel a full 360 degrees and the telescoping wand adds reach. Added to this deal are a sofa/pet brush for upholstery, a floor brush, and a combination crevice nozzle and bristle brush.

Why We Love It

Awesome Accessories

Staying true to canister vacuums, this model includes everything you need. It even comes with a pet-specific upholstery brush, which most other canisters exclude.

Swivel Technology

The hose of this vacuum can rotate a full 360 degrees. It makes a significant difference in control, maneuverability, and versatility. The telescoping wand is also a great addition and adds to the overall range of this model.

HEPA Filtration

To top off how much of an all-rounder this vacuum is, it comes with a HEPA filter. This is great for pet owners or those with allergies. It’s truly a multi-purpose machine you can use around your whole home.

Keep In Mind

It’s Average

Some customers describe this machine as mediocre compared to other models. While it’s certainly not a dud, it doesn’t quite match the capabilities of higher range canisters. To put it simply, you get what you pay for.

Canister Drawbacks

It comes with the same cons as all canisters. Storage might be difficult, assembly is required, and you sacrifice some control over the vacuum’s path.

Additional Specs

Power 1200 Watts
Dimensions 11 inches by 15.5 inches by 10 inches
Weight 12 pounds
Special features 360-degree swivel hose, HEPA filter, LED light, automatic cord rewind, telescopic wand
Accessories Sofa/pet brush, crevice nozzle and bristle brush, floor brush

7. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Commercial Canister Vacuum

Best Budget Commercial Vacuum

Finally, if you’re looking for more power but find that most commercial vacuums exceed your budget, here’s a Hoover for you. It only weighs 8.3 pounds, knocking other commercial models out of the park. Additionally, it comes with a cord that’s over 30 feet long, so it’s lighter with more reach.

A feature that stands out in this machine is that it functions as a blower too. It’s a multi-surface vacuum that works well on interiors, fabrics, and upholstery.

Another bonus is that this Hoover can take both a cloth bag and a paper bag. So, you can switch between cleaning to better suit your needs.

Why We Love It

Weighs 8.3 Pounds

We’re praising its weight because it’s impressive for both a commercial and canister vacuum. You’ll have no problem moving this model around to clean stairs, car interiors, or multi-story homes.


We like that this commercial vacuum is gentle enough to handle fabrics and upholstery too. It will tackle all sorts of dirt and debris, and take care of your sensitive surfaces effectively.

It Blows Too

This multi-purpose vacuum functions as a blower, so you can use it outdoors as well. This is a rare feature in vacuums, so this Hoover stands out.

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Keep In Mind

It’s Better for Tidying

Some customers mention that this machine has some difficulty with carpets or larger spaces. Though it’s commercial in rank, it’s best used within the same capacity as a handheld.

Smaller Capacity

Users also note that the dust capacity of this model doesn’t match higher-end commercial vacuums.

Additional Specs

Power 888 watts
Dimensions 20.9 inches by 7.8 inches by 12.5 inches
Weight 8.3 pounds
Special features Blower, 33-foot cord
Accessories Filter bags, filter bag kit, crevice tool, dusting brush, floor nozzle

Cheap Vacuum Comparison Chart

Product Award Suction Dimensions Weight
VonHaus Corded Best Value For Money 600 W 12″ x 6″ x 6″ 5.57 lbs
Novete Handheld Best Budget Handheld 100 W 12.68″ x 7.44″ x 3.9″ 1.3 lbs
Bissell Featherweight Best Budget Stick Vacuum 240 W 8.3″ x 9.5″ x 44.2″ 3 lbs
Eureka PowerSpeed  Best Budget Upright Vacuum 960 W 44.4″ x 13.3″ x 13.7″ 9.6 lbs
Pure Clean Best Budget Robot Vacuum 1200 Pa 11″ x 11″ x 2.9″ 4.4 lbs
Ovente Bagless Best Budget Canister Vacuum 1200 W 11″ x 15.5″ x 10″ 12 lbs
Hoover PortaPower Best Budget Commercial Vacuum 888 W 20.9″ x 7.8″ x 12.5″ 8.3 lbs

Cleaning for Less

Vacuum cleaners are an investment, but you don’t have to spend your entire salary on a good one. The more you narrow down your vacuuming needs, the more money you’ll save. Avoid unnecessary expenditures by taking your vacuum’s specs and design into account.

You can also save money by choosing less popular brands. Don’t forget to double-check your machine’s electrical capacity. And if all else fails, opt for a cordless model.

We’ve shown you our favorites and now we want to hear from you. Which one of our picks do you think is the best cheap vacuum? Let us know your thoughts.

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